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Where To Buy Tennessee Legend Whiskey

What’s The Difference Between Tennessee Whiskey And Bourbon

Virtual Tasting – Uncle Nearest Tennessee Whiskey

In terms of production, the difference between Tennessee whiskey and bourbon is the requirement for Tennessee whiskey to be produced in Tennessee and undergo the Lincoln County Process. In terms of flavor, bourbon generally tends to be a bit sweeter, but that is far from universal: Most differences in taste and aroma between bourbon and Tennessee whiskey depend on the brand, mash bill, and length of aging, not the state of production. Both, however, are examples of truly great American whiskey.

Collier And Mckeel Tennessee Whiskey

The distillery of Collier and McKeel is located in Nashville, and in the same structure as the distillery of Corsair. Collier and McKeel strictly follow the Lincoln County Process. It thus labels this product as the true Tennessee whiskey.

This whiskey is made from a mash of corn , barley , and rye . This 84 proof whiskey has no age statement, however.

People dont buy whiskey for the packaging, but it is worth noting that this Tennessee whiskeys black background gives it a standout look. There is a brief description of the history of the distillery and the Lincoln County Process. The proprietor, Mike Williams, even puts his thumbprint on the bottles.

The whiskey takes the typical caramel to mahogany color when in the bottle. When poured in the glass, it takes on a light mahogany color. Youll then smell a sweet, bourbon-like aroma. There are also traces of a woody scent.

Taste is the strongest point for this Tennessee whiskey. It is a bit spicy with a noticeable trace of sour mash. You will also love its smooth and sweet finish that is reminiscent of honey. And there is a faint metallic kick at the end.

George Dickel Barell Select Tennessee Whisky

This is perhaps the best example of how good Tennessee whiskey can be. A staple among drinkers of Tennessee whiskey, it is distilled by George Dickel & Co. which was established in 1870. The company is one of the top 2 distillers in the world the other is its fierce rival, Jack Daniels.

George Dickel Barrel Select is crafted from a mash of corn , malted barley, and rye. It comes in a rectangular bottle topped by a wood and cork stopper. Its contents bottled at 86 proof, the whiskey is aged from 10 to 12 years. It is presented nicely with an amber coloring in a glass but has a dark bronze coloring while in the bottle. Speaking of the bottle, it has a fold-style script up front with a simple playout giving it an antique feel. The only real issue youd have with the bottle is the neck wrap that is quite hard to remove.

Crafted from 10 various barrels, this whiskey has a light smoky and sweet taste. There are hints of corn, vanilla, and oak grain and subtle traces of mint and allspice. It glides down the throat smoothly. Youll also notice the moderately spicy kick towards the end.

Here are some of the top scotch whiskeys under $250 you cant go wrong with. Check them out.

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George Dickel Rye Whisky

Heres another George Dickel offering which surprisingly has a relatively affordable price despite being considered a top-tiered spirit. Made from a mash of rye and malted barley , plus fermented with yeast. It should be noted that the rye is chilled and filtered through charcoal composed of sugar maple wood.

Distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, George Dickel Rye Whisky has a noticeable and approachable nose. When poured in a glass, it takes on a light gold color. Youll notice the sweetness of vanilla, marshmallow, fallen leaves, and lightly charred wood. There is also a subtle hint of grilled peaches. Thanks to the rye, it finishes with a fiery kick that contains little heat.

But perhaps the most glaring positive about this whiskey is its price. For less than $30, it is very affordable for its quality. Its high rye content is unique among its peer at a low price point. Delivering enjoyable sipping rye for such a low price, the George Dickel Rye Whisky is hard to beat.

How To Shop For Whiskey

Tennessee Legend Small Batch Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey 750ml

In shopping for the best whiskeys from Tennessee, keep in mind that price reflects quality most of the time. Affordable whiskeys are good enough for everyday drinking. Youd be wise enough to use them for whiskey cocktails. But the high-end ones are commonly reserved for your special guests. But speaking of cost, you should be aware that prices of whiskey may change over time. A limited edition bottling may become more expensive as its supply diminishes.

You should also decide on how you plan to use whiskey for. Would you be drinking it neat? Or do you plan to pour it in a glass full of ice? Would you be using it in a cocktail? Or perhaps use it for cooking? If youre not a big fan of this spirit, then you can go ahead and buy a single bottle for all purposes.

But if you enjoy different flavor profiles, then you should consider investing in a few different bottles. So, if you are using it for cooking, then perhaps buying a bargain bottle should be enough. Mid-range bottles are recommended for cocktails. And obviously, you should be ready to pay more if you want a more elegant drink.

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What Is Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee whiskey is, of course, whiskey that’s distilled and aged in Tennessee. Beyond that, the law requires that it be made of a minimum of 51% corn and adhere to all of the other regulations that guide bourbon production. However, unlike bourbon, it must be filtered through charcoal and aged in charred new American oak barrels .

Is Tennessee Whiskey Bourbon

Tennessee whiskey is guided by the same production and composition laws as bourbon. It’s sometimes referred to as Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey. Still, there are two requirements to making this bourbon. The first is that it must be distilled and aged in Tennessee and that it must be filtered through charcoal, usually sugar maple charcoal, in the Lincoln County Process.

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Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey

Nathan Nearest Green is said to be a slave who taught Jack Daniel himself how to distill whiskey. Legend has it that he was an African-American who came from Maryland to Tennessee and helped perfect the Lincoln County Process. He was believed to be the first master distiller at Jack Daniels distillery.

There is no age statement on this liquor, although it is believed that the whiskey is aged in barrel for seven years. This 100 proof Tennessee whiskey has a rusty copper appearance when poured in a glass.

It delivers a nose that is typical of Tennessee whiskey. There is a scent of toasted grain and vanilla bean with notes of maple syrup and wood ash. You may also notice toasted pecan note getting stronger. When you taste it, youll likely enjoy the generous and peppery heat. The finish has a lingering sweet and wood taste.

Overall, this is a whiskey that many drinkers would surely appreciate. It is well-polished with minimal harsh flavors. There is also a great balance between spice, caramel, and charred oak. It has a bold, flavorful edge that makes it very enjoyable to drink.

Here are some of the most popular high proof bourbon whiskeys on the market. Take a moment to check them out.

Heavens Door Straight Tennessee Bourbon

“Uncle Nearest” honors slave who taught Jack Daniel to make whiskey

Heavens Door distillery is based in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a venture started by musician Bob Dylan. Aside from that interesting bit of trivia, this distillery can hold its own as far as having a good collection of spirits is concerned. And this Tennessee whiskey is the perfect example.

The whiskey comes in a bottle that shows peculiar iron gates created by the legendary musician in his Black Buffalo Ironworks studio. When poured in a glass, it takes on a pale amber color.

This rich and full-bodied whiskey has a low rye content. Aged in barrel for 10 years, it has hints of maple and oak. Charcoal columns made of sugar maple trees were used in mellowing it, true to the Lincoln County Process tradition.

The nose delivers an aroma of nougat and freshly baked bread. Upon tasting, the subtle sweetness of candied walnuts and grilled pineapple is quite noticeable. And notes of steeped tobacco and cooked peaches bring forth a kick that makes for an enjoyable whiskey experience.

This whiskey has received recognition including a Gold Medal during the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Double Gold during the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition both held in 2018.

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Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select

Last but not least is this whiskey that is bottled at 94 proof. It was first introduced in the late 90s and has since then become one of the top products of the distiller. As the name suggests, this is tapped from a single barrel, meaning that bottles drawn from one barrel will have a slightly different taste from bottles drawn from another barrel.

This whiskey is made from corn, rye, and malted barley. This Tennessee whiskey has subtle notes of spice and caramel with sweet aromatics, lending a one-of-a-kind flavor in the process. The liquor takes on a toffee color when poured in a glass.

On the nose, it offers a sweet cinnamon flavor with traces of honey, black tea, and butter. You may notice a slightly nutty aroma with creamy toffee. In the mouth, it doesnt feel rough, unlike some bourbons.

What Is The Best Tennessee Whiskey

As with all matters of taste, the best Tennessee whiskey comes down to personal preference. Still, the whiskies of Uncle Nearest have become exceptionally and justifiably popular recently. And George Dickel produces many whiskies, including a Bottled in Bond expression and a delicious Barrel Select. Jack Daniels wows fans with its Gentleman Jack. The category is constantly expanding, and the range of options for Tennessee whiskey fans is as exciting now as ever.

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Whiskey Tennessee Legend Between $10 And $25

Whiskey$10 – $25Tennessee Legend

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Tennessee Legend – Small Batch Salted Caramel Whiskey

This award-winning favorite is a tasty combination of savory and sweet, combining decadent caramel with savory sea salt, a clear note of whiskey, and a hint of vanilla on the finish. It has a smooth, sweet, caramel flavor with… Read More

Tennessee Legend Salted Caramel Whiskey 750 Ml

Tennessee Legend Small Batch Blackberry Flavored Whiskey Buy Online ...

30% ABV | 60 Proof | Sevierville, Tennessee


Based in Sevierville, Tennessee, lives a craft distillery in the smoky mountains, that makes unique moonshine, flavored whiskies and cream liqueurs.


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Jack Danielss Single Barrel Barrel Proof

This Tennessee whiskey has no age statement, but it is believed to be aged for 4-7 years in new charred oak barrels.

The nose offers a nice mix of bananas and maple sugar candy with a smoky scent. Yes, the aroma of alcohol is noticeable, but it is not overpowering. Rich and inviting, it is something that is quite different from American whiskey.

As for the palate, youll notice notes of sweet caramel, burnt wood, pipe tobacco, and bananas. There is also a bit of spice and nuttiness mixing well with maple sugar candy. Its hard to pinpoint specific flavors, but you will realize that the overall mix is odd and enjoyable. The whiskey coats the mouth well with a medium weight feel.

The heat kicks in towards the finish with a spicy burn that vouches for the high proof of the whiskey. Some drinkers may find it overly hot. But if you are the type of drinker who likes a bold and spicy finish, you will love it. The heat also dissipates very quickly and leaves notes of maple sugar candy and burnt wood lingering for quite some time.

For some affordable options, check out our guide to the best-selling bottles of whiskey under $50.

The Lincoln County Process Gives Tennessee Whiskey Its Identity

A 30-minute drive from Lynchburg is Shelbyville and the former Sand Creek Farmsof Tennessee Walking Horse famewhich is now the home of Uncle Nearest whiskey. The 323-acre property is in the midst of a four-phase, $50 million build-out. A visitor center is up and running, surrounded by the sprawling farms scenic pasture land and sleek, gaiting horses. While at the visitor center guests can get a crash course on the history of Tennessee whiskey, enjoy Tennessee-centric snacks, like Moon Pies and cotton candy, at the concession stand, and visit the alcohol-free speakeasy designed to educate guests on Tennessees role in both the temperance and womens suffrage movements. Elsewhere, a barbecue restaurant, tasting room, and master blenders house make the Uncle Nearest campus a bona-fide whiskey playground.

For now, Uncle Nearest sources its whiskeymainly from Tennessee Distilling Group in Columbia, though it does have a single still in Shelbyville for small batch production and last year, the Nearest Green Still House opened its doors, meaning production will ramp up in meaningful way. Humble Baronan entertainment venue thats home to the worlds longest bar and a restaurant is also on-site.

Set right on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Chattanooga Whiskey makes bourbon, not Tennessee whiskey.

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Is Crown Royal A Bourbon

No, Crown Royal is not a bourbon. It’s a Canadian whisky, and while it’s one of the most famous and reliably excellent examples of Canadian whisky, it is not a bourbon.

Browse our full selection of Tennessee whiskey online or check out our selection of highly-rated Tennessee whiskey for a great new Tennessee whiskey to try this week!

Jack Daniels 150th Anniversary Tennessee Whiskey

How Jack Daniels Whiskey is Made | Made in Day | National Geographic UK

Simply put it, a list of the best whiskeys from Tennessee would not be complete without mentioning Jack Daniels. The impact of the brand on the liquor industry is undeniable, particularly in making Tennessee whiskey popular around the world. This specially-made Tennessee whiskey was issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the brand, so you can consider it a premium offering.

This whiskey is made with a high corn mash bill with barley and rye . It is filtered through sugar maple charcoal and then entered to slow-roasted oak barrels. This 100 proof whiskey has no age statement.

The whiskey has a light copper color when poured in a glass. It has a fragrant nose that is full of vanilla and maple. There are traces of spiced and dried citrus and toasty barrel char. The whiskey is light on the tongue and has a sweet vanilla flavor with a tart and cherry note.

But make no mistake about itthis Jack Daniels offering is really a premium Tennessee whiskey that commands a hefty price. If you are a real whiskey enthusiast, then this is something that you should have in your cabinet.

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Tennessee Steps Into The Whiskey

July 18, 2022 |

Less than a decade ago, a tour of Tennessees whiskey distilleries would have taken you to Jack Daniel, George Dickel , and family-owned Prichards, and that would have been it. Tennessee distilling remained within this small circle of three until the mid-2000sdespite the state being home to the worlds biggest-selling American whiskey, Jack Daniels, and laying claim to distilling roots dating back to 1771.

The reason for this oddity can be summed up in one word: temperance. Just prior to the Civil War, Tennessee was producing enough whiskey for the Confederate government to place a wartime ban on production in order to maintain grain supplies. In the post-war years, the temperance movement gathered steam, and by the time Prohibition was enacted in 1920, some 33 states already were enforcing their own alcohol bans. Tennessee was one of them, placing bans on consumption and production as early as 1838, but really ramping up efforts by the early 1900s. National Repeal came in 1933, but Tennessee stayed dry until 1937. Even then, distilling was allowed in just three counties: Moore, Coffee, and Lincoln. It wasnt until 2009 that the state legislature expanded legal distilling to 41 additional counties, touching off todays Tennessee whiskey renaissance.

Nashville Distillers Are Reimagining Tennessee Whiskey

All the way at the very opposite corner of the state, blues and barbecue hub Memphis has a burgeoning distillery scene of its own, bolstered by Old Dominick Distillery downtown and B.R. Distilling Co. at the citys northern edge. When it comes to whiskey, Old Dominick is known for its Huling Station range, which includes a wheat whiskey, a blend of straight whiskeys, and a straight bourbon, all of which are made in accordance with an old family recipethe distillerys namesake, Domenico Canale, was bottling whiskey under his name in the late 1800s. Though these whiskeys are sourced from MGP, a Tennessee whiskey made at the distillery and aged for 4 years is set to debut in the fall, pending ongoing supply chain issues. B.R., meanwhile, lays claim to being the oldest licensed distillery in the city , and offers up straight bourbon and rye whiskeys, both made and aged on-site.

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