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Best White Rum For Mojitos

Different Styles Of Rum

Best Mojito Recipe – Cuban Mojito

Going back to ye ol law books, the US only distinguishes one special kind of rum and that is Cachaça. This rum has two special characteristics according to the regulation. First, it must be produced from sugarcane juice. Most other rums are produced from molasses, a sugar cane by-product. The other is that it has a geographic designation of Brazil. In fact, Cachaça is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil! I have not tried this, but now it is on my list.

There are also different grades of rum that are not necessarily bound by law in the US. Some of them are as follows:

Real Mccoy 3 Year Old White Rum

This rum celebrates the legacy of a man who gave us the saying the real McCoy a legendary figure who refused to dilute his spirits. This modern day tribute to Bill McCoy is made with no additives just pure, unadulterated, top-notch rum. The Real McCoy 3 Year Old comes packed with chocolate, coconut and scorches of pepper. It goes incredibly well in a Bloody Mary. Read our full Real McCoy 3 Year Old white rum review.

Available from:

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Bayou Silver Rum Best American White Rum

Do you know which ones the best American-made flavors of white rum ever? Bayou Silver!!

Bayou is the purest and cleanest tasting rum that is filtered thrice with fresh water to bring out the goodness in every sip.

Although this rum is good to go straight but tastes even better when mixed with other drinks like mojitos, coconut, or even your sweet tea.

Price: $20.89

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Bacardi Facundo Neo White Rum

The most successful rum brand on the planet pays tribute to its founder with this premium edition rum. Don Facundo kicked things off in Cuba centuries ago and his legacy is paid homage to with this sophisticated and refreshing palate of creamy vanilla and custard along with tropical fruits and pepper. Pour over ice and raise your glass to The Don. Read our full Bacardi Facundo NEO white rum review.

Available from:

Bayou Silver Rum From $1999 For 750ml From Drizly

Strange infusions: Mojito

Bayou Silver Rum is proofed with triple filtered fresh water providing a pure-tasting rum. If you are looking for the best rum for mojitos then this is one of them.

It is fruity and sweet, offering notes of vanilla, tropical fruits and butterscotch. This award-winning rum is pot still distilled, giving it more body than other white rums.

Mojito Twist: If you want something different then try tarragon and pineapple. The tang from the pineapple and the savoury note of the tarragon will go well with the sweetness of the rum.

So, if you arent sure which rum is for you. you will have to try them ALL!

If you are a newbie to the cocktail world, then look no further than the classic mojito. With its simple ingredients and refreshing taste, this iconic drink is the best way to dip your toes into the cocktail waters.

There are so many options out there and with a bit of experimentation, you can definitely find the best rum for mojitos. Whether you want sweet and spicy, mellow and tropical, or smooth and buttery, the right rum is just one mojito away.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab some rum, sugar, limes, spearmint and soda water and shake your way into summer.

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Best Rums For Mojitos

Originating from Havana, Cuba, the Mojito is among the oldest cocktails we know. The history of this traditional minty drink starts as early as the 1500s. Sir Francis Drake was stranded in Havana and had to cure his crew members. He mixed up a concoction that should calm stomachs and cure scurvy. The result was a drink we today know as the Mojito.

And the classic Mojito is without a doubt one of the most delicious and most popular cocktails made with Rum. A cocktail you can get almost everywhere in the world. But despite its simple recipe and lean list of ingredients, you often get a mediocre drink. And also, online, you will find countless recipes on this classic Cuban cocktail, but only a few of them are worth trying.

Above all, it all comes down to treating the cocktail and its ingredients with respect. Following a traditional recipe and using quality products will make for an amazing Mojito. Use enough mint, the right kind of sugar, fresh lime juice, and only slap the mint instead of muddling it. That is because muddling can release bitter flavors of mint, which you certainly want to avoid in your Mojito cocktail.

Cana Brava Rum From $2699 For 750ml From Drizly

If you are a newbie to the cocktail world then Cana Brava rum is for you. The innovative bottle has handy measuring scales, originally designed for bartenders, but very nifty for the novice mixologist.

With the aroma of fudge and vanilla ice cream followed by the taste of a sweet pastry, this solid white rum is delicious. If you are worried it might be lethal, the slightly medicinal undertone, a nod to its origins, and the lingering taste of cracked black pepper will help you portion control.

Bartenders agree it is one of the best rum for mojitos.

Mojito suggests that black tea syrup, lemon juice and lemon verbena are a funky twist on the classic mojito using Cana Brava Rum.

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Rhum Jm Agricole Blanc

Rum, by definition, is made from sugar. Most rums, including just about every rum the casual drinker would be familiar with, is made from fermented molasses, a sugar byproduct. But the spirit known as rhum agricole is distilled from sugarcane juice, and as a result, it’s a whole different animalextremely fruity, funky, and wild-tasting in a way nearly unique among spirits. If you’re used to the Bacardi style, it might be off-putting, but for spirits nerds, this Martinique rhum is where it’s at. Try it in: ti’ punch

Is Bacardi Superior Good For Mojitos

MOJITO | how to make the best mojito cocktail recipe

Of all of the Bacardi collections, the Superior is the best choice for a mojito. The light and delicate rum blend well with the freshness of mint and the sourness of lime.

Thats the reason why we added it to our top 5 above. The price is also reasonable, which is why many clubs use Bacardi Superior for their cocktails.

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Is Captain Morgan Rum Good For Mojitos

Captain Morgan dark rum wouldnt work with a Mojito, but their white collection could be used. Be warned, though, as Captain Morgan is an insanely sweet spirit.

You may want to avoid adding more sugar into your cocktail and let the rum add the sweetness for you. Or you can add more lime to balance out the sweetness.

Either way, be aware of how the additional sugar will off-balance the mojito recipe.

Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum

This rum is from one of the oldest distilleries still in existence after a successful run of 300 years. Eclipse is distilled through a unique process that uses copper tools in the process, storing the spirits to mature in American whiskey casks that are being repurposed. Total Wine points out the lighter notes of almond and vanilla with a hint of ripe banana, with apricot. These features combine to deliver a well-balanced and interesting rum with all notes compatible with the mint flavor or the mojito. If youre fond of Barbados rums, this is one of the oldest companies dating back to the 1700s. Theyve had years to perfect the trade. The ABV is 40%, which offers a mild alcohol content with a golden color.

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Rhum Barbancourt White Rum From $1979 For 750ml From Drizly

Made using sugar cane juice and not molasses, Rhum Barbancourt White Rum is strongly flavoured. It is meant for mixing, making it one of the best white rums for mojitos.

It is light and earthy with sweet notes of banana, mango and nougat with a spicy finish. The rum is double distilled which dramatically affects the flavour. This also makes a premium rum respected globally.

Mojito suggests adding two drops of Angostura bitters to your mojito to intensify the flavours of the rum

Plantation Original Dark Rum From $1999 For 750ml From Drizly

Make it a #mojito. Head over to the Culver City gem @barandgarden for a ...

If you are wanting a dirty mojito that has a bit more oomph then Plantation Original Dark Rum is an ideal companion for your poolside cocktail. With its roots in Jamaica and Barbados with some French flair, this rum has notes of plum, banana and vanilla.

With a punchy flavour and a spicy kick, it works surprisingly well when mixed, making it the best dark rum for mojitos. That is great news as the new 2015 recipe was designed to make it a better cocktail rum.

Mojito Twist: Make your mojito the same way as usual, but swap out the white rum for dark rum and the white sugar for brown sugar.

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Havana Club 3 Year Old


Delightfully smooth rum produced by a joint-venture between Peron and state-owned Cuba Ron, originating from a family-owned distillery in Cardenas, Cuba, was introduced to the public in 1934.

Havana Cuba 3 Year Old is distilled from local sugarcane molasses and aged in ex-bourbon casks, contributing to its distinct light honey yellow hue.

A well-balanced palate combination of green sugarcane notes with a sweet fruity tone, flavoured with a hint of citrus, leaves you feeling refreshed.

This classic silver rum is smooth and perfect for that refreshing mojito with just the right amount of punch. This rum is light and enjoyable, with vanilla, oak, and sugarcane molasses flavours for those relaxing afternoon sundowners.

Pricing & Info

Diplomtico Planas Aged White Rum

ABV: 47%

Origin: Venezuela

Flavors: Coconut and coffee

Diplomático is a renowned Rum brand from Venezuela. Made from fresh and natural spring water Diplomático Rum is more famous for its dark Rums. But Planas Aged White Rum also is a beautiful white yet aged Rum that works perfectly in a Mojito. Clean in taste and with a super smooth finish, the Rum shows notes of coconut, pineapple, and coffee, too.

The spirit is barrel-aged for six years and during that time develops a dark color and complex flavor profile. Before bottling, Diplomático Planas Aged White Rum is charcoal filtered to achieve a clean and transparent look.

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Foursquare Rum Probitas Rum From $2999 For 750ml From Drizly

When Foursquare Distillery in Barbados and Hampden Estate Distillery in Jamaica decided to create a blend, Probitas was born. Made from a blend of 3 rums this Caribbean rum lives up to its roots with citrus and vanilla notes.

With a textured mouthfeel and bottled at a higher proof, it offers a bold flavour profile for your cocktail. For a young rum, it is delicious, with a complex flavour profile. It is reminiscent of a fruit salad and buttery croissant at breakfast.

Who wouldnt want to start their holiday with fresh fruit, flaky pastry and a refreshing mojito?

Mojito Twist: Grapefruit pairs well with Probitas as the sour notes will complement the tropical and rich butter undertones of the rum

Best Splurge: Rhum Jm Agricole Blanc

How To Make The Mojito – Best Drink Recipes

Courtesy of

Region: Martinique | ABV: 50% | Tasting Note: Sugarcane, Tropical fruit, Spice

This spirit is spelled with an h because its actually rhum agricole from Martinique. That means that its distilled from sugarcane juice instead of molasses. Rhum J.M might cost a bit more than your average bottle, but the earthy palate with notes of citrus, banana and caramel makes it worth the price. This bottle tastes great on its own or used in any cocktail.

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Why Are Mojitos Hard

The Mojito embodies every reason a bartender hates to make a cocktail. First of all, it requires fresh mint, which must be muddled mashed with a special tool to release its flavors. Sugar and fresh lime juice two sticky ingredients many bartenders dislike are added, along with rum and soda water.

Best For Mojito: Havana Club Aejo Blanco

Courtesy of The Real Havana Club

Region: Puerto Rico | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Vanilla, Banana

“Havana Club Añejo Blanco has a clean taste with fruity aromas, hints of vanilla and oak, says Reniel Garcia, the bar director of Havana 1957 in Miami Beach. It is distilled in Puerto Rico using a two-part aging process.

The rum is aged for a year, then blended together and aged for another two months. The result is the perfect rum to mix with some lime and mint for a classic Mojito.

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The Absolute Best Rums To Use For Mojitos Ranked

In recent decades, the mojito has gained a rather negative reputation. As Punch explains, this fall from grace has been caused by nightclubbers who have long over-ordered the drink, a time-consuming mixing process that makes it the bane of many bartenders’ shifts, and an even larger cliché-fueled stigma.

Unsurprisingly, the spirit traditionally used to make mojitos, white rum, is also frequently misunderstood. Indeed, there remains no actual legal definition of white rum or any other “type” of rum a fact that contrasts sharply with other, heavily regulated spirits .

Initial iterations of the mojito sometimes known as El Draque after Sir Francis Drake did not include rum at all, but rather a precursor to the spirit, aguardiente de caña, per Difford’s Guide. This drink was enjoyed throughout Cuba the site of its invention until the 20th century when the mojito as we know it was popularized during prohibition alongside Cuban-based rum producers, such as Bacardí.

Nowadays, the choice of rum extends well beyond Bacardí, with numerous brands claiming their spirit is perfect for the cocktail. Of course, not all of these statements are true, yet there are several mojito-making rums that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Whilst we can’t guarantee that these spirits will salvage the reputation of this overly deprecated cocktail, we can assure you that they will form the basis of a delightfully refreshing mojito.

What Type Of Rum For Mojitos

White mojito: Meest makkelijke &  slanke rum cocktail ooitFoodness

The best rum for mojitos is a light and versatile white or silver rum that wont impart an aged flavor to the cocktail, like an aged rum, like gold, will do.

White rum is one of the most popular types of rum due to its incredible versatility. White rum is a clear liquor, usually with a mild flavor and light body.

Many white rums are distilled and immediately bottled. They dont need to have a lot of complexity, and can be sold for a lower price because they arent aged for a long period of time.

Occasionally, a while rum is aged for a year or longer, then filtered to remove the color it acquires through aging.

These types of rum are used to make favorite cocktails like mojitos, Cuba Libre, daiquiris and pina coladas.

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Finest Caribbean Back Tot Rum 462%


Best for: a shot of warmth

Although great in summery cocktails, a shot of the right rum can also provide you with the kind of instant warmth that can banish any evening shivers.

Black Tot is most definitely the right kind, being a blend of rums from Guyana, Jamaica and Barbados in the style of those enjoyed by British Navy crews in the days before on-board boozing was stopped on 31 July 1970

This modern incarnation of the Navys favourite tipple is choc-full of stone fruit and spice notes, swirling around in a sea of rich molasses flavours. Its smooth, without being syruppy sweet, and if its warming booze can see off a nautical chill then youll find it more than adept at adding some toasty comfort to sipping on land.

Probitas Blended White Rum

Origin: Jamaica and Barbados

Flavors: Sugar cane, banana, custard, and citrus

Probitas Blended Rum is -as the name suggests- a blended Rum with an unusual approach. The blend consists of two Rums from two distilleries of different Caribbean islands. While one part is distilled by Hampden Estate in Jamaica using a pot still, the other part is a column-distilled Rum by Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Sounds unnecessarily complicated? It makes sense when you consider that environmental conditions influence the flavor.

This Blended aims to replicate the flavor profile of classic Cuban Rum. But the result is more than that. It brings together light and grassy notes with the typical funkiness of Jamaican Rum. Probitas surely is one of the more extravagant options on our list with a unique backstory.

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Appleton 8 Year Old Reserve Rum 43%


Best for: Mai Tais

We find Appletons rums among the best value and most versatile around, and think they excel in partnership with the almond and orange flavours of a Mai Tai.

Unsurprising, seeing as the original Mai Tai recipe was devised to show off one of Appletons rums .

Appleton 8 Year Old Reserve is a dark Jamaican rum thats smooth enough to sip neat, has rich enough oak and spice flavours to shine in a cocktail, and some honeyed orange flavours of its own that harmonise with the other Mai Tai ingredients.

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