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What Liquor Goes In Mojitos

An Easy Mojito Recipe

How to Make a Mojito Cocktail Home | Pro | Expert

Minty and refreshing, Mojitos are a great light cocktail for sipping by the pool in the summer months while you soak up the sunshine with friends! They may not be the first cocktail to pop into your mind as being perfect for picnics and BBQs but turning this cocktail into a pitcher of drinks is super simple, too. You can do all of the prep work in advance, so you just need to pour over ice and add soda later.

Are Mojitos Bad For You

Previously, weve discussed the finest rum for mojitos and the best tequila for margaritas, but now its time to talk everything about VODKA! You may use whichever vodka you choose, but these are always excellent choices for creating a fantastic cocktail experience. You should go to Titos if you want a Vodka Mojito that tastes like the original rum-based version of the drink.

Denizen 3 Year Aged White Rum

The Netherlands is the last place you might imagine to have a long rum blending tradition, seeing as the country grows no sugarcane. But 300 years ago, the nation controlled nearly the entirety of the Caribbean islands. Denizens aged white rum is a direct descendant of this history, and the best example of a Netherlands-style rum blend, with spirits from Trinidad and Jamaica. A clean and clear backbone of white rum is accented with small touches of unaged overproof rum, giving a long finish and strong fruity character.

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What Alcohol Is Best For Mojitos

The 5 Best Rums for a Mojito

  • Bacardi Silver Rum is a rum produced by Bacardi. Bacardi Silver Rum is perhaps the most well-known of them all, and its the perfect addition to your Mojito. Other rums to consider include: Appleton White Rum, Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum, Cruzan Light Rum, Mount Gay Eclipse Silver Rum, and others.

Muddle The Mint Then Shake

The sweet pineapple juice is a great combination with a traditional ...

All youve got to do for a vodka mojito? Muddle the mint, add the ingredients, and shake until cold. Muddling is gently mashing herbs or fruits to release their juices. Heres more about the process for making this classic drink:

  • Use a cocktail muddler. Heres a great cocktail muddler, or you can use an unfinished wooden spoon.
  • Muddle the mint first. Gently mash the herb to get out all the oils. Do this right in the cocktail shaker.
  • Add the drink ingredients, ice and shake! Then strain out the drink into the glass. Dont have a cocktail shaker? You can use a glass jar with a cover .

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What Tools You Need To Make Mojito

You wont be needing a cocktail shaker for this one! Grab a jigger, a bar spoon, and a tall glass or collins glass for this Mojito cocktail recipe. Its super easy for the home bartenders.

Add sugar and lime juice to a glass. Next, add fresh mint leaves into the glass. Using a muddler, muddle the ingredients gently to extract the essence of mint. Add ice cubes or crushed ice to the glass. Then, pour white rum into the glass and top it with sparkling water. Throw a few lime wedges into the glass and garnish it with a fresh mint sprig. Bottoms up!

Does Eggnog Have Gluten

Eggnog is gluten-free, but like with everything, you should always double-check the ingredients before serving. Eggnog purchased from a store is often produced using milk and cream, sugar, occasionally corn syrup, egg yolks, nutmeg, and various natural flavorings and gums to get the desired consistency.

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Use Rum Youd Drink Straight

Using a flavorless rum only makes the drink taste like a boozy, mint soda, David Mor, beverage manager, Cindys, Chicago, says. You dont have to blow your budget on a top-shelf bottle, but you should use a rum you like the taste of straight. The sugar, citrus, and mint adorn the spirit in this drink, they dont mask it.

Mojitos traditionally call for white rum, but you can certainly swap in dark, aged varieties. I like to use a dark rum to add a little bit more flavor, Kenneth McCoy, chief creative officer, Public House Collective, NYC, says. Whatever age statement or flavor profile you choose, remember that the spirit will be the most powerful flavor in your drink.

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Bayou Silver Rum Best American White Rum

Classic Mojito – Tipsy Bartender

Do you know which ones the best American-made flavors of white rum ever? Bayou Silver!!

Bayou is the purest and cleanest tasting rum that is filtered thrice with fresh water to bring out the goodness in every sip.

Although this rum is good to go straight but tastes even better when mixed with other drinks like mojitos, coconut, or even your sweet tea.

Price: $20.89

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What Alcohol Is In Pina Colada

Light rumPiña colada/Main alcoholIngredients for Making Piña Coladas RUM: Rum is the base alcohol. Choose a white rum for this cocktail, rather than the more strongly flavored aged rums. Mount Gay is a smooth and affordable option. COCONUT: For the coconut component, use cream of coconut.

Where can I buy Bacardi mojito?

Bacardi Classic Cocktails Mojito, 1.75 L

Can mojito be bottled?

For a bottled mojito: light rum. 1 oz mint syrup. . 5 oz water.

Can you use Malibu for Mojito?

Muddle the mint leaves and lime juice in a glass. Pour in Malibu and some ice, then top up with soda water and enjoy!

What goes well with mojitos?

Sharply flavoured rum cocktails made with lime such as classic daiquiris and mojitos are perfect pairings for seafood. Think shrimp/prawns, fish tacos and raw fish preparations such as ceviche. Sweeter pina coladas rum, coconut and pineapple are great with chicken, especially fried chicken or chicken satay.

What does Coloda mean?

a tall mixed drink of rum, cream of coconut, ice, and fruit or fruit juice, usually mixed in a blender and served with a fruit garnish. banana colada. strawberry colada.

How To Make A Dark Rum Mojito

Okay, lets make this delicious dark rum cocktail!

Youll start by cutting a lime into eight wedges. Squeeze four of the wedges into a Collins glass , then drop the wedges into the glass.

To the lime, add three level bar spoons of raw sugar and one ounce club soda. Then, use your muddler to press and twist the ingredients together a few times.

Keep in mind that youre simply trying to extract the liquid from the lime and combine it with the sugar. You want to avoid pulverizing the limes, which will make your drink taste bitter, so dont go overboard.

Because raw sugar has large crystals, you will most likely have some remaining crystals in the glass at this point. I actually like this, but if you dont, you have couple options:

  • Use your bar spoon to vigorously stir the juice and sugar together until better dissolved.
  • Instead of using sugar crystals, make a simple syrup with equal parts raw sugar and water. Heat these two ingredients in a saucepan over medium, stirring until the sugar is dissolved, then cool before using.
  • Tip: this drink only uses half a lime. Save the rest to make another drink for yourself or for a friend.

    Next, youre going to add the mint, and Im going to show you a clever way to do it!

    While most Mojito recipes have you muddle the mint with the other ingredients, this can lead to a bitter drink if youre not careful. And of course, all those little mint pieces have to go somewhere usually your teeth .

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    How To Make A Mojito

    First, youll want to fill your glass with ice. Then, add the mint, rum, lime juice and sugar to a cocktail shaker .

    Next comes the most important part releasing all the minty fresh flavor! To do this, grab a cocktail muddler like this and firmly press down on the leaves and twist a little. Do this a few times until the leaves are super fragrant, but make sure not to totally tear apart the leaves. You dont want them turning into mush.

    Once thats done, shake all the ingredients together and pour into the glass full of ice. Fill it up the rest of the way with some club soda and drink up!

    Thats it! So easy, so refreshing, and so good! I promise youre going to want to make this all the time.

    Best Rum Aged More Than 20 Years: Appleton Estate 21

    Get the Summer Party Started With This Mason Jar Mojitos Recipe

    Courtesy of Reserve Bar

    Region: Jamaica | ABV: 43% | Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Banana, Pineapple

    This bottle is a bit of a splurge, but its well worth the expense. Aged for a minimum of 21 years, this Jamaican rum is not overly tannic or bitter. This is one of my favorite rums in the market, said Gonzalez. It has a big body with tons of stewed fruits and rich molasses.

    This rum does a great job at creating a complex flavor that walks the line between an aged rum and a younger dark rum. No sugar is added to the spirit, and none is needed, as master blender Joy Spence carefully selects the liquid that fits the distinctive flavor profile of Appleton Estate.

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    In Cuba They Muddle And They Dont Use Simple Syrup

    The whole thing with the Mojito in Cuba is theres no simple syrup, says Paul Menta, the owner and distiller of Key West First Legal Rum Distillery. Menta, a chef who teaches a Mojito class six days a week in his tasting room, has even scored time behind the stick at Havanas La Bodeguita del Medio, the bar that claims to be the Mojitos birthplace . There, Menta learned the importance that using granulated sugar and muddling plays in the drink. When crushing the sugar granules, youre also crushing mint, and from that action, the oils come out. The fresh lime juice then creates a chemical reaction and mixes with the chlorophyll in the mint and kills some of the bitterness.

    La Bodeguita del Medio

    How To Make A Mojito Without Alcohol

    One of the most popular and fashionable cocktails is, without a doubt, the mojito. Although the original version of this Cuban-origin drink is made from lime, mint, sugar, soda and rum, it is also possible to prepare a variant that does not have alcohol, ideal for the whole family. You ask yourself how to make mojito without alcohol? Well, if you want to know how to prepare it, pay attention to the step by step of this UNCOMO recipe. It is very simple and you can do it at home in just a few minutes.

    15 minutes

    Steps to follow:

    The first step to making this delicious mojito without alcohol is wash the spearmint or mint leaves, the ones we like the most, and place them in a container next to the brown sugar. Now, with the help of a pestle, lightly beat the two ingredients so that their flavors begin to mix.

    On the other hand, wash the limes well and cut them into quarters. Add the lime wedgesin the peppermint and sugar bowl. With the pestle, crush the pieces of lime one by one to extract all its juice. Beat all the ingredients again so that they integrate well.

    Now, add the crushed ice to the crystal glasses and add a squirt of soda, Sprite or similar.

    If you are wondering how to make a watermelon mojito, dont miss this article. Keep reading!

    Pour the mixture from the container into the glasses, remove everything carefully and thats it. You will already have delicious mojitos without alcohol prepared to share with the whole family.

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    Ingredients To Make Mojito With Mangoes


    Being the most important of them all to make the mojito. Use ripe soft bright yellow mangoes, theyre always sweeter and tastier. The riper the mangoes, the better the sweetness. Chop, blend and use this pulp as needed


    Fresh bright green mint is the star ingredient for any mojito recipe, be it alcohol or non-alcohol-based recipes. Finely chop the mint and make sure to muddle it


    As per taste. Regular granulated sugar must be used only as required. This also depends on how sweet the mango pulp maybe

    Lime juice

    Freshly squeezed lemon juice is important. It adds that extra kick to your regular mocktail

    Ice cubes

    Not shown in my recipe video, but you may add ice cubes to give the mango mojito a refreshing cooling taste. The quantity depends on how chilled youd like the mocktail to be


    Any sweetened aerated drink / sweetened soda would work. Sprite is popular out here and has a lemon-like feel to it, which compliments the mocktail. 7Up, lemonade, club soda, etc works well too

    Mango Pieces & Mint Leaves

    Optional but definitely needed to make the mocktail look fancy. Cut a round piece of mango and slit it. Place it on the glass with a sprig of mint for garnishing. You may even garnish it with lemon slices or add some salt & chili mix to the rim of the glass

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    Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum

    How to Make a Mojito Cocktail

    This rum is from one of the oldest distilleries still in existence after a successful run of 300 years. Eclipse is distilled through a unique process that uses copper tools in the process, storing the spirits to mature in American whiskey casks that are being repurposed. Total Wine points out the lighter notes of almond and vanilla with a hint of ripe banana, with apricot. These features combine to deliver a well-balanced and interesting rum with all notes compatible with the mint flavor or the mojito. If youre fond of Barbados rums, this is one of the oldest companies dating back to the 1700s. Theyve had years to perfect the trade. The ABV is 40%, which offers a mild alcohol content with a golden color.

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    Captain Morgan White Rum Best In Budget

    Who said that you cant get a good rum at an affordable price? Heres something budget-friendly for you. Captain Morgan offers a delicious dark and white rum and that too is on budget.

    Its low price doesnt compromise its taste in any way. If not the best one on the planet then a good mix of all your cocktails for sure. Serve it with Mojitos, cocktails, Pina Colada, Or simply try it neat. This captain is on the rocks!!

    Captain Morgan is distilled 5 times before getting sealed into the bottle. Its best known for mixing with other drinks.

    Price: $16.49

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    Why I Love This Recipe

    Mojitos might look extravagant, but theyre actually very simple to make. All you need are a handful of simple ingredients and a few minutes.

    This mojito mocktail recipe is wonderful because it looks pretty like a fancy cocktail does, but its alcohol-free! You can enjoy it at parties or even just when unwinding at home. Youll feel like youre having something special without getting buzzed.

    As an added plus, making your mojito mocktail from scratch lets you be in charge of the amount of sugar, lime, and mint in the recipe. The final product is so refreshing.

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    Plantation 3 Stars White Rum From $2099 For 750ml From Drizly

    The first white rum in the Plantation portfolio, 3 stars silver rum is a blend of two unaged rums from Barbados and Jamaica.

    It has a delicate floral aroma and tells of its Caribbean roots with candied citrus, banana, tropical fruit and brown sugar. The ending flavours of vanilla and ginger are complemented by a spicy and herbaceous undertone.

    It is medium-bodied and well-balanced, making it a winning option for your mojito. The price is also great for the quality you are getting.

    Mojito Twist: For a real tropical mojito that makes you think of beach days, try adding mango to your next cocktail.

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    Real Mccoy 3 Year Old White Rum

    Shiso Mojito Cocktail Recipe

    This rum celebrates the legacy of a man who gave us the saying the real McCoy a legendary figure who refused to dilute his spirits. This modern day tribute to Bill McCoy is made with no additives just pure, unadulterated, top-notch rum. The Real McCoy 3 Year Old comes packed with chocolate, coconut and scorches of pepper. It goes incredibly well in a Bloody Mary. Read our full Real McCoy 3 Year Old white rum review.

    Available from:

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    What Is A Mojito

    A mojito is a traditional Cuban highball. It consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar , lime juice, soda water and spearmint. As a cocktail, the mojito recipe offers a blend of sweetness, citrus and herbaceous mint flavours, making it the ideal summer cocktail. As a general rule, the drink is served in a tall highball glass with sparkling soda water, giving it the iconic slim and skinny silhouette weve come to know.

    But while the influences are obvious, the origins of the Mojito cocktail are far more mysterious. The La Bodeguita del medio bar in Havana, Cuba claims to be the cocktails birthplace and was a favourite of acclaimed cocktail hound Ernest Hemmingway. The story goes that African slaves working in the Cuban sugar cane fields created the drink from Aguardiente de cana a simple sugar cane alcohol. The name Mojito fits this story, stemming from the word Mojo, meaning to place a little spell, but the real story starts many centuries earlier.

    In the years that have passed, weve seen the mojito become a staple on cocktail menus around the globe. While Cuba still lays claim to the iconic flavours, international rum producers such as Venezuelan rum brand Diplomatico Rum have started making spirits designed specifically to marry with the mojito ingredients.

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