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What’s The Difference Between Whiskey And Scotch

Single Malt Vs Blended Whisky

The real difference between scotch, whiskey, and bourbon

Writing for the BBC, travel Brad Cohen explains the difference between blended and single-malt whisky:

Blended whisky, which comprises more than 80% of the market, including brands like Johnnie Walker and Dewars, is a mix oÂf malt and grain whiskies that come from multiple distilleries. Single malt, which Scottish drinkers often refer to as malt rather than whisky .

They Have Different Flavors

While both can have smokey, charred notes, Scotch and bourbon develop these traits through different means. Bourbon draws its oaky, vanilla-like flavors from the charred surface of the barrels in which it ages, whereas Scotch’s smoke comes largely from peat burned in the barley malting process. Keep in mind though that not all scotches have a peaty flavor. In fact, only two of the five Scotch producing regions are known for that signature peatiness.

Eh Taylor Straight Rye Whiskey

E.H. Taylor Straight Rye whiskey is a very dry and bold yet flavorful and robust bourbon option produced by the well-respected E.H. Taylor distilleries which guarantee the quality of their work.

E.H. Taylor Straight Rye whiskey combines the perfect blend of whole grains and rye malts that add a very light yet full-bodied aspect to the bourbon overall.

If youre looking for a premium bourbon selection, E.H. Taylor Straight Rye whiskey is the perfect selection due to its prime fermentation, and the production process can be tasted through the entire body of this bourbon which is what makes it such a powerful and popular option with many people.

E.H. Taylor Straight Rye whiskey is made in Kentucky which is widely considered to be the home of many types of bourbons out on the market.

The location and climate that E.H. Taylor Straight Rye whiskey bourbon is produced in making the perfect combination of robust flavors and undertones which are the very elements that make this bourbon option stand out amongst the crowd.

E.H. Taylor Straight Rye whiskey has a very licorice and butterscotch taste to it largely because of the type of grains and wheat products used during the production process.

E.H. Taylor Straight Rye whiskey bourbon also has a touch of caramel-corn because it uses caramel during its production process.

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How To Enjoy Whiskey

Whiskey is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed in many ways.

Most people drink whiskey straight or neat, which means by itself. Its typically recommended to drink whiskey this way at first to get a better idea of its flavor and aroma.

That said, adding a splash of water can help bring out its more subtle flavours. Additionally, you can drink whiskey with ice, commonly known as on the rocks.

If you dont like whiskeys taste by itself, you can try it in a cocktail.

Here are some popular whiskey cocktails:

  • Old Fashioned. This cocktail is made from a combination of whiskey, bitters, sugar, and water.
  • Manhattan. Made from a combination of rye or bourbon whiskey, bitters, and sweet vermouth , a Manhattan is typically served with cherries.
  • Classic highball. This drink is made from any style of whiskey, ice cubes, and ginger ale.
  • Mint julep. Typically served at derbies, a mint julep is made from a combination of bourbon whiskey, sugar , mint leaves, and crushed ice.
  • Whiskey sour. This cocktail is made from a combination of bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Its commonly served with ice and cherries.
  • John Collins. Made similarly to a whiskey sour, this drink also contains club soda.

Keep in mind that many of these drinks contain added sugars and can pack a lot of calories. Like any alcoholic or sweetened beverage, its best to enjoy these drinks sparingly.

The History: Whiskey Vs Bourbon Vs Scotch

Whiskey 101

The history behind the three types of whiskey goes back to the 18th century. Bourbon whiskey was first created in the US without many regulations, while scotch whiskey is made by distilling malted barley over peat fires , and rye whiskey must be distilled from at least 51% rye grain.

The history behind bourbon whiskey starts with how its spelled bourbon whiskey is spelled the way it is because it was first distilled in Bourbon County, which at that time happened to be part of Virginia.

The story behind scotch whiskey starts with malted barley which has been used for centuries as a key ingredient for scotch.

Rye whiskeys history starts in Pennsylvania, where whiskey was made from rye grain.

The one ingredient whiskey makers cant use is sugar this has been banned since the 1800s because it would have caused a shortage of molasses for rum producers.

The history of the different types of liquors is fascinating, and its not too hard to see why people have a preference for one or the other. It may be difficult at first, but once you get into drinking whiskey neat , on the rocks , or with club soda, youll never go back!

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Defining Characteristics Of Scotch And Irish Whiskey

There are a handful of key rules that all distillers must abide by to be granted the protected titles of either Scotch or Irish whiskey.

It wont come as a surprise that by law, Scotch whisky must be distilled and matured in Scotland. Furthermore, the maturation process must take place in oak casks for at least three years and the whisky bottled at a minimum strength of 40% ABV.

Irish whiskey has nearly the same requirements but of course must be produced on the island of Ireland and can be distilled on either side of the border. The notable exception is that Irish whiskey can be matured in wooden casks other than oak. This can seriously influence the flavor profile, but the majority opt for oak due to its hard-wearing and porous nature.

Not so much a rule, more a tradition, Irish whiskey tends to be triple distilled, giving it what some consider a smoother, more accessible taste than its Scottish counterpart, which is generally distilled twice. There are exceptions, however, with Lowland Scotch brand Auchentoshan producing triple-distilled whisky and Irish single malt The Tyrconnell distilled just twice.

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Difference Between Rye Whiskey And Scotch

Key Difference: Rye whiskey is a type of whiskey that can be used to refer to one of two things. The first one is American Rye Whiskey, which is made from rye and Canadian Whiskey, which may or may not include rye in production. Scotch or scotch whiskey is actually a type of whiskey that is processed in Scotland. The term is legally reserved to whiskey that is produced in Scotland. It is originally made from malt barley, but during the 18th century distilleries started producing whiskies made from wheat and rye.

Rye whiskey and Scotch are two different types of whiskies that are available in the market. These are completely different in terms of ingredients, taste, aroma, etc. They should not be confused as the same thing or even as simple whiskey. Rye whiskey is usually referred to as Canadian Whiskey, while Scotch is actually Scottish Whiksy.

The American Rye Whiskey, by law, is required to be distilled from a mash of at least 51% rye. The other ingredients are usually corn and malted barley. The drink must be distilled to no more than 160 proof and above 80% ABV. Similar to other whiskeys, the drink must then be aged in charred, new oak barrels before they can be sold. Rye Whiskey that has been aged for more than two years can also be labeled as straight rye whiskey.

Scotch Whisky Association classifies scotch into five distinct categories.

The Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009 set by the Scotch Whiskey Association defines scotch as:

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What Is Bourbon Whiskey

When we talk about what is bourbon, we have to mention that its distilled from corn mash and aged in new oak barrels for an average period of two years before being bottled. A key difference between scotch and bourbon whiskey is its distinctive taste which derives from using rye as well as corn in the production process.

Alcohol By Volume : Bourbon Vs Scotch

Bourbon Whiskey vs Scotch Whisky: What is the Difference?

Probably one of the most important factors to keep in mind when selecting any bourbon or scotch whisky type is its alcoholic content by volume.

The alcoholic content by volume indicator on the bourbon or scotch bottle that you choose will help you determine how intoxicating any given bourbon or scotch whisky variety is.

In order for alcohol to be qualified and considered as either bourbon or scotch, it must meet specific ABV or alcohol by volume content measurements before going out on the market.

Both scotch and bourbon have very different distillation requirements and alcohol by volume levels so its important to remember this when youre out shopping for the right scotch or bourbon variety to suit your taste buds and flavor profile.

Bourbon typically has to be distilled to no more than 80% ABV which is 160 proof and it cant be more than 62.5% ABV during the aging process. Scotch whisky, on the other hand, must have an ABV rating of less than 94.8% and it is typically aged in used oak barrels which have retained a lot of unique flavors over the years after being used to ferment several different types of alcohol types and contents.

Its important to remember the various distillation levels and fermentation processes used in making both bourbon and scotch whisky so that you can ensure youre choosing the right alcohol type for your particular taste needs and wants.

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American Malt V Single Malt Whiskey

Talking American whiskey behooves us to mention bourbon and ryes malty cousins: American single malt and blended malts. Though not quite as popular as the others, these have gained some serious popularity in recent years.

They offer a similar uniqueness to Scotch, only softer and less peaty, while paying homage to that distilling style that has been perfected over centuries now with a flair of modernity.

American malted whiskies follow a somewhat more minimal set of rules than their Scottish counterparts :

  • Malted whiskeys cannot exceed 80% ABV.
  • They must come from a fermented mash consisting of no less than 51% malted barley grain The only exception is malted rye whiskey, which must be a minimum of 51% malted rye.
  • These must be stored in new charred oak barrels at less than 62.5% ABV.
  • It may be referred to as single malt if the whiskey has been aged for a minimum of two years, has no added coloring or flavoring, and has not been blended with any other neutral grain spirits or other types of whiskeys.

These whiskeys offer a playful expression of how far and creative whiskey-making in the US has come and are quickly becoming a hot commodity for whiskey aficionados.

How To Drink Scotch Whisky

Scotch is predominantly consumed neat, without ice or mixers. A single serving of scotch is often called a dram. It can also be served on the rocks or with a few drops of water. “If you’re trying to get the most out of a whisky, I suggest trying it neat first, then adding a splash of water and see how that changes the flavor,” Allardice says.

Scotch is known for its complexity and nuance, so it isn’t often used in mixing cocktails. In most whisky cocktails , it makes more sense to use more affordable, spicier, high proof whiskey like bourbon or rye.

There are a few popular cocktails that use scotch as a base spirit, however. The Bobby Burns is a classic blended scotch cocktail made with sweet vermouth and is similar to a Manhattan. The Penicillin is a modern classic invented by Sam Ross that mixes blended scotch with lemon juice, ginger syrup, and honey syrup with a float of Islay scotch on top to add a hint of smoke.

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Whats The Difference Between Bourbon Scotch And Whiskey

The answer to this question might be common knowledge for some people, but not everyone knows how to differentiate the three.

So, what makes bourbon, scotch, and whiskey different from each other?

Malcolm Bucholtz

Consultant, Craft Distilling Industry | Author, From Field to Flask Fundamentals of Small Batch Distilling

Scotch, Bourbon, and Whisky are all distilled from grain so on the surface, one could argue that they are all closely related. But, differences do abound. These differences between Scotch, Bourbon and Whisky center around legal definitions, place of manufacture and raw materials.

What Does Scotch Taste Like Vs Other Types Of Whiskey

Pin on Two Fingers, Neat

The more important question is: what are the flavor differences between Scotch vs whiskey? Of course, Scotch is whiskey . But what distinguishes the flavor? Heres a breakdown of the major types of whiskey with the flavor differences:

  • What does Scotch taste like? Blended Scotch has a smooth flavor: malty and buttery, with a spicy finish. Single malt Scotch tastes oaky and woody, with signature peaty and smoky notes.
  • What does bourbon taste like? Bourbon has a sweeter flavor than other styles of whiskey, with notes of vanilla, oak and caramel.
  • What does rye whiskey taste like? Rye whiskey tastes grassy and peppery, with a signature spicy finish.
  • What does Irish whiskey taste like? Irish whiskey is light and fruity, with a lightly floral scent and hints of nutty and vanilla tones. The finish is smooth and mellow.

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Excellent Whiskey No Matter The Type

Its honestly hard to fathom the complexity and the long history of whisky, from its humble origins with Irish monks to becoming one of the most appreciated spirits in the world.

It is an alcohol with an arguably tumultuous past where iconic styles have almost been lost to history it was smuggled as part of illicit rum-running and has had its traditions and boundaries pushed, stretched, and tested.

Whisky is at an ongoing impasse of old versus new. To me, that makes it all the more intriguing, all the more satisfying to enjoy.

Is it any wonder why whisky is one of the most polarizing spirits? Each world of whisky offers such distinctive and adventurous perspectives to the same grains.

The only thing that matters is that each style of whisky is unique and indicative of the names they bear. Each style comes with its own regulations that maintain its identity and its quality. Each comes with their own geographical recognitionsso long as they follow those regulations.

Yet, there is one common denominator between them all: Passion. Its why we argue over which is better and why each whiskey distiller confidently boasts they have the best whisky in the world. And it is their regulations that maintain the continuity of that product, creating parameters for the passion that maintain that quality.

Whatever it is you drink, remember everything that goes into making that succulent elixir, and enjoy it passionately.


What Whiskey Is The Smoothest

  • Laphroaig 10 Year Old is considered by many to be the Best Single Malt Whisky in the World. The taste is smokey and smooth, but not as overwhelming as other whiskies.
  • You would be surprised at just how complex American Bourbon can be.
  • Im talking about Canadian whisky here
  • A whiskey that is Irish in nature.
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    Scotch Regions Of Scotland

    Scotland is the home of Scotch and five areas that bring their own take and approach to the spirit. That said, these geographic boundaries are much less significant today since the Scotchs traits and characteristics are not as exclusive to each area as they used to be.


    This is the worlds most densely populated Scotch region and is famous for its fertile glens. Pear, apple, vanilla, honey, and spice are common in Speysides Scotch which is often aged in sherry casks. However, this area is not known for its peat, which is what creates the smokiness of some Scotches.

    Highland and the Islands

    This flavor-diverse region offers a wide array of Scotches everything from light and bright to salty and malted pours. There truly is something for every palate here.


    If youre into a gentle, smooth and soft malt, youre into Lowland Scotch. This area is known for lighter-bodied Scotches in flavors of ginger, cream, honeysuckle, grass, toast, toffee, and cinnamon.


    Another island region, Islay is largely involved in Scotch production, particularly the smoky, peated type.


    Campbeltown is known for full-flavored Scotches rich in character that span a wide array of flavors. Think fruit, vanilla, smoke, salt, and toffee.

    Scotch Vs Whiskey Whats The Difference

    Whats the difference between Bourbon Whiskey and Scotch?!

    Even for the Scotch and whiskey connoisseurs among us, the differences, though sometimes subtle, can be pretty confusing! If youve ever scratched your head when it comes to Scotch vs. whiskey , this guide is for you.Learn exactly what these spirits are, their similarities, and how they smell and taste. Then, why not mix up a cocktail with each to see what you most fancy?

    When you compare Scotch vs. whiskey, they might seem pretty close. But, there are some key differences that well break down here for you.

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    Whats The Difference Between Scotch Whiskey And Bourbon

    This might be common knowledge for some, but its worth a refresher before you go out and buy a bottle. Lets start with a burning question we answered back in 2008: what makes a whiskey bourbon?

    The law. While knocking back a dram of bourbon is a decidedly carefree exercise, making it is exceedingly technical and requires that the whiskey meet a rigid set of criteria. The Federal Standards of Identity for Bourbon stipulate what is and what isnt bourbon. For a whiskey to call itself bourbon, its mash, the mixture of grains from which the product is distilled, must contain at least 51% corn. The mash must be distilled at 160 proof or less, put into the barrel at 125 proof or less, and it must not contain any additives. The distillate must be aged in a new charred oak barrel. If you distill a whiskey in your kitchen that meets all of these standards, congrats, youve made bourbon. Also, youve broken the law the ATF is probably outside your house right now.

    The main difference between scotch and whiskey is geographic, but also ingredients and spellings. Scotch is whisky made in Scotland, while bourbon is whiskey made in the U.S.A, generally Kentucky. Scotch is made mostly from malted barley, while bourbon is distilled from corn. If youre in England and ask for a whisky, youll get Scotch. But in Ireland, youll get Irish whiskey .

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