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What Do People Drink With Vodka

Things You Should Know About Absolut Vodka


Even if you dont drink vodka, youre probably familiar with Absolut, thanks to its ridiculously successful marketing campaign. Even if you do drink Absolut, there are probably more than a few things you dont know about the product, or the company itself. From a surprising level of environmental awareness to ancient water sources to that pesky old gluten question, here are 10 things you should absolutely know about the iconic label.

It Might Be Chic And Artsy But Absolut Is Fundamentally Farm

Absolut has a certain swag factor here in the States, but the company itself is more hippie-hipster hybrid than bottle service. It sources everything including water locally, makes everything out of the same facility its been using for over a century, and recycles everything. Oh, and its distillation process is entirely carbon neutral.

Why Is Vodka Considered A Ladies Drink

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Generally on a night out vodka is probably the most popular liquor of choice people drink. Many of my guy friends, however, say its a ladies drink.

In this blog post, I aim to find out whether or not this is true, or just a stereotype with no real reasoning behind it.

Is Vodka Considered a Ladies Drink? The reason why vodka is generally considered a woman’s drink is probably the sweet and sugary beverages they choose to mix them with. Many men dont tend to mix their alcohol with sweet beverages. This gives the impression that vodka is primarily a ladies drink, but many guys enjoy it as well.

Continue reading as I dive into why people consider vodka a ladies drink, and the general stereotypes of drinking culture in general.

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The Risks Of Alcohol Consumption

There are huge risks connected with the overconsumption of alcohol. First, alcohol is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and a grave concern for many American families struggling with the results of addiction.

In general, alcoholism also known as alcohol use disorder is one of the largest public health crises in the country. In part, it has to do with the culture as it surrounds alcohol. Alcohol and substance abuse has affected people across genders, ages, and socioeconomic statuses. In 2015, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention noted that six people die every day from alcohol poisoning. Research also found that alcoholism is a factor in 30% of alcohol poisoning deaths. Further, over 100,000 people die every year due to drinking and

  • driving
  • suicides
  • homicides

All of these adverse affects can be directly linked to alcohol consumption. Drinking 750 ml of vodka a day will put a person at risk for any one of these situations.

Here’s What Happens When You Drink Vodka Every Day

Why do Russians drink so much Vodka?

Vodka is categorized as a neutral grain spirit and can be made from either potatoes or grain. Although no one can be sure of the origins of the beverage, it’s believed that the drink came from either Poland or Russia in either the 8th or 9th century . The first recorded reference to the drink dates back to Russia in the 14th century.

As with many spirits, vodka is a drinking option for those who are unable to consume gluten because the distillation process results in a gluten-free beverage. Because of its neutral flavor and pureness, vodka is popular when mixed with many other beverages such as tonic water or cranberry juice, and is also enjoyed neat.

Consuming anything every day is sure to result in health effects one way or another, but especially so with something as strong as vodka, which tends to have an alcohol by volume percentage of between 40 and 95 .

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Dangers Of Mixing Alcohol And Energy Drinks

  • Energy drinks typically contain caffeine, plant-based stimulants, simple sugars, and other additives.3
  • Mixing alcohol with energy drinks is a popular practice, especially among young people in the United States.68 In 2017, 10.6% of students in grades 8, 10, and 12 and 31.8% of young adults aged 19 to 28 reported consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks at least once in the past year.7,8
  • In a study among Michigan high school students, those who binge drank were more than twice as likely to mix alcohol with energy drinks as non-binge drinkers . Liquor was the usual type of alcohol consumed by students who reported mixing alcohol and energy drinks .9
  • Drinkers aged 15 to 23 who mix alcohol with energy drinks are 4 times more likely to binge drink at high intensity than drinkers who do not mix alcohol with energy drinks.10
  • Drinkers who mix alcohol with energy drinks are more likely than drinkers who do not mix alcohol with energy drinks to report unwanted or unprotected sex, driving drunk or riding with a driver who was intoxicated, or sustaining alcohol-related injuries.11

Vodka And Coke Variations

You can make a blank and coke with almost any spirit. In most cases, you can use the same ratio as the Vodka and Coke. Honestly, we think a rum, whiskey, or even gin stand up to the cola better. The red wine variation below is a favorite! These are great ideas for tasty but cheap drinks. Here are a few ideas to get you started try using:

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How Much Vodka Do Russians Really Drink

The fact that Russians start their day with vodka and have vodka at all business meetings has become such a cliche! How true is that stereotype?

Per capita consumption of vodka and other strong alcohol has always been scary. It does go down though from 18 liters of pure alcohol per year in 2011 to 13,5 liters in 2014. I may have an answer Why?!

Example of vodka ads in Cosmo magazine

First of all, none of my friends drink vodka. Vodka is considered to be the drink for old people or for people of lower social and educational level. Girls and women almost never drink vodka. One of the most surprising things for me, when I moved to States were vodka ads in a Cosmo magazine. You can never find that in Russia.

What do people drink? Beer is popular among young people , wine is a drink of choice for people in their 30s. Men often like whisky . I can understand why somebody may want a shot of ice-cold vodka, but I have never been tempted to do one.

Another question I often get from my friends do Russians drink vodka during most business meetings? I know that is a boring answer, but no. To make this text less boring, I will share with you the only story I have that relates to business meetings and drinking.

The Water In Your Absolut Is Ancient

The ‘Russian’ way to drink vodka

Absolut sources its water from local wells that are more than 450 feet deep, meaning the stuff that gets you tipsy had to push its way through Swedish bedrock for thousands of years. Not only does that give that bottle of Absolut Raspberry much-needed street cred, it acts as a natural filter for the water itself, yielding, theoretically, a purer product.

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You Could Get Sick More Often If You Drink Vodka Every Day

Because alcohol, if consumed in large quantities for extended periods of time, suppresses the immune system, regular consumption of a particularly strong spirit such as vodka will lead to issues with fighting off bacterias and viruses. How does this manifest? You may notice that you have more colds, cases of flu, and other sicknesses than usual . Alcohol damages the immune cells of the lungs and the tiny hairs in the airways that clear viruses and bacteria out of the body . When the airways of the body are damaged, it becomes easier for viruses and bacteria to gain an entrance to the body and make people sick. The gut flora in the stomach also plays an important role in the body’s immune system response, and alcohol can damage the microorganisms that live in the stomach, further weakening the immune response.

I Think Its One Of The Most Popular Stereotypes About Poland And Poles Youre Going To Poland Oh Man Youre Gonna Drink A Looooooot Of Vodka But Is It Really True Do Poles Really Drink So Much Alcohol Are We All Drunks Do We Love Vodka Lets Find Out Together

The thing is it is not! I mean, here in Poland we do drink relatively a lot of strong alcohol. Its part of the tradition! Tradition of a cold, Slavic country, where winters are long and dark and during these long months you dont have a lot to do. So still nowadays, it is quite popular to drink vodka, especially in smaller towns or villages, where people live in a more traditional way.

Also, older generations of Poles tend to celebrate with vodka. I think its some kind of a communist times legacy. Back then, vodka was the most popular alcohol, because it was accessible. We didnt have fancy colourful cocktails or western brands of beer.

Generally speaking, through our troublesome history, our enemies often used alcohol as a way of fightinig. For example, during the II World War, when there wasnt enough food for people, the nazis would always keep the stores well suplied with vodka bottles. Why? Because when people are starving, theyd reach out for alcohol. It has calories, will help them survive. They dont eat enough, they loose weight, theyre cold all the time. Alcohol helps them feel warm. If theyre seen terrible things, alcohol would help them fall asleep . And the most important one when the whole society is drunk or hungover, theyre not going to organise an uprising nor fight back. And so it continued, through the years

Im curious maybe in the future Poland will become a totally alcohol free country? Who knows!


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How Alcohol Travels Through Your Body

Your bloodstream distributes alcohol quickly to your brain, kidney, lungs and liver. On average, your liver takes an hour to break down one unit of alcohol. This can depend on:

  • your weight
  • how quickly your body turns food into energy
  • how much food youve eaten
  • the strength and type of alcohol
  • any medicine youre taking

Vodka Boost Heart Health

These 3 charts show Britain

Vodka has a dilating effect on the arteries which stimulates the blood to flow freely. This free flow of blood to the heart inhibits the risks of major illnesses such as strokes and cardiac arrests. Vodka is also very useful in increasing the amount of HDL in the body and balancing the overall cholesterol level.

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You May Find That You Are Becoming Dependent On Alcohol

Drinking significant amounts of alcohol over a long period of time can result in dependency on alcohol or alcohol addiction. The longer the period of regular consumption is sustained, the higher chance of developing a dependency. If the condition is serious enough, the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include nervousness, tremors, and irregular heartbeat. Extreme cases of alcohol withdrawal symptoms can include seizures, delirium, and hallucinations. As a result, people who want to seek treatment for alcohol dependency often require professional help. Even if a full-blown addiction or dependency isn’t developed, long-term effects of drinking vodka every day can result in other neurological symptoms such as anxiety, memory problems, and depression .

On the other end of the spectrum, studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption can help to clear toxins in the brain, including those which lead to Alzheimer’s disease .

The Drink Recipes Every Vodka Drinker Needs

The Spruce

Vodka may be the most mixable and useful liquor in the bar. The spirit’s clear, clean taste pairs well with any flavor, from sweet to savory and dry to spicy. Featured in thousands of cocktail recipes that vary in character, ingredients, and style, there is a vodka cocktail for every drinker and occasion.

Within that extensive list of vodka drinks, some standouts are considered essential. These are the most popular of those recipes and the drinks that everyone should taste at least once.

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Benefit Of Drinking Vodka

The base composition of vodka is vegetable or grain, sugar, yeast and alchohol. Fermentation is the process which is used in its preparation. However the taste and aroma of vodka varies from place to place depending on the raw material and alchohol content.

In some countries vodka is prepared from grains such as sorghum, corn, rye and wheat of which roy and wheat vodkas are considered superior. In some places vodka is made up from potatoes, molasses, soybeans, grapes and sugar beets.

If You Drink Vodka Every Night Your Tolerance May Increase


Have you noticed that the longer you drink vodka every night, the more alcohol you need to get to the same level of intoxication? That’s not uncommon, as noted by registered dietitian Laura Krebs-Holm. “Many people find that if they drink alcohol regularly, they do not feel the effects of alcohol as keenly with one or two drinks,” she shared with The List. “However, health benefits have only been linked to moderate alcohol consumption, which is one drink for women, and two drinks for men.”

Additionally, that’s something that can be amplified as you grow older, according to Dr. Nick Knight. “People don’t really know why but I suspect it’s something to do with the fact that the more exposure to alcohol you have, the more the key enzymes that break down alcohol in your liver increase,” he shared in an interview with the BBC’s Newsbeat. “That’s why people talk about having an increased tolerance to alcohol, because the liver has adapted to cope with it.”

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Public Health Impact Of Excessive Alcohol Use

  • Excessive alcohol use is responsible for about 93,000 deaths in the United States each year15 and $249 billion in economic costs in 2010.16
  • Binge drinking is responsible for almost half of these deaths and three quarters of economic costs.15,16
  • Binge drinking is also associated with many health and social problems, including alcohol-impaired driving, interpersonal violence, risky sexual activity, and unintended pregnancy.17
  • Most people younger than age 21 who drink report binge drinking, usually on multiple occasions.18
  • The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends effective population-based strategies for preventing excessive alcohol consumption and related harms, including increasing alcohol excise taxes, limiting alcohol outlet density, and commercial host liability for service to underage or intoxicated customers.19
  • States and communities have also developed educational strategies to alert consumers to the risks of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. At least one community enacted an ordinance requiring retailers to post warning signs informing consumers of the risks of mixing alcohol and energy drinks.20
  • Monitoring and reducing youth exposure to alcohol advertising through no-buy lists could also help reduce underage drinking. No-buy lists identify television programming that advertisers can avoid to improve compliance with the alcohol industrys self-regulated alcohol marketing guidelines.21

Why Do Russians Prefer Vodka Over Other Spirits

All Russians are ardent vodka drinkers, so says the age-old cliché, but this is 2019. Moscow and other cities are full of minimalist cocktail bars and hipsters are continuously inventing new flavors of craft beer. With this in mind, you could be forgiven for thinking vodka has been elbowed off top spot by more sophisticated tipples as Russias go-to thirst-quencherbut has it?

In 2012 Russia allegedly necked more vodka than any other nation, the equivalent of 14 liters for every person in the country. But it appears times are changing and that Russians are giving their livers a break: last year the government said the country is drinking five times less vodka compared to six years ago. Despite the authorities claim, some Russians will always opt for vodka over any other alcohol, heres a few reasons why.

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+ Amazing Vodka Cocktails

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Get inspired with some of the best vodka cocktails on the internet. From classic vodka cocktail recipes like a Lemon Drop Martini to Sex on the Beach Slushies, with are more fun, we have tons of cocktail ideas for everyone.

Dont let making vodka cocktails at home scare you. Most of them are actually super simple to make! Take our Honey Greyhound Cocktail or Blackberry Moscow Mules. Both of these are fun, refreshing, and ready in less than 10 minutes.

Sometimes after a long week of work all you need is a stiff drink. Or, if youre a lightweight, something more fruity and less pungent might be the right drink for you. Either way, weve got tons of vodka cocktails for you to choose from that will fit any palette.

Gin Rum Vodka Or Whiskey

Drinking a Fifth of Vodka Everyday

These liquors contain 0 grams of carbs per 1.5-ounce serving .

However, the carb content of your drink may vary depending on what you mix the liquor with.

Avoid mixing liquor with sugary juices or sugar-containing soda. If you do drink these with alcohol, your blood sugar may spike and then dip to dangerously low levels.


When consumed on their own, hard liquors provide 0 grams of carbs but may lead to very low blood sugar levels. Avoid drinking them on an empty stomach or mixing them with sugary drinks.

Make sure to go for low sugar options if you feel like having a cocktail.

Here are some of the best low carb cocktails.

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