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What Are The Different Types Of Tequila

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Different types of tequila explained

This tequila guide will cover what makes a tequila a tequila and go over some basic definitions so you can dazzle yourself and others with tequila knowledge. Ill provide some recommendations for tequilas that are widely available so you can begin to stock your home bar and ensure the best tequila experience for your next party or quiet night at home.

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What Is The Best Tequila For Sipping

Due to the smoother flavor of Aejo tequilas, they are regarded to be the greatest type of tequila for sipping. Aejo tequilas are matured from one to three years and are considered to be the best for sipping. Aejo tequilas are deeper in color than reposado tequilas, and they are referred to as vintage.

Everything You Need To Know About Tequila Reposado

When shopping for tequilas, you can recognize tequila Reposado by its dark, amber color. Unlike gold tequilas, Reposados dont need food colorings to get their color. The color comes from the natural aging process.

Distillers age Reposadas in wooden barrels. The type of wood used, where that wood originated from, and how the wood is processed determine the exact flavor profile of the aged spirit.

Most tequilas get aged in oak or white oak barrels made from French or American trees. In general, oak gives liquors a vanilla flavor. French oak imparts a smooth, slightly spicy flavor American oak provides both tropical and bourbon-like flavors.

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The Different Types Of Tequila Explained

Its peak margarita season, and Im here to help you choose the right tequila! Most consumers understand that tequila has to come from certain regions in Mexico and has to be distilled from the agave plant. Here are some tricks and tips to buying the right one. Only buy a product that says 100 percent blue agave. Otherwise, to legally be classified as tequila, it only needs to contain 51 percent blue agave. Your bad experience with Jose Cuervo in college? It came from the decent amount of malt liquor in their product. It isnt 100 percent blue agave.

Now, why are some tequilas different colors? Anything silver, claro, or blanco just means it was distilled and bottled immediately. Reposado tequila has been aged between two12 months in ex-bourbon barrels, and the Anejo tequila is aged between 1224 months. Whats the difference other than cost? The barrel aging smooths out some of the bite, as well as adding more of that oak flavor. Blanco and Reposado are best for margaritas, and Anejo is best for those that enjoy sipping a high-quality aged spirit. Whiskey drinkers, Im looking at you!

Heres my go-to margarita recipe.

  • 2 oz. Reposado tequila
  • 1 oz. Orange liqueur
  • 1 oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • 1 bar spoon of agave nectar

Directionsshake all the ingredients and pour into a glass.

Pro tipadd a pinch of salt into the liquid vs. rimming your glass.

Contributed by Graham Luterbach, a liquor specialist with Edina Liquor

Which Type Of Tequila Is Best

The 5 Types of Tequila: Your Guide to the Differences ...
  • The best overall Tequila is Tequila Ocho Plata
  • Lets start with Don Fulano Blanco, because he is the best.
  • Reposado of the Year: Siete Leguas Reposado
  • A*ejo that is worth trying is Don Julio A*ejo.
  • The best extra aejo is the one with the great Bordeaux pattern
  • In Fortaleza Blanco, you have the best valley
  • Casamigos Blanco is the best choice for beginners.
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    What Is The Best Tequila For Margaritas

    For margaritas, youll want to choose a lighter-flavored tequila, like a reposado or blanco tequila. Aged tequilas will give your margarita an oaky-caramel flavor. Which isnt bad, but it does make for an expensive cocktail.

    My favorite tequila for margaritas? Patron Silver. You could also go with mezcal if you prefer something smokier.

    Mezcal is similar to tequila but where mezcal can be made from over 30 types of agave plants, tequila can only come from the blue agave. Basically, all tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila.

    Whats The Best Way To Mix Tequila

  • There are no two-ingredient tequila cocktails as popular as the Tequila and Soda, and it is probably the most popular of all.
  • The combination of Tequila and Grapefruit soda
  • Pineapple juice plus Tequila to make a tequila cocktail.
  • A touch of tequila with a splash of orange juice
  • I make this drink with Tequila and Agave Syrup
  • The combination of Tequila and Vermouth is delicious
  • Mix the Tequila with the Bloody Mary.
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    The Five Different Types Of Tequila

    When talking about different types of Tequila, many would agree that there are five different types available. Some others might argue that there are, in fact, seven types nowadays. I also want to cover the two new ones, but I will do so in a separate paragraph.

    When I say different types of Tequila, I don’t mean the of-the-shelf distinction into “silver” or “gold”. I mean the actual types of Tequila, which are Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo.

    How To Drink Different Types Of Tequila

    A Guideð§To The Different Types Of Tequila. What Tequila Should You Be Drinking?

    When you are first trying tequila, you may want to try it with a wedge of lime and a small amount of salt. After every sip or two, dip your wedge into the salt before sucking it down. You dont want to use too much as it will drown out the tequilas flavor.

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    Q: What Are Some Different Types Of Tequila What Flavor Notes Would A Customer Expect From Each Kind

    I recommend using the acronym BRA to keep your tequilas in line: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.

    Starting with blanco or silver/white tequila, this is the type of tequila that has aged the least so it’s very agave-forward. Here youll have value-driven tequilas like Jose Cuervo Tradicional and Teremana, which are perfect for margaritas. Blanco tequila can get into a higher price range with Patron Silver, which has a clean taste and Tequila Ocho Plata, which recently scored 93 points in Forbes it has nice, clean grassy notes that takes it over the top for sipping, but its also great in a margarita!

    Next theres reposado, which means rested. Reposado tequilas have had a few months to a year to age, taking on a darker color and the flavors of the wood its aged in. Reposado is seen more as a sipping tequila, with top of the line brands like Clase Azul, Don Julio 1942 and Casamigos.

    Then theres Añejo and Extra Añejo tequila. Añejo tequila is aged one to three years in barrels, taking on an even darker color and richer taste than reposado. Obviously extra añejo is aged even longer anything after three years is considered extra añejo.

    Difference Between Mezcal And Tequila

    Tequila and mezcal can be considered similar because they come from the same plant: the agave. However, this is not exactly true. Yes, they start from the extraction process to the making of the liquor. However, while tequila is produced exclusively from blue agave, mezcal can come from dozens of different agave subspecies. Also, tequila can have additional notes and tones in its flavor. You cant find that kind of complexity in mezcal.

    Did you know there is a bottle with a Mezcal tequila worm inside? Dont worry is not alive. The truth is that it is a marketing ploy that works.

    Now that you are an expert on both beverages, you might wonder if is mezcal better than tequila? There is no correct answer to this question. It will depend on everyones tastebuds and preferences. Next time you visit a bar, you should order both and tell us which you like more.

    Tequila is now considered the Mexican staple alcoholic beverage, just as mariachis and charros from Jalisco are the archetypes of Mexicos music.

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    When To Use Tequila Blanco Vs Reposado Vs Anejo

    Whats the right time to use blanco instead of tequila resposado vs anejo? Which works in cocktails, and which is better sipping neat?

    • Tequila blanco has a straightforward flavor thats great in cocktails like or highball cocktails like Ranch Water.
    • Tequila reposado is fantastic in cocktails it adds a sophisticated nuance to the flavor of the drink. It makes an incredible Classic Margarita, or use it in classy spins like the Hennessy Margarita, Grand Marnier Margarita or Cadillac Margarita. Reposado adds great flavor notes to a highball drink like Tequila and Ginger Ale.
    • Tequila anejo has a dark, rich flavor and is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Dont waste it in cocktails!

    Reposado Tequila: Light Aging To Balance Flavors

    How Many Types of Tequila Are There? What Are They ...

    Reposado sees a little bit of aging in oak barrels, generally from a few months to a year which gives it a beautiful subtle golden color. This slight aging process helps to temper the strong agave flavor without masking it. On top of the agave flavor, you will notice a subtle balance of fruits, florals, and spices. Light hints of vanilla, jasmine and citrus help to round and smooth the flavor, making this spirit perfect for heavier or more complex tequila mixed drinks like a tequila old fashioned, Mexican mule and smokier margaritas with a kick.

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    What Is The Best Tequila

    Our editors have reviewed dozens of tequila brands over the last year, to come up with some of our favorite bottles, based on taste profile, uniqueness and value. And while there are a number of tequila brands that have launched in recent months , this list runs the gamut from tried-and-true brands, to limited-edition releases that youll be smart to pick up if you see them available online.

    Whether you want to sip on something smooth or just want to upgrade your margarita, here are 15 tequilas you can buy online and get delivered to your door in time for your next happy hour, dinner or party.

    Mixto Tequila Verses 100% Agave Tequila

    A tequila can be organized into two categories, mixto tequilas and 100% agave tequilas.

    Mixto tequilas are made with no less than 51% agave, with the other 49% usually being fermented sugar cane juice. The result is a tequila thats very sweet in both smell and taste. However, the flavor usually stops there.

    These mixto tequilas are often harsh in flavor, burn on the way down, and thus are inferior to other tequilas. Golden-colored mixtos are called joven or oro tequilas and have oak flavoring and coloring added. The reason these are made in the first place is because theyre affordable to make for producers and, frankly, they sell well in stores due to their low price point.

    Mixtos arent ideal and I generally dont recommend buying them. But if youre planning a big party with a tequila-based punch that has a lot of juices and flavors to help mask the mixto, then a mixto is a practical option.

    If a tequila is labeled as 100% agave, this means that the tequila in question was made with only blue agave. Generally, its recommended by most bartenders and tequila enthusiasts that you only buy tequilas which clearly state this on the label, as it will guarantee you a much better product that has a more complex flavor and significantly less burn.

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    What Is The Difference Between Joven Tequila And Blanco

    While Gold tequila is prepared by mixing a large amount of blanco with a lesser amount of aged tequila, joven tequila is made without the addition of sweets and flavorings that are frequently present in Gold tequila. The use of multiple different varieties of tequila results in a complex beverage that is evocative to blended scotch.

    What Is The Difference Between Mezcal And Tequila

    Learn about Different Types of Tequila – with Eric at Mezcal Cantina

    It is customary for tequila to be manufactured by heating the agave plant inside industrial ovens before being distilled two or three times in copper pots. Mezcal, on the other hand, is cooked in earthen pits lined with lava rocks and filled with wood and charcoal before being distilled in clay pots. Mezcal is made from the agave plant.

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    What Are The Different Tequila Types

  • In order to get a sipping tequila to your glass, you need to start with Tequila Blanco, or silver tequila, undiluted. Thats where all sipping tequilas come from.
  • Its tequila Blanco.
  • You may want to try our Gold Tequila or our Joven Tequila.
  • Taking a sip of reposado tequila
  • It is an a*ejo tequila
  • MATTE TEQUILA MONSTER, extra a**ejo.
  • Let’s Talk About Aging Tequila

    The amount of aging and the amount of agave used to make a tequila are what create the different varieties. Each variety has a different type of flavor, aroma, and price point.

    These are blanco, reposado, añejo, and extra añejo.

    Keep in mind that añejo doesnt mean best, it just means oldest. If you prefer the flavor of blanco, then buy blanco. Extra añejos are often the most expensive tequilas.

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    What Are All Types Of Tequila

  • Bottle and age tequila. Tequila blanco, whose color is silver, is the starting point for all the sipping tequilas youll see in your glass.
  • The brand Tequila Blanco.
  • You may want to try Gold Tequila or Joven Tequila
  • The best tequila to drink is reposado.
  • It is tequila made from the aejo process
  • It is extra aejo tequila.
  • Different Types Of Tequila

    What Are the Different Types of Tequila?

    Discover the different types of tequila that differ in the way they are made and aged and learn all about the various ways to serve tequila as well as the various cocktails that can be made using tequila.

    20 years ago there werent all that many tequila brands.

    Fast forward and now we have bespoke tequilas popping up all over the place. Maybe George Clooneys and Rande Gerbers massive $1 billion success spurred the movement. Who knows?

    Fancy bespoke brands aside, there are 5 main types of tequila. Thats what we cover here.

    Tequila is a regional distilled drink that is made from the blue agave plant. This alcoholic drink is made primarily in the regions surrounding the city of Tequila. Jalisco is the most famous central western Mexican state where this drink is made. In most regions of the world, tequila is served as a shot with lime and salt however, it is served neat in Mexico.

    Tequila is a type of mezcal, and both of these drinks are produced in the same region. The difference between them is that tequila can only be made from blue agave plants rather than any other type of agave. The city of Tequila is the biggest producer of the drink due to the red volcanic soil, which is well-suited for the production of the blue agave plant. More than 300 million plants are harvested from the region each year for tequila production.

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    The Different Types Of Tequila

    20. August 2021

    I am sure most of you had a shot of Tequila at least once in your lifetime. And some probably might have had a few more than that – including me. No Wonder, as Tequila is one of the most popular spirits in the world. To put the popularity of Tequila into perspective, in 2020, Mexico exported more than 270 million liters of Tequila worldwide. The majority of it went straight to its neighbor, the US.

    All Tequilas are obtained only from the piñas of the blue weber agave plant. And to be allowed to carry the name Tequila, it has to be produced in Jalisco or one of the other designated states of Tequila production like Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, Guanajuato, and Tamaulipas.

    But not all Tequilas are the same. There are two different classes and seven different types of Tequila. So I believe it makes sense to start with what Tequila actually is.

    Other Aliases: Ultra Aged

    If the producers leave tequila in the barrel a day more than three years, it qualifies as extra añejo. This ultra aged spirit category was established in 2006, making it a relative newcomer in the long history of tequila. Extra añejo must be cut with water to temper the proof, which smoothes out the final product even more. While the extensive aging and occasional peatiness elicits comparisons to well-aged scotch, no age statement is required on extra-aged agave. Given the added prestige that comes with longer barrel time, many extra añejos fetch top dollar.

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    How To Drink Tequila Reposado

    Compared to silver tequila, Reposados have more complex flavor profiles. They tend to have a heavier weight in the mouth, too. Because Reposados are aged, they also have a smoother, softer taste compared to un-aged tequila.

    These qualities make tequila Reposado ideal for sipping. The more robust flavor profile will add an extra kick to top-shelf margaritas, too.

    When it comes to adding Reposados to mixed drinks, though, the fewer ingredients, the better. You dont want to mask the unique flavors of your tequila Reposado. Let them shine on their own.

    Which Tequila Is Better Anejo Or Reposado

    The Five Types of Tequila Explained

    A tequila anejo is darker because it has been aged for at least two months, but not more than 364 days, while a tequila reposado has been aged for at least three months, but not more than three years. Those looking for a robust and flavourful tequila they can enjoy on their own will enjoy anejo tequila.

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