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Where To Buy Uncle Nearest Whiskey

Why Nearest Green Made History

Uncle Nearest Premium whiskey

Uncle Nearest set the bar high by being an award-winning American whiskey for three years from 2019 to 2021. The Uncle Nearest brand is one of the fastest-growing whiskeys in US history and a best-selling African-American Founded Spirit.

Uncle Nearest received nearly 370 awards from prominent award-giving bodies within four years. Some of its awards are WWAs Worlds Best for two years, Cigar and Spirits Magazines Top 5 Whiskies in the World, Double Gold medals from San Francisco WSC, and many more.

Civil War And Reconstruction Era

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Southern white Democrats, calling themselves , took control of the South after the end of Reconstruction, beginning the . From 1890 to 1910, the Redeemers established so-called , most blacks and some poor whites throughout the region. Blacks would face nationwide, especially in the South. They also occasionally experienced vigilante violence, including .

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

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Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is a brand of Tennessee whiskey produced by Uncle Nearest, Inc., headquartered in Shelbyville, Tennessee. The whiskey is named after the formerly enslaved man, Nathan âNearestâ Green, who taught a young Jack Daniel the craft of distilling. The brandâs producer is Uncle Nearest, Inc., also located in Shelbyville.

As of 2020, five brand variants have been produced: Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey, Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Silver Whiskey, Uncle Nearest 1820 Premium Aged Whiskey , Nathan Green 1870 Single Barrel , and Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Tennessee Whiskey.According to the IWSR, Uncle Nearest is the fastest-growing whiskey brand in the United States.In June 2021, Uncle Nearest was named one of the 100 Reasons to Love America by People magazine.

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Is Uncle Nearest Whiskey Black Owned

The price of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey closed a bit lower at $2. The distillery will grow with the purchase of 1 million dollars worth of land. Fawn Weaver owns the black-owned beverage brand. There is an agreement in place with regards to which the company will be 51 percent owned. A 12-acre estate is richer.

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey Launches In Portland

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey Wins Big At 2019 SIP Awards

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey, a national whiskey brand inspired by the best whiskey maker the world never knew, Nathan Nearest Green, will officially launch in Portland, Oregon July 19, 2017. The aged whiskey debut in Portland will be followed by Nashville, Tennessee.

When asked what would most honor Green, the first African-American master distiller on record in the United States, the descendants of his son, George Green the one most known for helping his father in the whiskey business said ensuring his legacy lived on a bottle of premium whiskey in perpetuity would be the ultimate tribute. With that direction, the Uncle Nearest production team set out to create an ultra-premium line of whiskey products in his honor.

Using local grains and the charcoal mellowing process Green helped perfect in Tennessee over 160 years ago, a process now known as the Lincoln County Process named after the county in which Green lived and made his whiskey, the Uncle Nearest team worked with two Tennessee distilleries still making whiskey the way Green made it. This process is approached intricately by hand, placing the product in new American oak barrels close to the same 110-proof Green was known for and waiting until it is at the perfect age, taste and color.

A Premium Silver product, slated for a release later this summer, is the only clear whiskey in the world to undergo UNs proprietary triple charcoal mellowing process to produce a smooth, mixable spirit.

Product Details:

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Law Enforcement And Crime

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Chicken Cock Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Chicken Cock was originally established in 1856 out of Paris, Kentucky. It wasnt until years later during prohibition, however, that Chicken Cock became popular as the house whiskey of the Cotton Club, one of the most legendary prohibition speakeasies. Because the brand survived through Americas prohibition, they still know how to make whiskey as they did in the good old days.

This bottle of Kentucky straight bourbon is overseen by Master Distiller and 40+ year veteran Gregg Snyder. The flavor is complex, ends with a smooth finish and boasts a spicy pepper taste. At 90 proof, theres some real heat, so we suggest enjoying this Chicken Cock neat and slowly.

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Where To Buy It

Uncle Nearest is available in different locations in the United States and the United Kingdom. 49 States in the US are the official distributor of premium whiskey, and there are three stores in the UK where you can score a bottle.

On the other hand, Master Blend Whiskey is only available at the Nearest Green Distillery. Feel free to drop by any location or order online at their website, and they will ship it to your location.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Gift Set

Uncle Nearest 1820 Whiskey Review

This gift set has everything any rum lover needs a bottle of Venezuelas Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, an excellent dark sipping rum aged for up to 12 years in barrels, and two glass tumblers in which you can enjoy the rum. Pour some and sip, or mix up an Old Fashioned, however you enjoy the rum this gift will impress.

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Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration

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operates primary and secondary schools. is the local public high school.

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Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky

Japanese whiskys have quickly grown in size and scale over the past couple of decades, becoming big enough to rival the old dudes in Europe and the U.S. Whiskey connoisseurs havent always been excited to branch out to a whole new continent, but theyve continued buying from Japan because the whisky has a rich sharpness and spice that cant be found elsewhere. Leading the charge from Japan is Suntory, a brand with three distilleries in the Chita Peninsula, Yamazaki and the Japanese Alps.

Suntorys Toki whisky is their best-seller with a very reasonable price tag and flavor that works on its own or in cocktails. The name, Toki, translates to time, and denotes the Tokis blend of variously-aged whiskys from each of Suntorys three distilleries. Tasters have noted the Tokis accessible lightness and flavors of oak, honey and vanilla.

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Tasting Notes: Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey

Vital stats: Mash bill of 90% corn and rye with at least some of the remainder being malted corn, all from Tennessee farms, according to Uncle Nearest. Filtered with Maple charcoal via the Lincoln County Process and aged in charred, new American Oak barrels for an undisclosed time. Bottled at 50% ABV and sold for about $58 per bottle.

Appearance: Sold in a plain and tall but still elegant bottle. Both in that bottle and poured in a glass, it has a bronze quality with a hint of red to it that makes it a hair darker than average.

Nose: A sniff initially brings in a rich, molasses-like sweetness through the nasal passages. That quickly gives way to an earthier bouquet of grass, charcoal, and nutmeg, and a touch of maple adding a bit of sweetness.

The Takeaway

While Uncle Nearest wouldnt be at the tip-top of my list of favorite whiskeys to sip on, it certainly has plenty of character and lots of flavor for a wide variety of palates. With a smooth caramelly flavor to satisfy drinkers with a sweet tooth, it also packs a decent punch for those looking for something a bit stronger and spicier. Although it gets a bit spicier than Id like, I still admire how Uncle Nearest manages to retain a variety of flavor elements in both its sweetest and harshest moments. Its a bit pricey, but Uncle Nearest is still worth a try if come across it.

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Jeffersons Ocean Aged At Sea Bourbon

Tasting Notes: Uncle Nearest 1856 Tennessee Whiskey â bourbonveachdotcom

Most whiskey distillers get experimental with different wood, blends or aging. Jeffersons takes this experimentation even further with their Ocean Aged at Sea Bourbon. After eight years of aging on land, the bourbon is aged an additional five to ten months on an OCEARCH shark tagging vessel. This time at sea develops the flavor profile by exposing the bourbon to temperature fluctuations, salty air and the rocking motion of a ship.

The result of this wild aging process is a unique, complex whiskey that everyone should try. The saltiness of the ocean air is certainly present, while extra wood tannin extraction creates aromas of vanilla, caramel and burnt matches.

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Bourbon Flavor Wheel & Tasting Mats

The new Nearest Green Distillery is a currently in Phase 1 and set on a 270 acre walking horse farm located in Shelbyville, TN on the way to Lynchburg at the former Sand Hill Creek location. The site currently has a retail store, a bottling house, and the Tennessee walking horse experience where guests can learn the history of the walking horse. There is also a tasting area called the Welcome House as well as the Copper Skies Experience where you can enjoy a craft cocktail on the covered porch in one of the numerous rocking chairs while enjoying an unobstructed view of the sunset. The distillery currently offers a Tasting and Hard Hat Tour as well as a weekly Founders Tour.

As a final take away from my experience with the Uncle Nearest brand, their team, and Fawn herself, I have to say that the thing that impressed me the most was their complete transparency and honest answers to every single question I asked. They are not hiding the fact that their product has been sourced while they are currently laying down their own barrels as theyve been contract distilling off site while their distillery gets built. They have been up front about their entire process and dont have anything to hide. Its refreshing to see when so many new brands seem to create a story and hope the public buys in. No matter what, this brand deserves a try based on what they are doing for the local community alone.

Is Uncle Nearest Black Owned

Approximately $2 worth of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey have been sold this year. The newspaper reported that the company had agreed to pay $1 million in land acquisition for its distillerys expansion. Fawn Weaver, the creator of the premium beverage brand, is black. As of April 28, the company had 53 shareholders due to the deal. In terms of land acquisition, this represents a significant increase of 12 acres.

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Alternatives To Uncle Nearest Whiskey

  • George Dickel Single Barrel This contains nearly the same tasting notes as the 1820 single barrel at only a fraction of the cost.
  • Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Arguably the whiskey everyones heard of, Jack Daniels Old No.7 is a budget and nostalgia favorite with its signature licorice and smoky notes.
  • Nelsons Green Brier With notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel, its no wonder Nelsons Green Brier is a favorite of whiskey sippers. The affordable price for great quality whiskey doesnt hurt either.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Whiskey

UNCLE NEAREST : Tennessee Whiskey Review

Before trying a new bottle of whiskey, its important to remember the core varieties. Below are eight of the most important types of whiskey to be familiar with.

Bourbon: Bourbon is the go-to for many whiskey drinkers because it has a sweet, smokey flavor thats easy to sip on its own or mixed in an old fashioned. Sometimes called American whiskey, bourbon is corn-based , aged in new charred oak barrels, and 80 proof or higher.

Tennessee: Tennessee whiskey is technically bourbon, but Tennessee whiskey distillers might not agree with that. This is because Tennessee whiskey must be produced in the state using a charcoal steeping process called the Lincoln County Process before aging. This mellows the whiskey, creating a smoother taste.

Rye: Rye whiskey is pretty self-explanatory: it must be made primarily from rye. The American whiskey uses the same aging process as bourbon in new charred oak barrels. It also yields a spicy flavor that makes it the whiskey of choice for certain cocktails such as Manhattans.

Irish Whiskey: The Eire and Northern Ireland produce Irish whiskey using primarily barley and malt. The aging process in Ireland takes at least three years in wooden casks and produces a very smooth liquor.

Scotch Whisky: The Scots make their whisky using malted barley or grain, oak casks and an aging process of at least three years. Scotchs flavor is often likened to bourbon but shows off a distinct smoky flavor.

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Henry Mckenna Single Barrel 10

Bourbon doesnt get much better than this Henry Mckenna Single Barrel. It won Best in Show Whiskey at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which is one of the highest honors for any brand. Plus, this bottle is only the second bourbon to get the award.

Henry Mckenna is part of the Kentucky-based Heaven Hill Distillery, which is known for other award-winning whiskeys such as Elijah Craig Bourbon, Larceny Bourbon and Pikesville Rye Whiskey. This specific bottle of Mckenna comes from a single barrel of bourbon thats been aged 10 years, but despite that prestigious number, the whiskey isnt too expensive at all.

The Story Ofnearest Green

Narrated by Emmy-Award winning actor Jeffrey Wright, this beautifully shot short film, telling the story of the first known African-American master distiller, is about much more than whiskey. It is a story of honor, respect, and an unlikely friendship that could be the greatest American story you never heard.

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The Story Of Uncle Nearest

Uncle Nearest was a black slave working in a distillery for Rev. Calls farm. On that same farm, the brilliant Jack Daniels was mentored by Uncle Nearest with his unique charcoal filtering process which was a water-cleaning technique West Africans did. After the Civil War when Green became a free man, Daniels bought the farm and hired Green as his first master distiller.

Uncle Nearest Inc. is a company owned by a Black CEO woman named Fawn Weaver with an all-female executive team since 2017. Weaver isnt related to Green or Daniels she was merely interested in Greens story. But with the help of Daniels descendent, Sherrie Moore, Weaver founded Uncle Nearest Inc. To this day, she works closely with Greens descendent as the Master Blender. Meanwhile, Moore is the Director of Whiskey Production.

Bourbon United States / Tennessee 70cl Ref: 57673

Uncle Nearest: An Iconic Whiskey Journey

The best whiskey maker the world never knew⦠Uncle Nearest Nearest Green was the first known African-American Master Distiller. Affectionately nicknamed Uncle Nearest by his friends and family in Lynchburg, Tennessee, Nearest is credited with helping perfect the globally recognized Lincoln County Process. This unique filtering of bourbon through sugar maple charcoal was named after the county where Nearest lived and made whiskey. Uncle Nearest 1856 is made in Tennessee using local ingredients. It is distilled and aged in new American oak barrels in Tennessee. An additional 10-12 days is added to its creation by using the Lincoln County Process. Bottled at 100-proof, after resting 8 to 11 years in the barrel, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is smooth enough to enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.Uncle Nearest 1856 is the first spirit brand in history to commemorate an African- American. The Nearest Green Distillery is currently under construction on a famous 270-acre Tennessee Walking Horse farm purchased in 2017 by Uncle Nearest, Inc. In its first year, Uncle Nearest 1856 garnered 12 medals, including Double Gold in China and Gold Medals in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Rated 95 by Cigar Spirits Magazine, and named one of the Top 5 Whiskies in the World, Uncle Nearest has earned its place in the ultra-premium market.

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