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Kirkland Ready To Drink Margarita

Contact Information For Fabrica De Tequilas Finos

Golden Margarita ( Kirkland, Costco)

Fabrica de Tequilas Finos has import headquarters stations all over the world.

If you want to contact the distribution center located in the U.S., you can give them a call at T: +1 305 967-7440, or write to them at:

  • Park Street Imports
  • 1000 Brickell Avenue, Suite 915,
  • Miami Florida 33131

If you want to contact the company directly from Mexico you can call them at Tel: +52 742 22 32 or write them at

  • Heroe De Nacozari
  • 46403, Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita Premium Ready
    Kirkland Signature’s premium, ready-to-drink golden margarita cocktail was created with the original ‘south-of-the-border’ margarita recipe in mind. It’s made from a refreshing combination of real lime juice, 100% cane sugar, premium triple sec liqueur and authentic golden tequila from Mexico. Its zesty citrus flavours and rich golden tequila finish makes it a true margarita conniossures delight!Brand: Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita

UPDATE 07/09/16: Picked up a bottle of the Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita today. Saved $2 thanks to the rebate! Price is $6.99 till 07/17/16. Item number 555154.

UPDATE 07/09/15: Spotted a $2 instant rebate for the Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita. Price is $6.99 till 07/19/15. Costco switched from glass to plastic bottle and the price is now $1 lower than last year!

UPDATE 04/13/14: Spotted a $2 instant rebate for the Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita. Price is $7.99 till 05/05/14.

This Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita mix makes preparing margaritas easy. We like margaritas as much as the next person, but theres some work to preparing them. You need tequila, triple sec liqueur, and your lime juice.

With this margarita mix, you can just pour over ice, and its ready to drink.

If you prefer blended margaritas to on-the-rocks, this mix should also work, just pour in the blender with the ice.

Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita mix is priced at $9.99 for a 1.75 L bottle.

Item number 555154.

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Below Are Some Comments And Reviews On This Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita From Other Costco Members:


My favorite! And Im picky about my margaritas!

I sometimes blend mine with frozen pineapple and strawberries

Love love love this margarita mix. We keep this stocked as Im more likely to drink this than wine.

Lol we add a bit of 1800

Add ice and a splash of seltzer..then Grab a straw!!

Very good. I add a fresh lime, ice, and a little more tequila.

Its delicious. I keep it very cold. Or, you can freeze it in ice cube trays and make it a frozen margarita!

I drink it on the rocks. No brain freeeze!

I love it!!! Cheaper than making your own, just add ice to it

Blend with frozen pineapple. So good.

I squeeze fresh lemon and have it on the rocks.also lime around the rim and use Tajin instead of saltits amazing

Ok heres what you do with this put it in the freezer until frozen. Taker it out 20-30 minutes before you pour. Enjoy a delicious frozen margarita! Youre welcome. Its amazing. Passing along I did not originate this idea but its crazy good

Pour over ice add some patron on top add lime !

Be careful! This stuff has high alcohol content! It will sneakUp on you!! Trust me on this!! Lol

Very sweet, lots of ice and an extra shot

Add frozen strawberries or frozen mango and blend in the blender. Its so good.

Its delish and very strong! I add a shot of Grand Marnier on top

I use Sprite or 7up then add a shot of the margarita


Too sour for me, agreed needs more booze.

I agree its nasty

Best Spicy : Hella Cocktail Co Habanero Margarita

Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita

Courtesy of Amazon

Have a preferred tequila in your Margaritas? This is where Hella Cocktail Cos Margarita mix steps in.Keep the bottle in your fridge and pour a few ounces over ice and your favorite tequila. What you get is truly a surprisingly excellent Margarita with minimal effort on your partno shaking required.

The flavor profiles are relatively simple: the mix calls for filtered water, lime juice concentrate, cane sugar, red pepper, lime, and rosemary extract, plus citric acid to retain the fresh citrus flavors, and habanero peppers to add heat.

On top of that, the company allows you to drink with a good conscienceHella Cocktail Co was founded in Brooklyn by a trio of friends. One of the founders, Jomaree Pinkard, uses his success and platform to foster diversity in the spirits industry.

Twelve servings are included per bottle, though you can strengthen and weaken your Margaritas depending on personal preference.

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Is 12 Alcohol A Lot

The rule of thumb is that a glass of wine is worth one standard drink and women get one of these a night and men get two. However, this makes the assumption that the wine is only 12% ABV. So if youre drinking a high-alcohol wine like Port or Thunderbird , the recommended serving size is about half.

What Ingredients Are In Kirkland Golden Margarita

There are many ingredients in this Margarita mix that we cant say and dont want to try.

But the important ones to note are water, cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium, and authentic Mexican golden vodka.

These ingredients pair well together, creating a pre-mixed ready-to-drink margarita, sourced from a distillery in Mexico, with a store-brand label slapped on it and sold at an affordable price.

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Whats In The Strawberry Margarita

This Strawberry Margarita is similar to Costcos ready-to-drink Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail. Both beverages contain agave wine as opposed to the expected tequila, hence the wine cocktail label. Dont let that deter you, though! These drinks are still satisfying and will definitely quench your margarita thirst.

The Strawberry Margarita is also made with real lime juice and 100% cane sugar, as well as strawberry, of course. Each bottle is 1.5 liters and has an ABV of 12.7%, like its Kirkland margarita counterparts. Thats about two bottles worth of wine, but hey! I dont mind. Strawberry has always been one of my favorite flavors, especially for summer. The tart sweetness is exactly what I strive to sip on while out in my backyard gardening or trying to just right.

Lucky for us, Costco is still selling the classic Kirkland margarita that I mentioned above. Its premade with lime, orange, cane sugar, gold tequila and triple sec. Doesnt matter what you pick upits easy to drink over ice!

Costco Shoppers Are Thirsty For This Favorite Ready

Kirkland (Costco) Strawberry Margarita

Mixing up classic cocktails can be a fun hobby. However, with the amount of free time people have these days going down, and the cost of stocking up home bars going up, some may be finding it difficult to keep up with their inner mixologists. Even some of the simpler alcoholic drinks, like margaritas, can be a bit of a hassle to concoct, especially if you’ve got a large crowd coming over this summer to hang out by the pool. Fortunately, Costco has just the thing that will allow the marg lovers of the world easily kick back and relax by the water with their favorite boozy beverage in hand as opposed to having to constantly head inside to shake them up behind the pine. The big-box retailer has brought back its fan-favorite Kirkland Signature Premium Ready-To-Drink Golden Margaritas, which Costco-obsessed Instagram user @costcobuys recently spotted in stores.

Taking to their account on Monday, June 27, the Instagram user shared a short video clip of the tangy wine cocktail on display at their local Costco warehouse, where they were priced at $8.99 per bottle. “This is 1.5L and is made with real lime juice! Simply pour over ice and enjoy!” they instructed in the caption though it seems that many of their followers already knew how to go about enjoying this summertime fave.

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Costco Has Its Own Huge Bottle Of Golden Margarita Thats Ready To Serve Over Ice

A premade margarita that’s actually good?!

There are few words as beautiful as “margarita.” Forgive us for loving really good tequila and a bit of sugar, but its one our favorite hot weather drinks. This summer, however, we wont be mixing up our own, because Costco has its very own premade one that saves us the work.

The Golden Margarita comes from Costcos brand Kirkland. The bottle says it has a refreshing taste of lime and orange in a well-balanced ready-to-serve margarita. Its made with 100% de agave wine, so its technically a margarita wine cocktail. Were sold!

Apparently, this bottle has been sitting on Costco shelves for years now and we had no idea. Go figure! It was brought back to the forefront by . The bottle is ready to serve over ice, so theres no need to channel your inner bartender. The 1.5-liter Golden Margarita has 12.7% ABV and costs less than $10.

On your mark, get set, sip!

Costcos New Huge Bottle Of Strawberry Margarita Will Keep You Tipsy All Summer

Well say cheers to this!

It was just last year that we found out about Costcos best kept secret: the Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail. For summer 2020, the wholesale retailer has unveiled a new Strawberry Margarita Wine Cocktail that is already filled with booze.

The ready-to-drink strawberry margarita is made with 100% de agave wine, real lime juice, and cane sugar. All you have to do is pour it over ice and sip away. The 1.5-liter bottle has 12.7% ABV, so it already has plenty of alcohol to give you a tasty buzz. Plus, you cant beat a strawberry-flavored cocktail for summertime.

Since the premade margarita is made with agave wine, its technically a margarita wine cocktail. No matter what its called, its calling our names. Instagram account @mrs.ashleyirving found a giant mound of the bottles for $8.99 each, and @costcodeals found them for $8.49. Either way, the huge bottle is under $10, so we cant really ask for more!

The Kirkland strawberry margarita is just another addition to the brands boozy drinks. During the holidays, people were scooping up its Egg Nog Wine Cocktail bottle, and last summer, the big red sangria bottle was a hit. So yes, Costco knows what its doing when it comes to alcohol .

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Costco Is Selling Ready
    May 08, 2020 ·Whats in the Kirkland Margarita? This is similar to Costcos Golden Margarita wine cocktail, except its made with real tequila instead of agave wine. In each 1.75L bottle of boozy goodness, youll find the bright flavors of orange and lime juice, gold tequila and

Is Kirkland Golden Margaritas As Good As Name Brand Options

Kirkland Ready

As mentioned above, Kirkland Signature does not manufacture their products they come from many of the same places as a lot of name-brand items.

These products are created nearly identical, meaning the flavor is not going to be that much off from other options.

With that said, whether or not Kirkland Golden Margaritas are as good as other brand options is a personal decision.

Everyones taste is different, and there are people who feel this product is best when mixed with other ingredients once you get the bottle home.

Once, customers felt like Kirklands Golden Margaritas are best served on ice with extra tequila added to the mixture, while another said they added some fresh fruit and ice and put it all in a mixer for a delicious frozen drink.

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Is Kirkland Vodka Any Good

The Kitchns tasters found the Kirkland French vodka to have a silky mouthfeel than the other vodkas, with a taste that was described as « sweet and bright. » At just $19.99 per 1.75 liters, Kirklands French vodka is also only about a third of the price of non-identical twin Grey Goose which, by the

Best Mezcal: Crafthouse Cocktails Smoky Margarita

Courtesy of Total Wine

A project of restaurateur Matt Lindner and Global Bartending Champion Charles Joly, Crafthouse Cocktails amps up the flavors of a Margarita by swapping in mezcal to the traditional specs. A split base of Oaxacan mezcal and blanco tequila adds a subtle smokiness to the drink while still packing the brightness of a blanco. Crafthouse Cocktail adds fresh lime juice and sugar to balance out the spirits.

Serve it over ice with a salt rim and a squeeze of fresh citrus for the best results. At 13.9 percent ABV, its light and crisp, with not a hint of syrupiness. Rather than lean on cheap neutral grain spirits, Crafthouse sources real tequila from small distilleries.

Outside of the ingredients, Crafthouse Cocktails ready-to-drink Margarita comes in a range of formats. Theres a 200-millimeter can, plus 750-milliliter and 1.75-liter bottles for larger festivities.

Forgoing the trendy canned format, Buzzbox packs all your favorite Margarita ingredients into the nostalgic juice boxes of our youth, complete with a little plastic extendable straw.

Buzzbox builds this boxed Margarita via silver tequila from Jalisco. The flavors are definitely therewith notes of sweet blood orange and mellow limebut the juice box format adds a whimsical element to sipping, so added points for that. At 12 percent ABV, this isnt for lighthearted drinkers.

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Whats In The Kirkland Margarita

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This is similar to Costcos Golden Margarita wine cocktail, except its made with real tequila instead of agave wine. In each 1.75L bottle of boozy goodness, youll find the bright flavors of orange and lime juice, gold tequila and Triple Sec liqueur. The drink packs a 12.7% ABV. Heres the best part: Its less than $11!

Like we said before, this bottle is a premade margarita, so you dont have to worry about anything other than pouring it into a glass with ice and keeping it by your side. But if you like your margarita a bit more blended, try dressing it up in a blue lagoon margarita.

Best Overall: Cutwater Lime Margarita

Adult Beverage Review | Kirkland Golden Margarita

Courtesy of Walmart

One of the largest criticisms of canned cocktails is that they dont retain the freshness of lime. Cutwaters iteration manages to channel both the brightness and freshness of a real Margarita .

The Tequila is imported from Mexico, of course, and is combined with lime, orange, and cane sugar to add sweetness and balance. The tequila is on the more herbaceous side, so expect the cane sugars sweetness to be balanced out with grassy, vegetal notes. A salty bite and long, tart finish earned this can our top ratings.

For fans of fruitier Margaritas, Cutwater also offers Mango, Strawberry, and Pineapple riffs on the classic cocktail.

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Costco Kirkland Signature Premium Golden Margarita Review

Ready to drink premium margarita available at Costco!

Please note that this review was not paid for or sponsored by any third party. The opinions in this review are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. I am just a fan of the company. I write these honest reviews to help my fellow shoppers.

Its Friday so I thought wed kick off the weekend by discussing margaritas! Today Im reviewing the Costco Kirkland Signature Premium Ready to Drink Golden Margarita. If you dont already know, Im a huge margarita fan and I come by it honestly. My dad makes the most amazing Cadillac margaritas that uses the Costco Kirkland Signature Non Alcohol Lime Margarita Mix you can find his recipe I posted by

The Golden Margarita can be found in the Costco Liquor Store and the item number is 251104.

Best Single Serving: Post Meridiem Spirits Margarita

Courtesy of Total Wine

This Atlanta-based distillerys canned iterations are one of the most charming options on the marketjust 3 ounces large. Dont let the size sway you thoughthe cans pack a punch, weighing in at a heated 27.5 percent ABV.

Their simple recipe calls for just three ingredients: silver tequila, orange curacao, and real lime juice. The cans are double-walled to keep the ingredients as fresh as possible through transit and storage. And the freshness really comes through.

While other options are meant to be cracked open and sipped straight, Post Meridiem prefers you give the cans a good shake and pour over ice .

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Best Flavored : Pampelonne Ros Lime

Courtesy of Drizly

Pampelonne channels the bright citrus notes of a traditional Margarita but trades out the tequila base for sparkling rosé wine, of all things. The brand uses French muscadet wine infused with all-natural lime, passion fruit, grapefruit, and sparkling water .

Is it a traditional Margarita? No, but it drinks like the sensibilities of a Margarita-spiked wine spritzer. Crisp, dry, refreshing with tart aciditylike summer in St Tropez. For true Margarita flavors, drink it over ice and use this as a mixer with a few shots of your favorite tequila.

At 6 percent ABV, its a low-alcohol alternative to some of the more high-octane options on this list.

We’ll Be Serving Costco Margaritas On The Patio

Costco Is Selling Ready

Now that the sun is out and were all getting ready for patio season, its time to break out the drinks! We dont know about you, but for us, theres no better way to welcome the summer than with a cold, delicious margarita.

If youve got similar tastes, youre in luck! Costcos got you covered with a massive premade Golden Margarita thats ready to pour and enjoy.

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