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What Whiskey Should I Try

If You Like Makers Mark Try Old Weller Antique 107

EP 49: Whiskey & Scotch You Should Try!

In wheated bourbons, distillers replace the usual rye in the mash bill with wheat to create a smoother, breadier taste. While you could jump from the most recognizable wheated bourbon, Makers, to the most coveted wheated bourbon, Pappy Van Winkle, there are other options in between . The wheated sweetness is there in W.L. Weller bourbons, but this 7-ish-year-old release is infused with a ton of charred oak too.

Westland Peated Single Malt

Westland Distillery in Seattle, Washington, also makes a single malt whiskey that Reigler recommends. It’s a unique five-malt barley mix consisting of Westland’s original Washington Select Pale Malt, Munich Malt, Extra Special Malt, Pale Chocolate Malt, and Brown Malt.

This Single Malt is also a peated whiskey, meaning the malt is dried and smoked over a peat fire. It’s flavor profile is described by the distillery as “smoldering moss, flamed orange peel, roasted plantains, campfire, iodine, roasted pistachios, and green herbs.”

Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old

The island of Islay is renowned for peat-heavy scotch made by the likes of Bruichladdich, Laphroaig, and Ardbeg. The regions most notable outlier is Bunnahabhain, where, since 1881, its produced exceptional whisky with nary a hint of peat influence. Bunnahabhain 25 is an exemplar of elegance and balance. Aged in ex-bourbon, scotch, and sherry casks, it offers aromas of polished leather, rich dried fruits, and spiced oak. Primary flavors are sweet berries, roasted nuts, and cereal, with a touch of sea salt on the finish. In 2010, Bunnahabhain upped the proof from 86 to 92.6, providing an extra measure of oomph to this world-class whisky.

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High West Rendezvous Rye

The first whiskey from the first distillery in Utah since Prohibition ended was created by whiskey mad scientist David Perkins, who combined old MGP rye with the green as can be stuff he had made. The result is a timewarp in your mouth a biting, young rye with a slow, drawn out finish. Today, it represents the early days of the craft whiskey boom, and what nimbler distillers can do to create whiskey that competes with the big dogs.

Availability: Widely Available

Springbank 12 Year Old

Irish, Scotch, Canadian, American, Bourbon. Which should I try first ...

This cask-strength gemwhich means it can put you on your ass if youre not carefulpacks notes of milk chocolate and vanilla when you open it up with a few drops of water. Like other Springbreak offerings, youll find influences from the peat and the sherry casks used in the 12 Year Olds creation. For something that only matured for a dozen years, its really an exceptionaland surprisingscotch. Link

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The Tastiest Bourbons Ryes And Malts To Buy Right Now

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

While limited-release bourbons like Pappy Van Winkle or deeply aged single malts like Macallan 25 are hyper-scarce and expensive, you can still find a brilliant whiskey at your local shop and online for more modest sums.

A great whisky is simply one that tastes incredible, says Brendan McCarron, Master Distiller at Distell. The whiskies I love most always have balancelots of different flavors and aromas playing off each other. You need to be able to taste the distillery character and the influence of the wood for a whisky to be truly great.

If youre looking for a delicious whiskey to enjoy, here are top-notch bottles across a variety of styles to try.

If you arent familiar with the story of Nathan Nearest Green, an enslaved man who taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey, you should be. He is believed to have perfected the proprietary Lincoln County Process for making Tennessee whiskey, which includes a maple charcoal filter that sets it apart from other methods of production.

ABV: 100 Proof | Age: 8 Years | Volume: 750 milliliters

$: Blantons Straight From The Barrel

Spirit:BourbonProof: ~136Approx. cost: $90

If youre a true bourbon geek, youll see my selection here and immediately rush to roast me in the comments, neglecting to even read what Im about to say next: Yes, you cannot buy this bottle in America, as its made specifically for European and Asian markets. Thats what makes it completely unreasonable for me to recommendexcept for the fact that its actually quite possible to land. Youre just gonna have to wait til the next time you fly internationally, when you can likely pick this up in a duty-free shop. Sure, youll feel guilty for dropping $90 at the airport and not even getting an Auntie Annes pretzel out of the deal, but once you taste this luxurious, caramel-drizzled fudge masterpiece, youll feel better.

Others: Redbreast 15 Year Old, Willett

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Whiskies You Should Try Now

Particularly in the winter months, theres one seasonal warmer we recommend nearly above all others. While we certainly love a rich stout or porter, or even a finely crafted IPA, theres a time and a place to enjoy one of the best whiskies to drink now and as luck would have it, that time and that place is well, whenever happy hour starts for you today.

Whiskey has a history of both consistency and innovation, with distilleries sticking to both tried-and-true methods while continuing to innovate . The best whiskies to drink right now all have at least one thing in common: You can enjoy them neat, you can enjoy them on the rocks, you can enjoy them in an Old Fashioned you can enjoy them just about anywhere.

The best whiskies for the season offer you as much versatility and enjoyment as your favorite pair of blue denim or your favorite chukka boots and if you pick the right whiskey, theres more than a fair chance that its been lovingly crafted by someone whos as obsessed with getting it right as you are. That sounds like a recipe for perfection to us. So, lets raise a glass and enjoy the best whiskies to drink right now like, right this instant. Cheers.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

10 Bourbons To Try Before You Die!

King of kings, Johnnie Walkers Blue Label serves as the definition of what a blended whisky can achieve and, as Aaron Goldfarb writes in PUNCH, a time when scotch reigned. More recently, it was called close to perfection by Whisky Advocate and the Cristal of the blended whisky world by Whisky Exchange. As it was in its heyday, Blue Label remains a must-try whisky.

Availability: Allocated

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Jim Beam Double Oak Whiskey

No serious list of the best whiskey to buy now would be complete without a distillery that calls itself the worlds no. 1 whiskey while its not for everyone, its hard to argue with the ubiquity and versatility of Jim Beam. That includes iterations of its whiskey behind its classic Kentucky bourbon, such as Jim Beam Double Oak Whiskey. Using newly charred American White Oak barrels twice over separates it apart from other whiskies on the market. Its a fine addition to our list of the best whiskies to drink right now, and if you dont agree, well, its time to add it to your bar cart . Learn More

Scotch Whisky Auchentoshan 12 Years Old

If youre living in the UK, or youre heading there soon on vacation, then be sure to pick up one of these bottles on the way home. Made in a distillery just outside of Glasgow, Scotland, Auchentoshan 12 is a triple-distilled whisky that, as the name suggests, has been aged for 12 years in oak barrels.

What makes this whisky such a good try for first-timers is that its triple distilled. If you dont know what that means, triple distilled whiskeys usually have a smooth texture to it.

This single malt whiskey should be a great entry whisky to both Scotch whiskies and whiskey in general. At just under £40, its not too bad on the wallet either.

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Gibsons Finest Rare Aged 18

Another 18-year-old aged whisky on our list, Gibsons Finest Rare Aged 18-Year-Old is a barley and rye-dominate blend. The mix of barley with the rye means that the spirit isnt as nose-hair-burning as a whisky from Mastersons, but still holds a little kick on the palate. With a nose of oak, a palate of cinnamon and maple and a smoky, peppery finish, this is a drink for those who really appreciate a Canadian rye whisky, without the sometimes harsh spice and heat.

Brand: Gibsons Finest

$: Suntory Hakushu Single Malt Whisky Distillers Reserve

Which should I try first? : whiskey

Spirit: Japanese whiskeyProof: 86Approx. cost: $57.50

Japanese whiskey is becoming so coveted its making bourbon look like cupcake-flavored vodka. The one issue is that Japanese whiskey almost always has wicked pricy MSRPs, with most of the better stuff in the three-figures realm. The silver lining is that the stuff can often be found since few can afford it. Luckily theres Hakusho, a great toe-dipper for those wanting a reasonably affordable whiskey with Japanese characters on the label. The single malts flavor profile is light and delicate, smoky yet oddly refreshing.

Others: High West Rendezvous Rye, Laphroaig Cask Strength

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Highland Park 18 Year Old

Bottle cost: £83.33

Although it may not be the biggest seller on the market, the Highland Park 18 is one the best whiskies available and is loved by those in the industry itself. It combines a rich woodiness with a peated smoke that both work perfectly to present a natural and earthy flavour. This full-bodied malt then offers up a palate of sweet honey alongside more peaty goodness to marry all the flavours together in harmony. Running alongside the sweet peated overtones of this malt are aromatic toffee notes that perk up the flavour and add a certain softness to the flavour. If you are seeking to indulge more in the world of whisky and all the treats it has to offer, then the Highland Park 18 Year Old is the perfect introduction into the industrys favourties.

Angels Envy Cask Strength

After decades of lifting the likes of Jack Daniels and Woodford Reserve to new heights, Lincoln Henderson retired, founded a new whiskey brand with his son and casually released a barrel-finished whiskey thats become the high water mark for the practice. Only 600 bottles of the heavy duty port-finished whiskey were ever released, so settling for a more recent cask strength release from the brand isnt the worst thing.

Availability: Past Release

A favorite among bourbon insiders and value hunters, OGD114 is a pivotal piece of bourbon history. Released in the same era as Blantons and Bookers, its one of the whiskeys credited with saving the category from collapse in the 80s, though it doesnt get near the press or sales of its contemporaries. Good for you. You can taste this high-rye, high proof piece of bourbon history for $25 in some states, where Bookers and Blantons run close to three-times that.

Availability: Widely Available

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$5: Four Roses Single Barrel

Spirit: BourbonProof: variesApprox. cost: $55

A great secret in the wild world of bourbon is that many top liquor stores offer their own bottlings from single-barrels distilleries that have allowed them to hand-select. The Party Source in Kentucky, Binnys in Chicagoland, Julios in Massachusetts, and BevMo! on the West Coast are just a few places taking part in these programs. Only the most astute liquor connoisseurs typically notice these are any different from the standard options, as they are usually marked with the tiniest of stickers. Youd also think these specialties would cost more than their typical off-the-shelf counterparts. Ive found, though, they often cost the same, if not a tad less. Four Roses offers some of the best store-picked offerings. All are high-proof , and theyre almost always available since stores like to maintain their private stock.

Others: Bookers, Laphroaig Quarter Cask

What Is The Smoothest Whiskey

7 Unique/Different Whiskeys You Should Try
  • Laphroaig 10 Year Old is considered by many to be the Best Single Malt Whisky in the World. The taste is smokey and smooth, but not as overwhelming as other whiskies.
  • You would be surprised at just how complex American Bourbon can be.
  • Im talking about Canadian whisky here
  • A whiskey that is Irish in nature.
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    Whiskey Doesn’t Have To Be Intimidating

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    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

    Despite what some people might have you believe, whiskey should not feel like an intimidating spirit for novice drinkers to get to know better. For the uninitiated, it can have a reputation as being harsh, complicated, or meant to be drunk in a very particular way. The flavor profile of different whiskeys indeed can be complex, but its nothing you cant handle, especially if you are picking the right bottle to start out with.

    We spoke to bar industry experts from around the country to get their recommendations on what the best whiskey for beginners are, from bourbon and rye to single malt scotch to Japanese whisky. Start with these if you are new to the category, and branch out from there. But dont let anyone tell you how to drink your whiskey, because there is no wrong way as long as you are enjoying it. Here are the best bottles of whiskey for beginners.

    What Should You Look For When Picking A Whiskey

    Whiskey isnt just a strong drink its an investment in your evening. If you’re new to the amber spirit, experts recommend staying away from the overly smoky, peated styles, which can be quite overpowering for the uninitiated. Instead, the best whiskey for your palate will likely be an easy-drinking, sweet and fruity dram . Looking up the region the whisky is from is a good starting point, believes Alex Robertson, the head of heritage and education at Chivas Brothers. Speyside in particular is a great starting point as the whiskies here are beautifully accessible with notes of fruits and fresh floral aromas. Its home to half of Scotlands distilleries and brands such as The Glenlivet, Aberlour, Strathisla, Chivas, Glenburgie and Ballantines. Cask type is another option. An American barrel will enhance those fruity floral notes and give a sweet, vanilla creaminess on the palate. These whiskeys are perfect before dinner. A European oak barrel that has previously held Oloroso sherry will give spice and dark, fruity chocolate notes that are perfect for an after-dinner drink, adds Robertson.

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    Old Forester Rye Whisky

    Old Forester has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to making fine whisky witness the distillery becoming the first to seal bourbon in a glass bottle for the first time in 1870. Its that same lineage thats carried right on through to the present, using time-honored techniques and traditions that result in one heck of a modern, drinkable product today, no matter the season. Learn More

    Michters Us1 Rye And 10 Year Old Rye

    Just getting into whiskey, what should i try next!? : canadawhisky

    I never met a rye I liked until I met Michters. A brand that is becoming more mainstream by the day , Michters produces some of the best quality Bourbons, American whiskies, and sour mash around. But for me, the distillerys ryes are the stars. The core range rye is one has a massive nose of honey and baking spice, while the palate hits you with an abundance of flavors: toasted almonds, black pepper, cinnamon, orange marmalade, and vanilla. The appealing heat here also lingers impressively. The US-1 Rye can be found in some markets for as little as $30. The 10-year, a more grown-up and complex version, can be found for around $150, but act quickly when its released , because seasoned collectors snap it up as fast as it hits the shelves.

    Find it:,

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    Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky

    Japanese whiskys have quickly grown in size and scale over the past couple of decades, becoming big enough to rival the old dudes in Europe and the U.S. Whiskey connoisseurs havent always been excited to branch out to a whole new continent, but theyve continued buying from Japan because the whisky has a rich sharpness and spice that cant be found elsewhere. Leading the charge from Japan is Suntory, a brand with three distilleries in the Chita Peninsula, Yamazaki and the Japanese Alps.

    Suntorys Toki whisky is their best-seller with a very reasonable price tag and flavor that works on its own or in cocktails. The name, Toki, translates to time, and denotes the Tokis blend of variously-aged whiskys from each of Suntorys three distilleries. Tasters have noted the Tokis accessible lightness and flavors of oak, honey and vanilla.


    Mastersons 10 Year Old Straight Rye

    Mastersons 10 Year Old Straight Rye is a spirit for the brave, or for those who are looking for intense flavour in their spirits. The spice of the rye hits your lips immediately with your first sip, continuing its fiery crusade down your throat as you swallow. The finish, however, is of coffee and dark chocolate, resulting in a sharp, tart after taste. This is a whisky where we wouldnt judge you if you had to water it down with a few ice cubes.

    Brand: Mastersons

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