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How To Make Mojito Sauce

How To Make Mojo Criollo

How to Make a Garlic Mojito : Mojito Recipes
  • Make a garlic paste. In a mortar and pestle, add the garlic cloves and salt. Mash both until you get a smooth paste.
  • Add the ingredientsto a jar. In a large mason jar, add the garlic paste, minced onion, black pepper, oregano, cumin, sour orange juice, and olive oil.
  • Combine ingredients. Close the jar tightly with the lid and shake it until well combined. Feel free to taste and adjust seasoning.

This marinade tastes garlicky, fresh, citrusy, tangy, bright, and slightly sour. Never spicy nor sweet!

Since Were On The Subject:

* Speaking of which, are you craving Papas Arrugadas? Well, I just so happen to have a recipe forSyracuse Salt Potatoes! Not Papas Arrugadas, true, but surprisingly nearly identical in both method of preparation and taste. Just leave off the melted butter and you can serve them with Mojo Verde, just like you would authentic Papas Arrugadas.

** Tostones are also frequently served with a type of Mojo called Mojo de Ajo or Mojito, which is more of a yellowish color and mainly features a generous amount of roasted garlic. While I love Mojo de Ajo as well, I personally prefer the balance that fresh herbs lend to the fried green plantains. Or, you know, both. Both is a good option, too.

Cuban Mojo Marinade For Pork Chicken Steak Shrimp

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Mojo marinade is an amazing citrus infused garlic and herb marinade that takes every protein to the next level! Enjoy this recipe on pork, chicken, steak, seafood, or even vegetables!

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How To Make Mojo Marinade

  • Finely chop fresh ingredients in food processor. Mojo marinade is traditionally made by blending garlic, coarse salt, peppercorns, etc. with a mortar and pestle. This mojo marinade recipe, however, utilizes the modern-day food processor so all you have to do is roughly chop the onion and jalapeno before adding to the food processor. Combine with cilantro and peeled garlic and pulse until finely chopped.
  • Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl. Next, transfer the chopped fresh ingredients to a large bowl. Add the orange juice, orange zest, lime juice, lemon juice, ground cumin, dried oregano and olive oil, and give everything a stir. You dont want to add the liquid ingredients to the food processor or it will leak out the bottom.
  • Reserve marinade. Remove about ¼ cup to brush on your cooked protein or to dip it in.
  • Add protein to the mojo marinade and marinate in the refrigerator.

What Is Mojo Picn

Mojito Sauce

Mojo Picon is a spicy red pepper sauce from the Canary Islands made with hot local peppers, olive oil, vinegar, garlic and seasonings, thickened with bread. It is a staple of Canarian cuisine, usually served with appetizers and small plates like the famous Papas Arrugadas, or “wrinkly potatoes”.

The Canary Islands, or the “Canaries” as known more locally, are a Spanish archipelago off the coast of Morocco. “Mojo” is a generic term for sauce, and there are several of them, including Mojo Rojo , Mojo Verde and Mojo Picon, which is a hot version of mojo rojo.

The sauce is very similar to a Spanish romesco sauce, which uses fresh roasted bell peppers along with tomatoes, bread as a thickener, and almonds.

A spicy food lover named Michael from that area alerted me to these wonderful Canarian sauces and even sent me his favorite local brands as well as some dried local “Pimiento Palmera” peppers , which are used traditionally to make mojo picon, which I am sharing with you today.

It’s insanely delicious and perfect with potatoes and other vegetables, though you can enjoy it as a dip or topping for grilled foods.

Let’s discuss how to make mojo picon, shall we?

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What Is Mojo Marinade

Mojo marinade is a Cuban citrusy, garlicky marinade that has a tangy, slightly sour flavor which is the best! Its pronounced moh-hoh.

Ive seen several variations of this mojo marinade. Ive seen it be called mojo sauce and made with jalapeño which is a big, fat NO in my world. Cuban food is NOT spicy. Other variations are heavy on the oil and some dont have oil at all.

In my recipe, youll find a good balance of sour orange juice, olive oil, fresh garlic , and spices. SO GOOD!

How To Make A Mojito

Ready to learn how to make a mojito? Heres what you need to do:

First, muddle the mint. Place it in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and use a cocktail muddler to press it until it becomes aromatic. When youre muddling the mint, your goal isnt to pulverize it or crush it. Instead, just bruise it slightly to help it release its fragrant oils. This should only take a few taps with your muddler!

Second, shake! Add the rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and a handful of ice to the cocktail shaker, and shake it vigorously until the ingredients are completely combined and chilled.

Then, strain your mojito. Strain the contents of the cocktail shaker over a glass filled with ice. Top your glass with soda water, and garnish it with lime slices and more fresh mint sprigs.

Finally, taste and adjust. This step is essential anytime youre making a cocktail at home. It gives you a chance to customize your drink to your tastes, finding a balance of flavors you really love. If you prefer a tarter mojito, add an extra squeeze of lime juice. If you want it sweeter, stir in a bit more simple syrup. Not strong enough? Well, you know what to do.


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How To Make Cilantro Mojo Step By Step

Please check the recipe card at the bottom of the post for exact quantities and detailed instructions .

This cilantro mojo is super easy to make!

  • Blend: Just put all the ingredients in a food processor and pulse 5 -6 times until everything is well combined and smooth. Taste and adjust salt and pepper to your liking, if necessary.
  • Chill: Let the mojo chill for at least an hour before serving, so the flavors have time to marry together.
  • Is Mojo Seasoning Spicy

    How to make the best MOJITO!

    Mojo seasonings can vary but most consist of oregano, cumin, garlic, black pepper, and optional jalapeno. Mojo should be slightly peppery with a bite from the onions and garlic and the option of how spicy is left up to you whether you want to add jalapeno or not.

    This mojo marinade is not spicy but just flavorful. It has a little kick from garlic, pepper and jalapeno, but should still be mild enough for everyone. You can make your marinating protein spicier and more flavorful by brushing on some of the reserved marinade or using the reserved mojo sauce as a dip.

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    How To Make Puerto Rican Mojito Sauce

    • 1Mix all ingredients together. Serve as a dip for plantain dishes, such as
    • Last Step: Don’t forget to share! Make all your friends drool by posting a picture of your finished recipe on your favorite social network. And don’t forget to tag Just A Pinch and include #justapinchrecipes so we can see it too!
    • Printable Recipe Card

    How To Store Mojo Verde

    So youve used your Mojo Sauce as planned but you still have leftovers not to worry.

    Covered and stored in the fridge, the Mojo Verde will stay good for up to a week. Want to save it for longer? Not to worry! You can pour it into ice cube trays and freeze, then transfer to a freezer bag. That way, you can defrost individually whenever needed. Of course, Mojo Verde always tastes its absolute best when made fresh, but it holds up really well, so dont hesitate to save it if you have extra or to make a double-batch from the get-go.

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    Mojo Criollo Garlic Sauce

    Servings: 1 cup

    Mojo Criollo is an indispensable garlic sauce used in many Latino kitchens. In Puerto Rico, mojo is commonly used as aliño for various cuts of meats, especially pork. In Cuba its also served over boiled yuca or any other root vegetables, and also fried mashed plantains, a popular side dish. But its use doesnt stop there. Mojo criollo can also be added to many other recipes such as rice dishes, soups and stews.

    There are many varieties to this sauce, but the main ingredients remain the same: garlic the more the better sour orange juice, dried oregano, oil salt and pepper. Other optional ingredients include cilantro, onions and tomato paste.

    There are also different methods of preparation. While some people like to briefly cook the garlic in the oil, some others prefer just to mix everything together without cooking it. I usually like to cook the garlic a little bit to bring out the flavor, but again, its up to the cooks creativity!

    However, one thing never changes store-bought mojo is a POOR substitute for a real homemade one! Theres no point of comparison. Mojo made from scratch will always have a more robust flavor, not to mention that it will not contain all added food additives and preservatives found in commercially made mojo.

    History Of Mojo Sauce


    Mojo sauce gets its name from Molho, the word for sauce. The sauce itself comes from the Canary Islands.

    The original settlers in the Canary Islands traveled from Madeira, the Portuguese island north of the Canaries and came south with sugar cane.

    When they landed in Cuba, some stayed and were absorbed into the Spanish population.

    They left their fingerprints on the cookbooks of Cuba with mojo also known as mojito.

    Not to be confused with the mojito drink that characterizes Latin beverages that accompany the spicy sauce.

    Typical mojo sauce is made with basic ingredients of olive oil, garlic, onion, oregano, and bitter orange or lime juice. Variations such as the three recipes below make the mojo unique.

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    Cilantro Mojo Recipe Highlights

    This cilantro mojo sauce recipe is fantastic!!! It goes well over the meat, as a dipping sauce, as a marinade, on rice, potatoes, veggies, and in sandwiches or burritos. Its packed with flavor. The possibilities are endless!

    The acid from the vinegar, the sweet touch of the orange juice, and the kick from the garlic are the perfect combination that will take you to heaven.

    It requires only a few ingredients and a quick whiz in the food processor. Even the blender will work. You can do it ahead of time and keep it handy to spice up your meals. This sauce will last for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator, but I am sure you will finish it all by then!

    This simple mojo verde sauce transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

    Cuban Tostones With Mojo Sauce Recipe

    Cuban tostones are crispy, crunchy and absolutely addictive. Served with the garlic mojo sauce, they make a perfect snack or a great appetizer.

    Tostones are double fried green plantains that are very popular and are a huge feature in Latin Caribbean cuisine. Fried plantains have different names and shapes depending on the country.

    These crunchy slabs of fried plantains make a very addictive snack or an appetizer when served with a garlicky mojo sauce. This recipe is from Viva Vegan cookbook.

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    Ways To Use Mojo Sauce

    You can use mojo sauce in several different ways.

    You can soak your meat in it, in particular.

    You can use it as a sauce for a lighter version of Buffalo wings.

    Toss your wings with mojo after cooking them rather than slathering them with hot sauce and butter.

    Some people even use mojo as a pickling liquid, leaving their red onions, radishes, and okra in it to pickle and soak up the juices.

    Do not marinate fish in mojo sauce as the sauce will overpower the fish.

    However, you can brush the sauce on white fish as you grill it.

    Mojo sauce also works well as a dipping sauce for side dishes like tostones, yuca fries or sweet potato fries, also common to Cuba.

    And then theres poultry. You can baste a whole chicken with mojo sauce while roasting the bird on a spit or in the oven.

    Mojo sauce even works as a mix-in for a Cuban Roast Pork sandwich or even the classic Cuban Sandwich.

    Mixing it with mayonnaise makes a zesty spread that heightens the flavor of the sandwich.

    Tostones With Mojo Sauce

    Mojito Rum Chicken Wings In The Oven | Easy Chicken Wings Recipe

    Tostones are twice fried plantains common in Latin American cuisine. It is paired with mojo sauce, which is traditionally made with sour oranges.


    • 5 garlic cloves, peeled and minced
    • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, plus more to taste
    • 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
    • 1/3 cup orange juice
    • 1/4 cup lime juice
    • 1/2 cup olive oil
    • 3 green plantains, peeled and cut into 1-inch thick rounds
    • 1/4 to 1/2 cup vegetable oil


  • To make the mojo: In a mortar and pestle or food processor, add the garlic cloves and salt. Grind up the garlic cloves until it resembles a paste. To a small saucepan, set over medium heat, add the garlic clove mixture, pepper, oregano, orange juice and lime juice. Cover the pan and allow to come to a simmer. Meanwhile, heat up the olive oil in a separate pan. When the oil is hot, carefully lift the lid and pour the oil in. Please be careful because the oil will bubble up when added to the citrus mixture. I utilize the lid to shield myself. Cover the pan and allow to cook for 3 to 5 minutes, until the popping sounds subsides. Turn off the heat and leave covered until ready to serve.
  • Yield: 4-6 servings

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    Make Tostones With Mojo Sauce

    As a kid who grew up most of her life in South Florida, I grew up eating plantains in all different kinds of iterations: in desserts, very ripe next to rice , super crispy, straight out of a chip bag, and this way, as tostones. I actually didnt learn how to make tostones until I went off to college and had a Dominican roommate. Id watch her slice up the greenest of plantains, fry them up, then smash them and re-fry them. They were my favorite snack.

    I love making them and today I paired them with a mojo sauce. Mojo is typically made with sour oranges, which are pretty difficult to find, especially in the states, but the solution is simple: combine regular orange juice with lime juiceboom, sourness! The results are sublime. The sauce is garlic-y and very citrus-y. Its perfect when paired with super crispy, delicious tostones. If you have leftovers, be sure to put it on everything from rice to chicken.

    What Can I Marinate With Mojo Marinade

    The better question is what cant you marinate with this mojo marinade! This mojo marinade is fabulous on everything. It is particularly popular on roasted pork shoulder but is also wonderful on all cuts of pork, chicken, steak, shrimp and salmon. I last used it on flank steak tacos with pineapple mango salsa and it was sensational !

    Once you pick your protein, pick your cooking method grill , bake , cook in a skillet, slow cook or pressure cook.

    Next, make sure to cook your protein to the correct temperature:

    • Chicken: cook to 165 degrees F
    • Pork: cook to 145 degrees F
    • Steak: cook to 145 degrees F
    • Fish: cook to 145 degrees
    • Shrimp: cook just until opaque

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    How Long To Marinate With Mojo Marinade

    This mojo marinade contains a high ratio citrus so you dont want to over-marinate your protein because the citrus can break down the protein and make it mushy. Large, tougher cuts such as pork shoulder and pork butt can be marinated up to 24 hours but steak, and chicken thighs should be marinated just up to 12 hours. Only marinate salmon and shrimp for up to 30 minutes.

    How To Make Mojo Picon

    Cuban Mojito Sauce Recipe

    Once the peppers are rehydrated, the recipe is super easy to make. Everything gets done in the food processor. Let’s get cooking!

    Rehydrate the Dried Peppers. Remove the stems and seeds from the dried peppers. Set them into a bowl and cover them with very hot water. Allow to rehydrate for 15-20 minutes, or until they are very soft. Drain the water and set the peppers into a food processor

    Add Remaining Ingredients. Add the garlic, torn bread, paprika, cumin, vinegar and salt to taste.

    Process. Process the mixture until well combined.

    Add the Oil. Pour in the olive oil a bit at a time while processing until the mojo sauce thickens up to a chili paste.

    Thin with Water. Add 1/4 water and process until smooth. For a thinner sauce, add another 1/4 cup water and process to your preference.

    Taste and Adjust. Adjust for salt and vinegar, and serve.

    Boom! Done! You have just made Mojo Picon! Delicious, isn’t it? And quite easy to use. If you’ve ever had a Spanish romesco, you’ll notice some similarities, though this sauce is a great standout.

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    How Does This Mojo Marinade Work On Your Meats

    This mojo marinade tenderizes and flavors your protein so all you have to do is marinate and cook! In order for a marinade to be effective, it must contain acid, fat, salt and flavor enhancers. The combination of these elements ensures that the protein is juicy, succulent and flavorful from the inside out. Heres how it works:

    Cuban Food Flavor Fusion

    Cuban food had strong ties to both the Caribbean and Spain.

    Cuba was the first and last Spanish colony in the Caribbean, and thus Cuba today boasts of a rich blend of Native American Taino food, Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines. Flavor rules supreme.

    The Spanish brought in cattle and pigs, and the in the mid-1800s the Chinese brought in rice.

    When the Cuban revolt took place in the mid-1900s, Russia came in and introduced in wheat, pasta, pizza, and yogurt, and beef and lard almost disappeared.

    Even with the outside influences and imports today, foods native to the place such as tropical fruits and root vegetables like yucca and potatoes find their way into dishes naturally.

    Cuban cuisine features these starchy foods galore with a variety of ways to prepare them.

    But dont just picture plain boiled potatoes or bland yuca. The Caribbean influence, in particular, has left a wonderful gift to Cuban food: spice.

    The beautiful and fragrant Mojo sauce comes into play to enhance the flavors of vegetables and meat in Cuba.

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