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Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve 110 Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml

Russells Reserve Single Rickhouse Series Camp Nelson A Bourbon Review

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Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel 110 is a limited release non-chill filtered expression from Wild Turkey. Only 150 to 200 barrels are hand selected for each batch. This is the initial 2015 launch label version. A big, bold and warming whiskey that explodes on the palate. Matured in heavily charred casks under the intense Kentucky sun, this single-cask bourbon is made by Jimmy Russell, a master distiller with over 50 years of distilling experience.

It’s an incredible bourbon for the money and there is only limited stock released each year.


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  • Visit the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience in Downtown Louisville for tastings, tours, and more. An official stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®, weve got something for every Bourbon fan. Sip on our rich history in a speakeasy-style tasting complete with stories and samples of our award-winning lineup..

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Cocktail Choice #1: Bourbon Raspberry Sour. For this cocktail, you will need to gather 2 ounces of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, .5 ounces of raspberry syrup, .75 ounces of fresh lemon juice, and 3 to 4 drops of chocolate bitters. As with many other bourbon cocktails, we recommend building this cocktail in a shaker filled with ice.

The Bourbon Finder Grade: B+

Thoughts This is complex juice, and for a shelfie its a great bottle. Not only is the standard shelf offering great, but there are myriad store/club/group picks out there, sp you should be able to find an excellent bottle of Russells Reserve that can go toe-to-toe with almost any single barrel offering out there.

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But back to the small batch, its sitting at 54% , and features an undisclosed wheated mashbill, the flavor was delicious. Definitely has the signature wheated tastes, and has the quality youd expect from a high end Willett product. I did a little searching, but couldnt find much about this product online. Went to a good friends house and got to taste this amazing bottle. 138. 28 comments. Continue browsing in r/bourbon. r/bourbon. We talk about bourbon, rye, or any American whiskey here . Reviews and discussions are encouraged, check out the stuff we’ve compiled in the sidebar and our review archive! 188k.

. Delivery & Pickup Options – 57 reviews of WesternReserve Distillers “Food was delicious!!! My friends and I sat at the bar and all ordered turkey burgers. They were amazing. Of course still an up and coming place but all around the environment was cool and service was good as well. Parking in the back was a plus. Would recommend to friends.”.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Rating


Wow, I was wrong to wait so long have one of these again because this Total Wine Selection of Russells Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is excellent. The extra fruitiness in the scents and flavors bring a unique and interesting twist, and it really does it for me. Its developed enough that in a blind tasting I could be fooled into thinking this was briefly finished.

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We carefully hand select a small number of barrels in the four- to six-year age range and blend them together to achieve our exceptionally smooth base. Once we feel our base blend is just right, we add a portion of our 14-year bourbon to enhance the leather and tobacco notes only found in more mature bourbons. When each blend meets the exacting. Score: 8/10. Tasting any sort of extremely aged bourbon is usually a memorable experience. Woodfords Very Fine and Rare bourbon did not disappoint in that regard. The whole dram was dripping with sensory notes that showed off rich tannins and dark, over-ripe fruits. I find that Brown Forman products lose a good deal of sweetness as they age. Key West’s Original New Orleans-themed Video Bar featuring the Men of Bourbon Nightly. Live VJ’S, Live Shows, 5 Bars, ‘Male Only’ Clothing Optional Garden Bar with Pool & Jacuzzi. 2021. 9. 15. ·When my brother was tasked with bringing some bourbon for a recent family gathering, the staff at a local franchise of a major retailer suggested McFarlanes Reserve as an affordable Weller alternative. Just now your mind may have come to a screeching halt as mine did perhaps due to its rather daring, and to some, potentially blasphemous, endorsement. If. 2022. 8. 13. ·Weller Special Reserve is not bad and not great, it just fine. To be fair, Weller Special Reserve does drink like the $20-30 wheated bourbon it is, not a more expensive some will might pay. Weller Antique 107 is a big step up from.

Russells Reserve Single Barrel Straight Bourbon

  • Nose: Cherry, vanilla, brown sugar and oak.
  • Palate: Fruity, baking spices, vanilla and charred oak.
  • Finish: Long, spicy, with notes of citrus and charred oak.

The nose is rich and complex, with a nice cherry note, along vanilla, brown sugar and charred oak. The palate hits with an enjoyable fruity flavor, rich in baking spice, vanilla custard and charred oak with a creamy feel to it. The finish stays with you nice and long, is tasty, pleasantly warm, rich in spice, orange zest and toasty oak.

The Single Barrel is similar to the 10 YO but better in every way as it displays more character and a richer flavor profile. The additional proof makes it warmer yet quite pleasing striking a very nice pour.

It drinks nicely neat yet a dash of water is enough to tame it down if you feel it a bit warm. Overall, the Single Barrel is an upgrade over the 10 YO.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Russells Single Barrel:

  • Bottled at 110 proof.
  • The Single Barrel is aged between 8 to 10 years in American oak casks that have been charred with a #4 char, also known as the Alligator Char.
  • Each bottle is filled from a single cask before being labeled by hand.
  • This whisky was not chill-filtered, this is a common practice among the industry as it prevents the liquid from becoming hazy, but some purists assure that the filtering also removes precious tasting notes from the dram.
  • The mash bill is made from 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley.

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Russells Reserve 10 Or Single Barrel: Which Is Better

  • The Single Barrel is an upgrade over the Russells 10. It has much in common but is better in every aspect making a very good bourbon that strikes a nice balance and does not drink as a 110 proof whiskey.
  • Single Barrel is incredibly tasty and smooth at a high proof ticking all the right boxes.
  • Price is a bit high, though, hence if you are drinking on a budget consider the Wild Turkey 101 which is a champ in terms of value for the money.

Notes Ofscent & Flavor

Whiskey Wednesday: What Makes A Good Holster? | Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye
  • Flavor #1

    While each barrel is unique, they all retain the Russell’s Reserve DNA: rich cinnamon and oak, balanced with undertones of vanilla and honey on the palate. The finish is deep and rich.

  • Flavor #2

    Russell’s Reserve barrels are always selected from the center cut of our timber rickhouses, Floors 3-5, because they are exposed to the least temperature variation, therefore offer the highest consistency of flavor.

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Russells Reserve 10 Year Bourbon

  • Nose: Cinnamon, cherry, vanilla and oak.
  • Palate: Butterscotch, baking spices, charred oak, citrus and cinnamon.
  • Finish: Maple, brown sugar and charred oak.

The nose is faint and smooth, with a sweet aroma with hints of fine spice and charred oak. On the palate, the mouthfeel is excellent and tastes like Thanksgiving pie in a glass. I get fine spices such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla with a thick feel to it. Finish is quite satisfying, rich in sweet maple, brown sugar, vanilla and the charred oak note typical of Wild Turkey.

It drinks nicely neat although chilled brings out more char and alcohol. This is a very tasty and sweet whiskey that in many ways reminds me of the Buffalo Trace but with the Wild Turkey charred oak note.

Overall, Russells 10 is a good whiskey, making a pleasing dram but this will never be what you grab to impress a friend. More like an everyday whiskey to spend a lazy afternoon.

There are a few facts worth knowing about the Russells Reserve 10:

  • Bottled at 90 proof.
  • Aged for 10 years in deep charred oak casks.
  • The casks are hand-picked by Jimmy and Eddie Russell exclusively from the center of Wild Turkeys rickhouse, which they believe is the best area for maturing bourbon.
  • The mash bill is made from 75% corn, 13% rye, 12% malted barley.
  • Earned the Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2011.

Russells Reserve Single Barrel Review

Color: Medium-dark golden brown.

On the nose: Very similar to the Russells Reserve 10 Year, this has a very pleasant topnote of sweetly creamy cherries, in the manner of cherry ice cream. I have to concentrate to tease out additional nuances, but when they emerge they are delightful. Sarsaparilla, mesquite, oiled new leather, freshly cut tobacco leaves, and even a touch of fresh ginger round this out. Its a nice combination of a dominant, charming core with some more varied, intriguing notes swirling around it.

In the mouth: The front of this is a very tart burst of orange citrus fruits (oranges, yes, but also tangerines and perhaps a spicy nip of grapefruit. Toward the center of the palate this becomes more lean, with an emphasis on lemongrass and piquant ginger, as well as a pronounced stoniness that, combined with the tart notes reaches a mouth-puckering dryness that crescendos in the middle of the tongue. The best moment comes, for me, as these notes recede, leaving in their place some subtly woody and earthy accents married to a reprise of that central creamy cherry note from the nose. The ABV is evident in a tingly heat that persists through the finish, with fading flavors of cherries, black coffee, and cacao.

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Come For A Visit As Rich And Flavorfulas Our Bourbon

One trip to our historic Distillery on the scenic Salt River in Lawrenceburg, or to our unique single-story rack Warehouse and Bottling Facility nestled in the quiet Kentucky countryside at Coxs Creek, and youll begin to understand how our Bourbon has come to be so mellow. Of course, being able to sample a taste of our award-winning Bourbons at each location makes a trip to these very mellow places all that more rewarding.

Russells Reserve Single Rickhouse Limited Release Rickhouse Collection Camp Nelson C


ABV: 56.2%

Average Price:$249

The Whiskey:

All of Wild Turkeys bourbon is made from the same mash of 75% corn, 13% rye, and 12% malted barley. Comparatively, Turkey uses less rye and more barley than your average bourbon. These barrels were loaded into Rickhouse C in Camp Nelson and left alone on floors three and four for years . As the rickhouse was falling apart and it became clear it was beyond repair , the Russell crew started tasting whiskey to see what they could do with it. 72 barrels rose to the surface with a parallel flavor structure that became this whiskey, which was bottled completely as-is without filtration or proofing.

The Bottle:

The bottle is a classic Russells Reserve bottle with a wide body. The label is dark forest green and feels like something youd see on a bar cart in a Wyoming cabin/lodge deep in the Tetons. Its woodsy, which is appealing and helps it stand out from the white and red labels on the rest of the Russells line.

Tasting Notes:

Bottom Line:

This is dessert in a glass. When I tasted this, I was in a group and everyone felt a different nostalgic dessert when they sipped. The signature Wild Turkey spice on the mid-palate was drawn back a bit, but still just there. Whats wild is that this is a barrel-proof whiskey at 112.4 proof and it has zero burn or high-ABV warmth. Its truly silky smooth and soft.


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Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Taste & Aftertaste

Russells Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon has rich honey and caramel sweetness followed by vanilla, cherries, citrus, apple, and licorice. It has this distinct fruitiness that I dont find in many other unfinished bourbons. Theres also a moderate to moderate-strong oak, cinnamon spice, and overall darkness, but its nothing overdone or unpleasant, on par for a well-aged ~10 year old bourbon. The alcohol bites just a little, but its 110 proof after all.

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Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Smell

Russells Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon has a musty and herbal sweetness honey, licorice, anise, cherry, other dried fruits, guava, grapefruit, and a little vanilla. Even though the percentage of rye in the mash is relatively low , the licorice, anise, guava, and grapefruit from the rye are all able to come through and be smelled.

While Russells Reserve isnt strongly fruity, I can still find the layers of fruitiness, and it picks up after a few sniffs with more cotton candy-like cherry and citrus. Throughout is a layer of moderately toasted oak, cinnamon, and tobacco that isnt really that oaky given its age and proof.

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Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Overview

Russells Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is one of two Wild Turkey single barrel bourbons, the other being Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit. Unlike other distilleries such as Four Roses and Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey uses only one mashbill and one yeast for all of their bourbon. For better or worse, it keeps it simple, although I dont have any complaints.

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Buy Western Reserve 8 Year Bourbon Online. Order here and get this 8 Year Organic Bourbon sent straight to your door with free shipping on select orders! Each barrel of Western Reserve is hand-selected for harvest after theyve had. We carefully hand select a small number of barrels in the four- to six-year age range and blend them together to achieve our exceptionally smooth base. Once we feel our base blend is just right, we add a portion of our 14-year bourbon to enhance the leather and tobacco notes only found in more mature bourbons. When each blend meets the exacting. Woodford ReserveBourbonBourbon Whiskey Barbados Rum Grain Whisky Crystal Decanter Vanilla Custard Fade Out The Fool Whiskey Bottle. Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition Review: A super fruity, slightly oily, weirdly interesting Woodford. 2017. 12. 8. ·Company: McLain & Kyne Vol: 45.1% Age: NAS Classification: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Breakdown: 60% corn, 30% rye, 10% malted barley Price: £55 History. How its taken us this long to review Jeffersons Reserve is a mystery to the Gents. This bottle was one of the earliest to grace our collection, plus it was in one of the first pictures we took for our newly.

WOODFORD Reserve Kentucky Bourbonreview #shorts #bourbon. FAVORITE Bourbons& Ryes of 2021 + Woodford Reserve Wheat Whiskey BLIND REVIEW | Episode 36.

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