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How To Make Rye Whiskey

What Is Rye Malt Whiskey

How To Make Whiskey

Rye malt or malted rye whiskey is almost identical to regular rye whiskey except for one extra albeit vital step. On this occasion, the rye is malted beforehand, which involves soaking the grain in water so it cracks open and begins to germinate before halting the process by drying it.

In order to bear the rye malt name, the mash bill must feature 51% malted rye. However, regular rye can still be used in the remaining 49%, too. Rye is arguably spicier when malted and will add an even more distinctive peppery kick to the overall flavour.

Best Under $2: Old Overholt

A favorite of bartenders and budget-conscious whiskey drinkers, Old Overholt has stood the test of time. Case in point: the brand boasts that it was the most popular spirit in the country after Prohibition was lifted. This rye starts with a cereal sweetness and a touch of vanilla, then finishes with a bracing hit of white pepper. And while youll often see it as the stiffer half of a Boilermaker, this rye can also be stirred into a fine Manhattan or a spicy Old Fashioned.

Testing The Abv Of Your Rye Whiskey

After the aging process, you should test the ABV of your rye whiskey and dilute if necessary. You can use a hydrometer to do this. You can dilute the whiskey with purified water prior to bottling it if the ABV is too high. Rye Whiskey must have a minimum of 40% ABV to be classified as a rye whiskey.

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How Strong Is Rock And Rye

The rock candy will infuse its sweetness into the whiskey and, much like a liqueur, this will cut the alcohol content down. However, it’s not going to be significant and will vary from one batch to the next. Assume that your finished rock and rye is nearly identical to the bottling strength of the whiskey you use to make it.

How To Make Moonshine: Distillation

How to Make Rye Whiskey (with Pictures)

Distillation is often the most intimidating part of making moonshine. It makes sense because the process is a little different depending on the type of still you have.

At How to Moonshine, we offer easy to use stills that are perfect for the home distiller. Our stovetop stills are easy to run at home in the kitchen. All you need to do is heat your still on medium high, attach your water pump and place it in a sink of ice water.

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How To Make Whisky Infusions

May 7, 2018 | Brittany Risher

Want to add unique flavors to your favorite cocktails without a lot of effort or money? Try making an infused whisky. Its ridiculously easy and instantly transforms the old and familiar into something exciting and new.

Whisky is almost an infusion already, because it starts off as clear spirit and is then essentially infused with wood in the barrel, says Adam Seger, chef and bartender at The Tuck Room LA. That nice, rich vanilla base opens up a whole host of additional items you can infuse. Think of Manhattans made with cherry-infused bourbon and orange-infused rye Old Fashionedsand then think bigger.

You can infuse just about any ingredient into whisky. Although fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are most common, you can also work with butter or even cheese, or fat-wash whisky with smoked ham, cooked bacon, charcuterie, or other meats.

Best Under $: Ragtime

From Brooklyn’s New York Distilling Company, this bottling is made exclusively with New York state rye grain. Ragtime Rye is a craft spirit with a ton of character: its robust, warming, and filled with holiday spice. Marissa Mazzotta, bar director at The Shanty, the distillerys attached bar, recommends stretching it out with bubbly soda water in a Whiskey Highball, though it would also work in a strong, stirred drink like an aptly named Brooklyn. She also advises not to pass on the distillerys limited edition Applejack Barrel Finished Ragtime Rye. Its very versatile, with a slight hint of apple on the finish that perfectly compliments the big rye flavor, she says.

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Is There A Rock And Rye Cocktail

In the 1930 “Savoy Cocktail Book,” Harry Craddock lists a rock and rye cocktail. The recipe dissolves a piece of rock candy in a glass of rye or Canadian whiskey and adds the juice of a whole lemon as an option. Since then, other rock and rye cocktails have been created. Many include orange and lemon juices and are rather sweet, often replacing the rock candy with one or two syrups. The cocktail versions typically do not include spices.

Rye Whiskey Health Benefits

Making Rye Whiskey at New York Distilling Co.

It was long believed that whiskey and other alcoholic spirits offered numerous health benefits. Indeed, whiskey was commonly retailed in pharmacies. In fact, it was helped brands like Brown-Formans Old Forester become so popular in the late 19th century.

However, today things are a little different, to say the least! One clear benefit is that if youre going to be drinking anyway, straight rye whiskey contains no additives, including caramel colouring.

Furthermore, its relatively light and features few calories with only 70 in a single 1 Oz shot. Meanwhile, it doesnt have any carbohydrates either.

As for practical health benefits, whiskey does feature quantities of ellagic acid, which help lower the risk of obesity by reducing bodily inflammation. Nevertheless, despite being historically used to treat high blood pressure, congestion, and even tuberculosis, it isnt the healthiest beverage!

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The Right Tools Make All The Difference

Moonshining is a fun hobby that yields results that your friends and family will love. Creating the perfect spirit does require a great recipe and the right tools. Since many items are not easily available at the corner store, getting an all-in-one tool is invaluable.

Making moonshine is a fun way to easily create spirits for personal use, friends and family. Getting the right tools can quickly turn a beginner into a seasoned moonshiner! We love this Mist 1 Gallon Mini Air Still for those who want a simple distillation process with an appliance that can fit on your kitchen counter.

Recipe: Tangerine Sage Rye

Stillwagon infuses two batches of rye separately, then combines the two to make a twist on a Bees Knees cocktail.

  • 16 oz. bottled in bond rye , divided
  • 2-3 tangerines, wedged
  • 13-15 fresh organic sage leaves

Evenly divide rye into two mason jars, pouring 8 ounces into each jar. Place tangerine wedges in one jar and seal tightly. Place sage in the other jar and seal tightly. Date, label, and store jars out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry area. Agitate whiskey daily. Infuse three to six days, tasting as you go. Once whiskey is to your liking, strain and combine to taste.

Cocktail: Bonded Bee

  • 2 oz. tangerine-sage infused rye
  • 1 oz. fresh lemon juice
  • 3/4 oz. honey syrup
  • 1 pinch salt
  • Garnish: Sage leaf

Combine ingredients in Boston shaker with ice and shake to chill. Double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with spanked sage leaf.

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Clear Peach Moonshine Recipe

Peach moonshine recipes that are simple and user friendly. A good clear peach moonshine recipe starts with quality peaches.

Clear peach moonshine recipe using peaches, sugar and water


20lbs of peaches

6 lbs of granulated sugar or even better use cane sugar or raw sugar

6 gallons of water

2 packets of champagne yeast 10 grams or 1 packet of Pot Still Turbo with Pectic Enzyme

Remove pits and mash up the peaches in a 10 gallon stock pot then add 6 gallons of water. Put over heat until temperature comes up to 150F then add sugar. Keep stirring so solids dont stick and burn to the bottom. After sugar is completely dissolved turn the heat off and let the mixture cool to 80F then put in fermenter and add yeast. Use an air lock on fermenter and ferment 7 days. Estimated ABV should be 12%-15%. Strain through brew bag or strainer then through cheesecloth. Distill through a pot still. Pot still will carry over flavor well and the product will come out clear just like a peach brandy but it will be a clear peach moonshine.

Coconut Rum Recipe

Lets Get Started With Recipe Number : Rye Bread Whiskey

How to Make a Manhattan


  • 0.67 ounces distillers yeast a bit more than a tablespoon
  • Around 6 gallon water
  • 0.7 ounces of yeast nutrients .

The right rye breadMake sure to use a dark and dense rye bread, not a fluffy baked bread. This kind of bread is often called pumpernickel. You can see a picture of the type of rye bread you should be looking for below.Make sure the bread doesnt contain any preservatives as that may hinder the growth of the yeast. The Maillard reaction that has taken place during the production process of the bread will give your hommade whiskey an especially rich and flavorful taste.

Necessary Materials

  • A pot that can hold around 2.5 gallons
  • An 8 gallon fermenter
  • A still

Preparing the rye whiskey mash

Crumble the rye bread into small pieces or put it into the food processor for a couple of seconds.

Bring the bread pieces to a boil in a pot with around 1.5 gallon of water and boil it for around 5 minutes while stirring continuously.

Take the pot off the heat and stir the 9 pounds of sugar into the mash until completely dissolved.

Sanitize your fermenter and any tools you will now use to handle your wort.

Siphon out the solids and pour the mash into the fermenter and top it up with water to reach the 6-gallon level. With the added water, you should reach a temperature of 82°F .

Pitch the yeast on top of the mash. Close the fermenter up and add the airlock.

Shake the fermenter for 30-60 seconds to add air to the mash.

Fermenting your mash

Photo: Flickr

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Best Canadian: Lot No 40

When it was briefly discontinued in the early 2000s, Lot No. 40 became a precious collectible, prized by fans of the 100-percent rye whisky . Thankfully, it made a comeback in 2012 when the rye was relaunched by Pernod-Ricard. Dry and powerful with notes of fresh-baked bread and lots of zesty spice, its great in a Maple Old Fashioned , but also tasty just poured over an ice cube. A touch of chill and dilution brings out more of the whiskys fruitier notes while tempering its bold, big-bodied heft.

How Much Does It Cost

Compared to other liquors, rye whiskey is mid-priced. Quality and pricing varies. You can buy a mid-priced 750 ml bottle for $25 to $35. But the high end can go up to $700 plus.

What are some good brands of rye whiskey? We recommend Bulleit, Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek, and High West. Crown Royal is Canadian Rye Whisky.

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Best Value: Wild Turkey 101

At 101 proof, you are getting some serious bang for your buck with Wild Turkeys potent rye offering. Still, this spirit is smooth and sippable with flavors of honey and fresh herbs like mint, along with the classic spice on the finish. Its the perfect bottle to have on hand to give your cocktail an extra kickand its also a great dive bar order. When Im lucky enough to find myself in the middle of nowhere shooting a game of pool, usually stocked up with Wild Turkey Rye, says Josh Jancewicz, bartender at Los Angeles’ Gold-Diggers. In these situations, my go-to is a Turkey and Soda.

Made by the late Robert J. Cooper , this high-proof rye would be a collectors item if it werent so darn easy to drink. Just 3,000 cases of the 107-proof, Lock Stock & Barrel spirit were made. Distilled from 100 percent rye, producers aged the spirit in charred American oak barrels for 16 years. The resulting spirit is delightfully spicy, yet easy to sip. Its balanced out by notes of stone fruit and a touch of honey. The ryes high proof means it’s great for mixing into cocktails with other strongly flavored ingredients, but you should also sip it straight to truly appreciate the balanced flavors and cheek-warming heat.

Prepping And Cleaning Your Whiskey Still

Making the mash for George Washington’s Rye Whiskey


Keeping up on prep-work for your still is mission critical. Even if you cleaned your whiskey moonshine still after your last run and let it sit for a while, it is still recommended to clean it before transferring your whiskey mash water. This is especially the case on copper stills that are starting to show a salt buildup.

If you want to add packing to your column, this is the time to do it. Pack your column with the amount of copper packing that is appropriate for your setup.

If your still setup has a condenser, hook up your water input and output.

Finally, its time to add your mash water to the whiskey still. Again, you can use a cheesecloth or auto-siphon to transfer the mash water into your still without including solid material. Its very important that you dont allow any solids or sediment to be included in the still.

If this is your first run ever, below is a great walkthrough of how to set up your pot or reflux whiskey moonshine still.

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How To Make Whiskey Still

6. Distilling your whiskey. Whiskey is traditionally distilled using a pot still, however modern reflux stills and flute towers can also be used to make high quality whiskey at home. As with any type of distillation, on the first run you will want to throw away the first 50 milliliters for every 20 liters of mash in your still. For example, if you are using a 100 liter still, you will discard the first 250 milliliters. After that it is your choice of how to blend the heads, hearts, and tails cuts to your liking.

7. Aging your whiskey. Once you have decided on the cuts of whiskey that you would like to keep, you can either drink it unaged like a traditional moonshine, or age it. Aging will drastically improve the flavor and smoothness of your whiskey. Traditionally, whiskey is aged in charred oak barrels, however if you dont have any barrels, you can emulate this at home by aging your whiskey on toasted oak chips. We recommend putting your whiskey on oak at 60% ABV or less. Putting your whiskey on oak at a higher ABV than 60% will bring out unpleasant woody flavors, while 40%-60% ABV will bring the more desired notes out of the wood. Whiskey generally needs to be aged for a minimum of three years before it can legally be sold at stores with Whiskey on the label.

Rittenhouse Rye Maker Disheartened That People Are Buying Its Whiskey To Celebrate Not Guilty Verdict

In either a reverse-psychology marketing ploy or a self-destructive display of Woke politics, a distillery is discouraging people from buying its Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey to celebrate the not guilty verdict in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, which has been subject to divisive national debate and media coverage.

Rittenhouse Rye is named after Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Heaven Hill explains in one of a trio of Monday tweets distinguishing and distancing its whisky from the trial.

We have been disheartened to learn that people have been buying Rittenhouse Rye to celebrate Kyle Rittenhouses acquittal, the company says:

1/3 We have been disheartened to learn that some individuals and businesses have been using our Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey brand to celebrate the Kyle Rittenhouse case verdict, despite the profound loss of life from those events.

2/3 There is no link between our Rittenhouse Rye brand, which was started post-prohibition to commemorate Rittenhouse Square, and this case. It is our strongly held belief that in serious matters such as this, where lives were lost and people deeply affected,

Instead of celebrating, Americans should reflect on how they can make the world more peaceful and respectful, the whisky maker concludes in its final tweet on the subject:

Indeed, as explains, Rittenhouse Square is named after William Penn, who founded Pennsylvania:

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Similar Drinks & Rye Whiskey Substitutes

Unsurprisingly, rye whiskeys next of kin is bourbon. Although we said earlier that comparisons between the two were often unfair, they are also inevitable since theyre so closely related.

For this reason, its not uncommon for rye whiskey cocktail recipes like the Manhattan or the Sazerac to use bourbon instead of the original ingredient. Indeed, bourbons popularity made it a frequent substition.

Nevertheless, these are still best served with rye given that they were intended to benefit from the whiskeys natural spiciness. Since bourbon is comparatively sweet, it tends to soften the flavour and lose out on complexity.

Since whiskey is a diverse family of spirits, there are plenty of other substitutions, though. Canadian whisky, if properly made with the main ingredient, will offer a very similar experience to American rye whiskey.

Otherwise, you may consider Scotch whiskey. Yet, Scotch is produced from malted barley and is aged in used bourbon barrels. Consequently, it will have a buttery and savoury flavour, but those from certain regions like Speyside can deliver some spiciness.

Meanwhile, Irish whiskey may be considered too light and floral to be considered as an appropriate substitute for ryes bold and peppery profile.

Whiskey With A Bit Of A Kick

How to Make Rye Whiskey (with Pictures)
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Spicy, bold, and part of Americas spirit history, rye whiskey is becoming an increasingly popular option for both cocktailians and those who prefer their whiskey straight. Historically, we were a very rye-focused culture before we discovered it was easier in most of the U.S. to distill with corn and barley malt, says Jena Ellenwood, bartender at Dear Irving and Sparrow Tavern in New York City. Rye was harder to grow in the soil, and it tended to have more spice than the sweet corn. Popular in the 1940s and 50s, rye went through a bit of a slump until the early 2010s when demand grew again. Now, there are plenty of quality rye whiskeys available on the market, some crafted for sipping straight, while others punch through in cocktails. With rye whiskey, the question becomes not just one of aroma and flavor, but of body and heat, as well, says Alicia Yamachika, lead bartender at Nobu Honolulu. Here, the best bottles of rye to drink and mix with.

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