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What Is The Best Whiskey Decanter

Why Use A Liquor Decanter

10 Best Whiskey Decanters

The main reason to use a decanter is for appearance and style. Its the same reason baristas bring your milk in a tiny little pitcher at an upscale coffee shop instead of sitting the carton on the table. Polish and good taste are always necessary, and a sleek alcohol decanter brings both of those qualities to your home bar. Using the bottle from the store is understandable if you are serving Michters Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey and want to show off the label, but for everyday spirits, a stylish decanter is the way to go.

Another fundamental decanter purpose is to show off the clarity of the spirits. Many brands of alcohol use dark colored glass that obscures the color and texture of what is inside. For liquors like whiskey, dark rum, and gold tequila, transferring the liquid to a carafe or crystal bottle enhances the beauty for everyone to appreciate.

In addition to these two aesthetic reasons, decanting liquor opens up the flavor in some instances. Red wine is the prime example. When you uncork a bottle of any dark red variety of wine, you want to expose it a little bit of oxygen to help open up the flavors. The act of pouring the wine into a decanter itself will give it a chance to breathe, but 30 minutes or more in an unsealed glass wine decanter is even better. Some argue that decanting whiskey, gin, and tequila has similar benefits, although the difference is much more subtle.

Wilshire Jewel Cut Decanter

Williams-Sonoma has long served as one of the premier purveyors of quality kitchenware, and its easy to see why when you consider this Wilshire Jewel Cut Decanter. Inspired by vintage barware, it was mouth-blown and hand-polished by Turkish artisans, giving it a brilliant finish and incredible clarity. Better still is the fact that this ones not just for formal occasions with its robust build quality and dishwasher safe design, its perfectly suitable for everyday use.

What To Look For In A Whiskey Decanter Set

The main purpose of a whiskey decanter set is the beauty of the glass that accentuates the amber color of the whiskey inside, and the two, when combined, look like a work of art.

When choosing your whiskey decanter, there are some characteristics and attributes you should look for to make sure that it will look good and be good for your whiskey.

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Michters Us 1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Michters has a long and storied history that starts in 1753 and involves two name changes, numerous different owners and a 23-year break in production. The Straight Bourbon is made in small batches of 20 barrels, and boasts a rich palate of vanilla fudge, caramel, dried fruits and black pepper spice. Alc 45.7%

Is There A Difference Between A Whiskey Scotch And A Bourbon Decanter

Best Whiskey Decanters ~ 7 Best Decanters for Whiskey in ...

We only mean one thing when talking about the difference between whiskey, bourbon, and scotch decanters. Whiskey decanters can hold both bourbon and scotch since these two are types of whiskey.

Whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage from fermented grain mash. Various grains can be used, such as barley, corn, rye, and wheat. On the one hand, scotch whiskey is made from malted barley, wheat, and rye. There are 5 categories for whiskey, depending on the number of malted grains used in the distillation process and aged for at least 3 years.

Bourbon is made mostly from corn and any other grains, including wheat and pseudocereals like amaranth, buckwheat, and quinoa. Pseudocereals are seeds that are ground or milled to use as a replacement for cereals. Bourbon is essentially an American whiskey.

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Great For Sharing With A Friend

This solid and elegant is built to be used often. The base and thick glass are designed to not only feel great in the hand but allow this piece of glass to be robust. The decanter is fantastic to use for celebrations or get-togethers with a close friend and it will surely be a piece people notice in your home. This decanter allows for personalization, you can add your name and have it surrounded by the gorgeous filigree and crown. Pair this with your favorite set of whiskey glasses and then sit back and relax with the person you want to share your favorite bourbon with.

Best Quick Aerating: Rabbit Super

  • Fun and easy to use

  • Delivers good results

  • Pouring is a little messy

  • Some wines may need to decant for longer

  • Must be gentle when washing

Famous for its original corkscrew, Rabbit now offers everything you need for your home bar, including this decanting system. Its designed for when you need to properly aerate and decant a bottle of wine quickly. The three-part system includes a crystal decanter, a crystal wine spray funnel, and a sediment screen.

The system is easy to assemble, and all you have to do is pour. When placed in the top of the decanter, five tiny holes in the funnels stem spray the wine for more exposure to oxygen. The screen, placed inside the funnel, captures any sediment that pours out. Our tester recommended just a bit more aeration time in the decanter for the best taste but was impressed with the system’s efficient performance overall.

Another bonus our reviewer mentioned is the entertainment value of watching the wine waterfall down the sides of the crystal carafe, which is unique to this system. The systems decanter should be hand washed to keep it looking its best, but the screen and funnel are dishwasher safe.

Material: Crystal, stainless steel | Capacity: 25.36 ounces | Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 12 inches | Weight: 1.8 pounds

“Whether youre impatient by nature or just a fan of efficiency, the Rabbit Aerating Decanter System will make a fun and useful addition to your bar cart.” Caroline Goldstein, Product Tester

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Bormioli Rocco Engraved Whiskey Decanter


With a 23.75 ounce capacity and a clear glass composition, this finely crafted decanter is suitable for countless home aesthetics. However, Bormioli Roccos ability to create custom engraved monograms is what sets this decanter apart from other models. Personalized messages make this a thoughtful anniversary, housewarming, or wedding gift for the people in your life that seem to already have everything.


Bormioli Rocco Capitol Whisky Decanter

10 Best Whiskey Decanters 2020

Whiskey decanters can be the perfect personalized gift for whiskey lovers. You can customize the 23.75 Oz Bormioli Rocco Capitol Decanter with engraving a name or initials. Whether its an anniversary with a loved one, graduation gift, or a milestone birthday, theres no better gift than something unique. You can choose from three different emblem design options one letter, two letters, or one letter and surname.

This decanter has roots in Italy. It comes from the Bormioli Rocco Groupthe first glassworks in Parma, Italy. Established in 1825, this company has modern industrial techniques and a tradition of fine craftsmanship and master glassmakers.

Because they havent attempted to make it look like a crystal decanter with diamond-like detailing all over it, this decanter has a modern design compared to the other decanters featured on this list. It seems less classy but still gives off a sophisticated look.

The only slight complaint is the cheap stopper used. Its glass on top with a plastic seal and customers have mentioned that the plastic seal comes loose after a few months of use. Its an easy fix with superglue but shouldnt happen in the first place.

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Whiskey Decanter Set Looks Great I Know

Before I go on about the sensible reasons for getting a whiskey decanter , let me show you couple of good looking whiskey decanter sets. Thats right, a set is what you have to get when buying a whiskey decanter. They usually come in sets, or at least its good to get a set of matching whiskey glasses for the decanter.

One great product from Amazon is the Wine Enthusiast Ambassador Whiskey Decanter, because in the whiskey decanter set, there are nosing glasses included. Usually youll get tumbler glasses with whiskey decanter sets, so for a enthusiast this set might feel better. Of course I am pro tumbler as well, tumbler or a nosing glass, both are fine for whiskey drinking.

Another nice looking whiskey decanter set is Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set. It comes with traditional whiskey tumblers and the design of the whiskey decanter is absolutely great. Very stylish and simple design, simple is just what I like.

These both decanters are very much alike. Ravenscroft just prefers tumblers over nosing glasses, both are a fine selection when thinking of design and usability.

Ravenscroft Whiskey Decanter Set looks great

You can even get engraved decanters

HomeWetBar offers multiple stylish decanters with possibility to get them engraved. Whisky decanter wont be getting more unique than that:

Unique Diamond shaped decanter

Best Personalized Whiskey Decanter

This is the My Personal Memories Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set. It is out pick for a personalized decanter set because they are usually given as gifts, and while the design is beautiful its not so extreme that it plays to strongly to one perticular type of personal.

It is a desing simple enough to please anyone. The decanter is big enough to hold an entire bottle and it comes with 4 glasses but you can order as many glasses as you need to accommodate whatever number the gift requires.

The engravings are free for any number of glasses and the whole thing comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you or the reciever doesnt end up liking it then it can be sent back no questions asked.

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Basics Of Decanting Whiskey Or Other Alcoholic Drinks

With whiskey, the beliefs change a bit. Many people dont think that whiskey can change after oxidation. It is true that exposure to oxygen wont change whiskey as radically as it changes wine. The belief is backed up because whiskey, once bottled, is a finished product. A 10 year old whiskey will remain 10 years old, no matter how long you keep in the cabinet. After a hundred years it will still be 10 years old. Whiskey will oxidize, but in a much slower time than wine because of two factors:

  • Tannins: wine has more tannin content than whiskey, it occurs naturally in the grape and borrowed from the barrel . Tannins can cause change in the wine bottle over time. For example a harshly tannic wine now might get mellow over years, if you can wait patiently or drink other wines while letting it get some air. Whiskey has only few tannins so the evolutions of flavor is not big over time. But whiskey will change with oxidation, believe me. I speak out of experience. It wont change so rapidly and radically, as wine.
  • So mostly a whiskey decanter is just for looks. But any whiskey enthusiast knows that whiskey changes when given air. Thats why you should put whiskey into a decanter if you want it to change. Or you know that it will change dramatically over time. Because in a whiskey decanter, even though the caps are usually more airtight than in wine decanters, the whiskey will probably change more than in a bottle.

    What To Look For When Shopping For Whiskey Decanter Sets

    The Best Whiskey Decanter Reviews

    Pouring whiskey neat from a decanter is quite simply the finest way to drink whiskey. Sure, you might love your whiskey flask when its time to sneak a sip on the go, but a decanter offers a sophisticated way to store and display your finest top-shelf rye whiskey or bourbon. Unlike wine decanters, outside of the visual impact of pouring your liquid gold from a classy glass vessel, the best whiskey decanters dont really offer any benefit physically or taste-wise. Generally speaking, as whiskey has very few tannins and a high alcohol content, its ready to go right out of the bottle. Once youve added it to your bar cart, it doesnt need to age or breathe. Whiskey decanters are really just about the looks and function.

    With this in mind, if youre stepping into the world of classy whiskey-drinking, dont just dip your toes in. Go the whole hog and really impress your guests with a comprehensive kit. Here are the key elements youll find in the best whiskey decanter sets.

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    Paksh Novelty Glass Whisky Decanter & Glasses Set

    We were hesitant when we first came across this whiskey decanter and glass set from Paksh. It seemed too cheap for a glass whiskey decanter and six whiskey glasses. But when we read the customer reviews on Amazon, we decided to make it our Best Value product. It has over 1600 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

    In the product description, it says the word novelty, conjuring up the idea this product is a toy or a stage prop, but its not. This set might not be lead-based crystal glass, but it will still look amazing on top of your drink cabinet.

    The whiskey decanter has a capacity of nearly 1000ml , one of the biggest on this list. You can decant a whole bottle of your favorite whiskey without having to leave some in the bottle. It comes with six 280ml glasses for all your guests.

    Aesthetically, this whiskey decanter set doesnt look as good as the others on this listthe diamond-detailing isnt as well-executed, and the glass is reportedly lightweight in hand. The packaging is a featureless cardboard box with cutouts for the different glassware. Having said all that, youre not going to find a better quality whiskey decanter and glasses set for this price. If youre looking for a bargain, this is the best we could find.

    Waterford Crystal Lismore Diamond Carafe

    A product that is very similar to the previous Lismore entry on our list, this decanter has the same level of classical sophistication that is paralleled in its cousin. Made from the same materials as the other Lismore decanter, the same level of quality is assured. However, the main difference between these decanters is their design. This decanter forms a diamond shape that extends elegantly from the top in a downwards fashion whereas the other Lismore entry is a more rounded shape.

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    A Super Stylish Decanter

    Decant your whiskey in style with the delicately crafted triangular bourbon decanter. This decanter is great for any occasion. The quality glass easily stands up to daily use but still looks elegant enough that guests will think you only take it out for special occasions! The triangle shape peaks at the top allowing it to fit hands of all sizes, giving the smoothest of one-handed pours. Make your mid to top-shelf whiskey appear even more luxurious in this well-crafted decanter!

    Milburga Twisted Decanter Set

    Whiskey Decanter Why Should I Buy One? DISCOUNT LINK IN DESCRIPTION BELOW

    A whiskey decanter set with a twist! This five piece set features a subtle twist at the base of each glass and stopper for a stylized set that looks elegant from any angle. The airtight stopper preserves the flavor of any whiskey while the decanters wide mouth allows for easy pours. The wooden gift box only adds to the gift and is a great display piece in its own right. Stunning and gorgeous, this crystal decanter set shouldnt be missed.

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    Best Premium Decanters And Sets

    Premium decanter sets usually offer the most value when it comes to price versus quality. Premium decanters usually offer an affordable but very high-quality product that strikes the balance between price and style perfectly. Premium decanters not only make a great gift for yourself but also a great gift for any special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or any holiday gift like at Christmas.

    Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Decanter Set

    Due to budget prices, glass whiskey decanters remain a popular choice. However, that doesn’t mean that some of them arent impressive. Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Decanter Set comes in a beautiful package that contains both a decanter and four glasses. What is surprising is that the decanter is unusually slim. This isnt a purely aesthetic decision. Unlike the usual bulky decanters, this one is easier to store and hold thanks to ripples in the glass. With a capacity of 800ml, you can pour in an entire bottle of your favorite spirit. You also don’t have to worry about oxidation. The stopper is made of glass, heavy, and airtight. The only negative is air bubbles that are present at the bottom of the decanter. With excellent design and beautiful looking package, Ashcroft Twist Whiskey Decanter Set will look stunning on any shelf and be a perfect gift for spirit enthusiasts.


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    Full Whisky Decanter Sets With Matching Glasses

    We have previously showcased some of the coolest Whiskey decanters on the market, but all of these were standalone decanters. And sometimes you want to buy a decanter with matching glasses. Here are four whiskey decanter sets that we love.

    Willow & Everett Whiskey Glass Set With Decanter

    Throw out your boring circular IKEA glasses and dare to be different. Not only is this set exquisitely crafted, but it comes with a decanter and at such an affordable price, too. A decanter is a glass vessel that you should be storing your whiskey, or just about any hard liquor in. Drinking whiskey with a decanter set is a surefire way to feel as sophisticated as Bond in his most iconic film. This entire set has been designed for whiskey lovers, too, because each glass is wide enough to hold granite whiskey stones, which are essentially a way to keep your whiskey cold without diluting it with ice. Buy Here

    Drinking whiskey should feel like a special occasion even if it isnt. Honestly, the Marquis by Waterford decanter set is magnificent. Crafted from lead free crystal, which is safer than most other glass, youre going to feel powerful with these in your hand. The diamond cuts and wedges form contemporary shapes that you could spend all day tracing with your fingers. If you love your whiskey its time that you made drinking whiskey an experience to remember. Buy Here

    James Scott 5 Piece Crystal Decanter Set

    Fitz and Floyd Bridgeport 5-Piece Crystal Whiskey Bar Set

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