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Why Egg White In Whiskey Sour

Which Whisky Stones Are Best

How to Make a Perfect Whiskey Sour (with Egg White)
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  • Why You’ll Love This Recipe

    This Cranberry Whiskey Sour is puckery sweet and holiday ready!

    Cranberry juice cocktail plays nicely with bourbon, citrus, and simple syrup in this perfectly balanced holiday drink.

    Bright, Christmas red color. Mouthwatering cranberry citrus flavor perfectly balanced with bourbon. Bring on the Bing Crosby Christmas tunes and plates of hors doeuvres.

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    Are Raw Egg Whites In Cocktails Safe

    Not sure about using raw egg whites? I cant make this call for you but Ill tell you I do it all the time. Use fresh eggs at the very least. If youre still weirded out by it, you can use pasteurized liquid egg whites sold in a carton. This will reduce the risk of food-borne illness from consuming raw egg. As always, consume at your own risk.

    Are Granite Whiskey Stones Safe To Use

    Egg White Whiskey Sour : 5 Steps

    Without a doubt. In addition to using whiskey stones in cookware and countertops, soapstone and stainless steel are also safe materials for whiskey stones. You can drink your whiskey without worrying about soapstone releasing chemicals. As long as you use the stones carefully, there is no risk of breaking your glass.

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    What Type Of Whiskey Should I Use

    Like many whiskey cocktails, this recipe is traditionally made with bourbon. It has smooth flavor and is very easy to sip. Its incredibly versatile a flavor chameleon.

    Since this cocktail is flavored with lemon, you really can use any type of whiskey you have handy, or prefer. Scotch, Irish, Canadian, Tennessee, Japanese, malt, rye. Your drink, your rules!

    Best Practices: For A Perfect Whiskey Sour Use High

    To create any sour-style cocktail, all you need is a base spirit, citrus, and sugar. Its a simple formula, yet perfecting simplicity is incredibly nuanced especially when it comes to crafting an age-old classic like the Whiskey Sour. The cocktail has taken on various forms over the years, but the common version served at bars today is made with the preferred whiskey of the day, bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white a later addition to the classic sour.

    The sour cocktail derives from the punch the monarch of all cocktails, and a popular drink style originating in the 1600s. According to drinks historian David Wondrich, the punch cocktail had a long history that started with British sailors who turned to making mixed drinks with local ingredients after their beer spoiled while sailing in the tropics. Nearly 100 years later, the cocktail-trendsetting British sailors accidentally created the sour cocktail as well by mixing the citrus juices that they were drinking to prevent scurvy with whichever spirits they had on board at the time. But it wasnt until the 19th century that the Whiskey Sour came into vogue.


    We chatted about the dos and donts for crafting the best Whiskey Sour with modern bartenders who have some strong opinions on which whiskey to use, whether or not egg white should be included, and more. By following these five tips, youll be on your way to mastering the Whiskey Sour and its variations in no time.

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    Why And How To Dry Shake A Cocktail

    The reason you dry shake a cocktail is to foam up the egg white and to get all of the ingredients meshed together. A dry shake is just shaking your cocktail ingredients in a cocktail shaker WITHOUT ice for at least 30 seconds, longer if you can. Your arms will be screaming but your cocktail will thank you. After you dry shake, add ice to the cocktail shaker, and you wet shake for another 30 seconds or more.

    Shake Up The Whiskey Sour Two Ways

    HOW TO MAKE A WHISKEY SOUR WITH EGG WHITE | Whiskey Cocktails | Rob’s Home Bar
    • Prep Time:3 minutes
    • Serving Size:1cocktail each


    • 3/4ounce1:1 simple syrup
    • eggwhite


    For the whiskey sour:

  • Combine liquid ingredients into the small shaker tin and egg white into the large tin separately.
  • Dry shake without ice for 10 seconds, then add ice to the tins and shake again for 10 seconds.
  • Strain into a sour glass and garnish with a dash of Angostura bitters across the foam.
  • For the Rattlesnake cocktail:

  • Combine liquid ingredients into the small shaker tin and egg white into the large tin separately.
  • Dry shake without ice for 10 seconds, then add ice to the tins and shake again for 10 seconds.
  • Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with lemon peel.
  • Find more whiskey sours on Food Republic:

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    Jura 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

    Scotch purists are going to hate this one but hey, its your cocktail and no one can stop you experimenting.

    If youve not delved into the world of Scottish whisky before, this is your perfect opportunity.

    The cold, harsh sea air which slowly replaces the angels share of the barrel as it ages simply cannot be replicated by the warm, dusty climates of the American midwest.

    As such, this whisky will give your whiskey sour a totally different flavor and bite to what youre used to, and that isnt a bad thing. Dont worry though, even if it is aged on the remote Scottish Island of Jura, its still done in used American bourbon casks, so the taste wont be totally alien.

    The cardamom and cinnamon palette of this whisky combine beautifully with the lemon and frothy egg white of the sour to hit your mouth with an exotic blend of flavours, giving you something slightly different from your standard, expected cocktail.

    Dont be afraid to experiment, and see firsthand why the Jura 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch is one of the best whiskeys for a whiskey sour.

    Calories In A Whiskey Sour

    Calories calculations in a whiskey sour can vary greatly, depending on the exact ingredients and measurement of ingredients used. Most of the calories in this drink come from the whiskey. There are about 64 calories in 1 ounce of whiskey, and this particular whiskey sour recipe has over a little over 200 calories.

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    Why Egg White In A Whiskey Sour

    I know using raw egg in any recipe can spark concern! You absolutely dont have to use egg if it makes you uncomfortable. If youre curious about why a whiskey sour uses egg and would like to try it out yourself, keep reading!

    The possibility of a raw egg making you sick actually comes from the bacteria on the outside of the shell- not from the egg inside. To mitigate this issue, you can use pasteurized eggs.

    Egg whites are used traditionally in whiskey sours to give them the classic foam on top of the drink, and almost creamy consistency as you sip, balancing out the lemon.

    What Whiskey Is Best For To Use

    Hack Your Cocktail: Bartender Tips for Better Sips

    Really any decent bourbon or whiskey work great for your whiskey sour. I really enjoy wild turkey in my whiskey sour. It has a great, smooth flavor profile and is affordable. Or if you want to splurge you can get a premium bottle. Some other brands that are good in this cocktail are Evan Williams and Old Forester.

    Whiskey Advocate calls the Whiskey Sour the essential whiskey cocktail. Its universal simplicity and elegance are making a comeback.

    Versatile and delicious, it has a long history and dates back to the very inception of mixology! Even better? Its so easy to make you can quite easily try it at home. And youll definitely be able to order it at any bar you visit. What goes best? Weve looked at five classic whiskeys that will change the flavor profile of your cocktail from bourbon to rye, to even smoky scotch!

    Whether youre thinking of ordering it at your next happy hour or want to add it to your home cocktail bar, well give you a run-down of everything you need to know about Whiskey Sours.

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    Russells 10 Year Reserve

    This 90 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon packs a punch.

    Theres no getting around that this is one of the dearer whiskeys on our list, but its worth every penny. Tobacco and seasoned oak are balanced out by notes of caramel and vanilla in what is the absolute standard for a bourbon.

    What the Russell 10 delivers is what every other bourbon aspires to be. If youre a whiskey aficionado, then this might actually be the best whiskey for a whiskey sour, and certainly the best bourbon.

    The price tag here is the only thing stopping it from stealing the top spot from the Elijah Craig Small Batch but, if youre able and willing to make the investment, this is your pick.

    You Can Put Red Wine In It

    A barspoon of red wine not only adds a glorious glow to your Whiskey Sour, it also provides it with a slightly altered moniker, aka the New York Sour, and more important adds to the drinks balance. A dry red wine cuts through all that acidity and balances it out, says McCoy. His recommendation: a red with medium tannic structure, like sangiovese or merlot. He also likes to play around with other wine-based aromatized and fortified wines, like vermouth, sherry or amaro.

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    What Not To Do When Making A Whiskey Sour

    Dont slack on the shaking.

    There is something to be said about the importance of the technique and glassware for serving a Whiskey Sour. To be served perfectly it must both be shaken well, and shaken to completion, to achieve perfect dilution. If you opt for a rich-bodied Whiskey Sour with an egg white, the technique must be focused as the shaking comes in two parts: the wet shake and the dry shake .

    It is important to have the proper head of foam , Abalos explains. Generally when we do training on shaking egg white cocktails, we tell bartenders to pay attention to the sound and feel of the tin. If it still sounds clanky it is not ready you want it to feel and sound like a tennis ball is in your tin.

    Start with a vigorous wet shake to emulsify the ingredients and add the necessary dilution to balance the cocktail. Then, dry-shake to further dial in the texture, adding to the frothiness of the Whiskey Sour.

    Many bartenders will serve a Whiskey Sour in a rocks glass over ice, even though both Wall and Abalos make the point that it is meant to be served up. While both methods yield a delicious sour, serving the Whiskey Sour over one large cube is our recommended serve as it dilutes slowly due to the ice employed, and keeps your cocktail chilled over the drinking session. If you opt for it up, however, a Nick and Nora glass is your best service vessel.

    Dont forget to garnish the cocktail.

    A Perfectly Balanced Whiskey Sour Without Sugary Sour Mix This Recipe Blends Whiskey Lemon Egg White And Maple Syrup


    Im a whiskey girl THROUGH and THROUGH but honestly, when my hubby starts pouring his Manhattans, I just cant hang! Theyre too strong for me. Not cool, I know, but I am who I am. So, I started leaning into a whiskey sour last year and Ive finally got the recipe where I want it. And DANG are they good!

    The whiskey sour is the perfect transitional and year-round drink because its cozy from the healthy glug of whiskey, but its perfectly bright a zippy from all of the lemon in there.

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    These Are The Best Bourbons For A Whiskey Sour

    So there we have it, the best whiskeys for a whiskey sour. Real classics with which you cant go wrong, and some leftfield options to give your whiskey sour a new lease of life.

    If youre on a budget, go for the Four Roses.

    If youre willing to splash out, pick up a Russell 10, and if you want a happy medium, Elijah Craig Small Batch is the best all-around whiskey for a whiskey sour.

    But dont be scared to push the boat out with some cherry or even honey-flavored whiskey to give your cocktail a totally new feel.

    To Add In Egg Whites Simply Add 1/4 Oz To The Rest Of Your Ingredients In The Shaker Before Mixing

    And you might want to skip pouring over ice if you are adding eggs, many drinkers feel ice cubes, and egg froth doesnt mix. Ice can also cause the egg proteins to break apart too quickly. Instead, try shaking with ice and pouring straight.

    You will want the egg whites to be shaken with all the other ingredients*. Otherwise, you miss the point. Shaking blends the eggs and froths them up!

    *There is some argument about this method. There are those who say you should dry shake the eggs first to froth them up, wet shake the other ingredients separately, and then combine. I say no. Blending them together is half the fun! But it is up to you.

    Personally, this is my favorite version of a Whiskey Sour. I first experienced it in a little speakeasy in Rochester, NY. Its hidden behind a padded door. Its dimly lit. The bartenders wear bowties. And they prepare drinks the old-fashioned way.

    I ordered a whiskey sour and was presented with this frothy white mixture that I stared at in horror for a moment or two. Until I tried it and realized Id been doing Whiskey Sours wrong my whole life.

    So definitely give it a shot. Its worth it.

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    Do I Have To Use Egg Whites

    No, you dont have to use an egg white. The egg whites are used to create the foam top on the drink but you could use a cocktail foamer instead.

    Egg whites are usually perfectly safe to add to your cocktails however if you are at all concerned about using them, then you could pasteurize them or you could use a cocktail foamer instead.

    Whats The Difference Between A Whiskey Sour And An Old Fashioned

    Whiskey Sour with Egg White â A Couple Cooks

    The difference between an old fashioned and whiskey sour is that the whiskey sour contains citric acid. The other ingredients in both of these classic drinks are not the same, but both contain whiskey. The following ingredients are in an Old Fashioned cocktail: whiskey, bitters, sugar cube but not fresh lemon juice or egg white, just as in a whiskey sour.

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    How Do I Make It

    Want to know how to make a sour whiskey cocktail? Simply follow our easy instructions.

    Get your cocktail shaker and add in 50ml of whiskey, next add 50ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, now add 25ml of simple syrup and finally, if you are using one, 30g of egg white.

    Firmly secure the top of your cocktail shaker and dry shake vigorously for approximately 30 seconds. Its very important to dry shake as this is what acheives the wonderful frothy top.

    Open up the top and then add ice, just a handful of ice cubes will do. Then once again firmly secure the top as its time to shake again, and shake vigorously for approximately 45 seconds.

    Open the cocktail shaker place your Hawthorne strainer over the top and then carefully double strain the liquid into your glass.

    If you like, garnish with Angostura bitters and a maraschino cherry.

    Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your whiskey sour drink!

    How To Make A Whiskey Sour

    The egg white makes the shake in the whiskey sour extremely important. First, well do whats called a dry shake. Dry shaking is shaking cocktail ingredients with no ice.

    This will help break down the proteins in the egg white and make them foamier and silky smooth. If you shake with ice first and only, it tends to dilute the egg whites and makes them more watery.

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    The Classic Whiskey Sour Recipe

    Few drinks are as iconic as the whiskey sour. Perhaps owing to its three-ingredient simplicitywhiskey, lemon and sugarthe cocktail has remained a mainstay in American drinking culture for over 150 years. While variations exist, the sour as we know it today is thought to have been codified around the same period as the Old Fashioned, during the mid-1800s.

    At its most basic, a sour is an umbrella term for a number of cocktails that include a spirit, lemon juice, sugar and water for dilution, usually in the form of ice. The combination is said to have been popularized by British sailors as far back as the 1600s, who sought to fend off scurvy on long journeys by creating punches using spirits and citrus.

    While gin, rum and brandy were popular in early sours, whiskey became the spirit of choice after the drink took hold in America. Its first known recorded mention dates to a January 4, 1870 edition of a Wisconsin newspaper, the Waukesha Plaindealer, in a satirical article written by Terence McGrant, a fictional character created by politician and writer George W. Peck who purported to be an Irish cousin to U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant.

    Then may God have mercy on your sowl, says I, taking a drink out of me cousins glass.

    Amen, says the Methodist, as he ordered another whisky sour.


    • ¾ ounce fresh lemon juice
    • ½ ounce simple syrup
    • Lemon twist, thick cut, for garnish


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