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What Do Whiskey Glasses Look Like

Pair Of Hefty Glasses

The Complete Guide to Whiskey Glasses

This pair of hefty crystal whiskey glasses are perfect for any and all whiskey drinking experiences. Whether its a casual, chill night of sipping on neat glasses to a crazy party where youre constantly filling these awesome glasses to the brim with your favorite cocktail, youll greatly enjoy drinking whiskey from these awesome glasses. However, what makes these glasses truly awesome is that they come in a set! These engraved glasses are perfect for sharing a drink with a friend. Rather than making them envious of your super awesome glasses, why not help them enjoy whiskey with you in a more refined manner?

One Of The Most Unique Crystal Bourbon Glasses

This crystal bourbon glass is absolutely-to-die-for when it comes to fine glassware. Never before will you have felt like such an aficionado of your favorite American-made whiskey. This is the perfect glass to break out when youre enjoying a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel, Stillhouse Black Bourbon, or some Pappy Van Winkle. While youre rattling off all the complex flavors you can find in your favorite brands, your friends will be wishing they had their own tasting glass for bourbon too!

What Does A Whiskey Glass Look Like

In addition to serving whisky, whisky glasses are designed to enhance the way whisky is sipped and smelt. Aromas are collected and directed through a narrow opening in the body of the most popular glasses. The compact Glencairn can be paired with a snifter or be extravagant.

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Reasons To Buy A Whiskey Glass

  • Rounding out the experience: A unique glass rounds out your whiskey experience. While that single whiskey tumbler might cost you $6 to $20, that bottle of whiskey was plenty more. With your whiskey glass, you are elevating from pedestrian drinking into refined experiences.
  • Respect for the craft: Whiskey distilling is an art. You should show not only the whiskey but the craftsman behind it, some respect. That spirit matured in a barrel for years . Imagine waiting ten years to see if your hard work paid off. With an excellent Glencairn glass, you are enjoying the craftsmans work, but also showing your level of respect for their work.
  • Your enjoyment: To actually enjoy a whiskey, you must be able to nose it , and appreciate the smells that waft out of the whiskey. Also, you want to smell the whiskey as you taste it.
  • Why Use A Whiskey Glass In The First Place

    Melted Whiskey Glasses

    Until the last few years, I didnt give much thought to what glass I used for drinking whiskey. I started with cheap whiskey shots in college, which is the gateway for many people. When I was a practicing attorney, I graduated to blended and single malt scotch and realized I needed a proper glass. At the time that meant a heavy whisky glass because I thought that meant quality.

    It wasnt until I started drinking whisky in Scotland, that I really started to learn more about what it means to truly enjoy a good whisky. This means making a decision as to whether to use ice. It also means finding a glass to let you smell, sip, and appreciate the quality of the beverage in your glass. This means not only drinking whiskey, but appreciating the quality, aroma, color, and flavor of what is inside the glass.

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    A Legendarily Cool Scotch Glass Gift Set

    The classic heritage of scotch lends itself to myth and legend, which is exactly what makes this personalized scotch stone set with crystal glasses an ideal way to enjoy a traditional scotch. The two unique glasses make each drink look as classy as they taste while the steel whiskey stones are guaranteed to keep your drinks at a perfect sipping temperature!

    Best Glencairn Glass: Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass

    • Smaller capacity than other options

    “I’m quite stuck on the traditional Glencairn glass, describes Nicole Ross, the head bartender of New York City’s The Chester. A Glencairn glass really lets you fully appreciate the notes you get on the nose and the layering of the flavors.

    These Glencairn glasses are beloved by whiskey drinkers as they concentrate the aromassomething a rocks glass does not. Each 6-ounce glass is designed to show off the color and the aroma of the spirit.

    The ideal glass, so I’ve been told by many whisky distillers, for tasting is a stemmed glass that has a wider base than the nose, like ISO or Cordial glass, explains Goodfellow. You can see the spirits wellthe glass tapers towards the top to concentrate the smell when you nose it, and the stem removes any unintentional heat to the spirit.

    Kristen Voisey, the owner of Cocktail Emporium and the brands glassware designer, agrees: This is the standard tasting glass used at most distilleries. The shape is meant to enhance the aromas of fine whisky, and I find it does that job well.

    Good to Know:

    Goodfellow recommends adding a bit of room temperature water to the Glencairn glass to help open up the spirit.

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    Different Shapes Of Whisky Glasses Affect The Aroma

    Have you ever wondered why whisky glasses come in different shapes? Some have straight sides, while others taper inwards towards the rim. Well, as with most designs, it’s not just a whim.

    The shape dictates how the aroma of the whisky reaches your nose. Tapering glasses tend to concentrate all the different aromas and direct it straight to your nose, which creates a blend of both pleasant and unpleasant smells. The tumbler shape, on the other hand, allows the lighter, sharper alcohol molecules to escape, leaving the heavier molecules that provide the characteristic whisky smell.

    Whiskey Versus Whisky Versus Bourbon

    What is the âBESTâ? GLASS for whiskey ON THE ROCKS? (with ice)

    First, a little bit about nomenclature. Scotch is whisky that is produced in Scotland. Whiskey with an e is whiskey produced outside of Scotland, including Ireland. Whiskey with an e can also be used to refer to American whiskeys. Bourbon is produced in a similar fashion but is from the United States, generally from Kentucky.

    Scotch whisky is produced from malted barley whereas bourbon is distilled from corn. In this post, I will use the word whiskey the most, unless I am referring to bourbon or scotch whisky in particular.

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    Double Old Fashioned Glasses

    Available exclusively through Tiffany & Co., the geometric style of the Double Old Fashioned glasses lend a modern edge to classic design, perfect for adding a touch of history to your home dining or bar aesthetic. This is the go-to option for a whisky lover who wants his glassware to complement other aspects of the home and doesnt shy away from a premium price tag.

    Price: $255

    What Are Tall Slender Whiskey Glasses Called

    The Highball Glass

    The highball glass is similar to the old-fashioned glass, but it is a taller version. This glass features a thick base at the bottom of the glass for increased stability and prevention of spills. It is ideal for serving mixed cocktails with whiskey because it can hold much more liquid. This glass has room for ice, non-alcoholic mixer, and whiskey all in one tall glass. A favorite cocktail to drink in the highball glass is the aptly-named Highball cocktail featuring whiskey and soda water.

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    Most Unique Glass Ever

    You wont be able to get over how awesome and unique this envious Túath glass is! The shape of this crystal bourbon glass is meticulously designed for good grip on the glass and for fingerprint prevention. As you sip, all the flavors and aromas of your whiskey will stand out in a whole new way. You wont be able to believe you went so long without this glass, and all your friends will want one just like it!

    The History Of The Whiskey Glass

    Quinton Engraved Glencairn Glasses, Set of 2

    Just because a special shaped glass exists for whiskey drinking doesnt mean anyone who drinks out of something else is wrong. Were very much of the Ron Swanson mindset. Theres no wrong way to indulge in your favorite whiskey . In fact, we spent a long time talking about how the best glass for beer is a glass with beer in it. Broadly, we feel the same way about whiskey.

    However, that doesnt mean we cant find the origins of the distinctive Glencairn whiskey glass intriguing. Its become the go-to glass for every whiskey tasting weve been to for as long as weve been drinking whiskey, and its such a weird glass, we cant help but wonder what the bigger story behind the shape is. So we did some digging. This is the history of the Glencairn whiskey glass.

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    Coolest Crystal On Earth

    Unique crystal bourbon glasses, like this globe decanter set, has an out-of-this-world beauty, which makes this set the perfect crystal glassware for you. Youll love how the light hits your liquor which will highlight your crystal ship that is elegantly floating inside your decanter. This is a fantastic display set that you can also use to enjoy a drink with friends or family. The entire time youre sharing a drink from your globe glasses, theyll be wishing they had a crystal set as unique and cool as this.

    The Best Rocks Whiskey Glass: Duo Whiskey Glass By Aged & Ore

    Think of this whiskey glass as the Megazord of the whiskey glass world. First, it is double-insulated, allowing your whiskey to stay chilled for a long, long time. Second, the bell-shaped inner portion is similar to a Glencairn and helps when nosing and tasting your whiskey. Finally, the lines you see in the glass arent just for decoration they mark ounces, making it easy to know how much youre putting in your glass.

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    Do You Prefer Whiskey On The Rocks Or Neat

    If you like your whiskey untainted by foreign substances, your best bet is a Glencairn-style glass or the featured neat glass. You can also have it cold, minus the ice, if you chill a soapstone glass or get one that comes with a chillable rocks feature. If you like the slow dilution that ice provides, any glass could do. But, to best keep the flavor profile of the spirit intact, it would be in your best interest to use a circular ice mold. The larger surface area of round ice causes it to melt slower, thus watering down your beverage less. The featured DUO whiskey glass by Aged & Ore would be perfect for this style of drinking.

    Cashs Ireland Cooper Straight Sided Tumblers

    The Best Whiskey Glass | Whiskey Glass Showdown

    The Straight Sided Tumblers encourage whisky connoisseurs to enjoy a good swirl and appreciate the body and colour of their favourite liquor. The tumblers are ample enough to accommodate a spot of water or ice. They remain extremely comfortable in hand, and the diamond detailing provides both a sweet grip and luxurious detailing. Some elegant glasses indeed, handmade in Ireland.

    Price: $50

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    Best Old Fashioned Glass: Marquis By Waterford Glasses

    • Hand wash only

    A solid Old Fashioned glass is a must-have for any bar, like this one from Waterford. It doubles as an excellent vessel for tasting spirits and is large enough to build out Old Fashioneds and other cocktails. I love a nice sturdy, weighted, cushion-cut crystal rocks glass for whiskey, says Ryan Maybee, the co-founder of J. Rieger & Co. The laser etching makes the glass extra comfortable in your hands, and the heavier the base, the less heat transfers into the spirit itself!

    These 11-ounce glasses are made from lead-free crystalline with elegant detailing that will withstand the test of time. They’re part of Waterford’s Marquis line, which offers more affordable crystal pieces than the brand’s other glasses. Whiskey distillers love these glasses because they have weight to themthey’re a particularly excellent glass to swirl.

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    Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass

    Simple, elegant, and durable, the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass is made using a lead-free blend of titanium and zirconium oxide. When placed on a flat surface, this dancing tumbler will sway gently, unlocking the whiskys flavours and aromas in the process. This contender for best whiskey glass is also the ideal home for a delicious Old Fashioned.

    Price: $22

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    Introducing The Most Elegant Whisky Glass Tumblers With A Twist By Frolk

    Who said that you have to settle for a cheaply-made cocktail glasses set or low-quality scotch glasses for men that don’t do your expensive whiskey any justice.

    The Frolk whiskey tumbler set is here to offer you a world-class whiskey experience – just like in lavish Gentlemen’s Clubs in London or 5-Star hotel bars all over the world.

    Glencairn Probably The Best Whisky Glass

    Highbury Personalized Whiskey Glass

    You can buy a set from Amazon if youre interested, check the lowest prices below:

    Glencairn has produced the most recognized whisky glass in the world. Used by professionals, connoisseurs, aficionados, everyone who enjoys whisky a bit more than the Average Joe. Glencairn whisky glass is surely a good way to enjoy whisky. It surely isnt the only way to get the best out of your dram, but Im sure that every whisky lover in the world will recommend Glencairn whisky glasses, if you ask for opinion. Glencairn has made different types of whisky glasses. They have the original Glencairn whisky glass and a nosing Copita glass, and also a Canadian mixer glass which is a tumbler made in the Glencairn shape. Ill get back to the other types later in this article but first, lets talk about the traditional Glencairn, one of the best whisky glasses you can get.

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    The Different Types Of Whiskey Glasses

    Once you have considered your reasons for getting a whiskey glass, you can now choose the glass type that suits your preferences. Read on to find out the different types of glasses below.


    The tumbler comes in many names: you may hear it called a rocks glass, an old-fashioned, or a lowball. A tumbler has a low height, enough for one dram, and has a wide rim.

    Because of the tumblers wide rim, its not ideal for maximizing the aromas from your whiskey. But the tumbler has its place, especially for social events. Most tumblers are durable and withstand clinking.


    A highball is taller than a tumbler and lets you mix in soda and ice with your spirit.

    The highball can also hold more spirit, great for when youre looking for a double-shot glass or drink cocktails.

    Copita Glass

    Copita, from the Spanish word cup, is a traditional glass to drink sherry from. Most whiskey glasses are copita-inspired since the tulip shape allows aromas to concentrate through the narrow rim.


    The snifter, more popular with brandy and cognac connoisseurs, has its place with whiskey drinkers as well. Because of its large bowl, your nose can fit in to smell while sipping. Your spirit wont spill, too!

    But if youre looking to appreciate your whiskey, the snifter might not be ideal. The wider rim lets ethanol molecules escape as you drink, shocking you with nothing but alcoholic harshness.

    What About NEAT/Glencairn, etc.?

    Does The Glass Even Matter For Whiskey Or Bourbon

    At the end of the day, the question of whether or not a whiskey glass matters is subjective.

    The best whiskey glass for you is the whiskey glass that you want to drink your whiskey out of. It does not matter if it is out of a tumbler, a long glass, a tulip, a snifter, the bottle, or a plastic cup. If you drink whiskey out of a certain glass and it tastes best, that is how you should drink the whiskey.

    There are instances where you want to know what glass to drink out of, maybe for business lunches. Whiskey should be served in a tumbler or a snifterthe tumbler when you want ice and the snifter when it is neat. People are different so ask your guests how they prefer it.

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    Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass Set

    Most scotch lovers will agree that a Glencairn whisky glass set is a must-have for any home. The size and shape of these nosing glasses were specially engineered to enhance the flavor notes commonly found in single malt and blended malt scotch. The Glencairn Glass has been recognized by numerous organizations for quality and even won the Queens award for innovation in 2006.

    Best Glasses For Sampling Whiskey

    How long does whiskey last IN YOUR GLASS???

    There is no one, single best glass for tasting a whiskey. However, there are certainly some highly popular styles to help you step your tasting game up. Yes, they will cost you more than your standard glassware, but if you are a serious whiskey drinker , it is well worth the investment. Try one of these eight whiskey glasses listed in no particular order to enjoy drinking your whiskey even more.

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    What Is A Bourbon Glass

    There is no bourbon glass it is as plain and simple as that. Most bourbons are served in whiskey glasses, mainly in tumblers. You will notice that it is more common for bourbons to be served with ice than to be served without ice. Bourbons are also great for making mixers. Again, you will notice this being done in a round tumbler.

    There is not much more to say in the section except for maybe that later on in this article we will discuss the best whiskey glasses and this will include whiskeys and bourbons as well.

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