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What Is Crown Royal Whiskey

Crown Royal: The Worlds Best


If youre bored and want to get punched, disagree with someone, preferably a drunken someone, about the worlds best whisky. Of course, if youre Whiskey Bible author Jim Murray, this is a professional hazard. He braved it stoically when he named a Canadian whiskey Crown Royals Northern Harvest Rye the best whiskey in the world in 2016, with nary a Scotch in sight in the top five. The nomination was even more astounding considering Northern Harvest tied with the previous years winner, Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013, with an all-time high score of 97.5. Oh, and Northern Harvest cost $50 or so, in comparison to Yamazakis then $160.

Canada Boasts Some Of The Best Whiskies Out There

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Our neighbors to the north are known for making some good whisky . This ranges from 100% rye expressions to affordable blends. The defining characteristics of Canadian whisky are that it must be aged for three years in Canada from a mash bill recipe of grains and contain at least 40% ABV. Beyond that, distillers are free to experiment with different barrel types and recipes, and they can even add 9.09% of another spirit to the whisky . Here are the best Canadian whiskies to drink now.

Crown Royal Texas Mesquite

If you are thirsting for a refined sipper, it’s probably best that you don’t mess with Texas Mesquite. According to The Manual, this Great White North meets American South whisky is a throwback homage to the Canadians who traveled with a bottle of Crown Royal when they went to work on the oil fields in the Lone Star state. Plus, as the Houston Chronicle noted, Texas happens to be the distillery’s biggest market so with that in mind the mashup choice makes sense.

While bringing a taste of barbecue to booze may seem odd, mesquite whiskies have been trending in recent years and smokiness has long been a celebrated flavor profile of heavily peated scotch from the Island of Islay. But Ardberg and Laphroaig this is not. In its tepid C- review, Whiskey Reviewer revealed it was turned off by the predominant booze-forward aroma of Texas Mesquite, and while the smoke is definitely present on the palate, The Whiskey Jug found the overall taste to be overly sweet.

Since this was a 2018 limited release, it is tough to track down and certainly not worth the effort of the hunt. You are better off simply smoking a nice slab of brisket and pairing it with a glass of good old reliable Crown Royal Black.

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We Also Owe Crown Royal To Non

American non-patriots, that is. During the American Revolution, an estimated 15 to 25 percent of the population remained loyal to the crown. Their solution? Head up north, where they could continue to genuflect to a guy in a fancy cape. Thankfully, at least some loyalists became what were known as gristmill operators, eventually repaying their abandonment of Murica with delicious Canadian whisky.

Crown Royal Whisky Prices

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky ABV 40% 750 ML

From its inception in 1939, Crown Royal has taken its blending process seriously. From the painstaking perfection required of a visit from the King and Queen to the ever growing and competitive spirits market of today, Crown Royal understands the necessity of a high-quality product. A product of this quality is destined to find itself in the upper mid-range of whisky prices.

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Is Seagrams 7 Good

Seagrams Seven Crown Blended Whiskey is one of the best-known secrets of the liquor community. Its one of those underground popular liquors and for good reason. It has all the bark of any other 80-proof whiskey but none of the bite. Seagrams 7 is light and mild whiskey that is easy to mix and easy to order.

Flush Shot Drinks With Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Shake together 1½ oz of Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Whiskey, with the same amount of peach schnapps, ½ oz of cranberry juice, and a splash or two of club soda. Arrange three pre-frozen shot glasses and pour the mixture equally. Now enjoy your drink.

Flush Shot Drinks with Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

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Best Splurge: Lock Stock & Barrel 16 Year Rye

This 100% Canadian rye whisky is sourced and bottled by Cooper Spirits Company in the U.S. While it costs around $150 or more for a bottle, the whisky is well worth it. A deeply spicy background is tempered by notes of caramel, cocoa, and dried fruits after nearly 20 years of aging in American oak. Sip this on its own, or use it for a premium cocktail experience.

Best Rye: Lot No 40 Rye

Whisky Review/Tasting: Crown Royal XR

There are many Canadian rye whiskies to choose from . But this expression from Lot No. 40, crafted at Hiram Walker Distillery, is one of the best. Its made from a mash bill of 100% rye that is distilled in copper pot stills. Theres a nice balance of sweetness and spice on the palate, with a buttery mouthfeel and some notes of fruit and vanilla. Overall, this is a stellar example of rye whisky from the north.

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Comparisons In The Canadian Whisky World

Known for its smooth taste and often affordable price point, Canadian whisky is quite popular. Obviously, Crown Royal dominates the landscape as an international brand. However, there are others available out there from smaller distilleries.

Canadian Club is a popular name heard as a choice for Canadian whisky in bars. While it lacks the mystique and potentially robust flavor that Crown Royal boasts, it certainly makes up for it in price point. A typical bottle of CC, as the locals call it, can come in around $20.

Canadian Mist is as simple as they come, offering one whole variety. Just one. While simplistic and maybe best reserved for mixers or an overly involved cocktail, it is easy on the wallet at $15 or so per bottle.

With the evolution of local distilleries, more and more small batch spirits are popping up on the landscape. Canadian whisky has not been excluded from this influx. Bottles from a more local place can range from $25 to $200 and up depending on the ingredients and distillation process. Many of the smaller distilleries create unique blends, as they can experiment further with smaller batches.

As you can see, there are certainly cheaper or more expensive options out there. It is simply about what you are expecting in a Canadian whisky and what you intend to do with it. Paying up for a brand like Crown Royal is usually best when sipping or creating whisky forward cocktails, while spending less is certainly reasonable when drinking with a heavier mixer.

Best To Drink Neat: Collingwood Canadian Whisky

From the Collingwood, Ontario distillery that produces Canadian Mist, Collingwood is as sippable as that whisky is mixable. This one may not have the same household recognition, but it has won numerous awards and is a premium upgrade that is worth savoring.

The base whiskies for Collingwood are distilled from mostly Ontario-grown corn, rye, and barley. The blending water comes from the Georgian Bay, and flavoring whiskies are added to the final blend. Yet, it’s the finishing touch of resting the mature blended whisky that gives the Collingwood its distinct characteristic. The whisky has a maple syrup sweetness accented with vanilla and oak that leads to a long, warm finish. It is a sweet, soft dram thats 80 proof, so its not for drinkers who like the bolder bottles. However, it is impeccably smooth and very easy to drink straight.

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Tolkien Would Probably Drink Crown Royal

If you know your Canada which, as a proud geography-challenged American, you dont youll know that Crown Royal is produced in Manitoba, a central province squat on top of North Dakota and Minnesota. Crown Royal hails from a small town within Manitoba called Gimli, which is not only the name of an axe-wielding, elf-insulting, fearlessly questing dwarf, but is also Norse for Home of the Gods. True to the name, Gimli is home to epic statues like this. Next time someone says the purple bag is lame, go all Viking on them.

Crown Royal Salted Caramel

Crown Royal

This seasonal release was introduced a few years ago and has since become a staple of Crown Royal’s winter lineup. Just as its flavor profile straddles both sweet and salty, the opinions on the whisky are generally polarizing.

On the positive side, Salted Caramel earned top honors at the 2019 Canadian Whisky Awards for Flavoured Whisky Multi-Market. That high distinction is backed up by plenty of glowing reviews including high marks from Bachelor on the Cheap who proclaimed in a five out of five-star rave, “Crown Royal is a fine whiskey and this is an excellent pairing. You get the notes of caramel and thankfully it’s not too sweet.”

But for every fan there seems to be a detractor. “The palate takes no real detours,” noted Drinkhacker in a dismal D+ review of Salted Caramel. “If there’s a real whisky underneath all of this, it sure isn’t easy to spot.” Salty, indeed.

If you buy a bottle of Salted Caramel and it ends up falling short when served neat, consider adding it to your eggnog or pull a Lebowski and roll with it in a creamy White Russian.

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Common Crown Royal Whisky Prices List


$23.99 – $29.99

The Crown Royal XR is the perfect example of a higher price point earning its value. Crafted from a rare stock of whisky from the now closed LaSalle distillery, it is truly a rare blend. LaSalle was known for a richer blend and flavor, thus the Crown Royal XR delivers the same.

What Makes A Canadian Whisky Canadian

In fact, Canadian Whisky is about what is not in it more than what it contains. While many spirits are governed heavily by ingredients, Canadian whisky roams free of all those cumbersome rules. The only true regulation is that it must be aged for a minimum of three years. Otherwise, it can contain any percentage rye, corn, or barley on the mash bill. While it must rest in a cask for those three years, the Canadians care not which kind of cask it sleeps in. Some would say this allows for a more diverse, creative, and thus tasty group of whiskies.

Crown Royal prides itself on its local heritage and production. Approximately 80% of the grains used in the recipe, including corn, rye, and barley, are sourced in the Manitoba province and surrounding area. The water used is from Lake Winnipeg, which is naturally filtered by a layer of limestone resting beneath the lake. Crown Royal is a true blend, comprised of fifty whiskies painstakingly blended together to create their signature taste.

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Hillary Clintons A Fan

We love her power suits and she loves her whisky. At least according to one fuzzy video, in which the former senator knocks back a dram of Canadian spirit. See :30 for her official endorsement of Crown Royal. Clinton doesnt finish the whole Canuck shot, mind you, likely in deference to America, freedom, and the almost certain need to be clear-headed .

What Makes A Smooth Whisky A True Crown Royal

Whisky Review/Tasting: Crown Royal XO

The heart of Crown Royal comes down to the investment of time. How long is Crown Royal aged, you might be wondering? All Crown Royal bottles, no matter the variety, are aged for at least three yearsand often, far more. The barrel in which Crown Royal varieties are aged also plays a large part in the end-game flavour. As opposed to American whiskys, which must be aged under certain conditions and in barrels made of specifically-treated woods, Canadian brands can experiment.

And experiment Crown Royal does! Their whiskys are aged in barrels made from oak, ash, and even previously used barrels. This recycling is sustainable, helps add an air of historicity to each bottle, and allows Crown Royal to infuse their whiskys with wine, sherry, and even bourbon barrels for smoky, fruity, or caramel notes in the resulting batch.

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Best Age Statement: Jp Wiser’s 15 Year Old

This JP Wisers whisky is a bartender favorite. It’s a blend of mature grain whiskies with a hint of rye spice, says Pablo Guerrero, the food and beverage manager of Azabu Miami Beach. After being aged for 15 years, we have a rich and smooth mix of flavors like dried fruits, toffee, spices and a very little touch of green apples. There is no need to break the bank, as it is a good value whisky and a fantastic digestif to end a memorable dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Royal Whisky

Which Crown Royal is the best?

The best Crown Royal is Crown Royal XR the XR stands for extra rare.

How much does Crown Royal cost?

Crown Royal costs between 30-130 USD for a 750 ml bottle.

Is Crown Royal top shelf?

Crown Royal is a top shelf whisky their finer varieties are as fine as any other whiskys in the world.

Is Crown Royal a bourbon or whisky?

Crown Royal is a Canadian whiskyalthough they do have some variants, such as the Crown Royal Bourbon Mash Whisky, which are similar to a classic bourbon.

Is Crown Royal expensive?

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Is Crown Royal A Rye Whisky

Strictly speakingno. According to the exacting standards of American whisky production, a true rye must have 51% of rye in its mash bill, or specific mix of grains. Crown Royals base recipes differ from bottle to bottle, and some have quite a bit of ryebut not that much, and certainly without the ubiquity necessary to deem Crown Royal a rye whisky.

Instead, Crown Royal often uses corn and barley as their go-to-grains.

Did You See Darkest Hour Then You Saw Crown Royals Namesake

Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey 375 ml

The Crown Royal recipe might have gotten heavenly approval, but the origin of the whisky is very much worldly. In 1939, King George VI he of The Kings Speech and Darkest Hour fame became the first reigning monarch to visit Canada. Crown Royal Deluxe was created in his honor. The King and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, left with 10 cases of the stuff on their train, in easily the classiest liquor run in history.

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Red Bull & Crown Royal Royal Bomb Summer Shots Recipe

This popular and common Crown Royal and Red Bull drinks name is Royal Bomb. To make it, arrange shot glasses and in each, pour a ¾ shot of Crown Royal whiskey and a ¼ shot of peach schnapps. Next, fill the same number of cocktail glasses with half a can chilled Red Bull. Finally, place the shot glasses inside the larger glasses, and slam in with your friends.

Red Bull & Crown Royal Royal Bomb Summer Shots Recipe

What Is The Difference Between Whisky And Whiskey

In simple terms, Whisky is mostly made from malted barley and aged in oak barrels for three years or more. Whiskey, on the other hand, can be made using other grains and can be aged in other kinds of barrels.

There are also variations of Scotch whisky, including:

  • Single malt
  • Blended malt
  • Blended whiskies
  • Cask strength
  • Single cask

Whiskey has many more varieties available. They include bourbon whiskey, which is made with a mash that is at least 51% corn and aged in new charred oak barrels, rye whiskey, which is made with a mash that is at least 51% rye, and wheat whiskey, which is made with a mash that is at least 51% wheat.

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Crown Royal Vs Jack Daniels: Favourite Drinks

Both Crown Royal and Jack Daniels are excellent spirits for mixing cocktails. Each of them offers unique characteristics that lend themselves well to specific ingredients. For those who may be starting out, mixing with coke is never a bad choice.

Both mix very well with the soda and is an easy drink to order for any occasion. And for those looking for a little adventure, here are some fun drinks to consider the next time you are out.

The Crown Royal Style

Whisky Review/Tasting: Crown Royal Maple

Crown Royal produces a number of blended whiskies and each is created using the finely tuned skill that has become a signature of Canadian whisky blenders. Creating the same taste in a single whiskey from the 50+ whiskies that can go into one of these is an art and the blenders at Crown Royal are some of its masters.

Crown Royal Deluxe is the bottle of Crown Royal that is the most common expression available. It is a blend of 50 different full-bodied Canadian whiskies that is then aged until deemed acceptable. Crown Royal has no age statement.

Crown Royal Black and Northern Harvest Rye are two of the other signature expressions produced by the brand. They also offer a Masters Series that shows the art of the Master Blender in an even finer style. And, in keeping with recent trends, Crown Royal produces an apple and a maple flavored whiskey as well.

It may have a great taste, but the one thing that makes Crown Royal stand out, even more, is that purple bag. Every bottle comes wrapped in a royal purple-colored cloth bag with gold trim that cinches around the bottle neck. You can always tell a Crown Royal fan by the occasional appearance of the purple bag that carries some precious stash of random items .

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