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Recipe For Frozen Mango Margarita

How To Make This Margarita Alcohol

How to Make Mango Margarita Recipe | Hilah Cooking

And for my #sobercurious or alcohol-free friends, dont worry: Ive got you! This recipe can easily be made without the alcohol, for a cocktail that is both refreshing and delicious.

Simply omit the alcohol all-together and replace it with 1/4 cup of orange juice and a splash of club soda. Its so simple and easy, and also perfect if you want to make a fun, kid-friendly drink, too!

But Nicole Why Are We Using Mezcal Rather Than Tequila

Lets get one thing straight: this is not your mamas margarita recipe, for several different reasons. First, weve got the creamy, frozen mango flavor that takes this margarita to the next level. But second, were swapping out the beloved tequila for a unique and delicious liquor that truly adds an unexpected twist: mezcal.

If youve never had mezcal, then youre in for a treat! Think of mezcal like the dark and mysterious sister of tequila. While it comes from the agave plant, just like tequila does, its processed differently, which leads to its unique flavor.

Tequila, with its smooth, sweet flavor, is made by steaming the agave inside of industrial ovens, before its distilled two-to-three times.

Mezcal, on the other hand, is cooked inside of an earthen pit that is lined with lava rocks, wood, and charcoal, before being distilled into clay pots. This gives mezcal its smoky, more savory flavor.

I personally love the taste of mezcal in this recipe, as it blends so wonderfully with the mango flavor. However, if you arent a fan of mezcal, or if you only have tequila on-hand, thats okay! You can swap out the mezcal 1:1 for the tequila and still enjoy a delicious drink.

Mix It Up Margarita Variations

  • Make it spicy! Blend in half of a jalapeno pepper, chopped and deseeded, with the rest of the ingredients. Garnish with spicy salt on the rim.
  • On the rocks! If youd like a non-blended version of this, substitute 3 ounces of mango puree or juice for the frozen mango. Shake that along with 2 ounces Blanco tequila, 3/4 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice from about 1 lime, 1/2 ounce orange liqueur, 1/2 ounce orange juice, and 1/2 ounce simple syrup . If you use a mango nectar, which is usually sweetened, you may not need any simple syrup, so taste first and decide from there. To serve, strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass.
  • Get fancy with garnishes! Kosher salt is a standard ingredient for rimming your glass, but here you can swap that out with sugar crystals, or use Tajín chili pepper seasoning either on its own or mixed in with salt. Lime wheels, orange slices, and mango chunks all also work for garnishes.

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How Do You Make A Frozen Mango Margarita That Doesnt Separate

Homemade blended frozen margaritas tend to separate after theyve been sitting. This mango margarita pitcher recipe helps combat this by using frozen mangos so the ingredients are very cold.

You can also blend the ice into small pieces first and then add your frozen fruit and alcohol. This can help the drink combine better.

Restaurants make an almost smoothie-like drink. They bring their ingredients almost to freezing and dont use ice, which prevents separation.

What Is The Best Alcohol To Use In A Margarita

Frozen Mango Margarita

Traditionally, margaritas are made with tequila. I also added Cointreau, which is an orange liqueur.

Since this frozen mango margarita recipe only has a few ingredients, I highly recommend using quality tequila and Cointreau. If you use a low quality product with an inferior taste, there arent many other flavors to cover up the flavor.

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Substitutions And Variations For Pitcher Mango Margaritas

There are substitutions and variations you make this frozen mango margarita recipe to make it your own. Here are some ideas:

  • Use strawberries or peaches in place of the mango.
  • Use mezcal instead of tequila for an earthy flavor.
  • Add chile liquor for some extra heat. Be careful to add a little at a time because it can get hot quickly.
  • Try using blue Curacao liqueur for a blue hue.
  • Use a Mexican beer in place of the alcohol.
  • Add fresh mint, basil, rosemary or thyme to your mango margarita recipe.
  • Infuse the tequila with cilantro or jalapeno before making this blended frozen margarita recipe.
  • Add melon liqueur, raspberry liqueur, ginger liqueur or amaretto or use in place of the Cointreau.

What You Need To Make This Summertime Margarita Recipe

All you need are a few simple and easy ingredients to make this summertime margarita recipe come to life!

  • Frozen Mango: Of course, the star of this cocktail is the mango. I recommend buying pre-frozen mango chunks, to save you both time and money, but you can also pre-slice and freeze your mango ahead of time. Either way works, just make sure its frozen so that itll add that creamy, frozen flavor!
  • Mezcal: As mentioned earlier, this is a mezcal margarita, meaning well be using smoky and savory mezcal! My favorite is by Mezcal Alerón, but you can use any mezcal that you prefer. And if you prefer tequila, you can absolutely swap it out instead!
  • Cointreau or Triple Sec: A little cointreau or triple sec is necessary for any good margarita recipe!
  • Lime Juice: Some fresh lime juice adds the perfect balance to this cocktail dont skip it!
  • Tajin: If you know, you KNOW. I have been obsessed with tajin lately, for its subtly-spicy kick that tastes delicious when paired with fruit! A dash of tajin really makes this cocktail come to life, so I highly recommend it.
  • Jalapeño Slices : If you like your margaritas spicy, I recommend adding in a few jalapeño slices! They will add the perfect spicy kick that tastes absolutely delicious in this recipe.

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Spicing Up These Frozen Mango Margaritas

I love adding jalapeño simple syrup to this recipe to give it a little kick!! It perfectly balances the sweetness of the mango and really brings the flavors of this drink together.

This is optional though, and you can omit the simple syrup all together if you want a less sweet frozen mango margarita.

You can also use regular simple syrup in place of the jalapeño simple syrup if you want your frozen mango margaritas to not be spicy.

Frozen Mango Margarita Recipe Tips

Frozen mango margarita recipe | super easy cocktail | delicious. Australia

Here are some tips to help you learn how to make a great tasting mango margarita:

  • This mango margarita pitcher recipe will be very thick. If its too thick to blend, let it sit for a few minutes to thaw a little big.
  • You can taste it and adjust the amount of alcohol as you make it. You can add more alcohol to your blended frozen margaritas.
  • Rub a lime around the edge of the glass and rim with sea salt or chili powder.

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Make The Frozen Mango Margarita

Once your simple syrup is ready to go, you can make the margarita. All you really have to do is blend and serve, like this:

  • Blend Everything Up: Combine the frozen mango, tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, and simple syrup in the pitcher of a blender. Blend until the mixture is smooth.
  • Rim the Glass. Next, use a wedge of lime to moisten the rim of your glass, and dip the rim onto a plate with Tajin .
  • Enjoy! Once you have the glass ready, pour the margarita mixture into the glass and garnish with a slice of lime. Serve right away.
  • Making It Ahead Of Time

    To make a margarita in advance, pre-measure the ice and mango chunks and place them in a freezer-safe container or bag and store them in the freezer.

    You can also pre-measure the mango juice, tequila, orange liqueur, simple syrup, and lime juice and keep it in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 12 hours.

    When its time to serve, blend the two together and youre ready for a party!

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    How To Make The Best Frozen Margaritas

    Youll be surprised how easy and quick it is to make a blended margarita.

    • Salt the rim of your glasses you dont have to, but the salt + chili powder enhances the sweetness of the mango and adds a mild, spicy contrast. It also gives your glass that classic margarita look. To rim your glass, run a lime wedge around the upper outer rim, then dip the rim in a chili powder/salt mixture and twist to coat.
    • Blend add frozen mangoes, freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila, triple sec, and a touch of agave syrup into a blender, and blend until smooth.
    • Taste and adjust taste it, and tweak the ratios until your margarita has a balance of flavors you love. If you prefer a stronger margarita, add more tequila. If you want it sweeter, add an extra drop of agave or simple syrup.
    • Pour and serve pour it into the prepared glasses, garnish with limes wedges and a sprig of fresh mint, and serve immediately.

    You can rim your glasses with Tajin, a Mexican seasoning blend of chili peppers, lime, and sea salt. Find it in the seasoning aisle or with Mexican ingredients at your local grocery store.

    Blended Frozen Mango Margaritas

    Frozen Mango Margarita

    In the summer, I like to switch to fruity drinks, like this frozen mango margarita recipe. Even though this has calories from alcohol, theres no added sugar. Instead, it gets its sweetness from real mangos. Therefore, its a great choice if youre watching your carbs.

    You can use either fresh or frozen fruit to make these delicious blended frozen margaritas. This sweet and tangy drink is extra refreshing on hot summer days, and its perfect for outdoor barbeques and entertaining. You can also pair this cocktail with your favorite Mexican dishes for an enjoyable night in!

    This drink recipe makes a full pitcher of blended frozen margaritas, so its perfect for a party or a girls night in. You can rim the edge of the glasses with sea salt for a more traditional blended frozen margarita recipe, or use chili powder for a bit of a spicy kick, depending on your palate.

    I like to serve this frozen mango margarita recipe with Mexican food and snacks. However, it is also delicious with most meals those outdoor cookouts included. This cocktail is refreshing and cooling, so it pairs well with spicy foods just as well as it does chicken or barbeque.

    For guests who dont like extra heat, offer sea salt for rimming the glass rather than chili powder. I recommend letting each guest choose what to rim their margarita glasses as not everyone handles heat on the same level.

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    Ingredients Needed For Frozen Mango Margarita

    Mango Carefully remove the peel and the pit from the mango. Cube the mango into small pieces. Add the cubed mango to a sealable bag and place it in the freezer overnight. You will want the mango to be fully frozen for the best results.

    Tequila I like using a Blanco tequila. Patron or Casamigos are two great options.

    Lime Juice Be sure to use fresh squeezed lime juice. It really takes this recipe to the next level.

    Orange Juice You will also need the juice from one ripe orange. The hint of orange tastes great in this recipe. Plus, it is a great substitute for triple sec which is all sugar.

    Agave for this recipe, I used Organic Agave in The Raw. Be sure to use this on the rim of your glass and in the margarita.

    Ice When adding the ice, you will want to add a handful of cubes. I added about 10-12 cubes.

    Tajin Add Tajin to a small plate so you can rim the glass.

    Ingredients For A Frozen Mango Margarita

    Basically, you need all ingredients you would for a classic Margarita, plus some mango. Meaning, Tequila, Triple Sec, fresh lime juice, salt, and the star of the show: frozen Mangos. And that’s also the beauty of this cocktail. As opposed to a Mango Margarita on the rocks, it works with frozen fruit. And that makes the whole mixing process pretty straightforward.

    Even though I prefer to make the effort and use fresh fruits if I have the time. -Getting fresh, ripe mangos, dicing, and then freezing them yourself creates a sweeter and more intense mango flavor than frozen fruits do. But it’s also a lot of extra work and not necessary to make a great Mango Margarita.

    So, if you decide to use fresh mango, the drink works beautifully without an additional sweetener. With frozen fruit, I prefer to add a sweet component to enrich the sweet taste of the mangos. You can go with simple syrup or agave syrup, which complements the flavor of the agave-based Tequila nicely.

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    What To Serve With Mango Margarita

    Tacos and margaritas are a match made in culinary heaven!

    Serve this margarita with Chicken Tacos or Taco Rice!

    Or make a big bowl of my Texas Caviar and wash it down with the margaritas!

    Why not try Fresh Crispy Salmon Burrito Bowls and some Guacamole With Smoky Black Beans while sipping your margarita? Absolutely delicious meal combo!

    How To Make The Best Summertime Margarita

    How to Make the Frozen Mango Margarita

    Making this margarita recipe couldnt be any easier! Simply start by rubbing a lime wedge alongside the edge of a glass. Then, place your tajin into a small bowl, and dip the rim of the glass into the tajin, ensuring that its coated in a ring of tajin.

    Next, add all of your margarita ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Then, pour your margarita into a glass, serve immediately, and enjoy!

    Note that this recipe yields ONE drink, so if youre making for two people, be sure to double the recipe! Enjoy!

    If you make this recipe, please be sure to leave a review and rating below! And, since I practically live on , be sure to tag me in your creations so that I can repost them! xx

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    What Is The Best Tequila To Make A Margarita

    I guess we can all agree that Tequila Blanco is the best choice for making margaritas. For this recipe, Im using tequila from the brand Tequila Cazadores, a premium tequila made from 100% blue agave. This agave from the highlands of Jalisco has a different flavor, with more citrus, floral, and sweet notes than other tequilas.

    Nowadays, you can find many fruits sold frozen and available year-round, which makes it very easy to whip up this Mango Margarita in your home whenever you want. Its ready in only a matter of minutes, and the big plus is that you can use this recipe to make it using other fruits.

    For those of you that like their margarita on the rocks, use fresh mangos or Mango fruit nectar. Mango fruit nectar is a mango juice sold at Latin or Asian stores.

    If you find fresh mango, peel the mango, cut it into chunks , and freeze it for at least 4 hours to make this Frozen Margarita. Otherwise, you can use the fresh mango to make a Mango Margarita on the rocks by blending it with all the ingredients in this recipe and adding the crushed ice. Any way you make it, this will be a restaurant-quality margarita that you and your guests will love!

    Equipment For Making A Frozen Margarita

    • I love my high powdered blender, such an investment and lasts forever.
    • Just copped the beast blender and have been enjoying it, too!
    • Fun and festive to complete the experience.
    • A citrus reamer for freshly juicing your limes/lemons, etc.

    This Frozen Mango Margarita is the hottest drink for the summerdefinitely a must-make! Be sure to tag @butterbeready in your BBR recipe creations, I sure love to see it when you do. Until next time!

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    How To Make A Frozen Mango Margarita

    Start with squeezing some fresh lime for the lime juice. Then continue with the salt rim for your glasses. Use a lime wedge to moisten the rim and dip it in chili salt. For a classic Margarita, I prefer fleur de sel, but with the texture of a frozen drink, I -like many others- somehow find the chili salt a better match.

    Once done with salt-rimming your glasses, you can start with the actual drink. Because you have to use a blender for this frozen Mango Margarita, it’s easier to prepare it in a larger volume. Therefore, as an exception from our other recipes, the measurements below are for four servings instead of one only.

    Using frozen mango will save you the time for freezing and cutting them, as they usually come in small dices already. So all you need to do, really, is grab your food blender and combine all ingredients plus some ice cubes until you get a thick, smooth, and silky texture. Your drink is now more of a sorbet than a cocktail. So if you want to, you can let it water down a bit simply by waiting until some of the frozen water melts and makes your cocktail more liquid.

    Why Make My Mango Margarita

    Frozen Mango Margarita #recipe via Joyful Healthy Eats http://www ...

    Easy & Quick – My mango margarita is the easiest cocktail recipe you will ever make. It is a semi-frozen margarita made with mangoes and crushed ice. Just add everything to the blender, blend for a few seconds, and voila! Ready to party!

    Tastes Like Summer – This fruity, tropical margarita is the real deal. Fresh or frozen mangoes make this thick like nectar and irresistibly delicious. Like summer and sunshine in a glass!

    Easy To Scale Up – My recipe is for a single serving. Just scale it up to have multiple servings for a party or gathering.

    Sugar-Free – Just like my Avocado Margarita, my mango margarita is sugar-free and has no added sweetener. The sweetness comes from the sweet, juicy mangoes and the orange liqueur. It has a refined, grown-up taste and you will absolutely love it!

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