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What Mixes With Apple Whiskey

Apple Cider Whiskey Smash


An easy and flavorful Fall cocktail perfect for all apple cider fans!

I love Fall and almost all it has to offer but come this time of yearoak trees are a giant nuisance. We have several lining our driveway which basically means its now littered with acorns. Im not talking about a few here or there. That wouldnt be so bad. And its really only just starting. We have a long way to go before the trees are bare, in preparation for winter.

The only comical part about it is listening to them fall through the branches and slam into the ground. I wonder if its a sign of things to come as well, especially since theyre food for many animals. Lets hope thats not the case

In other news I went to Bath and Body Works the other day in hopes of finding a fun new fragrance. The typical perfumes and sprays at other stores are so strong or floral scented not really my thing. But, I still found myself totally overwhelmed by all of the options and scents available. Normally I just go in for soap or candles. A fragrance for yourself is a whole other ballgame. And to make matters worse, it seems like when you initially spray something, it doesnt smell nearly as good as it does minutes later. I finally chose a fun vanilla scent but I was *this* close to getting something a bit more tropical. I guess Ill hold off on that option till summer. AKA a lifetime away now.

This apple cider whiskey smash is the perfect Fall drink , especially if you love apple cider! Its a must try!

How To Make An Apple Whiskey Fizz Delicious Fall Cocktail

A refreshing and tart whiskey drink. This apple whiskey fizz is the perfect libation for fall. Get the recipe below.

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When fall rolls around and the days get cooler, you need to change your drink to something that fits the season. This apple whiskey fizz is a simple cocktail, thats easy to make and delicious to drink.

With just a few ingredients its perfect for fall, especially when apples are fresh and at their best.

Simple Sips is geared toward helping you make delicious drinks at home. From 2 ingredients cocktails to the perfect cup of coffee, find easy recipes right here. Plus, learn a little history, or cocktail knowledge, while you are at it. Your friends will be impressed with your drink making skills and insights.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey

Both Fireball and Buffalo Trace bourbon belong in the whiskey family. In addition, Buffalo Trace is also owned by the same company that owns Fireballthe Sazerac Company!

Anyone who has tasted this bourbon says it’s smooth on the palate and has well-balanced qualities. Moreover, this spirit is crafted from premium ingredients such as corn, rye, and barley.

Buffalo Trace’s brown sugar and spice notes meld beautifully with Fireball’s cinnamon sweetness. Together they make a great team. Make the “Buffalo Balls” cocktail and see for yourself!

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What Kind Of Apples To Use

Crown Cinnamon Apple Whisky Cocktail Recipe

I used honeycrisp apples from my dads tree and they are SUPER sweet, so I didnt need to add much honey to get the sweetness I wanted, but I think you could use just about any apple with a good flavor. Sour apples like Granny Smith might need more honey, but they would add another sour dimension of flavor which I think might be really nice.

The apples dont need to be perfect for this infusion. You can use apples that are wilted, bruised or blemished. Just cut out any bad bits before adding them to the infusion.

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Crown Royal Apple Salted Caramel Whiskey Drink

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This delicious cocktail is made with Crown Royal Apple, and Black Velvet Caramel Whiskey. The sweet taste of apple cider and cozy cold weather drinks resonate strongly with this whiskey mixed drink.

Smooth and delicious, this drink is perfect for parties or an intimate coze on a chill night.

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Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple Whiskey

Each sip of this whiskey manages to be sweet without being cloying, a significant feat considering its not particularly spice forward. Enjoy this new offering from Jack Daniels is best enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail. It plays best at a party, swaying non-whiskey drinkers while still impressing connoisseurs.

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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple And Ginger Ale

Mix Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple with ginger ale for the perfect sweet and spicy dram! This fiery concoction is the perfect drink for long summer nights.

Add 50ml of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple to a glass full of ice. Top this up with 150ml of ginger ale and use apple slices to garnish. Each sip of this dram will warm you up from the top of your head to the tips of your toes!

Apple Whiskey For Apple Old Fashioned

5 APPLE Jack Daniels Cocktails (Jack Daniels Apple Whiskey Cocktails) Steve the Barman

The timeless cocktail that is the Old Fashioned is made with whiskey. The thing about this drink that makes it a little different is that it uses apple whiskey instead of Rye or Bourbon. If you are wary of whiskey, or you think that you are not a whiskey drinker, this may be the way to ease yourself into becoming one. The fruitiness from the apple whiskey and the orange peel makes this drink very palatable, and something you would want to sip on all night.

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Ginger Ale Or Ginger Beer

If you have a sweet tooth but not a whiskey palate, then try the whiskey ginger. The liquors spiciness mingles with the ales sweet and bubbly undertones. With a squeeze of lime, your ginger ale is ready to go.

On the other hand, if you prefer your drink spicy, try Ginger beer. It is created by substituting bourbon for vodka or tequila. Whats the difference between bourbon and Irish Whiskey? Its called a Kentucky Mule if youre using bourbon and an Irish Mule if youre using Irish whiskey.

Top 10 Crown Royal Cocktails A Couple Cooks

The vanilla, brown sugar and oaky notes of Crown Royal work perfectly in cocktails of all kinds, from classic cocktails to modern mixed drinks. Start with the Royal Flush, developed using Crown itself, or opt for the venerable Old Fashioned thats been mixed up for over 200 years. Whatever your tastes, weve got a Crown Royal drink for you.

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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple And Lemonade

If you’re looking for a sweet and fruity expression, look no further. Try out Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple with your favourite lemonade. It makes for the perfect refreshing summer treat.

Fill up a highball glass with ice cubes and add 50ml of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple. Top this up with 150ml of lemonade. Garnish with a lemon wedge, if desired. Now, sit back and relax with this delicious concoction.

What To Mix With Apple Pie Whiskey

Big Apple Bourbon Cocktail

Apple pie cinnamon cocktail: It is considered the best when you take it during a family gathering. It shares the unique combination with fireball whiskey, vanilla vodka, apple cider, sugar, and honey. Adding this much variety of alcohol will not show your levels high. It is a little mix only.

Whiskey Apple Pie Float: As the name indicates, it will have a float of ice cream on top of it. This can also be called a DESERT cocktail as it just needs the addition of apple cider and ice cream to Crown apple whiskey, vanilla, vodka, and cinnamon. It is a favorite of many as it even offers ice-cream.

Apple pie old-fashioned: This uses a unique combination of rye, cinnamon syrup, aromatic bitters, and finally, apple blossom bitters. When you drink it, add all the ingredients into a glass of ice and stir it to drink. Add some ice cubes into the drink. Do garnish it with a cinnamon leaf to make it look appealing.

Liquid Hot Apple Pie: Have you ever tried whiskey and rum together? If no, this is the drink. It is a mixture of rum, whiskey, cinnamon, apple juice, sugar, and ginger ale. As the name indicates, this is one type of pf whiskey that can even be served warm.

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Apple Cider Vs Apple Juice

The way in which it is processed distinguishes apple cider from apple juice. However, there are times when the two are nearly identical in appearance and the name on the label is simply used for marketing.

  • Unfiltered Apple Cider: True apple cider and cloudy apple juice are made by pressing the juice from fresh apples. It’s left unfiltered, which gives it a cloudy appearance, and needs to be refrigerated to prevent fermentation.
  • Apple Juice: The translucent, golden-colored juice is filtered and sometimes pasteurized to make it shelf-stable. It may be labeled “apple cider,” particularly when mulling spices are added for flavor.
  • Hard Cider: When apple cider is purposely fermented it creates a slightly alcoholic drink . Outside of the U.S., it’s often just called cider.
  • Sparkling Cider: This nonalcoholic apple cider is carbonated. It makes a great substitute for sparkling wine when making mocktails like the baby Bellini.
  • What Kind Of Whiskey Should I Use For This Spiked Cider Recipe

    Any mid-range whiskey will work for this recipe. I had Jack Daniels Gentlemen Jack on hand after making these to-die-for BBQ sauce for slow cooker grilled ribs over the summer.


    I loved Gentlemen Jack in the drink, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand, or even substitute with your favorite bourbon.

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    Can You Mix Whiskey With Other Alcohols

    Yes. You can mix whiskey with several different kinds of alcohol, like rum, vodka and tequila, to create unique mixed drinks and exceptionally scrumptious flavors. Many recipes that involve whiskey cocktails usually require more than one type of alcohol base.

    For example, some martinis can contain both whiskey and vodka, like the Irish Martini cocktail. Or The Suburban, which contains rye whiskey, dark rum and port as well as bitters. Another drink is called Another Fine Mes, which has whiskey, tequila and orange liqueur.

    Some mixed drinks do not require the alcohol to mix together but rather layering and sitting atop one another without mixing. This is called layering.

    Layering your drink

    When you dont want the alcohol in your mixed drink to actually mix but rather layer, there is a general rule of thumb to help keep your alcohols separated. First remember to keep adding your alcohol one shot at a time. Second remember that the less the proof of your alcohol the denser or heavier it is.

    So you want to start with the liquid that has the least alcohol proof and work your way up in proof. Try not to add two alcohols with the same proof together because they may mix together.

    Crown Apple And Cranberry Ingredients

    Forbidden Fruit w/ Jim Beam Apple Bourbon Recipe

    Theres nothing easier than a delicious drink that only needs 2 ingredients. Well, 3 ingredients if you want to add garnish. This Crown Apple and Cranberry is made just like the name, except this time Ive changed up the cranberry juice. Heres what you need:

    • Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky
    • Cranberry Juice OR Cranberry Apple Juice
    • Fresh apples for garnish.

    Note: Cranberry Juice and Cranberry Apple juice are interchangeable. Ive chosen the Cranberry Apple for a little more apple flavor. Pick whichever one you prefer!

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    What Is The Flavor Profile Of Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels meets all of the requirements of an American bourbon whiskey but there is some argument over whether it is one or not .

    It is made in Tennessee using a mash bill that is at least 51% corn, along with malted barley and rye.

    It is then distilled in large copper stills.

    The distillate is aged in American white oak barrels for at least two years.

    The key difference separating Jack Daniels from other bourbon whiskeys is that it is filtered through sugar maple charcoal before bottling.

    This process strips the bourbon of some of its harsh flavorings, creating a smooth and easy-to-drink bourbon.

    This technique, called the Lincoln Country process, is why Jack Daniels is often called a Tennessee whiskey instead of a bourbon.

    The dominant flavors in Jack Daniels include caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, oak, lemon, corn, molasses, smoke, bananas, nuts, a hint of spice,

    Crown Apple And Lemonade

    By: Author Tammy

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    Sharing is Appreciated!

    Crown Apple and Lemonade is one of the best drinks with Crown Apple. Its light, refreshing and very tasty. The flavor of Crown Apple really enhances the tartness of lemonade by adding a slight sweetness from the apple infused whisky.

    One of the best features is how easily a Crown Apple Lemonade drink is modified with different ingredients to slightly change the flavor and texture to your liking. These 4 Crown Apple and Lemonade recipes are all so delicious, its hard to pick a favorite!

    Crown Apple and Lemonade drink.

    Drinks with Crown Apple are simply delicious! Crown Apple is a very smooth flavored whisky that mixes well with so many mixers. For a refreshing summer cocktail, Crown Royal Apple and Lemonade is a perfect combination.

    The sweet and tart lemonade with apple whisky adds just the right amount of fruity flavor to the cocktail. If youre looking for more fruity drink recipes, try this yummy Crown Apple and Cranberry drink.

    Check out these 4 different Crown Apple and Lemonade recipes. Each one creates a different flavor or texture and all are delicious.

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    How To Make An Apple Whiskey Sour

    If you dont have simple syrup on hand already, itll take you only a few extra steps to whip some up. Heres how I make my simple syrup.

  • First, combine 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water in a small saucepan over medium heat.
  • Next, stir constantly until all the sugar has dissolved and the solution has become slightly thicker.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and allow the simple syrup to cool completely before using it in any drinks!
  • Once your simple syrup is made, its time to make some yummy Apple Whiskey Sours! They couldnt be any easier to make! Scroll down for the simple printable recipe!

    For an extra fancy look, I love to garnish my glasses with a thin slice of apple and lemon!

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple

    Apple Bourbon Mojitos

    The key ingredient in this cocktail is Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple. Jack Daniels makes liqueurs in a variety of flavors, in addition to its staple Tennessee Whiskey.

    This bottle is actually an apple flavored liqueur blended with whiskey. The flavor is smooth and crisp and not overly sweet. Jack Daniels is definitely well adept at making flavored whiskey.

    Their honey whiskey is one of my all time favorites and can be used in so many cocktails. This honey whisky iced tea is perfect for cooling off and winding down, it blends the sweet flavor of honey with a crisp unsweetened tea.

    Todays cocktail is made with mixers to enhance and compliment the apple flavor.

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    How Strong Is This Crown Royal Cocktail

    You can add more of this flavored whiskey to your cocktail if you prefer a stronger taste then add a splash more. Weve kept the measurements here on the lighter side if you dont care for a strong whiskey flavor.

    Crown apple is made from regal gala apples that give it a crisp apple flavor like I mentioned before so the cranberry juice is going to go really well with this whisky. Like bubbles? Add a splash of unflavored seltzer on top to give this cocktail some fizz!

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