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What To Drink With Vanilla Vodka

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How To Make Vanilla Vodka

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How To Make Vanilla Infused Vodka

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Vanilla infused vodka is simple to make at home. It’s ideal as a standalone drink or for adding to a variety of cocktail mixes.

How To Make A White Russian

Now, White Russians are not a new thing for me. I have Caramel White Russian and Pumpkin Spice White Russian recipes. I love me some Kahlua. It is the perfect liquor for coffee lovers. The great thing about Kahlua is they also now make flavored versions of their liquor.

Making the perfect White Russians is more of an art than a science. Like most cocktails I make, you can use whatever ratio you prefer but I tend to do half Kahlua, a quarter vodka, and a quarter cream.

I do not use a cocktail shaker but rather pour directly into a cocktail glass. I will use a straw drink stir to sip and stir to combine the Vanilla White Russian. You can make these in a large or small glass. Just be sure to fill the glass full of ice. The key to the perfect White Russian is it being ice cold.

The best part of this cocktail is you can drink it instead of eating dessert and you will feel like you are so fancy. I mean who doesn’t look fancy drinking a White Russian.

All of you vanilla latte lovers are going to love this Vanilla White Russian! Check out the other yummy after-dinner drink recipes that are a perfect substitute for dessert.

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Apple Pie A La Mode Cocktail With Fireball Whisky And Vanilla Vodka

  • Cinnamon sticks for garnish
  • Pie crust cut-outs for garnish
  • In a large drink dispenser or punch bowl, add infused cider, cinnamon whisky and vanilla-flavored vodka. Stir to mix.
  • *If using a drink dispenser or large pitcher: Serve drinks over an ice cream scoop in brown sugar-rimmed glasses. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.
  • Good Chasers To Mix With Vanilla Vodka

    37 Cooks: Vanilla Vodka Drinks
  • Substitutes For Tequila
  • Vanilla vodka, a sweet yet earthy spirit, has strong enough flavors that the vodka can be enjoyed on its own, either as a chilled shot or on the rocks — though the idea of drinking vanilla vodka by itself might seem a little too, well, vanilla. Pairing it with a chaser, a simple alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage consumed after drinking the liquor, can help bring out the vodka’s more subtle flavors and sometimes cleanse the palette.

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    Can Vanilla Extract Be Used To Make Vanilla Vodka

    Due to the high cost of vanilla beans, it is tempting to make vanilla vodka with vanilla extract. However, the added flavor will be negligible. If you want to try it, use 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract per 1 cup of vodka. For a truer and deeper vanilla flavor, make a vanilla bean-infused vodka instead:

  • In a large jar, add three whole vanilla beans to 750-milliliters of vodka.
  • Shake daily and infuse for 5 to 7 days.
  • Remove the vanilla beans when it reaches your desired flavor.
  • Orange Cream Vodka Drinks

    Now add to that the vodka and youve got one amazing adult version of the dream or cream sicle!

    While Creamsicle is actually owned and trademarked by Popsicle, its the yummy stick treat that combines orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream. Actually according to my good friend Jennie of Pastry Chef Online, Dreamsicle-no-® refers to the combination of vanilla and orange in pretty much any form.

    So there you have it. The dilemma of whats what is solved!

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    Grey Goose Le Vanille

    Grey Goose is a well-known premium vodka brand. After seeing the rise of flavored vodkas in popularity, they introduced one to the market.

    This vodka is the star of this brand, with vanilla more of an accent flavor. It isnt as sweet and has one the highest alcohol content.

    Key FeaturesThis is:

    • The delicate vanilla aroma is balanced with bold toffee notes.
    • Premium base vodka from winter wheat

    Signature cocktail: Martini made with classic vodka

    Mix 2 ounces , Grey Goose Le Vanille, 1/3 ounce , extra dry vermouth, and orange bitters in a shaker with ice. Stir and shake the mixture. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

    How To Make Homemade Vanilla Vodka:

    EASY Passion Fruit Cocktails – with Vanilla Vodka!

    Vanilla vodka drinks are my favorite kind of cocktails. There are so many possibilities. Its super simple to make your own infused vanilla vodka and this will guarantee a clean taste with no artificial additives or flavors.

    Infused vodka recipes are super popular right now and so easy to make in your own kitchen. Infusing is simple! Just add your favorite ingredient and let the flavors meld together.

    Here is my basic Vanilla Vodka Recipe:

    • Pour 12 ounces of plain vodka in a resealable bottle or jar
    • Cut in half and then split open 2 vanilla beans
    • Drop them into the vodka, making sure they are fully submerged
    • Seal the bottle and shake well
    • Vanilla vodka will be ready to use in just a few hours for a light vanilla flavor. However, it will develop a fuller richer vanilla flavor after about 3 days. Shake occasionally while infusing and before each use.


    Store the vanilla vodka in the freezer and it will keep indefinitely. I add more vodka as I use it. The beans will last for many refills.

    If you keep the vanilla vodka at room temperature for an extended time it will eventually become vanilla extract . See our Homemade Vanilla Extract post for full details on how to make and bottle your own vanilla.

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    Is This A Drink Or A Dessert

    There is no need to categorize this wonderful cocktail made with apple cider. So is it a drink or dessert? Well, why not both! If you want something delicious to finish off your meal in style, this apple cinnamon cocktail ticks all the boxes. Its fun enough to be a perfect cocktail but sweet and rich enough to be dessert. You really do get the best of both worlds with this one!

    Pumpkin Spice White Russian Cocktail

    This cocktail adds a fun seasonal twist to the traditional white Russian, giving you a creamy drink with delicious pumpkin spice flavors. Just like a regular white Russian, youre using vodka and Kahlua as key ingredients.

    But, instead of using cream or half and half, you make this cocktail using pumpkin spice creamer. Look for a brand that you already trust, one that has a delicious flavor and doesnt rely too much on additives.

    Making a rim like the one in the image is easy. You can simply use crushed graham crackers, perhaps with a little pumpkin pie spice and sugar mixed in.

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    Baileys Martini With A Vanilla Twist

    When temps drop, and the snow starts to fall, what better way to warm up than with a little Irish cream and vanilla vodka?

    This Baileys martini with a vanilla twist is a must this season, and really any time of the year. Whether youre watching the snowfall while warming up next to a crackling fire, or hosting a party that needs a show-stopping cocktail, this baileys vanilla martini has you covered.

    A creamy easy to sip concoction with a twist of vanilla and subtle notes of chocolate make this THE essential cocktail you need to make this year. You cant go wrong with a martini this delicious, and easy to make. Just gather up your three ingredients and you have everything you need to make the seasons bright this year.

    Can You Make This Apple Cinnamon Cocktail Ahead

    37 Cooks: Vanilla Vodka Drinks

    Looking for a make-ahead autumn cocktail recipe? This one can be prepared up to three days ahead. So thats one day for infusing cinnamon into the apple juice and then you get another two days to play with. The cinnamon will be super-strong by then, so if youre a cinnamon fiend youll love it.

    I love how creamy and indulgent this cocktail with Fireball whisky and vanilla vodka gets when you pour it over the ice cream. Of course the ice cream will melt a little when coming into contact with the cocktail, and release a wonderful creamy liquid into the glass.

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    Which Is The Best Vodka For Cocktails

    I dont have a clear answer for this one. Like anything, the vodka you use will depend upon your tastes.

    I love tasting cocktails at restaurants and if I find one I like, I try to record the vodka brand name.

    Trial and error, as well as budget constraints, will determine which vodka you use. Just make sure you use vanilla flavored vodka.

    Do You Have To Refrigerate Baileys Irish Cream

    Even though Baileys has cream in the name, you dont have to treat it the same way you would a normal cream product, and it will last much much longer than any milk product as well.

    Baileys Irish cream is actually the only cream liquor that will last up to two years, even after its been opened. How the bottle is stored, is really up to you and your personal preferences. The liqueur will keep well both in the refrigerator or on the counter at room temperature.

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    What Is A Vanilla Sky Vodka Cocktail

    This recipe starts with vanilla flavored vodka and orange curacao. Curacao, coming from the island with the same name, is a liqueur that is made with dried citrus peels that are found only on the island.

    You may be more familiar with its blue counterpart which is artificially colored to give it that ocean blue hue.

    Orange Curacao is slightly tinted or clear, the liqueur will not lend this cocktail much color.

    This cocktail is also made with almond syrup or Orgeat syrup . Orgeat syrup is made with almonds, sugar and orange flower water which enhances the vanilla and citrus flavors of this mixed drink.

    Lemon juice and pineapple juice round out the citrus in this cocktail.

    *** Thanksgiving Recipes ***

    How To Make Vanilla Infused Vodka

    These roasted brussels sprouts get a fair amount of spice from the crushed red pepper flakes, which cuts…

    We love how the cinnamon-scented streusel topping lets the juicy berries peek through.

    Poach quince in rosé with a dash of cocktail bitters and a few warm spices, then assemble into a tart…

    Alton Brown’s turkey brine recipe from Good Eats will give you a flavorful Thanksgiving turkey with juicy…

    Bone-in turkey breasts are easy to find, and as impressive as a whole bird when you roast them in butter…

    Leave the sausage, nuts, dried fruit behind in favor of this easy, vegetarian-friendly stuffing recipe…

    After trying every turkey-roasting method under the sun, I’ve finally settled on this as absolutely the…

    Italian sausage and a heap of Parmesan cheese lend signature flair to the easy Thanksgiving dressing…

    It’s all about the layers and ruffles in this dramatic seasonal pie.

    This recipe was handed down by my great-grandmother. It is a family favorite that we make every Thanksgiving….

    Cutting leeks into large pieces gives them a presence equal…

    This crunchy crumble is the perfect topping for an ice cream sundae, easy apple crumble, or our Build-Your-Own…

    I adapted this from a 50-year-old peach crisp recipe. Although it works well with peaches, it works even better with fresh, crisp cooking apples.

    A simple dessert that’s great served with ice cream.

    It takes a little work, but it is worth it.

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    How Long Do You Infuse The Cider

    You might be wondering how long it takes to infuse the apple cider with cinnamon flavour. The answer is it depends how strong you want the cinnamon taste to be. The longer you leave it, the stronger it gets.

    I infused mine overnight and that was perfect, but you might be in more of a rush to make this apple pie à la mode cocktail!

    If you want to make it straightaway you can even use ground cinnamon or cinnamon oil rather than steeping cinnamon sticks in the apple cider. The choice is yours.

    What Is Baileys Irish Cream

    If you havent heard of Baileys Irish cream by now, you have to go try some! Its gained mass amounts of popularity since it hit shelves in 1974, due to its creamy flavor and slight chocolate notes.

    The product is an Irish whiskey and cream-based liquor made with cocoa extract to provide the perfect blend of boozy, creamy, chocolatey goodness. It can be enjoyed on its own, with some ice, or mixed with vodka for a great Baileys martini.

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    Absolut Lime And Soda

    Lots of alcoholic drinks are high in calories, but that doesnt mean you need to avoid adult beverages all the time. An Absolut Lime and Soda only contains Absolut Lime Vodka, soda water, and a wedge of lime. Mix it in a highball glass with ice and youll have a cool, refreshing treat that wont ruin your diet.

    More About Vanilla Vodka Martini Recipes

    The Best Vanilla Vodka Mixed Drinks

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    • In your martini glass, use chocolate syrup to garnish the inside, or use chocolate shavings for the top of your drink . No judgement from me ever.

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    Cherry Vanilla Vodka Soda

    When it comes to cocktails, I love them light, refreshing and not too sweet. Whether its for happy hour with my girlfriends on my back deck or a relaxing Saturday night in with my husband, I love getting creative with mixology such as this vanilla cherry twist on the classic vodka soda cocktail.

    Made with just a few simple ingredients and low in sugar and calories, a vodka soda the perfect way to treat yourself without breaking the calorie bank. I believe firmly in moderation, which is why I created so many lighter, healthier versions of my favorite recipes such as my Skinny Grapefruit Margarita.

    Spring is the perfect time to make an afternoon more enjoyable with a flavorful cocktail. Feel free to throw in a cute straw or garnish and enjoy.

    Is Whipped Cream Vodka A Vanilla Vodka Like Vanilla Vodka

    Whipped vodka is different from vanilla vodka. They are however very similar and can be substituted for each other.

    Whipped cream vodka is named after the flavor of whipped cream. Whipped cream has a lot of vanilla flavor, but it also has more sweetness.

    Whipped Cream vodka contains no dairy products but it still has a creamy flavor that fills out the vanilla flavors.

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    Star Blu Vodka Vanilla

    A scoop of vanilla ice cream is featured on the label for this brands vanilla vodka. This is a good indicator of the sweet vanilla flavor. This vanilla flavor is among the strongest, as well as one of the sweetest.

    Key FeaturesThis is:

    • Vanilla sweetness with a touch of classic vanilla
    • American grain vodka base, distilled five times for crisp, fresh flavor

    Signature CocktailVanilla Berry Spritzer

    One ounce , Star Blu Vodka Vanilla should be poured into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Top with 2 ounces of club soda , and 3 ounces of cranberry syrup . Serve with fresh blueberries.

    Apple Pie La Mode Cocktail With Fireball Whisky And Vanilla Vodka

    How to Make Vanilla Vodka

    Apple pie is always comforting and yummy and cocktails are always fun. This recipe combines the best of both worlds resulting in the best ever apple pie à la mode cocktail. Now you can get your fill of apple, cinnamon, vanilla, and more wonderful flavours in every sip. This heady cocktail with fireball whisky and vanilla vodka packs a real punch! Its great in the fall as an autumn cocktail recipe, but I could enjoy this anytime. So lets find out some more about this apple cinnamon cocktail made with apple cider.

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    Add this autumn cocktail recipe to your list to make this fall. It would be perfect for Thanksgiving or after a day at the pumpkin patch or apple picking. It will warm your soul! You will become an instant fan of this apple cinnamon cocktail made with apple cider. You can make a single serving or a whole pitcher of the apple pie à la mode cocktail.

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