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Type Of Mint For Mojito

What Does It Mean To Muddle A Cocktail

How to Pick Mojito Mint for Cocktails & Mocktails

Muddling is a bartending technique used to release the flavors of fruits, herbs and spices in a cocktail. To muddle something simply means to press or crush it with a tool, such as a muddler or the back of a spoon. For mojitos, muddling mint leaves releases their oils and fragrance into the drink. This is what gives mojitos their refreshing flavor.

How To Make The Ultimate Mojito Cocktail

One of the joys of Spring is watching as plants emerge from the dormancy of winter. I am always happy when mint returns because it reminds me of summer and the refreshing taste of a Mojito cocktail. In this post, I will share my recipe for the ultimate Mojito cocktail and include some information on growing and caring for mint. First, lets take a look at the video where I demonstrate how to make a mojito.

Growing and Caring for Mint

Mint is a fast-growing perennial that is easy to grow but can be quite invasive . To control the spread, plant mint in a container where the roots can be confined. Either bury the container in the soil of your garden bed or keep it in a container outside the garden bed. I keep mine in a container outside the garden bed.

While mint can be grown from seed, I find it much easier to purchase a transplant from a reputable garden source. There are many varieties of mint including peppermint, spearmint and sweet mint. There is also a variety called Mojito Mint that originated in Cuba. I use spearmint when preparing a Mojito but any of the varieties mentioned can be used.

When transplanting mint into a container, use good quality potting soil. Mint should be planted in full sun to semi-shade check the light requirements of the variety you purchase. Add 1 tsp of slow-release balanced fertilizer to the potting soil prior to planting the mint. Because mint prefers moist soil, water 2-3 times per week.

Ultimate Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Sweet Mint Vs Spearmint For Mojitos

This type of mint can be a substitute for peppermint. It has the same pleasant aroma but does not differ in its freshness as it does not contain menthol. Spearmint has only 0.5% menthol in its composition, which is also not quite enough for the freshness that a mojito requires.

If the choice is not great, then use mint to make your cocktail more precious and spearmint if you want to refresh yourself a little. But, lets pay attention to the important qualities and usages of mint.

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Super Sippable And Delicious Mojito Recipes

Looking for the perfect cocktail to serve at your backyard bash?

Weve put together a round-up of mojito recipes from around the web just for you, made with everything from mango and berries to the classic standby, flavored with lime and mint.

No one can skip out on one of the ultimate coolers for summer to be found in the form of a cocktail!

What Type Of Mint Is In A Mojito

3 Types of Mojito Recipes (Refreshing Summer Cool Mocktail)

So what makes a mojito so special? The key ingredient is mint, which not only gives the mojito its refreshing flavor, but also its bright green color. There are over 600 varieties of mint, but the two most common types used in mojitos are spearmint and peppermint. Spearmint is more mild, with a sweetness to it, while peppermint is more strong and has a cooling sensation. It’s certainly a thing of personal preference, but when we’re making a mojito we use spearmint.

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Is Apple Mint The Same As Mint

The bright green leaves of Apple mint are uniquely round in shape with slightly toothed edges. Both the leaves and stems of Apple mint are covered in fine hairs, hence its nickname wooly mint. It imparts a fruity aroma with nuances of apple, although it has less mint flavor compared to other culinary mint varieties. via

Growing Your Own Mint

Just like any other plant or herb, you have to make sure that you give it enough room. This advice is especially important with mint as they will jump locations. If youre a beginner gardener or just looking to have a little mint on hand for those hot summer days just simply buy a starter plant and plant it in a large pot or raised bed.

I generally let my mints get their moisture solely from rain and have never gone out of my way to water them. I allow my mint to grow to a height of 12 inches before I begin to pick the leaves for use in cocktails as this allows for the best time for the flavor to mature, in my opinion. When picking the leaves, it is best to pluck the leaves rather then cut the entire stem.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that even though the mint will come back every year it is vital to replant your mint every few years to keep the flavor of your mint fresh. I also prefer take some of the plants offspring in doors to keep a fresh stock throughout the fall and winter months. You never know when someone will have a craving for mint in their cocktail.

An additional benefit to growing your own ginger mint is the fact that it will keep rodents and wildlife out of your gardens.

Have you ever grown your own mint? What is your favorite mint to use in a cocktail? Have you tried using mint oil over fresh mint leaves? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!

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Mojito Mint Use: Alcohol

Mojito mint refines many different drinks and cocktails, but especially in the summer Mojito it may not be missing. You can prepare it quite classically with white rum. But the drink also tastes good as a non-alcoholic cocktail, especially on hot summer days. Below we present you the recipe for a delicious apple mojito without alcohol.

Planting Mojito Mint: In The Bed And In The Pot

How to Make a Mint Mojito With Vodka : Mojito Recipes

Hardy mojito mint thrives well both directly in the herb bed and in pots. Like most special mint varieties, it is best to buy young Mojito mint from a garden retailer who knows mint well. Before you plant the young plant, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Location: A bright and sunny location is important for the mojito mint to thrive and develop its aromatic flavor. However, you should protect it from blazing sun, especially at midday. In addition, the mint should be in a place with good air circulation, so that its leaves dry quickly after rain or after watering.
  • Soil: Mojito mint grows best in loose and well-drained soil. A high humus content in the soil will also ensure that the plant gets enough nutrients. If you keep mojito mint in a pot, it is best to use potting soil or vegetable soil as a planting medium. Also place a drainage layer of gravel or clay shards at the bottom of the pot to help water drain away.

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What Is Sweet Mint Good For

Sweet or mojito mint can normalize the water-salt balance, remove puffiness under the eyes, removing excess fluid from the body, improve the digestive processes. Due to the absence of a menthol component and a sweet aroma. Cooks love it for making craft cocktails, lemonades, sauces, salads, desserts and even mint oil.

What Kind Of Mint Is Used In A Mojito

SpearmintSpearmint. Spearmint is most commonly used in cooking for many recipes, including lamb, vegetables, and of course, mint juleps and mojitos.

Are mint and Yerba Buena the same thing?

It is said that the proper mint to make mojitos is called yerba buena. The name is most commonly used to refer to spearmint , but it is also used to refer to a relative of mint, Satureja douglasii. The latter is a trailing plant with mint-scented leaves.

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The Mojito: A Taste Of Havana

There are many origin stories associated with the mojito , but one thing is clearit was popularized by novelist Ernest Hemingway, who first enjoyed it in the 1950s at a favorite Havana bar. The cocktails fame spread, and by 2002, even super-spy James Bond tossed one back in the film Die Another Day.

A classic mojito embodies the flavor of the Caribbean in a fizzy mix of white rum, lime juice, mint, sugar, and club soda or sparkling water. Ice cubes keep the drink cold. Nonalcoholic versions omit the rum.

Until early in the 21st century, mixologists looking for mint to flavor mojitos often used spearmint , which has a familiar, piquant mint flavor. Some drink makers also used peppermint , but the mint flavor in peppermint leaves is much stronger and spicier than that of spearmint.

Around 2006, Cuban mint , native to the island, began making appearances in the United States, and bartenders started using this original mojito mint in the rum drinks. Since that time, Cuban mint has become more readily available, especially for those who are willing to grow their own.

Mint connoisseurs say that Cuban mint has a somewhat milder flavor than spearmint, along with citrus notes that marry well with the lime juice in the cocktail.

How To Make The Best Mojito

chocolate mint mojito time

Youll find the full recipe below. Here are a few tips for best results:

Select sturdy, thick-bottomed glassware. Were mixing the drink in the glass and Ive never had any problems doing so. Treat it with care, though, and dont use Moms crystal.

Dont muddle excessively. Its tempting to muddle your mint into tiny pieces as you hope for maximally minty flavor. I know, Ive done it myself . In fact, your mojito will taste better if you dont overdo it, and the texture will be more enjoyable without tons of tiny mint bits floating around.

Adjust to taste. The recipe as written yields my ideal mojito, but please tweak it to suit your taste buds. Use a little less rum for a less boozy sipper. Add more sugar if you prefer a sweeter drink . Or, omit the sugar entirely for a no-sugar cocktail .

Gently smack your mint garnish before using. You think Im kidding? Nope! Were going to save one beautiful sprig of mint to garnish our drink. As a final touch, gently clap it between your hands to release some of those fragrant mint oils. Then, slide it into your drink with the top of the sprig staying above the surface. The fragrance will make your drink taste even more gloriously minty.

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Homegrown Mints For Cooling Libations: Mojitos And Juleps

Parched summer palates demand refreshments that are icy cold, wet, and flavorful. For sophisticated adult palates, the mojito, a classic Cuban cocktail, and the julep, beloved in the American South, check all the right summer boxes. Mint, muddled or crushed with sugar prior to the addition of liquid ingredients, adds distinctive flavor notes to these drinks.

But, which mint is best for an authentic mojito or traditional julep? The Mentha genus is large and full of popular varieties and hybrids. That kind of abundance is a blessing for cooks and cocktail makers, but it can also be daunting. The mints below are the best choices for these fabled libations.

What Is A Mojito

The classic mint mojito is a popular rum drink that originates from Cuba. It’s a simple mixed drink made with traditional Cuban ingredients: lime, mint, sugar, white rum, and soda. It’s believed it was originally made as a medicinal drink to ward off illness. This summertime cocktail has become a worldwide favorite with countless delicious variations don’t miss our tips below to put your own spin on this classic cocktail!

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Do You Have A Favorite Type Of Mint

As you can see, theres a wide range of mint plants available to suit a wide variety of tastes, purposes, and growing locations.

Tastes and fragrances are notoriously difficult to describe. So see if you can taste-test or at least smell-test mint from a friends garden or a nursery. If not, order a few kinds that look interesting and experiment.

Remember to plant different mint varieties well apart from each other to prevent crossing. Then find out what you like best.

Is Apple Mint Good For Cocktails

How to Make Raspberry Mint Mojitos : Mojito & Daiquiri Recipes

Apple Mint

This is one of those mints that can be so versatile due to its apple notes and its ability to calm upset stomachs. I tend to use this mint when a patron comes in with a cold or is showing symptoms of coming down with a cold. I personally prefer to pair this herb with warm scotch based drinks. via

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Whats The Best Way To Make A Yerba Buena

Another tip for building the perfect Yerba Buena is to use whole ice cubes. While it can be appealing to fill the glass with crushed ice like a Mai Tai or Mint Julep, a few larger ice cubes leads to slower dilution, which is important for a drink you can take your time with.

How do you make a Hierbabuena Mojito at home?

Add the sugar, lime juice, and hierbabuena with a splash of mineral water to a tall glass. With a muddler or a wooden spoon, press lightly on the stems, rather than the leaves. Add the 2 ounces of mineral water, then the ice cubes, then the rum.

Can I Freeze Mint Leaves

Mint is the leading component in the preparation of mojito. However, people are wondering: how to have this ingredient on hand all year round? The answer is quite simple: mint leaves can be frozen without losing the color and quality of the product. This process will not take much time and effort.

TIP:Keep mint in a container outside the garden bed if you grow it on your own

Freezing mint in ice cubes is one of the most popular and convenient ways to preserve the plant. Thanks to this option, the leaves will be both fresh and recently plucked.

In each hole of the ice molds, you should put from 3-4 mint leaves , pour water, and put it in the freezer. After the water turns into ice, you can pull out the cubes. Great! The main ingredient for a mojito is ready! Mint has not darkened it has retained its color and aroma.

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Plant Mojito Mint Directly In The Bed:

  • Place the young mojito mint in a bucket of water first until no more air bubbles rise.
  • Dig a planting hole at the site that is slightly larger than the root ball. If necessary, you can then insert a root barrier to prevent the mint from growing too much later.
  • Be careful not to place mojito mint in a bed with slow-growing plants, as it will quickly overgrow them.
  • Mix the excavated soil with some humus or compost.
  • Pot up the mojito mint and place it in the planting hole. Fill the hole back up with the humus-soil mixture.
  • Lightly press down the top layer of soil and water the mint plant generously.
  • Fresh Dried Or Extract

    Blackberry Mint Mojito from Be Mixed

    You will also need to consider whether you want to use fresh mint, dried mint, or mint flavor extract to make your Mojitos.

    Since this article calls for the best mint for Mojitos, it might seem obvious that fresh mint should be the first choice. After all, the best Mojito recipes often call for fresh mint.

    However, what you actually want to be aiming for is to make the best Mojito for you, which means choosing ingredients to suit your preferences and needs. Fresh mint is not always the best choice for everyone, hence why weve included other options in this guide.

    Fresh mint is certainly a great choice. It has a very refreshing flavor and will release actual mint juice into your Mojito, making for an authentic Cuban cocktail.

    With that being said, if you find that repeatedly stocking up on fresh mint for your Mojitos is impractical, you may wish to consider dried mint. It has a longer shelf life, so storing it for long periods of time is easier.

    Because it lasts longer than fresh mint , you can cut down on trips to the store and money spent.

    This is especially beneficial if youre buying mint that needs to be shipped to the U.S. because buying less often makes your purchases more sustainable.

    If youre not a fan of strong flavors, dried mint may be the best option for you because drying out the mint mutes some of the potency of the flavor.

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    Make A Mojito Pitcher For Your Party

    This is the perfect summery cocktail to enjoy with company on a hot day. It’s a refreshing crowd-pleaser for serving at backyard barbecues or special occasions like birthday parties, baby or bridal showers, and weddings. Make a large batch in a pitcher to get the party started! Just keep in mind that it’s best enjoyed right away so the ice doesn’t melt and dilute the other flavors.

    Types Of Mint To Grow In Your Garden

    The Spruce / Michelle Becker

    Species from the mint genus are among the most commonly grown plants in North American gardens. They belong to a broader family of plants, Lamiaceae, that is called the “mint family.” This means that the true mints are related to such landscape plants as Salvia and catmint . It’s easy to tell whether you already have one of these plants growing in your yard: Mint family members always have square stems.

    It is easy to see why mints are so popular. While they do bloom , their value is generally not in how they look but in the functions they serve. Mints serve as flavorful herbs in the kitchen and as ground covers in the yard. Their strong scent keeps deer from eating them. But this is only one reason why they are so easy to grow. They are also tough, cold-hardy perennials that spread on their own. In fact, if you plant mints in the wrong place , you may end up with too much of a good thing. So plant them somewhere where their ability to spread is a benefit, not a drawback. Here are 11 of the best types of mints to grow in the garden.

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