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How Much Is Hennessy Very Special Cognac

The Law Of Supply & Demand

How To Serve Cognac? Hennessy Expert Explains While Tasting VS, XO & Paradis

It is given that whenever the demand for a product is high, the price goes up as well. This is exactly why Hennessys prices do not go down because the demand always outweighs the supply of cognac even though they are supplying 40% of the total supply worldwide.

The shipment to China is usually prioritized because they consume more than anywhere else.

Cognacs Are Expensivefor A Reason

The reasoning behind the higher average price point can seem elusive but can really be pinned down to one thing: specificity of ingredients. Cognac must be made in the Cognac region of France. It is required to be made from white wine grapes grown in the region.

While other spirits can be made with inexpensive products like wheat, barley, or other cheap grains and products, cognac requires the premium ingredient of grapes grown in a very specific place. In addition, cognac features blends of multiple types of fermented product varying in age. Simply put, cognac is expensive because it is made from expensive things.

Hennessy narrows the ingredient list down even further by using the Ugni Blanc grape exclusively. The Ugni Blanc is described as fruity, with some citrus notes, lending itself to being ideal for production into the Eaux-de-vie blends that will become cognac.

What Is Hennessy Cognac Made From

Richard Hennessy founded a cognac trading house in 1765. By 1794, the first shipments of cognac hit New York, and the global distribution of Hennessy grew exponentially from there. The company played an integral role in many key pieces of cognac history that continue today. For instance, they fulfilled a royal request for a “very superior old pale” cognac in 1817 and contributed to cognac’s star rating system in 1865. The tradition lives on in the production of Hennessy Cognac.

To be labeled as cognac, Hennessy must follow the standards set out by a protected appellation of origin. Among other things, this states that the grapes are grown, and all production of the cognac must happen within the Cognac region of southwestern France.

It all begins with sustainably grown Ugni White grapes that are mechanically harvested at their peak for Hennessy. The grapes are then pressed and the juice fermented into wine. Using the traditional Charentais copper alembic stills for which Cognac is famous, the wine becomes eau-de-vie through a double distillation process.

The clear spirit only becomes cognac after aging in wood casks and blending. Hennessy has 350,000 barrels in production at any time, utilizing a network of 65 cellars . The cognac is rotated in barrels as it ages, and the barrels are placed in particular cellars depending on the desired characteristics. For instance, a humid cellar will produce mellower flavors, while a drier cellar results in more flavor.

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How To Serve Hennessy

There are many ways you can serve Hennessy. The best ways are to serve it chilled. It will have an aromatic sense if you serve it chilled. Keep it in a freezer, or you can add ice cubes in it. You can use different types of glasses to serve them. The best way to serve it is in a tulip glass. You also have other options like balloon glass or wobble snifter.

  • Serve with a balloon glass
  • Serve with ice cubes
  • Else, serve in a tulip glass

Why Are Cognacs Expensive


These spirits are costly because of the ingredients the manufacturers use. They use high-quality grapes, and the distillation takes a long time, making it more expensive than other wines that can be placed in bottles and distilled in a short span of time.

On the other hand, Cognac spirits have higher value because they enjoy aging slowly before the flavor is achieved. Well show you how to spot fake Hennessy here.

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What Does Hennessy Cognac Taste Like

Each of Hennessy’s cognacs has a slightly different taste determined by the eau-de-vie blend that goes into them. Overall, they have a classic brandy taste, with a sweet fruitiness similar to burnt wine mellowed by a pleasant oakiness. You’ll find floral and fruit notes in these cognacs, and hints of spice, vanilla, and chocolate are common.

Why Age Is Just A Number

In distillation, the longer the collection of Eaux de vie age inside the barrel, the better the blend of alcohol and flavor. Cognac is not like any other alcoholic beverage.

As the years add up, the flavors inside the barrel also intensify the taste but make it smoother and gentler. Cognac is created to keep bitters and sweet that the flavor bursts once poured in an old-fashioned way.

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Hennessy Master Blenders Selection No 4

Cognac Review: Hennessy Very Special VS

This series of unique limited-edition releases also comes from the mind of Master Blender de Gironde. A playful yet complex blend, this cognac boasts a spicy, aromatic flavor. It contains fruity notes of apricot and candied orange. Like the No 3 selection, people prize the Master Blenders Selection No 4 for its smooth, supple mouthfeel.

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What Is Hennessy Very Special Cognac

Hennessy has created extraordinary cognacs since 1765 and Hennessy Very Special represents the Tasting Committees unique expertise. Only the most distinctive eaux-de-vie are selected which are then carefully matured for several years in oak casks and skillfully blended to reveal their warm, full-bodied flavor.

How old is Hennessy Very Special Cognac?

How to drink VS cognac. The youngest Hennessy cognac, VS or Very Special, is aged between two and eight years and is the worlds most popular cognac, according to Hennessy. Poirier described the taste as fresh fruits, grapes, and citrus flavors.

What Would Be The Price Of Hennessy Cognac 40 Years Old

What would be the price of hennessy cognac 40 years old?

Is the bottle 40 years old or was the cognac in the bottle 40 years old when it was bottled?

A cheap Hennessy cognac from 1973 is still worth very little today.An old Hennessy cognac even if it was bottled in 2013 would be worth a lot…

Please provide bottle photo or more information.

My parents bought this in 1976. How much is this worth nowadays

I found a bottle of Hennessy Cognac that says very special on it does that mean it was in the barrel longer or do they all say that. It’s sealed and the bottle is at least 45 years old

VS is the lowest grade of cognac. It replaced the 3 star grade around 1965.Today’s VS is a two year old blend, not good for anything other than mixed drinks. Some VS tastes almost like rubbing alcohol.

Back in the 1960s VS was actually a decent lowly cognac so drinking it would probably be a good experience. Since cognac doesn’t age in the bottle the last 40 years have not changed it much.

It is not worth a lot maybe $40-$50.

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Dos And Donts Of Hennessy


  • Handle the bottle carefully. If the bottle is broken, a drink will be a waste. So it is better to handle the bottle carefully.
  • Properly serve the drink. Serving plays a vital role in giving a blissful experience. You can use different glasses to serve the Hennessy.
  • Serve it cold. Its taste at its best when it is served chilled. You can use ice cubes to keep your drink cold for a longer time.
  • Store the bottle in a cold and dry place.
  • Drink it slowly to get more taste and a nice experience. Let your palate take its own time to judge its taste.
  • Storing of Hennessy is recommended. Older is better when it comes to brandy-like Hennessy.
  • Donts:

  • Do not waste it since it is way too costly.
  • Do not drink Hennessy in a hurry.
  • Which Hennessy Is The Most Expensive

    How Much Is A Bottle Of Hennessy Very Special Cognac

    The most expensive Hennessy is Hennessy Ellipse which can range from $12,000 to $14,000. It is limited edition and considered one of the most expensive Cognacs money can buy.

    How can you tell real Hennessy?

    If you look closely towards the neck region of any original Hennessy cognac you buy, you should see a really THIN red tag/line that only becomes pronounced once you break the seal and open the bottle. If the tag is too pronounced, then it probably is fake.

    Which is better Hennessy VS or VSOP?

    Hennessy Privilege VSOP has a smooth but stronger flavor than VS, with heavier wood on nose. VSOP is a blend of 60 different eau de vie with the oldest being 15 years, and the youngest 4-5 years. It was originally created as the private blend for the Hennessy family.

    How much is a bottle of Hennessy cognac?

    Hennessy Is Made From Wine. Cognac is a brandy variety which is made of white wine, traditionally very thin and dry. This spirit is distilled twice and aged in French barrels to impart flavor. Like wine, the price can vary drastically, as bottles of Hennessy can run from 35$ to 5000$.

    How much does Hennessy cost?

    Sort by: Hennessy Richard Cognac 750ml $4,691.99 Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac 750ml $3,060.00 Hennessy Paradis Rare Cognac 750ml $1,224.00 Hennessy XO Cognac 750ml $199.99 Hennessy Privilege VSOP Cognac 750ml $59.99 $57.97 Hennessy VS Cognac 750ml $39.97 Hennessy VS Cognac 1.75L $86.97 Hennessy VS Cognac 375ml $23.99 $23.27

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    Hennessy Vsop On Jumia

    Inspired by a cognac created in the 18th century, Hennessy V.S.O.P has built its reputation across nearly 2 centuries and has become established as the worlds favourite V.S.O.P cognac, and is recognized for its harmonious and well-mixed blend of natural ingredients. Just in case you wondered how the Hennessy tasted and felt from the point its in the bottle to the point it goes down your belly then you should know that on the nose, the first fragrances perceived are soft spices such as vanilla and cinnamon. Then delicate toasted notes follow, arising from the maturation in oak barrels. Another thing you should know is the highlight of tasting Hennessy V.S.O.P is the long-lasting finish, revealing the natural balance of the blend which is the superior cognac. Hennessy price is best on our online grocery shop.

    Buy Hennessy Xo Online

    This brand of Hennessey was created in 1870 X.O was brought about at a turning point in history and introduced a new style of cognac: bold, rich and complex. What makes it so unique is the fact that its intense and deep amber colour is a sign of its strength. Its flavours of candied fruit and its subtle and lightly spicy nose create a complete harmony: a mark of its roundness. To taste, a smooth, full sensation gives a simultaneously powerful and soft tonality with a hint of cocoa and a warm fruity presence. The long finish expresses all the complexity of the cognacs blending and its long aging process. And with Jumia, you are sure of getting the original Hennessy drink online and at the best price in Nigeria.

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    Compared To Other Cognac Brands


    Prunier started in 1701, but bottling and shipping began in 1769 though they do not own vineyards. This brand is the classic of its genre, it is admired for its fruitiness and flavorful aroma. A sip would give your tongue that taste of toffee and vanilla and, in the end, a burst of dry fruit that lingers.


    This is a known name when it comes to cognac from all over the world. They scored 6/10 and are very popular because of their cognacs floral, fruit, oaky, and candied flavor, particularly the VSOP.

    Remy Martin

    Remy Martin offers complex yet sophisticated taste on their cognac. A sip of the popular cognac will let you taste white flowers, apricot, toasted oak, baked apple, and vanillaa mixture of dried fruit, licorice, ginger, and baking spices.


    The Camus brand promises elegance in its product taste. It promises a smooth vanilla finish with a caramel and oak aftertaste. They promise a blend that is fit for beginners, for those who just want to sip and relax, or for somebody who wants to splurge. There is a selection waiting for each persons preference. Learn the best way to drink Hennessy here.


    Hennessy: A Brief History

    How to drink your Hennessy

    Born in 1765 at the hands of an Irish military man named Richard Hennessy, the Hennessy brand name has managed to stay quite relevant for over 250 years. Purchased over time by other high-end brands like Moet et Chandon, Louis Vuitton, and even having connections with Christian Dior, Hennessy stays fixed in the lap of luxury.

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    Hennessy Alcohol Philippines Philippines

    We offer a wide range of Hennessy Alcohol with discounts of up to 50%! Popular models for Alcohol from Hennessy are usually from the XO Magnum Cognac 1.5L, VS 700 ML and Very Special Cognac Special Edition 70cl / France collection. If you are not sure about having Hennessy Alcohol, you might want to check out the products from No brand, Johnnie Walker and S& R. On iPrice Philippines, you can find your ideal Hennessy Alcohol for as low as 280.00 up to as much as 299,740.00. Based on your needs, you can get these Hennessy Whiskey. Many consumers would choose Hennessy Alcohol that are Brown and, Black for a more stylish, modern look.

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    What Is Hennessy Cognac

    Hennessy is one of the big names in cognac, which is a style of brandy produced exclusively in the French region of Cognac. Available in various expressions of different ages, Hennessy is drunk around the world. One of the most popular bottles is Hennessy V.S. It is the youngest of the portfolio, and the least expensive , making it an excellent everyday cognac. Hennessy V.S is worthy of mixing into almost any brandy cocktail you could think of and is fantastic on its own or over ice.

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    Interesting Facts About The Hennessy Flavors And Its Origin

    I am sure reading about the Hennessy Alcohol Content, the dos, and donts that you should follow while drinking it must have been fascinating. But the best part is the remaining, which is the interesting facts. We have shared its origin, some facts about its owners and makers, which are intriguing. Read on to find out more.

    Fact #1: Everyone has this misconception about Hennessy, that the founder of the cognac was French. That is not true the founder Richard Hennessy was an Irishman who migrated to France. He named his cognac Hennessy as it referred to his ancestry from an Irish clan. He was a descendant of the clan of Angus.

    Fact #2: If you have ever tried the Hennessy cognac, you must have noticed that a prefix comes with the label as Jas. Hennessy, this is because Jas is the short form for Jacques Hennessy, whose original name in Irish was James but Jacques in French. He was the son of the founder, and it was he who gave the cognac a solid start by marketing it under James Hennessy and Company.

    Fact #3: Because of the prohibition in America during the 1920s, the Hennessy was sold as medicine by William Schiefflin through his family drugstore. The company owes this man a debt as it was due to him that the company could establish a base in America.

    Fact #5: Nas has been the official brand ambassador for Hennessy for a long time, and according to him, having Hennessy paired with some cigars is the best way to enjoy it.

    Hennessy Vs Cognac 70cl Limited Edition By Julien Colombier

    Hennessy Very Special Cognac ( 750ml) products,United States Hennessy ...

    The world’s best selling quintessential cognac made from a blend of roughly 40 eaux-de-vie. Hennessy Very Special cognac is aged to maturity in oak barrels and loaded with wonderful nutty notes and aromas. This limited edition features a design created by Julien Colombier.

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