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How Much Does Belvedere Vodka Cost

Skyy Vodka Cost Versus Competitors

Belvedere vs Grey Goose vs Tito’s Vodka | The Tasting Room

As mentioned earlier, it is important to recognize that there are distinctions between vodka price points. Obviously, there are plenty of options for $10, 1-liter bottles out there but those are likely to be less desirable to drink. Skyy Vodka finds itself right in the middle of the pack with brands like Stolichnaya, Titos Handmade Vodka, and Svedka all averaging around $20 per 1-liter bottle.

Many would argue that paying more than $20 per liter of vodka is wasteful, as the taste profiles do not differ drastically from a brand like Skyy Vodka. There are many brands like Belvedere and Grey Goose charging over $30 and up to $50 per liter bottle, without a ton of support regarding tasting twice as good.

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How Do Beginners Drink Vodka


  • Choose a plain vodka to drink. Most vodka aficionados believe that drinking vodka in its pure form is the proper way to enjoy this beverage.
  • Throw your bottle of vodka in the freezer for a few hours. This isnt wine!
  • Pour the vodka into a small glass.
  • Sip vodka, dont shoot it.
  • Eat appetizers between sips.
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    The Birthplace Of Vodka

    Vodka can be traced back to three separate origins: Poland, Sweden, and Russia. Again, the history can be a bit fuzzy and of course pride gets in the way of accuracy so the answer to who had it first depends on who you ask. Both Polish and Russian vodka goes way back, and Sweden has been making a spirit that is essentially vodka called brännvin since the 15th century. Nailing down a specific birthplace for vodka is impossible but these three countries each claim their style of vodka as their own.

    What Is The Smoothest Vodka

    Belvedere Vodka 750mL  Habersham Beverage

    The smoothest vodka is Belvedere vodka, which is almost velvety on the tongue and has a premium flavour to match. Is Titos vodka good? Titos is a multi-billion-dollar small batch brand and is a bestselling vodka in the United States. Its a smooth vodka filled with character that comes at a good price.

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    California Residents: Tap Here For Proposition 65 Warning

    WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to
    WARNING: Many food and beverage cans have linings containing bisphenol A , a chemical known to cause harm to the female reproductive system. Jar lids and bottle caps may also contain BPA. You can be exposed to BPA when you consume foods or beverages packaged in these containers. For more information, go to:

    What Is Kirkland Vodka

    The well-known Kirkland Vodka is distilled in the region of Cognac in France, and produced by Levecke Corporation in Mira Loma, California. It is made from 100% fine French wheat and pure artesian spring water from Gensac Springs of Massif Fountains. The craft is produced with classic distillation techniques applied to every premium ingredient used, which contribute to the rich, flavourful, and sweet vodka we all love. Plus, it is also gluten-free!

    Kirkland is home of the famous vodkas: the Kirkland Signature American Vodka and the Kirkland Signature French Vodka . Both can be bought directly in Costco!

    The American vodka is your cheap and basic go-to vodka. Its good for mixed drinks but it also works well alone if you want a thin and smooth finish. The second one is the controversial, Kirkland French Vodka, one of Costcos best sellers. This one is a bit pricier but still affordable. The vodka gets compared a lot to Grey Goose but if I were to describe it, Kirklands French Vodka is sweeter and has a brighter feel to it. Taste it yourself! Prices are listed below.

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    Costco Alcohol Price List Vodka Whiskey Scotch Mixers Blenders And More

    Costco alcohol prices

    Last year Costco stores in Washington started selling liquor. We thought wed put together a list of Costco liquor prices so you could reference it when trying to find the best deals.

    The prices below include Washington State liquor tax. We gathered these prices at the Vancouver, Washington Costco Warehouse in late June 2013. Prices at your local Costco warehouse might be different, especially if you dont live in Washington state. We watched prices for a few weeks before we made this list and we noticed that Costco liquor prices do fluctuate sometimes a few cents, sometimes a few dollars.

    We post all sorts of Costco price lists around here to try and give you the price-comparison tools you might need for determining the place to buy items. Weve posted gluten-free deals, barbecue and party deals , and we also have this extensive Costco Price database.

    Check out what alcohol is on sale this holiday season!

    Disclaimer We realize alcohol deals will not apply to everyone. We are not advocating alcohol any more than we advocate a heavily-meat-based diet when we post steak deals, or excessive snacking when we post potato chip deals. Its simply a tool for price comparison. Please enjoy responsibly.

    How Vodka Is Made

    Liquor costco prices

    We have established the basic ingredients typically found in vodka but how do those ingredients become the clear liquid we know as vodka? Vodka goes through a process called distillation and utilizes any starch or sugar-rich plant materials. As we know, this typically means grains or potatoes. Some vodkas are more inventive, utilizing beets, crystalized sugar, or even manufacturing byproducts like wood pulp as their main ingredient.

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    Kirkland Vodka Prices List 2021

    Many may have doubts about Costcos Kirkland Vodka, whether it is the same as the over-priced Grey Goose we know. Truth be told, its not, and I must say Kirkland is the better choice. If youre looking for a cheaper yet better-tasting vodka, Costcos Kirkland Vodka is the one for you.

    Well help you find your good choice of Kirkland vodka through our price guide and reviews so stick with us!

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    Costco Liquor Price List

    Batch 206 Distillery, 750ml $24.51Beefeater, 1.75 liter $39.12Bombay Sapphire, 1.75 liter $47.56Gordons, 1.75 liter $24.66Tanqueray, 1.75 liter $45.15

    Bacardi Superior, 1.75 liter $26.35Captain Morgan Spiced, 1.75 liter $33.10Kirkland Signature Spiced, 1.75 liter $27.07Malibu Coconut, 1.75 liter $29.48Mt. Gay Extra old, 750ml $35.35Myers Dark, 1.75 liter $42.74

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    Quality Cannot Be Ignored

    The processing of Belvedere Vodka is comparable to the highest-end vodkas available on the market. As seen in the Common Belvedere Vodka Prices Listbelow, this vodka finds itself in the $30 price range. With a price point like that, Belvedere needs to come through with superior taste and quality. According to the clear majority of reviewers, Belvedere Vodka does just that. With smooth, drinkable taste, Belvedere Vodka proves itself worthy of this price point that can be considered slightly pricey by the common vodka customer.

    A Little Background On Skyy Vodka

    Belvedere 1 Liter

    What is so special, or unique, about Skyy Vodka? How does a no hangover elixir sound to you? According to Maurice Kanbar, the creator of Skyy Vodka, the vodka is virtually congener free. A congener is a byproduct of fermentation that typically produces a taste in alcohol. The lack of these congeners ensures a smooth, pleasant drinking vodka.

    Where is Skyy Vodka From?Skyy Vodka is a relatively young brand. It was created in 1992 by Maurice Kanbar and made in the United States of America. In 2009, Skyy was purchased by the Campari Group, a company that has purchased several liquor distilleries including Wild Turkey.

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    It’s All In The Details

    Ultimate Beverage Challenge 93 points – Classic, crisp and balanced in style, the aromas of this vodka are subtle, yet present with clean fresh grass, lemon peel, fresh wheat, dried gooseberry, savory herbs, and pickled cucumber skins. The palate is defined by crushed black peppercorns, citrus pith, green bell pepper and a smooth water. – 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.April/2018

    40% abv

    Other Major Players In This Market

    When we go to a bar in a chain restaurant or one with a more specific brand selection, we are unlikely to find the smaller batch craft vodkas as suggested above. Belvedere Vodka finds itself on the top shelf in most of these establishments and can be found next to several other brands in the same price range. Grey Goose and Ketel One are both located on the top shelf of typical bars and are comparable in both taste and mixability.

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    Featured Items You May Like

    13 x 13 x 39 cm 1 Kilograms
    Item model number
    Belvedere Vodka Pure, 70 cl
    700.0 millilitre
    Storage Instructions Store in a cool, dry place. Do not exceed 40°c Best consumed chilled, not frozen.
    Serving Recommendation Savour it neat, on ice, with a mixer or in a cocktail.
    Manufacturer contact Moet Hennessy Deutschland GmbH Seidlstr. 23 80335 München
    Country of origin
    Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Fathers Day Gift
    Package Information

    50ml Belvedere Vodka Dash of dry vermouthShaken, not stirredGarnish with a lemon twist

    How Good Is Russian Standard Vodka

    Alcohol Prices in CANADA| Are we getting ripped off??

    Russian Standard Vodka is a good example of a wheated vodka. Gentle toasted notes on the aroma with a bit of sweetness which extends on the palate with that Wheat Thin flavor. Just enough to help with the bite of the 80 proof vodka. Average mouthfeel with some slickness and clean finish of moderate length.

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    What About Flavored Vodka

    It is certainly common to see rows and rows of flavors when walking through the vodka section of a spirits retailer. Flavoring vodka is not a new phenomenon, as its roots can be traced back to the times of medicinal uses. Many people flavored their recipes with local fruits or honey to cover up some of the less than ideal taste. The flavored products available today, especially the more unusual flavors, are created by adding chemicals to the vodka after distillation and filtration.

    Vodka Belvedere Tasting Note: Review Price And The Cocktails To Do

    It is difficult to talk about Belvedere vodka without falling into clichés. It is so famous and iconic that it has now become a status symbol, more than a simple bottle full of fermented rye distillate. It has become a luxurious elixir to be exhibited in a disco like a trophy.

    But apart from the glittering reputation, the brand, the marketing, and the cool logo are Belvedere vodka good or not?

    Lets say that among the most popular vodkas at the moment is the most discreet, we dont want to say tasteless but almost. But as any vodka enthusiast knows, vodka is the quintessence of aromatic discretion. It is balanced but does not have much character, but the alcoholic strength is there.

    Belvedere vodka comes from the best polish rye, which is mashed, washed and then ferment and is distilled for 4 times to remove all impurities, but also many flavors, inevitably.

    What amazes of Belvedere vodka is a touch that we could define nut-almond, nothing more. Its delicate, well made, but you will hardly drink it neat unless you are a Siberian wolf hunter.

    Lets be clear, Belvedere vodka is good for making cocktails, but it does not have the depth or even the slightest aromatic appeal to be drunk as a solo drink. If you want to burn your throat with alcohol, ok, go on, but on a scale from 0 to 10, the flavor is 3.

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    Belvedere Made With Nature

    Polska Rye. Purified water. Distilled by fire. Thats it. This super premium Vodka is created from 600 years of Polish vodka-making tradition. Its all natural, with no additives, no sugar, and is certified Kosher. And the taste! Velvety rich, balanced, with a subtle sweetness that rounds off in a clean, smooth and memorable finish. Na Zdrowie!

    Spirit sales where allowed by law

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    What Is In Vodka

    Mandatory Staff Picks: The 10 Best Premium Vodkas

    As we have seen, there appears to be a big three group of early vodka producers: Poland, Sweden and Russia. Each of these regions created a similar spirit, however, each area had its own unique twist on the major ingredients. Lets look at each individually.

    Polish Vodka

    Polish vodka must be made from one of five grains: rye, wheat, barley, oats, or triticale or it must be made from potatoes. Only the potatoes are required to be grown in Poland. Otherwise, the ingredients can be from anywhere as long as it the vodka itself is produced in Poland. The obvious other main ingredient is water, which is filtered and has the minerals removed.

    Swedish Vodka

    Swedish vodka typically contains two primary ingredients – winter wheat and water. The Swedes clearly prefer to keep it simple, as their other ingredient sometimes utilized is potatoes.

    Russian Vodka

    Many people hear vodka and automatically assume it is from Russia. While we have seen that there are other origins, Russia has taken over the common belief that it is the mother of all vodka production. It may have to do with the stereotype that in Russia, vodka is preferable to water. Russian vodka is similar to Swedish vodka in that it is typically made from two ingredients: either wheat or potatoes, and water.

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    The Value Between Cost And Profit

    If you’ve read this far, you’ll have picked up on a major theme of this post: liquor cost plays a big role in your profits. But so far, we’ve looked at profit from the perspective of a bar’s costs, but not necessarily the prices they charge for menu items and bar selections.

    A beverage program’s gross profit margin is the inverse of their beverage costs. Your 20 percent cost is an 80 percent margin. Which is pretty good. And as it relates to businesses outside of the hospitality industry , an 80 percent gross margin is really high.

    And that’s why we started this post saying how a bar program is the engine that powers profits.

    Restaurant Profit Margins as a Whole

    If you take a holistic approach to restaurant profits, you’ll see that its quite costly to run a restaurant.

    Two of the major factors affecting restaurants are food and labor costs. And looking at these numbers highlights just how important a successful bar program is.

    The average food cost for restaurants can run between 28 to 35 percent, leaving a 72 to 65 percent gross profit margin. About 10 percent higher on average than liquor costs. If you couple that with labor costs, which can run anywhere between 22 percent and 40 percent, then a big chunk of sales goes into staffing and food, resulting in a much lower net profit margin than liquor.

    How to Price Drinks Properly

    We’ll continue to use an 80 percent gross margin as our goal for these examples.

    So, we’ll do .79 / 0.20 = $3.95

    How To Drink Belvedere Vodka

    There are two main ways to drink vodka: straight or mixed into cocktails. Generally, youll opt for more premium vodkas to enjoy by themselves and cheaper brands to be mixed into cocktails.

    Belvedere, as an ultra-premium brand, usually fits into the former category. But its easy to be tempted to mix this delicious spirit into cocktails, too. In short, the only bad way to drink Belvedere vodka is to rush the process.

    If youre drinking it straight, youll want to start by chilling your vodka in the freezer. Doing so changes the viscosity and brings out the bottles unique characteristics. It should be served immediately after removing from the freezer for optimum taste.

    Belvedere should also be served in either a rocks glass minus the rocks or in tiny shot glasses. If youre serving in shot form, choose the smallest shot glasses possible. You still want to sip the spirit rather than throwing it back.

    If you find pure vodka too intense, you can add a couple of drops of water, or let your vodka warm in your hands for a few moments before sipping.

    If youre drinking your Belvedere in cocktail form, the recommended way to do so is to take it slowly. Choose mixers and garnishes that complement Belvederes own notes in order to avoid overshadowing it.

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    Is Absolut Vodka Made From Potatoes

    That is, all vodka was made from potatoes, with one notable exception. Absolut vodka was a brand dating to 1879, named for being absolutely pure. The brand was resurected by Vin & Sprit for its centennial anniversary, and in 1979 was made from grains rather than potatoes.

    What Is Vodka Made From

    Review: Costco’s American Vodka

    Vodka can be made from a myriad of ingredients, including grains, fruits, and molasses. Most common vodkas are made from fermented rye, corn, wheat, potatoes, or rice.

    But some are made from sorghum, apples, grapes, or anything edible with sugar or starch to ferment.

    With all this variation, it’s easy to see how, when you’re paying attention, vodkas can taste very different. Each brand we tried has its own aroma, flavor on the palate, and finish.

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