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How To Open Knob Creek Whiskey

But The Brand Is Actually Much Older Than You

Open the Bottle – Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Knob Creek of today may be 26 years old, but the brand name was in use long before the Noes revived it in 1992. According to Kathleen DiBenedetto, director, global brand education at Beam Suntory, the Knob Creek label was first in use in 1898. It was owned at the time by the Penn-Maryland Corp., a division of National Distillers. Jim Beam purchased National Distillers In 1987, and Knob Creek was resurrected.

Knob Creek Whiskey Price Range

Knob Creek has loads of series of its bourbon, to name a few such as Knob Creek straight Bourbon, Knob Creek Smoked Maple bourbon, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve and Knob Creek Straight Rye Whiskey, etc. And there this select version too of the flavors mentioned above to complete the series. All the flavors mentioned above of the bourbon whiskey come in 750 ML size except for Knob Creek Straight Bourbon, which also comes in a 1.75L variant.

The Knob Creek prices of these products will range from $30 to $47 as per your preference flavor of the bourbon. And if the phrase, as well as the quality reputation of Knob Creek, is to be taken into consideration, which it has maintained for the past 25 years, then it might be not much presumptuous to say that the price of the product is quite perfect for grabbing!

Knob Creek Price List


What Is A Good Cheap Whiskey

Here is VinePairs list of the best cheap whiskeys you can buy right now.

  • Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Old Grand-Dad Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Wild Turkey 101 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
  • John E.
  • Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
  • Old Forester 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

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Faqs About Makers Mark Vs Knob Creek

Is Makers Mark a good whiskey?

Yes. The Makers Mark is a great whiskey under $30 that offers spicy vanilla notes, caramel, and citrus and its a great whiskey to drink it neat or combine it with cola.

Is Makers Mark a top shelf whiskey?

The Makers Mark is not a top-shelf whiskey, it belongs in the mid-shelf category of whiskey, but the Makers Mark Cask Strength belongs in the top shelf category.

Is Knob Creek a top shelf whiskey?

The Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon belongs in the mid-shelf category of whiskey and is a great selection for cocktails, to drink it neat or on the rocks, thanks to the robust flavor it has.

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How To Gulp Knob Creek

Knob Creek Releases 9

Not there is a specific method mention or ways that one has to follow to drink Knob Creek. It entirely depends on your tolerance and taste. You can either drink it raw or dilute it with a bit of soda or water. Or maybe even try it as a cocktail.

One can even try to mix Soda, Vodka, or Water as per their convenience and taste. You can also try Knob Creek as Cocktail too. There are plenty of classic and exotic recipes out there that can be fused to make an exotic cocktail out of Knob Creek Whiskey. Well, if you still happen to find none! Dont worry you are backed up here, for, in the next section, we will discuss the exotic recipes for you!

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Its As American As Abraham Lincoln

Knob Creek is the name of an actual creek in Kentucky. Allegedly, the creek ran through Abraham Lincolns family farm, which Lincoln referred to as the Knob Creek place. Some sources say Abes father worked as a seasonal hand at a nearby distillery. None of this is definitively true, but all of it is pretty darn charming.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Bourbon

Knob Creek is crafted in limited quantities and placed in only the deepest charred American Oak barrels to fully draw out the natural sugars. The Single Barrel Select is 120 proof to reflect the flavor, strength and patience that defined pre-prohibition whiskey.

Aged: 10 years

Each barrel of Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve is hand-picked and bottled individually to become one-of-a-kind, meaning that each batch we handpick will have slight variations in taste, color, and aroma based on its final age, rack placement, and other proprietary methods passed down for seven generations. It is bottled at 120 proof, so it is an even bigger expression of Knob Creek. You will find more pronounced flavors and a smokier aroma with a finish that is smooth and complex. Pour a finger and sip it neat. Then open it up with a drop of water or a filtered ice cube.

Knob Creek is crafted in limited quantities and placed in only the deepest charred American Oak barrels to fully draw out the natural sugars. The Single Barrel Select is 120 proof to reflect the flavor, strength and patience that defined pre-prohibition whiskey.

Aromas of buttery nut brittle, cherry cola, peppery spices, and creme brulee. A rich, fruity full body and a long, warming dried fruit chutney, anise, and spice finish. Rounds out well with a touch of water, but flavorful cocktails are the domain of this whisky. Sip it neat or open it up with a drop of water or filtered ice cubes.

Aged: 10 years

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Knob Creek Rye Taste & Aftertaste

Knob Creek Rye starts off with honey, licorice, anise, earthy fennel and caraway seed, oak tannins, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, citrus, and pear, with absolutely no Jim Beam nuttiness. It has all the usual rye flavors and not much bite, just like with the nose.

Knob Creek Rye straddles the area between the Whistlepig 10 Year Single Barrel licorice bomb, the very tropical Sagamore Spirit Rye, and the lemon-forward Willett Rye.

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Knob Creeks 25th Birthday Party Was Better Than Yours

Uncorking Knob Creek Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

In 2017, Knob Creek celebrated its 25th anniversary, and did it big. Like, 300 versions of 120+ proof bourbon big.

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Bourbon was the brands first unfiltered, cask-strength, single-barrel offering. It rang in at 120 proof , sold for $130 a bottle, and, because 300 barrels were included in the release, technically, 300 different versions of the bourbon were sold.

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Things You Should Know About Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey

When Knob Creek launched in 1992, it was an anomaly. At the time, small-batch bourbon with a steep price tag was not a common sight. Since then, America has experienced a bourbon boom, with whiskey lovers willing to shell out serious cash for premium booze.

Born in Kentucky and praised across the nation, Knob Creek continues to reign as a preferred small-batch whiskey . From its secret past, to notable craft brewery collabs, here are eight things you should know about Knob Creek.

But Which One Is Best

Of course, the answer to this question depends entirely on your tastes. Makers Mark is a great bourbon if you are looking for a sipping bourbon thats not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Knob Creek, on the other hand, it great if you want a flavorful bourbon that goes down smooth when you want to sit on your porch and watch the world go by.

If you prefer to mix your bourbon with another drink either label has an option that will work. As I mentioned with Knob Creek, its Smoked Maple bourbon is great with sweet tea. Makers Mark has its Cask Strength offering which is perfect in a glass of cold Coca-Cola.

For my money, Im going with Knob Creek. Its smooth, sweet, and has several options if you prefer a bourbon thats not as rich. Its flavorful, which makes it quite addicting and hard to put down. Theres a lot to love with Knob Creek, which is why Im choosing it over Makers Mark.

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Knob Creek Mixed Drinks

When it comes to whiskey cocktails, there are none more classic than the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned. Both are traditionally made with Rye, as that was the more popular whiskey at the time and in the regions of their invention, either can use Bourbon as a substitute if you want a rounder and slightly sweeter drink. Knob Creek is a great brand to enhance your cocktail without crossing the line of ruining a massively expensive and well-aged whiskey by mixing it with vermouth or bitters and sugar.

Aside from being mixed with other liqueurs, Knob Creek Bourbon and Rye are easy sipping enough to be enjoyed straight-up or with just a cube or two of ice. Even a splash of seltzer or flat water if you want to keep a slower pace on your consumption.

Knob Creek is a bourbon so you can create almost any bourbon-based mixed drink with it. However, we have gathered some of the most popular Knob Creek mixed drinks for your enjoyment.


  • 3 Dashes of Aromatic Bitters
  • 2oz Rye or Bourbon Whiskey
  • 1/2oz Simple Syrup
  • Orange Twist

In an Old Fashioned Glass or similar low-ball 10oz+ glass:

Dash the bitters first, add the simple syrup, then add a few cubes of ice or 1 large cube. Pour the whiskey over the ice and stir for 10-15 seconds. With a vegetable peeler or paring knife, slice a strip of rind off of fresh orange Pinch and twist the orange peel over the drink and rub along the rim of the glass and mix it in with the drink.


In a mixing tin or glass tumbler:

Some Classic Knob Creek Recipes


Okay, so if you are a fan of Cocktail parties, then this section might be just for you! Here are some exotic cocktail recipes that can be made using Knob Creek Whiskey, making it all the more tempting and just the partys boom drink.

1. Clermont Cocktail

Firstly, lets talk about the Clermont Cocktail, its a taste for a sour tongue, one that doesnt leave your tongue easily! And the most significant perk of it all is the recipe.

Ingredients Quantity

  • Peychauds Bitters 2-3 dashes
  • Lemon twist as per preference
  • Directions

  • First, fill a rocks glass with ice. And then let the ice sit to chill.
  • Now in a separate mixing glass, take the simple syrup and bitters and then mix them.
  • Now, add the rye whiskey and the ice to the bitters mixture prepared in the second step and stir it.
  • Empty the ice in the chilled glass and then rinse it by pouring a small amount of absinthe into the glass. After you are done with the rinsing part, throw the absinthe.
  • Now, pour the entire whiskey mixture from the mixing glass into the old fashioned glass and mix them.
  • Squeeze lemon twist and Your drink is ready for you to enjoy.
  • So, that was one of the easiest Knob Creek drinks that one can prepare.

    2. Rose on the Rye

    Now, next on the list is Rose on the Rye! Its quite a classic taste in the realm of Cocktail and also one that will leave you in awe.

    Ingredients Quantity

  • Seltzer water 1 ½ parts
  • Hella Bitters Smoked Chili Bitter 2 dashes
  • Directions

    3. Kentucky Luau

    Ingredients Quantity


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    What Is Knob Creek Made From

    Knob Creek is a straight bourbon whiskey produced in Clermont, Kentucky. It was created in 1992 by Booker Noe, the sixth generation master distiller of the Jim Beam family. Noe’s intent was to create a full-flavored bourbon that resembled those distilled before Prohibition. It’s produced in small batches and is part of the Jim Beam Small Batch Collection, which also includes Baker’s, Basil Hayden’s, and Booker’s. Today, Booker’s son, Fred Noe, continues the legacy as master distiller.

    Required by law for all bourbons, Knob Creek is distilled from a mashbill that is at least 51 percent corn. The remainder of the mashbill is not disclosed. After distillation, the whiskey is aged in new American oak barrels that receive the maximum amount of char. The standard bottle of Knob Creek ages for nine years is bottled at 50 percent alcohol by volume . Other expressions may rest for longer and be higher proof.

    Is Knob Creek Whiskey Any Good

    The strong flavor and aroma can be a little challenging for some people to handle. However, when diluted with water, it opens up beautifully. That is almost to be expected with 100-proof whiskey, and will make it more enjoyable to drink straight. In spite of that, Knob Creek is an excellent cocktail mixer thanks to that boldness.

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    Ageless Beauty Doesnt Come Cheap

    In September 2016, Knob Creek announced it would be ditching its nine-year age statement in effect since 1992. Previously, the brand strictly adhered to a blend of whiskies of at least nine years old. With the change, the flagship blend would include whiskies younger than nine years old, as well as older. According to Knob Creek, the availability of aged whiskey at the distillery would allow the blend to achieve the same flavor profile.

    But, thats up for debate. In 2009, Knob Creek production was halted due to a shortage. Beam embraced it, running print ads that read, Thanks for nothing, handing out T-shirts referring to the drought of 2009, and sending journalists empty Knob Creek bottles. At the time, Fred Noe said in an interview that the company chose not to solve the shortage by using younger whiskies because it would be compromising the product.

    The Main Differences Between Makers Mark Vs Knob Creek

    Open the Bottle – Knob Creek Single Barrel Select Bourbon Store Pick

    The main differences between Makers Mark vs Knob Creek are:

    • Makers Mark has a deep rust-color with a leaning toward orange, whereas Knob Creek has a deep caramel color, like burnt orange.
    • Makers Mark has a caramel, malt, vanilla and cinnamon aroma, whereas Knob Creek has vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and maple syrup notes.
    • Makers Marks finish consists o corn, caramel and oak, whereas Knob Creeks finish consists of caramel, cherry and corn.

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    All About Makers Mark

    Perhaps the most prominent feature about Makers Mark bourbon is the wax that envelops its top. Whether its red or green, you know its a bottle of Makers when it has that wax wrapped around it. But theres much more to Makers Mark bourbon than just some wax.

    To begin, lets take a look at where and when Makers Mark originated.

    Knob Creek Rye Rating

    Drinking Knob Creek Rye again reminds me that this is still a solid, well-crafted, and enjoyable rye whiskey. It has a great balance of sweet, herbal, fruit, oak, earthiness, and spice, although I wouldnt say that theres any standout trait, as the proof and/or maturity dull some of the scents and flavors.

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    Final Thoughts On Knob Creek

    Knob Creek is a surprisingly easy bourbon to drink, especially if you like your drinks neat. While it is a little less flavorful than other high-quality bourbons, its still a solid option when youre looking for something affordable and tasty.

    Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks of Knob Creek is that its small-batch bourbons are no longer aged for at least nine years. While Jim Beam suggests that it is still aged longer than their other offerings, they dont share exactly how long.

    Even though Knob Creek is Jim Beams attempt to stay relevant in the world of small-batch bourbons, it still has plenty of delicious offerings. I really like the Smoked Maple bourbon with my sweet tea, but I am partial to the sweeter bourbons. If you are too, I would suggest giving it a try.

    How Do Beginners Drink Bourbon

    Knob Creek 15 Year Bourbon Bottle Review

    Heres how you should drink this American-aged spirit.

  • Neat. If youre a purist, this is the only way you can appreciate your alcohol.
  • On the rocks. If you cant stand your alcohol served at room temperature, the second-best way to indulge in bourbon is by pouring it over ice.
  • Manhattan.
  • With friends.
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    Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

    • Rating: 7

    Price Range:

    For a Jim Beam product actually quite outstanding.

    Notes: A premium version of their Knob Creek Whiskey, this, a single barrel version, comes in at 120 proof . This is the first time they have released a single barrel version of this and it is one of their higher proof whiskies the others being the Bookers Bourbon and their Old Grand Dad 114 proof bourbon.

    Appearance: Quite dark a yellow red/gold hard to gauge age by color on this one . Nice edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whisky on swirling, some legs.

    First Impression: Lots of oak influence on the whiskey both in color and smell. Dried fruits, pecans, tobacco, vanilla and caramel notes on nosing. Cleaner and more fruit and vanilla than their standard Knob Creek expression.

    Taste: Surprisingly pleasant and drinkable at full strength Slightly viscous and fatty mouth feel/entry with sweetness of corn, rye spice, oak and tobacco to it. Vanilla and caramel come out from the oak barrels in a big way. Some sweetness and surprisingly little burn as it goes down.

    Drinks: We tried it in a Manhattan, and it was quite, well, robust springs to mind As to other drinks good for a highball or other uncomplicated drinks. You will need to experiment and adjust recipes and shake or stir a bit longer to compensate for the higher proof to achieve balance or you will get overpowered.

    Cigars: Yes, works well with a mild to medium cigars.

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