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How To Make Coconut Rum

How To Make Coconut Washed Rum

How To Make Homemade Coconut Rum


Get a jar and small saucepan.

Step one

Gather the ingredients white rum and coconut oil.

Step two

Measure out a heaping cup of coconut oil and pour 24 ounces of rum into the jar.

Step three

Add coconut oil to a small saucepan and melt the oil on medium/low heat. Stand there at the stove to watch it and stir as needed.

Step four

Pour the melted coconut oil into the rum in the jar.

You can easily see the oil infiltrating the rum.

Step five

Cap the jar and shake so the coconut oil gets disbursed.

Step six

Let the jar of mixed rum stand on the counter for 4 8 hours. I usually let it sit around 6 hours.

You can clearly see that the fats have started to raise to the top.

Step seven

Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours, but I usually let it sit there overnight.

Step eight

Get a large glass bowl, a sieve and ultra fine cheesecloth.

I was able to take the disc of frozen coconut oil out of the jar after I carefully broke it in pieces with a knife, but if you cant get pieces to break off , use a knife to cut a hole in the disc and pour the rum out through that hole.

Step nine

Place the sieve in the large bowl and lay the cheesecloth in the sieve.

Step ten

Pour the rum through the cheesecloth and sieve.

Heres what the rum should look like.

Step eleven

Transfer the rum to a jar and now its ready to make a cocktail.

And as always, may all your dishes/drinks be delish!

Why Does My Coquito Have Lumps In It

Remember that fat cap from the cream of coconut? Well, that, plus the fat in the milks, likes to solidify as the coquito sits in the fridge. I call these edible clumps of love. Theyre not harmful and they dont mean your coquito is spoiled. They are unsightly, Ill admit, which is why straining the coquito is important.

If they bother you a lot, just strain the coquito after shaking. That should get rid of them. If they dont disturb your soul, just embrace them and enjoy the pockets of coconutty goodness.

Can You Make Coconut Rum From Scratch

Coconut rum is very common and there are many brands to choose from at the liquor store. They almost always lean toward the liqueur side of distilled spirits, meaning they’re low-proof and often very sweet or made with artificial coconut flavoring. If you want a fresh-tasting coconut rum, it’s easy to make yourself and as simple as any other liquor infusion:

  • Remove the white meat from a fresh coconut and chop it up so it can fit inside your infusion jar or bottle.
  • Add the light rum of your choice and seal the bottle.
  • Shake it vigorously and store the infusion in a dark, cool place for about 2 weeks. Shake it regularly to keep the flavors alive.
  • Taste your rum and, if you’d like the flavor to be a bit more intense, continue infusing until it’s to your liking.
  • Strain out the coconut and bottle your homemade coconut rum.
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    Ingredients For Coconut Rum Punch

    • Grenadine or maraschino cherry juice
    • Malibu Coconut Rum< you can replace this with your own favorite rum or vodka and add some coconut extract or cream of coconut instead
    • Ginger ale, as desired < optional ingredient but adds the fizziness that many people associate with party punches
    • Pineapple and maraschino cherries, to garnish
    • Lots of ice< you can make juice ice cubes to avoid watering down your drink, if desired

    Scroll down to the printable recipe card for full measurements.

    Tip: measure out the top 4 ingredients into your glass or pitcher and then top with ginger ale, to taste. If making your pitcher ahead of time, wait until serving to add the ice.

    Kitchen Tools You May Find Helpful

    I really loved using my gorgeous Omishome Bartending Kit to make this recipe. The pretty bamboo holder contains all of the tools you need to make perfect cocktails, and those pretty gold tools add a touch of class to your home bar set-up.

    How to Make Coconut Rum Punch

    Fill your hurricane glasses with ice.

    Pour the liquid ingredients into the glasses in order. The ice will help keep the ombre effect by preventing the liquids from mixing too much.

    Grenadine. Orange juice. Pineapple Juice. Malibu.

    Top with ginger ale until the glass is full and then garnish with a pineapple wedge and maraschino cherry, if desired.

    Enjoy immediately.

    What Kind Of Coconut Should You Use To Make Coconut Extract

    Coconut Mismo Rum Cocktail Recipe

    I used some fresh shredded coconut that I had in the freezer hen I first made coconut extract.

    I guess then it was frozen shredded coconut?

    Anyways I had it on hand so I used it. I have had a hard time using it up because it still has the brown skin on it. Whenever I add it to smoothies or something it adds a funky texture.

    BUT I thought this homemade coconut extract was the perfect way to use some of it up.

    The kind of coconut you use to make your coconut extract ill determine ho your coconut extract tastes.

    I’ve made coconut extract ith both fresh coconut and toasted coconut. And they both tasted a bit different!

    Fresh coconut has a great, potent coconut flavor. It works great for making coconut extract.

    Go ahead and use dried shredded coconut instead of fresh or frozen coconut. The alcohol will extract the flavors just the same.

    I prefer using toasted coconut, becasue toasting the coconut adds more flavor to your extract. For very best results, toast your fresh coconut!

    If I’m not using fresh toasted coconut, I like to use toasted unsweetened coconut. I feel like I can get more flavor from unsweetened coconut vs sweetened coconut.

    How do you toast coconut?

    To toast coconut, spread it in an even layer on a baking sheet.

    Toast in a preheated 350°F oven for 5-10 minutes.

    Keep a close eye on it, so you don’t burn your coconut.

    Check it every 2 minutes, and once it starts to turn golden, stir every minute or two.

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    Blend Strain Then Bottle

    Blend the mixture for a minute, stop the blender and scrape down any spices that have stuck to the sides of the carafe. Hit it again for another thirty seconds to a minute. I tend to blend longer to break down that cream of coco.

    Add two, or three, cinnamon sticks to two one-liter swing-top bottles. Again, cinnamon is a prominent flavor in coquito, so in addition to the ground cinnamon, I cure the coquito with two or three cinnamon sticks. You can omit them if you dont keep cinnamon sticks on hand.

    Grab a funnel and put a fine-mesh sieve over it. If you have cheesecloth or a clean kitchen towel, line the sieve with that. In order to reduce the amount of clumping in the coquito its a good idea to strain it as you bottle it.

    Place the funnel over a large pitcher. Pour the blended coquito into the cheesecloth to strain it. See all of that foam youve collected? Just get rid of that.

    This recipe makes just under one gallon of coquito. Now you can easily pour the strained coquito into the bottles. Leave a headspace of at least one inch at the top of each bottle for shaking later. Cap the bottles and refrigerate.

    You need to let the coquito cure for at least forty-eight hours to achieve that mellow, unsuspectingly-dangerous flavor. As the coquito mellows, that alcohol smooths out and is almost unnoticeable.

    Tips For Making Coconut Rum Balls

    Coconut Rum Balls arent as fussy as the Chocolate Truffles we talked about yesterday. Theres no chocolate to seize up, and theyre far less sticky. They can be a bit difficult to hold together, so you do need to press them really well. Here are a few more tips to help making these a breeze.

    More Christmas dessert recipes:

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    Frozen Rock Lobster Cocktail

    The frozen rock lobster cocktail is a fun and fruity blender drink that tastes like a tropical summer in a glass. Bursting with coconut, banana, and pomegranate flavors , and with two kinds of rum, it’s a delicious grown-up slushy to sip on all season long. Feel free to ramp up the amount of grenadine if you prefer a sweeter drink.

    How Strong Is The Coconut Martini

    How To Make Coconut Infused Rum (( Homemade Malibu Rum )) DJs BrewTube Beer Review

    Compared to many other martini recipes, the coconut martini is relatively light because the two liquors tend to be lower than their standard 80-proof, unflavored counterparts. With a 70-proof vanilla vodka and 42-proof coconut rum, this martini’s alcohol content falls around 21 percent ABV . That’s equal to a straight shot of the rum, though yours may be stronger depending on your spirits of choice.

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    How Do You Make Homemade Extract To Flavor Things

    Have you ever made your own vanilla extract? Or coconut extract?

    I’ve made vanilla extract and coconut extract, and both are very easy and fun!

    Making vanilla extract It is pretty basic. Toss a vanilla bean in some alcohol and then let it sit for a while.

    The flavors from the vanilla bean dissolve into the alcohol and then you can easily add them to all your favorite recipes.

    I’ve also made vanilla extract with bourbon, which is great in gluten free chocolate chip cookies, and really everything. It has a great smoky flavor!

    How Do I Serve Coquito

    After sitting in the fridge to cure, the fats in all the milks will solidify. Before serving you need to pull it out of the fridge and allow it to warm up on the counter for 10-15 minutes.

    After your coquito has warmed a little, just give it a vigorous shake to mix the spices that will have settled, serve it, then sip. I mean, its a rich, dessert-like libation- and its potent- so, sipping seems like the right thing to do. The Soldier and I dont, but you should do as I say, not as I do. I serve our coquito in old fashion glasses. They look classy, and you feel like you have a lot, which stops you from becoming the drunk aunt or uncle who embarasses the family at every holiday event.

    A stick of cinnamon is the perfect garnish, but totally optional. I do like to freshly grate cinnamon over mine. With or without ice is up to you. I prefer not to water down my drinks.

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    Running Your Pot Still

    Its now time to fire up that pot still! Ensure that your still is properly set for this step. Secure all clamps and domes and make sure condensers are properly attached, as well as any hoses. Next, youll turn on the heat source and start raising the temperature of your rum wash. Youll want to run the rum wash through two separate distillations. During the first, youll collect the entire distillate without separating the heads, hearts and tails. That will be done during the second round of distillation.

    If using a condenser, turn on the water when the boiler reaches 130 °F.

    At about 168 °F the still will start producing. Increase the temperature to keep producing distillate.

    Stop collecting distillate after it measures less than 20% ABV which you can measure using the hydrometer. Be sure to hold on to the remaining contents of the still as youll be adding it back in with your second distillation. This will add to the final flavor of the product. Dilute the first round distillate by 20% with water. Stir the mix thoroughly and add back into the still. Begin your second round of distillation.

    Blue Hawaiian Drink Recipe With Coconut Rum

    How To Make A Coconut

    A traditional blue Hawaiian cocktail gets its vivid blue color from blue curaçao and its tiki drink status from white rum, but you can also make a delicious blue Hawaiian mixed drink using coconut rum.


    • ½ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
    • 1½ ounces coconut rum
    • ¾ ounce blue curaçao
    • Pineapple wedge and cherry for garnish


  • In a cocktail shaker, combine the pineapple juice, lemon juice, coconut rum, and blue curaçao.
  • Add ice and shake to chill.
  • Strain into a tiki glass or Collins glass filled with ice.
  • Garnish with the pineapple wedge and cherry.
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    How To Make Quick Coquito

    Quick Coquito is probably the most popular of versions. It requires no grating of coconut and most of the ingredients can be stored in the pantry. Youll need a large blender for this recipe. My KitchenAid has a sixty ounce carafe, which is perfect for this egg-free version.

    Not pictured is a can of evaporated milk, which well also use. You could replace the evaporated milk with more coconut milk if you prefer a more pronounced coconut flavor.

    Are There Eggs In Coquito

    Technically? No.

    Anytime you add eggs to a Puerto Rican drink, it becomes ponche. But, no one is going to call the coquito police on you if you want to add them to yours to make it richer and more eggnog-y.

    So, now is the point, if you want to make an eggnog-type of coquito, to add four large egg yolks. Use the freshest eggs you have access to in order to avoid any illnesses. As with any recipe that includes raw eggs, the chance of contracting a foodborne illness is higher, especially if you dont allow the coquito to cure long enough.

    If youre not adding eggs, just keep it moving.

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    How Many Different Ways Can I Make Coquito

    Besides all of those new fandangled recipes people are creating , theres about 6 different ways to make coquito:

    • Old School Coquito: fresh coconut milk with pitorro and some sweetener
    • Quick Coquito: canned coconut milk, evaporated, condensed milk and cream of coconut, rum, vanilla, and ground cinnamon
    • Quick Vegan Coquito: canned coconut milk, canned condensed coconut milk, and cream of coconut, rum, vanilla, and ground cinnamon
    • Vegan Coquito: same as old-school vegan but without the pitorro. It has fresh coconut milk, cream of coconut, sweetened condensed coconut milk, rum, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a spiced tea
    • Vegan-Virgin Coquito: fresh coconut milk, cream of coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and a spice tea
    • Virgin Coquito: coconut milk, cream of coconut, evaporated milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

    Clearly, theres a coquito for everyone. And, with the exception of the vegan recipes, all of these can be made with eggs to make a creamier, richer coquito.

    How To Make Quick Vegan Coquito

    How To Make An Irish Coconut Rum Cocktail | Drinks Made Easy

    Making your coquito vegan isnt difficult. Replace the sweetened condensed milk with sweetened condensed coconut milk. The evaporated milk will be replaced with more coconut milk. Thats it! Praise the heavens, alcohol is vegan and dairy free, so long as you dont use one that is creamy.

    Those milks get added to the spices and tea in the blender and blended for 30 seconds to combine.

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    How To Make This Coquito Drink

    • In a blender, combine condensed milk, evaporated milk, coconut milk and coconut cream.
    • Add the cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.
    • Finally, add the rum. Blend until all is well combined.
    • Pour into glass bottles, seal tightly and refrigerate.
    • Shake the mixture well before serving. Serve cold in small drink glasses and garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg, or place cinnamon sticks into glasses.

    How Long Does Coquito Last

    The alcohol in this recipe will cure the coquito for a long time. Even with the addition of eggs, its good for at least a year. It may even be good for a longer period of time, Ive just never had enough restraint to test the timeline. Last years batch, which contained eggs, lasted until last month. It tasted even smoother and more profound cured, as it was, for eleven months. But to be on the safe side, I suggest enjoying it within 6 months.

    However, the virgin coquito will only be good for about a week, or so. I would make it when you know youre going to be able to finish it within that time.

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    The Proper Glass For A Frozen Daiquiri:

    Surprise! There really isnt one glass associated with a frozen daiquiri. We have seen them made in martini, pina colada and margarita glasses most often.

    We chose 12 oz. Margarita glasses and the size is PERFECT. You will get two completely filled margarita glasses.

    However, any tall tom collins, cocktail, pina colada or martini glass of the same size will also work for this recipe.

    The coconut rum with the lime and strawberries is a wonderful flavor balance your mouth is gonna love.

    This gorgeous summer drink is very light in calories and alcohol and big on refreshing fruity flavor.

    Blue Chair Bay Rum Make Way For Mango Rum Cream

    How To Make Coconut Infused Rum (( Homemade Malibu Rum ...

    Blue chair bay coconut rum near me. Get blue chair bay rum, coconut spiced delivery or pickup near me delivered to you within two hours via instacart. Blue chair bay rum is made in the caribbean offering an array of delicious rum and cream rums that can be added to your favorite cocktail or dessert recipe. White, coconut , and coconut spice.

    Finest call wild berry purée, minute maid lemonade, sprite. Blue chair bay coconut spice rum. Largo bay rums are produced by the west indies rum distillery ltd.

    Captain morgan private stock rum. Our signature rum runner made with rumhaven coconut rum, blue chair bay banana rum, blackberry liqueur, orange and pineapple juices topped with a float of dark rum $ 9.00. Blue chair bay white rum 750ml.

    Build ingredients directly into tall glass with ice. Quick view compare add to cart. Blue chair bay white rum.

    On the island of barbados. Quick view compare add to cart. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection.

    stars out of 5 stars 1 ratings, based on 1 reviews. Its largo bay rums are made in classic gold and silver styles, as well as in spiced and flavored varieties. Upgrade to pro to view data from the last five years.

    Mount gay extra old rum. Blue chair bay coconut spiced. Worldwide average retail price per 750ml, ex tax usd $ from aug 2019 to jul 2021.

    Appleton estate jamaica rum extra 12 year old.

    Pomegranate Coconut Mojito Coconut Rum Cocktail Recipe

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