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Is Maker’s Mark Whiskey Or Bourbon

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Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky Review

Ive had Makers Mark numerous times over the years, but never paid much attention to it before. Im pleasantly surprised to say that I like this. Its not outstanding, but its still a very solid option if youre looking for something thats easier to drink neat. It has a nice combination of sweetness, citrus, malt, wood, and alcohol that are not too intense or challenging.

My issue is that its too mellow, but thats why there is the cask strength version. If youre like me and want more flavor, buy the cask strength version instead. Regardless, I think a lot of people will like the regular version too.

The Fascinating Story Of Makers Mark Whisky

Yeah, not quite the glowing endorsement youd expect from like, an actual family member. Admittedly, he was referring to the family whisky prior to its total reinvention, spearheaded by Bill Samuels Sr. But apparently, awful was exactly how the whisky tasted. And not just one batch, either. It had tasted bad for centuries.

So, although the Samuels family had been making and serving terrible whisky since 1783, the stuff was best avoided until Bill Samuels Sr stormed onto the scene in the 1950s.

Makers Mark Private Selection

Makers Mark Private Selection bourbons further explore their innovative wood-stave-finishing process. To make Private Selection, distillers begin with fully matured Makers Mark at casks strength, then add ten custom wood finishing staves to each barrel. The bourbon is then aged in their limestone cellar to develop a unique flavor profile. There are 1,001 different possible stave combinations, each of which produces a unique bourbon.

Makers Mark Private Selection is aged for anywhere from 5 3/4 to 7 years, plus finished for nine weeks in cold conditions with their unique combination of staves. The flavors of Private Selection bourbons vary, depending on the combination of staves used. Its bottled at cask strength, which can range from 108 to 114 proof. Makers Mark Private Selection is only available in select markets but can be purchased directly from their distillery.

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Making Process Of Markers Mark 46 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Just like traditional Makers Mark expressions, the Makers Mark 46 starts out as a wheat bourbon which is then emptied from its barrel to add in 10 more seared French oak staves. The whisky is returned to the barrels and aged for around nine more weeks. After trying out a dozen of wood staves that were cut and processed in a number of different ways, Bill Samuels Jr. finalized on the flavour that the French oak imparted. This wooden stave was saved on file as Stave Profile No. 46, thus giving the new drink its name. Any longer and the drink would turn bitter and absorb the flavour of the wood, a usual effect of additional aging. These staves amp up the flavour of the bourbon, distinguishing it from its predecessor.

These barrels are stored in a limestone cellar to maintain a cool temperature throughout the ageing process. Higher temperatures cause the wooden barrels to expand and release bitter tannins.

What Does Maker’s Mark Taste Like

Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky 70cl

Much like Jack Daniel’s, Maker’s Mark has an unmistakable signature taste. Once you get to know it, you will be able to recognize it instantly, even without seeing the bottle.

The inviting aroma of this bourbon is marked by soft caramel and vanilla accented with wheat and oak. On the palate, the balance of tongue-caressing sweetness, vanilla, caramel, and wood creates a medium-bodied whiskey. The finish is exceptionally smooth, with subtle spice notes that dissipate quickly.

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Makers Mark 101 Was Born

While the enthusiasts clamored for a true single barrel release or barrels with double-digit age statements, Makers has seemed to have ignored their fans by releasing a new label that nobody asked for. This new label would bottle their standard bourbon at a new proof that was basically in between barrel proof and their standard 90 proof. Makers Mark 101 was born.

It seems as if even the execs at Makers were unsure on how this new product would be perceived so initially, they only released it at Duty-Free shops around the world. But when the pandemic hit and people stopped traveling, the existing bottles of 101 collected dust at airports around the world. The decision was made to release them for national distribution.

I am just as skeptical as the next person if the contents inside of this new bottle justify its existence. Makers Mark Cask Strength was already such a great product and seemed tame enough that it could be enjoyed by even new bourbon drinkers.

So do we really need this? Theres only one way to find out. I sampled this neat in a glencairn.

The Main Differences Between Makers Mark Vs Knob Creek

The main differences between Makers Mark vs Knob Creek are:

  • Makers Mark has a deep rust-color with a leaning toward orange, whereas Knob Creek has a deep caramel color, like burnt orange.
  • Makers Mark has a caramel, malt, vanilla and cinnamon aroma, whereas Knob Creek has vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and maple syrup notes.
  • Makers Marks finish consists o corn, caramel and oak, whereas Knob Creeks finish consists of caramel, cherry and corn.

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Makers Mark 46 Bourbon Whisky Review

Love bourbon whiskey? Maker’s Mark 46 might be just up your street. Read on to find out how we rated this spirit.

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The Perfect Whisky Gift For

Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

the bourbon drinker in your life. This is one of the ultimate value-for-money bourbons. Makers 46 takes a renowned whisky and somehow improves a decades old recipe. The end product is a complex and satisfying tipple bound to please any fan of whisky from the States.

Discover over 400 buyers guides including the best whiskies to buy as a gift, or more reviews like our favourite rye whiskey in our reviews section.

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Makers Mark 46 47% Abv

Overall rating 5/5

Makers Mark is a benchmark in Kentucky bourbon. It is a distillery that ripped up the rule book when they were starting out, while sixth-generation distiller Bill Samuels Sr actually burned the familys 170-year-old recipe. It was a statement of intent as he wanted to put together his own mash bill the mix of grains that goes into bourbon.

Bill Samuels was also radical in opting for red star wheat instead of rye to create gentle sweetness on the palate rather than bite, a feature that now defines the Makers Mark brand. Margie Samuels, his wife, was just as crucial to the companys success. She did the marketing, taking inspiration from her favourite cognacs when settling on Makers striking square, wax-sealed bottle.

The thinking behind this decision was that, if the whisky is different from other bourbons, it should look different on the shelf. The joke at the time was that people bought their first bottle because of Margie and their second because of Bill. Later, Bill Samuels Jr introduced Makers Mark 46 after promoting his parents recipe for years.

The 46 expression is created using French oak staves , which help draw out smooth and mellow flavours such as vanilla and caramel. On the nose, aromas of toffee hang thick along with popcorn, enticing you to indulge.

Is Makers Mark Better Than Jack Daniels

Due to the dedication when it comes to how immersed the makers of the various whiskey options that are available on the market are, there is really intense competition between producers in relation to who can make the best-tasting whiskey recipe. There is a very large amount of whiskey brands that you will see by simply strolling through your local neighborhood grocery or liquor store which can make deciding on which one is right for you overwhelming. Thanks to the rigorous fermentation and formulation process that goes into making whiskey varieties, you can easily spot the quality of a particular selection simply by looking at the ingredients and whats involved in the process of making it.

Whiskey is cherished across the world largely for its bold flavor and robust taste depending on the conditions in which it is produced. If you love drinking whiskey, youve probably seen hundreds if not thousands of whiskey brands out on the market which offers varying flavors and tastes. There are a lot of premium whiskey brands out there for you to choose from which can make it a little hard trying to find the perfect whiskey fit for you. when youre searching for the right whiskey type that suits your particular taste buds and desired flavor profile, its important to keep a few key factors in mind.

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America Almost Broke Up With It

In February 2013, Makers Mark announced in the liquor worlds ballsiest email that it was literally watering down its bourbon from 45 to 42 percent ABV. America promptly freaked out. In the email, sent to Makers Mark ambassadors , they argued they had no choice but to water down the bourbon to meet rising global demand, and oh, also, you all totally wont notice the difference. We promptly gave them the social media equivalent of the Michael Scott dead eyes look and Makers Mark promptly changed its mind.

Makers Mark: Empty Bottle Reflections : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :


Whelllp here we are. The last glass of this tasty little bottle. I know it seems a little weird to be doing this for such a small bottle, but Ive killed more than my fair share of Makers bottles in my time so I feel like on some level its not the size of the bottle that matters, but the journey you have been through in drinking it.

This being the first whiskey I truly sipped on it has a very special place in my personal pantheon of whiskeys. Im a big fan of it and its older brother the Makers 46. Both are great whiskeys that I enjoy fully and, most importantly, are whiskeys that I enjoy sharing with my friends.

This standard offering is a stalwart in the whiskey world and its dependable in its quality from first sip to last. Sure there was that whole messy business about them considering dropping the proof for a bit, but thats the past and whats important is whats happening right now. Which, at this moment is that Im killing the last of this bottle and enjoying every sip.

There is no score change here, because like I said earlier. Its a dependable whiskey and that means it stays much the same through the whole bottle. Unless it takes you 3 years to drink it and its been quietly oxidizing, then it might change but thats your fault not Makers.

So cheers to them, cheers to you and cheers to life. Another great whiskey down and its on to the next one!

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All About Makers Mark

Perhaps the most prominent feature about Makers Mark bourbon is the wax that envelops its top. Whether its red or green, you know its a bottle of Makers when it has that wax wrapped around it. But theres much more to Makers Mark bourbon than just some wax.

To begin, lets take a look at where and when Makers Mark originated.

Makers Mark 46 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Makers Mark 46 is a Kentucky straight Bourbon with no-age-statement. This wheat bourbon is the brainchild of Bill Samuels Jr., son of Bill and Margie Samuels, the founders of Makers Mark. Released in 2010, The Makers Mark 46 was the first new recipe created at the distillery since production first began in 1953.Bill & Margie Samuels named the whisky 46 since it was the file number of the French Oak staves that they used to finish their Bourbon, drawing out the influence from the wood. Makers Mark are also one of the select few American whiskey brands that prefer to use whisky, dropping the E.

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Seven Loaves Of Bread Later

Instead of using a distiller, as would be the conventional approach, Bill and Margie experimented with different recipes using an oven.

Yes, with the aim of sparing themselves years of whisky-ageing that would stall their production, the innovative couple took to baking bread with their desired ingredients to ascertain how their whisky would taste.

So, after baking only seven loaves, they settled with red winter wheat, as opposed to the traditional rye wheat. It was this recipe tweak that makes Makers Mark so well-loved today.

Bourbon House & Lounge

Bourbon Review #1: Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark began creating branded restaurants with the October 2004 opening of Maker’s Mark Bourbon House & Lounge in the Fourth Street Live! entertainment complex in DowntownLouisville, Kentucky. In addition to serving Maker’s Mark it features bourbons from each of Kentucky‘s distilleries. The menu was designed by Chef Al Paris of the former jazz club Zanzibar Blue restaurant in Philadelphia.

A second such establishment opened in Kansas City, Missouri‘s downtown Power & Light District in 2008, and a third at the Indiana Live Casino in Shelbyville, Indiana just outside Indianapolis in March, 2009.

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Maker’s Mark Vs Knob Creek

Knob Creek is another popular brand of Kentucky bourbon. Part of Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection, it is competitively priced with Maker’s Mark and other mid-range premium bourbons. Though made in similar ways, the two whiskeys have entirely different characteristics.

Knob Creek is considerably bolder than Maker’s Mark, in part, because it is bottled at a stronger 50 percent alcohol by volume . The barrels Knob Creek is aged in also have a deeper char, which imparts a darker oak flavor. At 45 percent ABV , Maker’s Mark does have a kick, though this bourbon is sweeter. Both whiskeys are excellent straight or in cocktails, and stocking the two bottles in a bar offers a full spectrum of bourbon options.

It All Began With Fire

T. William Bill Samuels Sr. founded Makers Mark with his wife, Margie, in Loretto, Ky., in 1953. The brand began with a fiery act of rebellion: A sixth-generation bourbon distiller, Bill Sr. literally threw the 170-year-old family bourbon recipe into a bucket fire. Some drapes were also said to have burned, and possibly his daughters hair.


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Its Spelled Whisky But Not To Annoy You

The whiskey/whisky spelling debate is over, right? Because weve all moved on, and those of us who havent are probably dance-battling it out behind a liquor store somewhere. But just to clarify, Makers Mark for the simple reason that Rob Samuels, who settled in what would later become the state of Kentucky in 1780 and was the first of now eight generations of Samuels family distillers, was Scots Irish. And in Scotland, they spell it whisky.

Top Makers Mark Whiskey Recommendations


Now that you know everything there is to know about Makers Mark whiskey-making process, its time to select which one of their whiskey selections are right for you. Makers Mark offers four distinctive whiskey selections however we picked out the top 2 recommended products. Read below in order to find out more about the top two Makers Mark whiskey options so that you can begin enjoying a glass now.

Makers Mark cask strength whiskey is some of the purest whiskey that you will find on the market. Makers Mark cask strength whiskey is non-chill filtered and comes out at barrel proof which packs a very nice punch to the overall flavor profile of the whiskey.

Depending on the type of barrels used during the production process of your selected Makers Mark cask strength whiskey, you may get a bottle that has a proof rating of 108 to 114. Makers Mark cask strength whiskey has undertones of vanilla, spice, oak, and a lot more to create the perfect blend of flavors for a premium whiskey option. This whiskey has been sold for $60.99.

Makers Mark Private Select is a fully matured whiskey selection that boasts a hint of over 10 different custom types of wood in order to create the perfect whiskey blend. Makers Mark private select is aged in a limestone cellar which brings out a very distinctive flavor profile that tastes amazing on the tongue.

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How You Should Decide

The limestone water near the Makers Mark distilleries is also very rich in magnesium and calcium, this mixture allows the mash to create a sour yield that is perfect for making yeast grow. The main thing that separates Makers Mark whiskey different from other options available on the market is the specialized yeast strain that is used during its fermentation process.

Makers Mark uses a very unique yeast strain that is more than 150yrs old and it is stored in specialized, the yeast used in Makers Mark whiskey is aged in very special tanks that are made from cypress planks which are more than 100yrs old.

Jack Daniels whiskey selections are created and filtered using Tennessee spring water that has been used in its production since 1866. Jack Daniels whiskey is filtered using natural limestone water that comes from a cave 2ft in depth. This water helps remove any potentially harmful chemicals from the final whiskey mix and to provide the consumers with a more refined and natural product.

In order to achieve that signature taste and flavor that Jack Daniels is known for, the whiskey starts by burning a 2000-degree fire in order to make the charcoal which will be used to mellow the whiskey. This entire process is very labor intensive and exhausting however it is still the method used today by Jack Daniels distilleries in order to provide a top-shelf premium whiskey selection.

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