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What Is Difference Between Whisky And Bourbon

Whiskey Vs Bourbon Vs Scotch Flavor

The real difference between scotch, whiskey, and bourbon

Whiskey, in general, does not have a single generic style. For example, scotch varieties like a light and grassy Speyside have relatively little in common with the powerful and peaty Islay monster. Hence, scotch whiskies can taste elegant and floral, rich and spicy, or even salty and maritime depending on a multitude of factors including barrel type, peating level, and maturation time.

The flavor difference between Irish whiskey and bourbon is much more pronounced as bourbon is generally sweeter than all other whiskey types due to a high concentrate of corn in its mash bill. Also, it often displays tasting notes like toffee, cinnamon, or vanilla, depending upon the wooden barrel used for maturation. The sugary nature of bourbon also makes it an excellent cooking liquor and mixing spirit for preparing cocktails as it complements beers, cola, coffee, and even Cointreau quite well.

What Does Canadian Whisky Taste Like

Generally Canadian whiskies are lighter and sweeter in character but still full of flavor. Considered easy to drink. When the maker mentions that rye is used generously in the finishing of the whisky, it will usually have a nice spicier bite.

Things to Consider: Different from US rye whiskies in Canada rye doesnt have to be the dominant grain used and is often mostly used in the flavoring whisky portion of the bottling. Because of their ease in drinking, they often blend well in cocktail mixes. Tradition drives the process a Canadian whisky from 15 or 30 years ago will most likely taste nearly identical as same one produced today.

What Are The Different Types Of Whiskey

Youll find hundreds of unique whiskeys on the market today, but each bottle is categorized by one of the nine types.

These nine whiskeys are distinguished by their place or origin, grain type, blending method, and the aging process:

Because each type of whiskey follows specific recipes and distilling methods, they all carry unique flavors. Once you start experiencing the spirit, you might even find yourself wanting to dig deeper into whiskey enjoyment.


The kit includes a mixing glass, bar spoon muddler, some bitters, and a few recipe cards to get you started. Maybe youll find yourself to be quite the mixologist.

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What Are The Different Styles Of Bourbon

Similar to whiskey, youll find several styles of bourbon on the market today. First, all styles of bourbon must follow the five rules of qualifying as a standard bourbon.

From there, whisky makers can further categorize them based on additional standards. These standards and procedures lead to specific bourbon types, which can be identified by the labels on each bottle.

Heres what the labels mean:

Understanding bourbon labels is one way to learn about what you might like in bourbon, but giving each a try will surely provide a more profound appreciation.

One way to accentuate the flavor of bourbon or any whiskey, even more, is by drinking it with a tasting glass. The shape of the glass offers a bulb towards the base, making it great for swirling and concentrating the aromas towards the narrowed rim.


The thick stem is designed to avoid your hands from cupping the glass, which will warm it, and is considered a faux pas.

How Does Japanese Whisky Taste:

What is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey?

Sort of like Scotch, which isnt too surprising since that is the initial inspiration, although they have now evolved to take on their own character. They are bold and complex, but are also very well balanced. There are some, such as Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky, which share more flavor notes with bourbon than with Scotch.

Things to Consider: In 2015 Jim Murrays Whisky Bible, a prominent guide to the worlds whisky rankings, named a Japanese whisky the best whisky in the world. Continuous refinement can sum up Japanese whisky making. Always tweaking and trying to perfect the process, it is no wonder they are not staying static and are now producing some of the best whiskies in the world.

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Whiskey Vs Bourbon Vs Scotch Country Of Origin

Even though they are both categorized as whiskeys, theres an ocean-sized difference between whiskey and bourbon. According to the Scotch Whisky Act of 1988, an alcoholic beverage can only be termed Scotch if it has been wholly produced in Scotland. It also states that the whiskey must be matured in wooden Oak barrels for three or more years and bottled in Scotland .

Bourbon is governed by similar laws laid out in the Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits, a set of rules designed to maintain the distinct taste of bourbon. Since it is considered Americas native spirit, one of the guidelines for earning the bourbon label requires the whiskey to be produced in the USA. Although 95% of the worlds bourbon supply originates from Kentucky, it can be made anywhere in America. However, the limestone content in Kentuckys water filters out metallic impurities, making it an ideal place for bourbon distilleries.

Thinking About Getting Into Bourbon

There is no time like the present.

While its true that prices have gone up for coveted bottles, the bourbon community has grown substantially.

And in my opinion, its much more fun now that so many more people are into bourbon than in previous years.

So, if youre looking to explore the wonderful world of bourbon, I recommend starting with this article on the best bourbons under $30.

Any of these bottles would be a great starting point.

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What Is The Difference Between Bourbon And Whiskey

Nobody can really tell the difference between bourbon and whiskey until they finally taste both. Then you can see the real taste alterations that both distills can show you. There is a great story behind the whiskey creation that follows the one of the distilleries.

Most of them started in Scotland and later expanded to Ireland. Then when the first pilgrims immigrated to the United States, they brought their traditional spirits with them. However, the special climate of the Americas, as well as the abundance of different raw materials, provided a totally different product.

That is why the bourbon that has been born out of the American tradition is so different than Scotch whiskey. Here we will further discuss the major differences between the two world-famous products.

Is It Whiskey Or Whisky

Difference between Whiskey, Scotch & Bourbon

The answer to this question is purely a matter of preference. Both are technically correct. American and Irish brands will most often use the âWhiskeyâ spelling, while Scotland, Canada, and a large portion of the EU tend to use the âWhiskyâ spelling.

We prefer to use the Whisky spelling to refer to both our own and the entire spirit category unless we are speaking about specific brands that call themselves whiskey.

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Learn The Difference Between Bourbon And Whiskey

Many people incorrectly use whiskey and bourbon interchangeably. While all bourbon is whiskey, not all whiskey is bourbon. Bourbon is held to some different standards than whiskey. For example, a true bourbon must be distilled from a mixture include at least 51% corn for that signature sweet flavor.

Bourbon must also be produced in America, while whiskey does not. It also cannot contain any additives, flavorings, or colors. The only thing in the bottle is pure bourbon!

What Is The Difference Between Whisky And Bourbons Way Of Drinking

Theres no right or wrong way to enjoy a whisky or bourbon. Well, despite in responsible quantities, of course. But to understand each flavour profile of it, many whisky connoseurs recommend trying both neat. Start off with a 25ml serving and sip to really enjoy the flavours.

If you find neat a little too strong for your taste, add in some water or ice cubes to make it easier on the palette.

Another great way to drink whisky is in a classic cocktail. Whisky forms the base of many classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Sazerac which show the versatility of whisky.

The sweet and smoky notes of bourbon make it a great drink to enjoy neat, but it really lends itself to complex cocktails such as the boulevardier and John Collins.

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What Whiskey Is The Smoothest

  • Scotch Whisky. Laphroaig 10 Year Old is considered by many to be Best Single Malt Whisky in the World. It has a smokey-smooth taste, without being too overpowering.
  • American Bourbon Whiskey. American Bourbon is not as simple as you might think.
  • Canadian Whisky.
  • Best for Sipping: Widow Jane 10 Year.
  • Best Kentucky Bourbon: Evan Williams Single Barrel.
  • Best Tennessee Bourbon: Heavens Door.
  • Best Under $50: Four Roses Single Barrel.
  • Best Under $100: Willett Noahs Mill.

Gluten Carbs & Calories In Bourbon


Despite its sweet flavour, bourbon whiskey should contain no sugar. In fact, the use of any additives, including caramel colouring, is prohibited in straight bourbon whiskey.

Although bourbon is made from grain that contains gluten, the distillation process should separate the protein from the resulting whiskey. In mild cases of gluten intolerance, it should be fine.

However, some people with more severe conditions like Celiacs disease do, albeit occasionally, report some complaints. Generally speaking, though, any distilled spirit should be gluten-free.

Otherwise, bourbon whiskey contains no carbs and is very light in calories. Dont expect more than 70 calories in a single 1 Oz shot.

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How To Make A Citrus Twist

To make this drink garnish, you can use a sharp paring knife, canelle knife, a Y peeler, or zester.

My personal choice is a Y peeler because its easy to use and peels just the thin outer citrus zest.

  • Hold the fruit firmly, then cut into the peel, just deep enough to get the peel but not the bitter white pith.
  • Roll the fruit slowly in your hand while cutting a strip of peel. Stop when it is as long as you need it.
  • Roll the peel into a spiral, then give it a squeeze over the drink. For extra flavor, rub it on the rim of the glass if you want, then drop it into the glass!

    Does ice really make a difference in a drink? The easy answer is yes. It always affects the temperature of the drink, but also, how diluted it becomes.

    Smaller pieces of ice have more surface area and melt faster than one large cube will.

    And while some ice in whiskey/bourbon drinks allows a brands distinctive flavors to bloom, too much will water down that spectacular drink you just made.

    Must Be Aged In Charred Oak Barrels

    In order for bourbon to be sold and exported as bourbon, it also needs to be aged oak barrels that have been charred on the inside.

    There are no set rules on how long bourbon should be aged for inside the barrel, but its common practice for most bourbons to age for a minimum of two years. Most experts agree that the longer the bourbon is left to age in the barrel, the mellower it is to drink.

    For a bourbon to be sold as straight bourbon whisky it needs to have been aged inside a charred oak barrel for a minimum of two years.

    Whiskies, on the other hand, can be aged in barrels that were once used to age other spirits, and they dont need to be whisky barrels either rum or port casks are incredibly popular when ageing non-bourbon whiskies.

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    Whisky Vs Bourbon Where Do They Originate From

    One of the main differences between whisky and Bourbon is geographic. In order for a whisky to be Bourbon it must be created in the USA. Actually, 95% of Bourbon come from Kentucky due to the limestone water found here that makes it an ideal location to filter out impurities from the whiskey, such as iron.

    Whisky, on the other hand, is typically made in Scotland or Ireland although there are varieties that have been made in both Japan and Canada, for instance. In Scotland, its most commonly referred to as Scotch whisky, whereas in Ireland its known as whiskey . This difference in spelling goes back to differences in the Scottish and Gaelic languages.

    Whiskey Scotch Bourbon And Rye

    What is the difference between Scotch and Bourbon?

    Lots to unpack here. The basics, according to Encyclopedia Britannica:

    Whiskey can be any of a variety of distilled liquors that are made from a fermented mash of cereal grains and aged in wooden containers, which are usually constructed of oak. Commonly used grains are corn, barley malt, rye, and wheat.

    The difference between whiskey and whisky is where the stuff is made: in the United States and Ireland, its spelled whiskey in Scotland, Canada, and Japan, its whisky.

    Now, for the differences between Scotch, bourbon, and rye. Back to Encyclopedia Britannica:

    Scotch is a whisky that gets its distinctive smoky flavor from the process in which it is made: the grain, primarily barley, is malted and then heated over a peat fire. A whisky cannot be called Scotch unless it is entirely produced and bottled in Scotland.

    Bourbon, a whiskey that was first produced in Kentucky, U.S., uses at least 51 percent mash from corn in its production. It also uses a sour mash process that is, the mash is fermented with yeast and includes a portion from a mash that has already been fermented. U.S. regulations specify that in order for a whiskey to be called bourbon, it must be made in the United States.

    And rye whiskey? Its a whiskey that uses a rye mash or a rye and malt mash. In the United States, regulations stipulate that the mash must be at least 51 percent rye in order for it to be called rye whiskey. In Canada, regulations do not specify a minimum percentage of rye.


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    Reasons To Prefer Bourbon Over Whiskey

    Now that you have seen the main differences between the two spirits, its up to you to choose the most suitable for you. Bourbon can be used as an aperitif, while whiskey is always a proud drink you can drink by itself only.

    There is no way you can mix whiskey with sodas or other condiments. However, when it comes to bourbon, you can always add it to cocktails and other spirits to spread its sweet taste.

    Finally, when you need something strong to give you courage to perform extraordinary things, then you better try whiskey. Its crisp and straight taste will make you feel prominent and successful.

    Whisky Wills the name and Scotch is my game! I am obsessed with whiskeys, bourbons, and scotches and love to write about them. Whisky Grotto is my playground where I educate the world about whisky, bartending, and more. So, keep sipping your drink and have a good time!

    Thats A Wrap On Easy Bourbon Cocktails

    There you have it 11 easy bourbon cocktails that practically anyone will enjoy. Let me know in the comments which one youll be trying first, or if you have another bourbon drink to share. Cheers!

    If youve been a reader for any amount of time, you likely know that I enjoy a good cocktail every now and then. Lately, as the weather has started to chill, Ive found myself reaching for easy bourbon cocktails more and more. Ill admit I wasnt always the biggest fan of bourbon drinks, but they

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    How To Choose The Right Drink

    When deciding between whiskey versus bourbon, there are a few things to consider. Whiskey is often a popular choice for those making mixed drinks, with all of the different types giving the drink plenty of versatility. Any number of classic drinks use whiskey as the key ingredient that makes them so special.

    While bourbon also is used for a number of signature drinks, it is also often enjoyed on its own due to the high standards of quality bourbon has to be made to by law. The distilling process also imparts bourbon with a sweet note that fans of the drink love. The lack of any additives lets you enjoy the flavor of the bourbon without anything getting in the way.

    What Is Japanese Whisky


    Japans distilleries were first modeled after the Scotch whiskies, and are produced much in the same way. There arent a ton of Japanese distilleries, but the ones they have are quite good.

    • Distillation nearly identical to Scotch.
    • Commercially produced in Japan since the 1920s, and after nearly a century, youll frequently find a Japanese whisky listed on Best of the Best lists.
    • Japanese distilleries will often vary from Scotch distilleries in their use of more still shapes and sizes. Scotland distilleries will usually have just one or two house still sizes, creating a specific style. Japanese distilleries will often have an array of sizes, allowing the Japanese whisky makers to craft a range of styles and tastes according to their individual desires.

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    Whiskey Vs Bourbon Vs Scotch Abv Essentials

    If you still cant understand what the difference between whiskey and bourbon is, this should help. The good old Scotch Whisky Act guidelines state that a whiskey must be distilled at an alcohol by volume strength of less than 94.8% and have a minimum alcoholic concentration of 40% by volume to be considered a scotch. By American liquor standards, any bourbon higher than 125 proof shouldnt enter the barrel for maturation, and anything under 80 proof cant be bottled as bourbon.

    We hope this article answers the age-old question, Whats the difference between bourbon and whiskey? to your satisfaction. Looking for a place to get Marsala or any other type of liquor you could possibly desire? Check out Arrow Liquormart, the nearest liquor store that can deliver straight to your doorstep!

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