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Don Ramon Tequila Reposado 3 Liter

Its Alcohol Content Per Shot

Tequila Don Ramón Punta Diamante Reposado Deluxe Ultra

Pink-colored alcoholic drinks were considered light in flavor and ABV. However, thats a different concept when it comes to Pink Whitney Vodka Alcohol Content. While the United States strong vodka is at 40% , the alcohol content of Pink Whitney stands at 30% per 60 proof, which makes it an ideal celebratory vodka.

Pink Whitney Strawberry Lemonade

Make a refreshing strawberry lemonade with Pink Whitney.


  • In a collins glass, muddle the strawberry slices.
  • Add the ice, Pink Whitney, and club soda. Stir gently.
  • Serve garnished with the strawberry.
  • Variations

    Vary this basic recipe in a few ways:

    • Replace the strawberries with 6 to 8 raspberries.
    • Replace the strawberries with 10 blueberries.
    • Replace the strawberries with two to three fresh peach slices.
    • Replace the strawberries with 6 to 8 blackberries.

    Classic Whisky And Honey Cocktails

    Penicillin: 2 oz. blended scotch + ¾ oz. honey syrup + ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice + ¼ oz. peated Islay single malt + 2-3 thin slices fresh gingerMuddle ginger slices in shaker with all ingredients except single malt. Shake with ice and strain into ice-filled rocks glass. Float the single malt atop the drink and garnish with candied ginger pieces.Created by Sam Ross, Milk & Honey, New York

    Gold Rush: 2 oz. bourbon + ¾ oz. honey syrup + ¾ oz. fresh lemon juiceShake all ingredients with ice. Strain into ice-filled rocks glass.

    Classic Hot Toddy: 1½ oz. bourbon + ¾ oz. wildflower honey syrup + Hot chamomile tea + Cinnamon stick and lemon wheel for garnishBuild in a toddy mug, top with chamomile tea and garnish with a cinnamon stick and lemon wheel.Adapted by Erick Castro, Simple Serve

    Chai Hot Toddy: 1½ oz. rye + ¾ oz. honey syrup + Chai + Clove-studded orange twist for garnishBuild in a toddy mug, top with chai, and garnish with an orange twist studded with cloves.

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    Pink Whitney Thyme Lemonade

    Add a lovely herbal flavor to Pink Whitney to make a tasty and refreshing thyme-scented boozy lemonade.


    • 4 sprigs fresh thyme, plus a sprig for garnish
    • Ice
    • 1 ounce seltzer or flat water


  • In a rocks glass, muddle the thyme sprigs.
  • Add the ice, Pink Whitney, and seltzer. Stir gently.
  • Garnish with the remaining thyme sprig.
  • Variations

    You can vary this with other fresh herbs:

    • Replace the thyme sprigs with 6 basil leaves.
    • Replace the thyme with 4 or 5 torn mint leaves.
    • Replace the thyme with 3 basil sprigs.
    • Replace the thyme with 3 tarragon sprigs.

    How To Make Boozy Pink Lemonade Punch

    Tequila Reposado Don Ramón, 3 lt.
  • Add the lemonade mix to a large pitcher. Be sure that your pitcher isnt taller than your spoon. Some pitchers are really tall these days. Pour the vodka and club soda over the pink lemonade mix before you stir the drink.
  • Pour vodka and club soda over the mix.
  • Stir until the mix is dissolved. Mix the lemonade mix with the club soda with a long handled spoon.
  • Fill your glasses with ice and pour the lemonade into each glass.
  • Add one tablespoon of grenadine to each glass. Pour a tablespoon of grenadine in each glass to give it a flavor kick. It also makes the drinks color so pretty.
  • Note: if you want the grenadine to mix with the lemonade, simply pour it into the lemonade, gently stir, and let it mix together. It may settle a bit. If you want the grenadine to layer a bit more with a slight ombre effect, pour it over the back of a bartenders spoon into the glass.

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    Personal Scores & Reviews From Our Community

    • 70Rating

    NOM 1590|Nose: Ripe fruity aromas, barrel spices, and some earthy notes. Flavor: Flavors follow the aromas. Semi oily sweetness, moderate barrel spice, a hint of almonds and a touch of pepper. Nothing offensive here, but pretty much cookie cutter. Finish: A little caramel with pepper blooming at the tail end.

    • 62Rating

    NOM 1590|Really didnt make much of an impression, seems like it is trying to be non offensive and wound up being nothing at all.

    • 57Rating

    Mexico version. Understated aroma. The flavor was far too sweet for my taste. There was a bit of a chemical bite to the finish. Made a mistake. This should never have been on my wish list.

    • 71Rating

    NOM 1420|Bottle from 2011. Big black pepper right on entry. After a couple of minutes in the glass it has a solvent nose, which I would consider a defect. The jewel top closure is the best thing about this bottle at the moment.

    It doesn’t taste bad, it just doesn’t taste at all. Completely unremarkable!

    So far the best I’ve ever had for the money. About $15 in Mexico

    Very chemically and heavy on the minerality. Too harsh for my taste.

    • 65Rating

    Don Raymon Reposado is a slight step up from the blanco. Similarly, it pours with a strong solvent Aroma. After some resting, the nose is strong in artificial vanilla. Black pepper, cooked agave and oak are there, but this is not very enjoyable. The mouthfeel is sweet yet astringent and harsh. Artificially smooth.Yuck.

    • 62Rating

    Smooth with light taste of oak.

    Its a good mixer

    The Same Consistent Quality Since Its First Production

    In 1795 pioneer Jacob Beam sold his first barrel of Kentucky bourbon. While Jacob laid the foundation for an enduring family business that has lasted through even the hardships of Prohibition, it was Colonel James B. Beam, or âJimâ â the namesake behind Jim Beam â who personally rebuilt the familyâs distillery, by hand, in just 120 days after the repeal in 1933.

    2018 SIP Consumer Choice Award
    Serving Suggestion

    Blended and flavored whiskeys are red hot right now, consumer demand for brown spirits continues to rise with American Whiskey in particular seeing some phenomenal sales growth.

    Regular readers know that I am a fan of flavored whiskey, Ive always got a bottle of something in my freezer for a chilled shot or flavored specialty in the liquor cabinet to enjoy on the rocks. My favorite in all this tasting fun so far, has been Yukon Jack Jacapple.

    Todays tasting: Jim Beam Peach Whiskey

    Ive sampled Jim Beam Apple, Jim Beam Red Stag, Jim Beam Honey and Jim Beam Maple. Of the Jim Beam lot, my favorite so far has been the apple, with the others not really being repeat buys.

    The description from the bottle: Jim Beam Peach contains all the pride of the Beam familys 220-year history with a refreshing take on family tradition. Our distillers have infused rich, flavorful peach liqueur with fine Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. The perfect mix of peach and bourbon with hints of oak. Enjoy straight, or mix with soda or tea.

    So how good is it you ask?

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    It Doesnt Take Much Effort To Picture An Nhl Hockey Player Enjoying A Few Drinks

    But, vodka with pink lemonade? You better believe it. Retired NHL Defenseman Ryan Whitney admitted to enjoying the combination on the popular Barstool Sports podcast, Spittin Chiclets. He explained that he routinely mixed E& J Gallo New Amsterdam Vodka with Pink Lemonade, which spurred a social media phenomenon that led to the creation of one of the most popular flavored vodkas on the market.

    Before dabbling in mixology, Ryan D. Whitney started a professional hockey career when the Pittsburgh Penguins selected him in the 2002 NHL Draft. After three years in the minor leagues, he debuted with the Penguins and went on to help the team reach the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals. He also played for the Anaheim Ducks, Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers. Whitney also won a silver medal as a member of Team USA at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

    These days, Whitney spends his time as an NHL Network analyst, a frequent guest on ESPNs Pardon My Take, and on the previously mentioned Barstool SportsSpittin Chiclets podcast. When Whitney told the world about his simple mixology on the podcast, it gave birth to a popular #PinkWhitney social-media hashtag. New Amsterdam promptly turned that trend into a bottled, 70-proof flavored vodka.

    We thought it would be fun to introduce it as a limited, one-time offer. We started with 70,000 cases, and it sold out in one month, says Britt West, general manager E & J Gallo.

    Pink Whitney

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    Why I Love This Recipe

    Tasting Room – E25 Don Ramon Reposado
    • Summery Flavors! Strawberries and lemonade definitely make the list of my favorite summer time flavors!
    • Easy To Make! Simply combine the ingredients, pour, and enjoy in just 5 minutes or less!
    • Large Batch! This Pink Whitney Drink Recipe serves about 5 drinks, but depending on the size of your pitcher you could easily double it to yield more servings! If your pitcher isnt large enough try using a fun drink dispenser, they hold more AND look cute!
    • Super Smooth! You wont find any strong alcohol flavor in this cocktail as its almost completely hidden amongst that strawberry pink lemonade taste!

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    Jim Beam Honey Bourbon Whiskey

    A post shared by Alê Pisani on Jul 18, 2020 at 8:07am PDT

    ABV: 35%Average Price:$20

    The Bottle:

    Jim Beam is always a solid choice for standard bourbons. Their Honey Bourbon cuts their bourbon with real honey liqueur and a few natural flavors. The result is an easy sipper that wont break the bank.

    Tasting Notes:

    Honey. This is probably the sweetest honeyed whiskey on the list. Thats not necessarily a bad thing but it can be off-putting to some. The classic bourbon notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak are present with a hint of spice. The honey does really carry the sip from the top to bottom with a clear sweet edge.

    Bottom Line:

    This works nicely in cocktails, in the sense that you can omit using simple syrup if youre using this.

    Can I Use Bottled Pink Lemonade For This Recipe

    You can! Just use it to replace the pink lemonade concentrate and 1.5 cups of water that the original recipe calls for.

    We love drinking up this Pink Vodka Lemonade on those hazy summer evenings to cool down with! Check out more tasty beverages that youll love just as much!

    • Texas Ranch Water Cocktail Only 3 ingredients needed to get a taste of the unofficial drink of West Texas!
    • Pineapple Daiquiri An easy frozen cocktail that blends up pineapple, lime, simple syrup, and rum!
    • Corona Sunrise Made right in the bottle for an easy summer drink youll love!
    • Blueberry Sangria This easy-to-make large batch cocktail calls for just 4 ingredients!
    • Hippie Juice Watermelon vodka, triple sec, coconut rum, and peach schnapps combine for a smooth, fruity drink!

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    Don Ramn Reposado Tequila 100% De Agave


    The bottle matches the flavor, reposado or aged, is equal to smoothness! Its a handcrafted jewel!

    The bottle manually engraved by Mexican artists, you will not fined any other similar or nicer one in theworld. Futhermore, you will not find two identical bottles since manual art-work cannot be repeated with the sam exact result.

    Bouquet and mild taste, a noble tetura, mature agave preferential Color golden seal of elegance. Casa Don Ramón is a 100% Mexican company, founded in 1996 and today our tequilas are for sale in the main self-service chains and wine and liquor stores.

    We have the finest selection of 100% Blue Agave Tequilas product to satisfy the most demanding palates.

    100% Blue Agave Reposado Tequila. Made by Mexican hands with Supreme Agave de los Altos de Jalisco. Matured for more than 4 months in White Oak barrels that gives it a robust Bouquet and Flavor without being aggressive for the throat.

    Different Options For This Cocktail

    Tequila Don Ramón Reposado 3 LT  Caja con 4 piezas  CBP  Carlos Bermudez

    Because this is such a simple drink, its easy to mix things up and try different types of alcohol and flavors.

    • If you want to try something besides vodka, substituting gin or rum could be a good option.
    • Try lime juice for a different flavor profile.
    • Grapefruit juice is an option for a different juice flavor.
    • Add some salt or sugar on the rim if thats your thing.

    Whatever combination you choose, just follow the base recipe amounts and adjust to suit your taste.

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    What Tastes Good With Jim Beam Honey

    Jim Beam Honey is a delicious combination of real honey liqueur and genuine Jim Beam Bourbon. Together, they create an easy, mellow sweetness thats relaxed enough to sip alone but bold enough to hold its own in a cocktail. For a truly refreshing mix, try it with ginger ale or apple juice and club soda over ice.

    Best Alcoholic Drinks With Lemonade

    Sharing is caring!

    Best alcoholic drinks with lemonade coming right up. Whether its Kentucky lemonade, raspberry lemonade, lemonade slushies, spritzers or jello shots. Weve got you covered with these spiked lemonade drinks.

    What is the best alcohol to mix with lemonade?

    Vodka. Bourbon, tequila and more. Since you can make lemonade with your desired sweetness and tartness the possibilities are endless.

    If you are looking for a hard lemonade recipe, we found a few that we think you will love to try.

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    Honey Whiskey Apple Cider

    When we entertain at the casa there are typically cocktails to go along with all the amazing food. The holidays this year were no different. We had family and friends in and out for two weeks, so of course the drinks were flowing. We are an easy couple to shop for a good bottle of wine or our favorite whiskey and we are happy people! My mother-in-law knows this so when she showed up for Christmas she had several bottles in tow. One of those was a bottle of honey whiskey for Mr. B. He loves the sweet, smooth taste. One afternoon when temperatures hit close to freezing, I decided I wanted to dip into the bottle but I wasnt in the mood to sip straight whiskey so we whipped up a batch of Honey Whiskey Apple Cider instead! The kid ran down to the corner store for a bottle of fresh apple cider, not apple juice! A apple slices, little fresh squeezed lemon juice, a bit of honey, some cinnamon sticks and we were in business. Everything went into the crockpot for a few hours and it was heavenly. The smell alone was amazing, that warm spicy scent of winter and it tasted like apple pie! Enjoy~ the new Mrs. B

    Frequently Asked Questions & Expert Tips

    DON RAMON TEQUILA COCKTAIL 1: Oh Mexico, Cadilac Margarita

    Can I make this iced tea cocktail in a pitcher ahead of time?

    Absolutely! You can make the tea 3-4 days in advance, but you could also mix in the amount of whiskey youll need and store it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 oz of whiskey per glass. Do not add ice to the tea and whiskey mixture, save that for your individual serving glasses so it doesnt get watered down. Id suggest making it one day in advance before your planned get-together. When ready to serve, just give it a good stir and youre ready to go.

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    Strawberry Pink Lemonade Vodka Cocktail

    Rebecca& nbsp|

    Strawberry Pink Lemonade Vodka Cocktail combines Pink Whitney Vodka, Strawberry Malibu Rum, and Pink Lemonade for the best refreshing drink! This large batch cocktail is ready in just 5 minutes!

    Splash into summer with more fun drinks to sip on like my fruity Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail or this light, sweet Hawaiian Mimosa !

    Slide a pitcher of this Strawberry Pink Lemonade Vodka Cocktail in front of your friends and watch as the pitcher quickly turns up empty! Since this drink tastes exactly like a strawberry pink lemonade it goes down incredibly easy, making it a great summer time cocktail!

    Of course it doesnt hurt to also have a non-alcoholic lemonade option as well! For that check out my 3-ingredient Maine Maple Lemonade or Roasted Strawberry Lemonadethats made with pureed strawberries!

    The secret to this drink really lies in the Pink Whitney Vodka! It has a clean, refreshing taste thats bursting with sweet pink lemonade flavor that really helps this cocktail go down nice and smooth!

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    Honey Whiskey Lemonade Cocktail

    A delicious whiskey cocktail that blends sweet and citrus perfectly. Learn how to make a honey whiskey lemonade drink to share and enjoy at home.

    Honey and whiskey have always made an exceptional pair. The sweet taste of honey blends beautifully with the cozy warmth of whiskey. However, the advent of honey whiskey, all in one bottle no need to mix, is fairly new. These days you can find ample varieties of honey whiskey readily available and each one carries its own unique flavor.

    Honey whiskey tends to be sweet and can be enjoyed neat or over ice without the addition of any mixers. But dont stop there, this blend does make for a great cocktail base! Try it blended with iced tea or give todays simple recipe a try, honey whiskey lemonade.

    This cocktail has its roots in a traditional whiskey sour. A cocktail made with whiskey, a sour component like lemon juice and sweet taste brought in with sugar or simple syrup. Blending a warm liquor like whiskey with citrus and a bit of sweet creates a delicious cocktail. The key is getting the ratio of whiskey and lemon correct so the flavors compliment each other and one does not overpower the other.

    July 28, 2020 | Jake Emen

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