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Where To Buy Whiskey Glasses

Why Use A Whiskey Decanter

What WHISKEY GLASS should YOU buy?

Since whiskey is already aged, there is no need to decant it. But a whiskey decanter can dress up your bar cart, make cheap whiskey look really good or help control how much your guests drink. Instead of offering them a full bottle, throw some into the decanter. Not only will it help prevent them from overdrinking, but you’ll still have some left over in the original bottle after they’ve gone.

What Are Whiskey Stones And Do I Need Them

Whiskey stones are controversial. Purists roll their eyes at them, declaring a fine spirit doesnt need chilling. But you should drink what you please, and if youd like your whiskey below temperature, a whiskey stone chills down your drink without diluting the precious spirit. Simply store one in your freezer and break it out when you pour your dram.

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Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass

Specially designed to highlight the full character of good whiskey, the Denver & Liely Whiskey Glass combines a tumbler and a snifter in one. The glass boasts a wider base and a tapered body to enhance the flavor of every sip of whiskey. An extra-thick bottom minimizes the heat transfer between the users hand and the whiskey, preventing ice cubes from melting too quickly. Hand-blown and hand-cut, this lead-free crystal glass is also hand-polished to perfection. Its no wonder that it has been featured in publications like Vogue, Forbes, or Mens Health.

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How Many Ounces Does A Whiskey Glass Typically Hold

Whiskey glasses come in a variety of sizes. A shot glass, for example, usually holds between 1 and 2 ounces, while a double old-fashioned glass typically has between a 10- and 12-ounce capacity. The iconic Glencairn glass, used by many distilleries and bars, holds 6.5 ouncesbut filling these to the brim is not recommended.

Best Personalized: Home Wet Bar Draper Decanter

Opera Whisky Glass : Buy Glassware Online
  • Expensive

Personalized glass items can oftentimes come off a bit tacky, but Home Wet Bars Italian-made Draper whiskey decanter is anything but. Choose your single letter, which will be laser engraved in an elegant, Olde English typeface on the decanters front panel. Holding up to 24 ounces of the liquid of your choice, this personalized decanter makes for a great gift and is made from lead-free crystal. Note that it is dishwasher safe, and there’s also the option not to monogram the decanter.

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Where To Buy Whiskey Glass

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Rare Whiskey Glass Set Of 2

We start off our list of 20 best whiskey glasses in style. Designed to enhance the flavors of whiskey, the Rare Whisky Glasses focus aroma through their elegantly tapered silhouette. Minimal and refined, this set of two glasses designed by Felicia Ferrone feature a functional hollow base that allows the user to stack them. Each glass is carefully handmade by master glassblowers from premium quality Borosilicate glass. While elegant and seemingly delicate, the Rare Whiskey Glasses are safe to wash in a dishwasher. Set of two tumblers with a capacity of 9 ounces each.

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Best Themed: Golf Ball Whiskey Glass

  • Made from hand-blown lead-free glass

  • Thin

I love unique glassware especially for my home bar, describes Cristina Suarez, the beverage manager of KUSH Hospitality Group. have an almost snifter-like shape on the top which enhances the whiskey flavor by trapping the aroma on top while the rounded bottom allows the glass to be fully cupped in your hand to warm it up. It would definitely make a great gift for the whiskey-loving golfer in your life.

Even though the glasses resemble a golf ball, they are abstract enough to fit in with any home bar. Available in a set of two, each 10-ounce whiskey glass is handcrafted in the Midwest.

Best Luxury Glass: Whiskey Peaks Premium Rocks Glasses

The Complete Guide to Whiskey Glasses

From our pals at Huckberry comes this awesome collection of hand-blown glasses with indented bottoms featuring topographic silhouettes of various mountains of America and around the world: Half Dome, Whitney, the Matterhorn, Kilimanjaro, Everest, and more. Prices vary.


-An ideal gift for the adventurer


-Lightweight and delicate not dishwasher safe

-Made in China

Get It: Pick up the Whiskey Peaks Premium Rocks Glasses at Huckberry

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What To Look For In A Whiskey Decanter

Since a whiskey decanter should be used as a serving vessel as opposed to long-term storage, it’s OK to prioritize looks. This bottle will dress up your home bar or bar cart, as well as take your hosting skills to the next level. Next, consider if you want a decanter that can fit a whole 750 mL bottle of whiskey or just a bit at a time. Make sure it’s lead-free if you plan to keep whiskey in there for a while, and that it’s equipped with an airtight seal.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass

An elegant whiskey glass that hides more behind its refined aesthetic. This glass features a patented Tritan® crystal material, developed by Schott Zwiesel and unique to this leading glassware brand. Unlike traditional glasses, the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass has no lead or barium. Instead, it features titanium and zirconium oxides. Made using a high-temperature process which effectively tempers the material, this whiskey glass is significantly more durable than other glasses, as well as scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and resistant to chipping. Its one of the best whiskey glasses you can buy. Plus, the design looks fantastic in any interior.

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Whiskey But Make It Fashion

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

LIQUOR / Chloe Jeong

Ask any expert, and theyll tell you that theres an art to finding the perfect whiskey decanter. A decanter is meant to be displayed, so it should fit your home decor and represent your style, says Clay Whittaker, freelance journalist and whiskey expert. But, it should also be functionalyour decanter shouldn’t be needlessly difficult to lift or pour from, and you should consider how difficult it will be to clean or dust.

Where glass is concerned, safety is always an important factor. Aside from durability, Whittaker says, youll want to make sure that the decanter is made from crystal and is lead-free. Leaded crystal will leach lead into alcohol over time.” He adds, “That may not be an issue for glassware, which you’re only using for a few hours, but a decanter holding whiskey for a few days, weeks or months will make whatever is inside fairly .

With that said, here are some of the bestand safestwhiskey decanters on the market.

Pour One Out In Style

Shop Best Whiskey Gifts 2020: Crystal Glasses, Decanters ...
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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Chloe Jeong / Liquor

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to the best whiskey glasses. Many preach that the tulip-shaped copita glass is ideal for presenting the spirits aromas and flavors. Others prefer a classic Old Fashioned or rocks glass for sipping whiskey. Or, Let’s be honest, quips Robin Goodfellow, co-owner of Toronto’s PrettyUgly and Bar Raval, most of the whisky we consume in our life is from a shot glass.

Whatever you pick for your poison, a glass can change your whole drinking experience. Some are designed to highlight the spirit, while others are versatile enough for cocktails, neat pours and beyond. Still, all are good options, though wed argue a well-stocked bar should carry a few different types.

Whether bourbon, Scotch, Rye or Irish Whiskey is your drink of choice, here are the best whisky or whiskey glasses to add to your collection.

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Best Overall: Bormioli Rocco Whiskey Decanter Set

  • Plastic stopper looks cheap

Bormioli Rocco’s whiskey decanter set is both affordable and high quality. As one of Italys top glassware brands since 1825, this is a trusted name with a wide variety of glasses and accessories for any occasion. This set from the Selecta Collection is an excellent value with six matching 9.5-ounce, diamond-cut rocks glasses and a stunning glass decanter with a 33.75-ounce capacity, sealing stopper, and intricate starburst pattern cut into the glass. These pieces are crafted from fine sand and other premium raw materials. Plus, both the glasses and the decanter are dishwasher safe.

Best Minimalist: Namb Vie Decanter

  • Expensive

The classic scientific beaker gets a modern upgrade with the Nambé Vie Decanter, designed to hold either your favorite spirit or wine. Featuring an acacia wood topper, this glass decanter has a nicely weighted base, giving it a luxe, high-quality feel to match the appearance. Made in Poland and designed by Chris Granneberg, a revered product designer, this whiskey decanter holds 24 ounces and is dishwasher safe .

  • Smaller than other options

This simple whiskey decanter is actually on many a best-of list. It’s a bit small, holding 23.75 ounces . But with an airtight, plastic-tipped glass stopper and thick Italian glass, this glass decanter is a surprising bargain. The smooth sides make it easy to personalize with an engraving: a thoughtful gift for any whiskey enthusiast.

Good to Know:

The best ways to use a decanter are for home blends and infinity bottles basically, it’s the ideal vessel for displaying a whiskey you’ve blended yourself,” says Whittaker. “A decanter is really a statement piecea way to create a little mystery.” He also adds, “Aaron Goldfarb has a great book on the subject called ‘Hacking Whiskey,’ but trial and error is just as entertaining.

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Single Old Fashioned Diamond Collection

Ideal for virtually any home bar, the Diamond Single Old Fashioned glass from award-winning designer Richard Brendon manages to look both vintage and contemporary. The refined design upgrades a classic pattern with hand-cut diamond shapes across the lower part of the glass. This allows the light to refract as it passes through the crystal, giving rich amber colored drinks a jewel-like effect of gleaming sparkles. Part of the Diamond collection which also includes decanters and cocktail glasses.

Lismore Tumbler Set Of 4

The Best Whisky Glasses

The Waterford Lismore Set pays homage to craftsmanship and to the whiskey drinking experience. Classic but perfect for a modern home bar, these glasses feature the signature Lismore wedge and diamond cut pattern that has a 60-year heritage. Combined with the exquisite quality of Waterford handcrafted crystal, this set of four tumblers is as sophisticated as it is high-quality. Whether you want to surprise a friend with a whiskey-themed gift or want to transform your own home bar with some stylish tumblers, this set is a natural choice.

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Orrefors Intermezzo Blue Dof

Winner of the International Tabletop Design Award, the Orrefors Intermezzo Blue Double Old Fashioned glass is elegantly simple. Created by Swedish artist Erika Lagerbielke in 1985, the glass features a blue color sphere embedded in the base. Orrefors Intermezzo Blue DOF is handcrafted by master glassmakers from lead-free glass, providing the perfect blend of style and quality. One of the most successful designs from the Swedish brands collection, the popular Orrefors Intermezzo Blue glasses complement your whiskeys with a minimalist style and a pop of color.

Ashcroft Fine Glassware Twist Whiskey Glasses

A gorgeous addition to our list of best whiskey glasses. Sculptural and stunning, the Ashcroft Fine Glassware Twist Whiskey Glasses can actually create a focal point in a room, all on their own. They feature a creative design, with a twist shape that gives a new dimension to drinks. Made from lead-free glass, these tumblers have a superior clarity and quality. The capacity of 8 ounces allows the user to add a whiskey stone to the glass. These high-end designer glasses are perfect as a gift for whiskey lovers who appreciate more artistic glassware.

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Simon Pearce Ascutney Double Old Fashioned Set

Minimalism lovers, meet the perfect whiskey glass to bring into your home bar. The Simon Pearce Ascutney Double Old Fashioned set explores the purity of form with a strikingly simple design. Featuring a weighty build, the glasses have hefty base and a wide rim. Theyre handmade in the US by skilled glassblowers who use centuries-old techniques to bring each elegant glass to life. Thanks to the capacity of 10 ounces, these tumblers are perfect for neat drinks or drinks with whiskey stones.

Personalized & Custom Whiskey Glasses

Classic Monogram Personalized Iceburg Whiskey Glass

Deeply engraved custom whiskey glasses are the perfect gift for your bourbon and scotch lover. Offerings include a standard double old fashioned, personalized crystal rocks glasses by Waterford, Stolzle and Ravenscroft, snifters including the Glencairn Glass, and a variety of monograms and custom engraved crystal bourbon glasses ensure you have a gift for the whiskey lover who has everything. Our crystal whiskey glasses are deeply engraved using our unique sand carving technique.

Youre obviously seeking custom whiskey glasses for someone special in your life. Whether youre a bourbon lover or scotch aficionado, having the right rocks glass can truly make the experience all the more rewarding.

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Best Splurge: Riedel Vinum Whisky Glasses


  • Pricier than other options

A crowd-favorite across the board is Riedels 7-ounce Vinum whiskey glass. “Theyre great for nosing spirits, says Marissa Mazzotta, bar manager at New York Distillings The Shanty. It’s a particularly ideal glass to use when we are tasting through barrel samples.

These elegant glasses were designed in collaboration with Scotch whiskey experts back in 1992 when the Riedel family brought in Scotlands finest master distillers to help fine-tune every step of the design process. The shape of the glass really allows you to get the top notes as you smell and a full sip across the palate when you go in for it, explains Mazzotta. Though a bit pricey, theyre totally worth it if youre able to splurge.”

  • No warranty

Even if you own a venerable selection of snifters, there may be an occasion that calls for drinking whiskey in a more festive manner. These crystal shot glasses evoke the style of elegant barware, thanks to patterned designs and classic coloring , yet they boast the fun of a solid shot glass. Each glass also has a 2.5-ounce capacity.

I prefer a shot glass that holds at least 1.5 ounces, allowing 1 ounce to comfortably rest without spilling over the top,” explains Goodfellow. Im also a fan of the short shot glasses that slightly fan out and have some weight to them, rather than the ones that just go straight up like a test tube.” Dishwasher safe, these durable glasses are ready to survive jostles, slips and slam downs on the bar.

Best Glencairn Glass: Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass

  • Smaller capacity than other options

“I’m quite stuck on the traditional Glencairn glass, describes Nicole Ross, the head bartender of New York City’s The Chester. A Glencairn glass really lets you fully appreciate the notes you get on the nose and the layering of the flavors.

These Glencairn glasses are beloved by whiskey drinkers as they concentrate the aromassomething a rocks glass does not. Each 6-ounce glass is designed to show off the color and the aroma of the spirit.

The ideal glass, so I’ve been told by many whisky distillers, for tasting is a stemmed glass that has a wider base than the nose, like ISO or Cordial glass, explains Goodfellow. You can see the spirits wellthe glass tapers towards the top to concentrate the smell when you nose it, and the stem removes any unintentional heat to the spirit.

Kristen Voisey, the owner of Cocktail Emporium and the brands glassware designer, agrees: This is the standard tasting glass used at most distilleries. The shape is meant to enhance the aromas of fine whisky, and I find it does that job well.

Good to Know:

Goodfellow recommends adding a bit of room temperature water to the Glencairn glass to help open up the spirit.

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