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Where Is Tx Whiskey Distilled

Best Things To Mix With Tx Whiskey

How to Distill Texas Whiskey
  • Sweet tea: This one is a little off-kilter, but so is the idea of Texas Bourbon whiskey. Sweet tea is one of the best kept secrets in the world of whiskey mixers, and you wont regret the refreshing, smooth flavor of sweet tea mixed with any of TXs whiskeys.
  • Lemonade: Whiskey sour is a true classic, but using lemonade instead of sour in a highball glass is the Texas way to do it.
  • Soda water: For something refreshing and a little bubbly, try pouring soda water over TX in a highball.
  • Ginger ale: Ginger ale will go with any of TXs whiskeys, but especially with TX Straight Bourbon Whiskeys strong, smoked flavor.
  • Apple cider: This one is unique enough to trick your friends into thinking youve mixed them a mixologists dream, but easy enough to keep the drinks flowing all night long.

Where Is Tx Whiskey Distilled

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. debuts its TX Blended Whiskey as its first product. Fort Worth, Texas is located in the United States. Whiskeys from other distilleries are blended with select bourbons, as well as whiskey matured in ex-bourbon barrels and distilled grain spirits.

Two Great Tastes Blended Together

They also differentiate between pure contract distilling and the more hands-on approach and access afforded to someone of Holmes stature in the insular world of Kentucky bourbon. At first they werent letting any craft distillers in there, but then it was like, Oh, its Marlene,’ Greene says. One of the things that drew me to the business originally, 30 years ago, was the camaraderie, Holmes adds.

The same primary mash bill of 70% corn, 22% malted rye and 8% malted barley is used at both sites, but elsewhere its all about becoming as multiple as possible in terms of flavors to pull from. Barrels are being aged in Texas and Kentucky, two different yeast strains are used, and different barrel char and entry proofs are being put to use as well. We know this is how you create personality and flavor, Greene says.

While Milam & Greene does offer a limited-edition Texas whiskey distilled fully on-site, and a new, larger distillery is on the way in the near future, the plan will be to continue mixing and mashing the best of both worlds. We are doing things differently than any other distillery in Texas, Greene says. And we think of our competition as the great bourbon from Kentucky. Thats our goal, to compete with that.

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Firestone & Robertson Tx Straight Bourbon

While all the offerings on our list hail from the great state of Texas, this Firestone & Robertson bourbon might be the most Texan of them all. And theres a very good and specific reason for this: the yeast they use in its creation is actually a proprietary strain that the distillery owns made from locally-sourced Texas pecans. On top of that, its also made with a mash crafted from yellow dent corn and soft red winter wheat which are both also sourced from Texas. The recipe also includes wheat, rather than barley, making this a wheated bourbon. As unique as the land from which it hails, this is a must-try for any whiskey fans interested in what Texas has to offer.

Age: 4+ Years

What Makes Texas Whiskey Different

How a Small Texas Distillery Made the World

The states temperature is also another factor that contributes to Texas whiskeys distinctive flavor. Temperatures in Texas can fluctuate dramatically during the summer months because of the states high temperatures. There is intensive evaporation, or angels share, that often is twice as much as in Kentucky bourbon barrels as a result of rapid maturation.

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Tx Whiskey Is Sweeping The Nation

TX Whiskey is part of Firestone & Robertson Distillery Co. and is the first craft bourbon and whiskey distillery in North Texas. It didnt take long for their smooth blends to catch fire and sweep the nation.

We love everything about the world of whiskey: the history, the people, the techniques, the art, the science, the equipment and the satisfaction of sharing an incredible bottle with friends. But we didnt always know that we shared the same passion or that we both wanted to leave the corporate world to act on the same entrepreneurial instinct.

We became friends a few years ago, because our kids were in the same playgroup, but neither one of us had any idea of the others distillation dreams until we both independently made plans to visit the same craft distillery to learn more about the trade.

Troy got there first, and while chatting with the owner, discovered that another Fort Worth guy had scheduled a visit the following week. Imagine Troys surprise when he found out it was Leonard.

I hear you want to get into the whiskey business? Troy said when he called Leonard later.

We think the distillery is just awesome. And we think the whiskeys were producing are exceptional. Wed like nothing better than to show you how we create them, and, of course, give you a sample of each delicious product. Please come visit us. That would make us very happy.

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Tx Barrel Proof Bourbon

Bottled straight out of the barrel, it is unfiltered i.e. no chill or carbon filtration process is employed. The flavors are super concentrated, and so they should be as no water is added to dilute the spirit.

The final proof will vary slightly from batch to batch but it is bottled at around a whopping 126 proof . The labels on the bottles are marked accordingly, along with the harvest date of every batch.

Tasting Notes

  • Gold International spirits challenge 2020
  • 92 Points Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020.

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What Kind Of Whiskey Is Tx Whiskey

Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. debuted its TX Blended Whiskey as its first product in 2008. A Texas city with a population of around 1 million. We use just a few select whiskeys from other distilleries to create this blend, which includes straight bourbon, whiskey aged in former bourbon barrels, and grain spirits.

Cocktail Recipe: Texan Sunset

The booming growth of Central Texas whiskey | KVUE

Garrison Brothers Distillery/loveFOOD

This cocktail is a whiskey version of the tequila sunrise, but with the vibrant colours of a glorious Texan sunset in a glass. It’s a zesty combination of blood orange and warming bourbon.

1.5 oz Garrison Brothers HoneyDew bourbon 1/2 oz Solerno blood orange liqueur 1/2 oz Lemon juice 1/2 oz Orange juice 1/2 oz Grenadine 2 dashes Angostura bitters

Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and hard shake. Double strain into a Nick and Nora glass and garnish with either a fresh or dehydrated blood orange wheel.

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What Style Is Texas Whiskey

Garrison Brothers Distillery/loveFOOD

Bourbon is the whiskey most associated with the US. In America, for a whiskey to be classified as a bourbon, it needs to have been made within one of the 50 states. In Texas there are a number of different styles of whiskeys made, although bourbon is the most popular.

The legal definition for a bourbon is that it needs to be made in America and the production cannot be outside of the country, says Tony Gonzales, chief marketing officer/serjeant-at-arms at Treaty Oak Distilling in the states Hill Country region. Bourbons have to use at least 51% corn, the secondary ingredient can vary and this is where distillers get creative in using barley, rye or wheat. Barley doesnt grow very well in Texas, so here its mostly rye or wheat, he adds.

The remaining grain, composition chosen by the distillery, affects the flavours of the whiskey, its colour, boldness and richness, allowing for individual producers to make whiskeys unique to its label some even use 100% corn. Bourbons must also be aged in new American charred oak barrels, distilled to a maximum of 80% abv, and enter the barrel at no more than 62.5% abv.

Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon Whiskey

Named after Treaty Oaks home, a 28-acre ranch in Dripping Springs, Ghost Hill Bourbon is one of the most interesting takes on the Texas style of bourbon, as they actually sourced the grain for the mash from Barton Springs Mill just a stones throw from the distillery. Containing a mash bill of corn, wheat, and barley and aged two years under the Texas sun in new American White Oak Char 3 Barrels, this spirit embodies The Lone Star States energy perhaps more than most others. In fact, even their limestone-filtered water is sourced from the land on which they call home. The culmination of years of experimentation, Treaty Oak should be extremely proud of this craft bourbon.

Age: 2 Years

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The 10 Best Bourbon Whiskeys From Texas

Category: Vices

Obviously, since the spirit category shares its name with Bourbon County, Kentucky and bourbon whiskey go hand in hand. However, this distinctly American style of liquor does not hail exclusively from that region. In fact, some of the best bourbons available dont even come from within the state of Kentucky. As many folks know, especially with the worldwide popularity of Jack Daniels, Tennessee is also a locale rife with superb bourbon. But it doesnt stop there head out to Utah and youll find High West, an award-winning distillery that you can ski up to if the conditions are right. There are even distillers in Alaska crafting the stuff from local ingredients.

But if youre looking for a bourbon whiskey thats imbued with the outlaw spirit and unapologetic boldness, theres plenty to be had in the great state of Texas. The largest contiguous state in the U.S.A, this western wonderland is home to some truly fantastic offerings from the shores of Galveston all the way to El Paso. Of course, if you cant head out there yourself, you can always consult our list of the 10 best bourbon whiskeys from Texas.

Aging Whiskey In The Hot Texas Sun

Texas Continues On Craft Whiskey Roll With Yet Another New Distillery ...

One of the beautiful things about making whiskey in Kentucky is its climate. On a hot day, the oak from a barrel sucks liquid into the wood, and when the temperature plunges at night, it expels the liquid creating a nice balance of interaction between the whiskey and the barrel. Texas, as a rule, is simply hot. In hot weather, the barrels influence takes on oak quickly and threatens to become overpowering. The TX team tries to mitigate this danger through a diversified barrel program involving a variety of toasts, chars, and entry proof levels. This creates a broad flavor palate, giving Ochoa a wide palate of blending stock to hit a whiskeys flavor profile.

We teamed up with the Independent Stave Company to develop proprietary toasts, Ochoa explains. We worked with the cooperage to customize different toast profiles. Then we sampled the aging stock and scaled barrels we liked for normal production.

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Tx Whiskey Canned Cocktails

In 2021 the TX brand expanded its range to include three ready-to-drink canned cocktails, all

based on TX Blended Whiskey and, initially only available in Texas.

We wanted to create a versatile product that allows TX Whiskey fans to savor our cocktails without the hassle of mixing a drink, said TX Whiskey Director of Marketing, Steve Gordon.

Where To Buy Tx Whiskey

TX Whiskey isnt mass produced. Its made in small batches and hasnt yet reached a large scale of production. You might find it in your local store if youre lucky, but its primarily sold in liquor stores around Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. If youre located in one of those states, its an almost sure guarantee to pop up in a market near you, and you might even find it in the likes of Costco and Kroger.

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A Brief History Of Tx Whiskey

TX Texas straight Bourbon Whiskey, an award-winning true American craft spirit and one of the newer brands in the USA, was founded by Leonard Firestone and Troy Robertson in 2010.

Both ex Corporate men, these two entrepreneurs, independently, had a vision for setting up a premium craft Whisky enterprise.

Though they had become friends because their children were in the same playgroup, they had never discussed their ambitions in the Whiskey line with each other.

Fortuitously, after they had both decided to visit the same craft distillery to gain a bit more knowledge on the matter they became aware of each others dreams. This led to their teaming up in a partnership and TX was born.

In 2013, at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, their 82-proof TX blended Whiskey won The best American Craft Whiskey and the Double Gold Medal award.

Having quickly established itself as a popular beverage locally, sales were confined to Texas but visitors from out of state were particularly attracted to its smooth and flavor-filled taste.

In April 2013 TX Whiskey was released in the state of Georgia, and it is now available in several other states including, Columbia, New Jersey, New Mexico, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, and Oklahoma.

In 2019, the Paris based global liquor retail giant, Pernod Ricard, via Pernod Ricard USA, acquired the TX brand and distillery, thereby adding another premium branded Whiskey to their stable,

Still Austin Whiskey Co

Made in North Texas: TX Blended Whiskey

Austin, Texas

The first whiskey distillery in Austin since Prohibition, Still Austin is about all things Texas. From the grains that go into its whiskeys to the botanicals for their rye gin, Still Austin stays true to its Lone Star roots in everything it does. A stop here is one of the fun things to do when you visit Austin.

Opened in late 2017, Still Austin is designed to showcase the craft of whiskey making, which is clear from the moment you step into the 10,000-square-foot space. Giant windows in the tasting room show everything happening on the distillery floor just a few feet away. As you sip on a selection of cocktails from the bar, youre likely to see everything from grain bags being hauled around to the distillers carefully watching over every aspect of the fermentation and distillation process, making adjustments along the way.

A tour of the distillery gives a view thats even closer up. As I visited the facility, I learned about every part of the process that goes into making their whiskeys and gin. It begins before the grains are even purchased with Still Austins owners and distillers working with the farmers to select varieties that will impart specific qualities and flavors into the different kinds of whiskeys. Then theres the fermentation process , distilling in their 42-foot-tall column still , and aging.

Fans who want to go beyond a tour can take part in whiskey making workshops, help with bottling, or even purchase their own barrel of aging bourbon.

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Tx Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished In Tawny Port Casks

A fully matured 4-year-old TX Straight Bourbon is decanted into casks that previously contained Tawny Port, in which it is then matured for a further six months.

Port is a type of red wine, traditionally very sweet, that has a rich caramel, and nutty flavor. TX source the casks from the Douro Valley in Portugal, which is known as the birthplace of Port.

The casks are made from a French White Oak species known as Quercus Robur and, are employed to age Tawny Port for ten years.

As soon as the PX Port is drained from the cask, the empties are shipped to TX where they arrive about four weeks later, thus preserving the rich flavors of fig, toffee, and toasted nuts that are locked into the Oak.

Tasting Notes

  • nose, toasted caramel, baked apple, sweet smoke, honey, cinnamon
  • chocolate, baking spices, apricot, maple syrup

Rated as 101.6 proof

Its Not The Heat Its The Humidity

They currently produce a range of different whiskeys including bourbon and rye and emphasize the use of rye as the flavor grain in their bourbons. The impact of the Texas climate is indeed felt, as with even a relatively small amount of extra aging, major improvements can be seen. The difference between Sweetheart of the Rodeo, currently a four year old bourbon release, to their Kooper Family Single Barrel Bourbon, a single barrel of the same juice aged for an extra year in what they call the powerful and moody Texas climate, is a substantial one.

Its a really simple thing for us, does it taste good? Troy says of their philosophy. Were very simple with what we do. Ledbetter is a simple town.

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Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon

Being the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas, Garrison Brothers are by far the best and only use 100% food-grade Texas corn. This completely uncut and unfiltered bourbon is personally selected by Donnis Todd.

All the whiskey bottles are further numbered by hand and signed by the master distiller himself. With a quick sniff, you will recognize sour mash and sweet pipe tobacco, and it has a taste of toffee, vanilla, and cherry.

This 135-proof straight from the barrel limited edition spirit is certainly not for casual drinking or the faint-hearted. While the cost is slightly on the higher end, savor it if you manage to get your hands on one, as they sell out quickly.

The flagship bourbon of Ironroot Republic is a must-buy for a whiskey that is less than three years old. It is rich and smooth with its nose of maple syrup, orange marmalade, and mixed red fruits. The grains are distilled in the orthodox Scottish-style pot still using French Brandy making techniques to deliver a compelling aroma and palate.

The taste is a rich caramel sweetness alongside dried red fruits and baking spices, achieved by aging the spirit in American and European virgin oak casks. While it has a bitter and quick finish for a 115-proof, the bourbon will surely be an immediate favorite for many. The distillery has come a long way through the years and winning the Worlds Best Bourbon in 2020 has only skyrocketed the fame of this Texas-style whiskey.

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