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What To Drink With Rum

Long Island Iced Coffee

The Best Rum Drinks I’ve Ever Had | How to Drink

When I’m imbibing, I like two drinks above all: a long island iced tea and a rum and coke. Since a rum and coke is too simple, I’ve decided to turn my second favorite cocktail into a coffee drink.

You will need to be careful with this beverage, as the variety of alcohol can sneak up on you. I only recommend one of these to ensure that you’re not going to get too tipsy. You can also reduce the amount of each spirit as necessary.

Ingredients: 1/2 oz each Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua coffee liqueur, rum, vodka, tequila. 2 oz of cold brew coffee.

What Mixes Well With Rum

Rum is that drink that never goes out of style. You can drink it all year round, including during the hot and steamy summer months by mixing it with other ingredients to create a scrumptious, smooth and cool drink.

You can be as creative as you like by using your very own special ingredients to mix with your favorite rum for a rousing recipe that will never go out of style. So lets talk about what mixes well with rum

1) Tonic water: You can add tonic water to well-aged rum to create a refreshing drink. You can use 1 part rum with 4 parts tonic water and a slice of lemon. You can fill a highball glass with ice cubes and add the rum and tonic water and shake well after you squeeze the lime wedge in. You can then garnish with a slice of lime. You can also use chilled tonic water for a refreshing summer drink.

2) Lime juice and a slice of lemon: You can add lime juice, mint, and sugar to rum to spice things up a bit. You can put the lime juice, mint, and sugar in a cocktail shaker and pound until roughly crushed. You should then add about 180 ml of a light rum to the shaker and shake until combined. Now strain the mixture into capacity glasses and place 2 lime wedges and 2 mint leaves in each glass. You can also add soda water to complete the drink.

SeaSpirits creates silver rum, spiced rum, coconut rum, and barrel-aged rum that are smooth, tasty and are a taste sensation for your palate.

Best Rum Aged More Than 20 Years: Appleton Estate 21

Courtesy of Reserve Bar

Region: Jamaica | ABV: 43% | Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Banana, Pineapple

This bottle is a bit of a splurge, but its well worth the expense. Aged for a minimum of 21 years, this Jamaican rum is not overly tannic or bitter. This is one of my favorite rums in the market, said Gonzalez. It has a big body with tons of stewed fruits and rich molasses.

This rum does a great job at creating a complex flavor that walks the line between an aged rum and a younger dark rum. No sugar is added to the spirit, and none is needed, as master blender Joy Spence carefully selects the liquid that fits the distinctive flavor profile of Appleton Estate.

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Drunken Pumpkin Spice Latte

These days, pumpkin spice is in everything, from coffee to donuts to other sweet treats. So, why not add it to a coffee cocktail?

While this beverage works well as a latte, you can turn it into an espresso or cappuccino as necessary. Plus, you can drink it hot or cold, depending on your preference.

Ingredients: 3/4 cup coffee, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp milk, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 oz vodka, 2 oz rum, whipped cream.

Warmer Weather Calls For Easy Cocktails

15 Classic Rum Drinks That You Should Know

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Malibu isn’t only is it a city in California, but it’s also a brand of rum. Although the winter seems never-ending with the constant fluctuating temperature and the snow, summer is indeed right around the corner. And for me, that means Malibu rum drinks. While most of usmyself includedwill be hitting up the beach this summer, we may want a drink to keep us hydrated. These Malibu rum drinks taste just like the beach and are perfect for sipping when it gets warm.

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Blue Hawaiian Drink Recipe With Coconut Rum

A traditional blue Hawaiian cocktail gets its vivid blue color from blue curaçao and its tiki drink status from white rum, but you can also make a delicious blue Hawaiian mixed drink using coconut rum.


  • ½ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1½ ounces coconut rum
  • ¾ ounce blue curaçao
  • Pineapple wedge and cherry for garnish


  • In a cocktail shaker, combine the pineapple juice, lemon juice, coconut rum, and blue curaçao.
  • Add ice and shake to chill.
  • Strain into a tiki glass or Collins glass filled with ice.
  • Garnish with the pineapple wedge and cherry.
  • Top 18 Rum Mixers That Make Rum Taste Simply Amazing

    May 17, 2020

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    Rums link to pirates and sailors hasnt given the spirit a particularly refined history or reputation. Still, all of this seems to be changing. Rum can now be seen in many cocktails, ranging from the simple to the complex, the fun to the refined. At the same time, there are many rum mixers to choose from.

    Rum mixers allow you to enjoy all the delicious flavors that rum has to offer, without creating complex cocktails. Instead, youll just need the rum itself and one other ingredient. A squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice often helps too, but even this isnt essential.

    As with other spirits , the best mixer is going to partly depend on the rum that you choose. This choice is especially important for rum, as there can be major differences between different rums.

    The variation is partly because rum is just defined as a spirit created from sugar. Most rum is made from molasses, but cane sugar can be used instead and is in some cases.

    There are three main types of rum light, dark, and spiced. Dark rum has been aged, which gives it a more complex flavor profile, while light rum hasnt been through much aging. Spiced rum, as the name suggests, has spices added in.

    Youll also find variations in other areas. For example, Jamaican rum is likely to be dark or golden, with fairly intense flavors, while Cuban rum is often lighter. There isnt a single best type of rum, but the rum that you choose will influence the taste of your drink.

    • Ice Cream

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    Five Tips For Sipping

    Lynne MacKay, co-owner of Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg, N.S., makes a spirit called Bluenose Black that was named the Worlds Best Dark Rum at the 2014 World Rum Awards. We tapped MacKay for her top tips to get the most out of your tasting.

    1. Take your best shot glass

    Grappa glasses are really good, MacKay says, but notes that anything that funnels the aromas to the nose is a good bet.

    2. Get warmer

    MacKay suggests serving rums neat and at room temperature, because thats where youre going to get the most flavour and the most aroma out of them. Unlike at a wine tasting, she says, its okay to hold the glass in your hands in order to warm the rum up ever so slightly.

    3. Approach with caution

    Take it slowly. Dont breathe it in like you would wine because that will blow your nose to smithereens, MacKay warns. You want to kind of creep up on it slowly even one nostril at a time from a distance. Let the beverage seduce you with its fragrance and aromas, then kind of back away from it for a minute before you take a closer sniff. That will produce the best effect, because strong alcohol will render your nose incapable of discerning anything.

    4. Down the hatch

    5. Welcome dissent

    Everybodys tastebuds are different, she notes. All of the lovely vanilla tones and cocoa flavours and the honey and the tannins that you get from a barrel will be there in different proportions for different people.

    Take A Break From Tiki

    How To Drink Rum

    The tiki trendwith its tiny umbrellas, coconut shell receptacles, tropical flavors and rum-heavy cocktailscontinues to go strong after it first returned with a vengeance about five years ago. Hell, even the much lauded Major Food Group just opened an upscale tiki bar in Midtown Manhattan called The Polynesian. But Im here to harsh your buzz: Tiki drinks are bullshit.

    Let me dial that back. Tiki drinks are fun in a vibe-y sort of way, but they arent the way to go if youre looking to experience rum in its purest, most authentic form. All the fruit juices and liqueurs mask its true flavor, and honestly, all too often theyre just too sweet. Instead try a Black Pearl, which is a tiki-esque drink that contains the bracingly bitter Italian digestif Fernet-Branca, or the , made with pineapple juice, lime juice and Campari, which brings perfect balance to the bittersweet drink.

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    Seriously Never Drink More Than Three Rum Drinks

    Hemingway, I aint. The thing to remember about rum is that its most often mixed with another sugary beverage, like juice, coconut cream or cola. Thats a surefire recipe for a hangover when consumed in large quantities. And theres no better way to make enemies with a spirit than to have one bad night and an even worse morning. Hemingway may have been able to drink Daiquiris all day and all night, but hes special.

    This past winter, an unseasonably warm day in Brooklyn reminded me of my Mojito obsession. So I filled a 32-ounce water bottle with light rum, sugar, muddled mint, the juice of one lime, ice and seltzer. My husband and I sipped it while taking turns helping our toddler ride her scooter on the sidewalk. Fast forward 30 minutes and my new plan was feed the child dinner, skip my own and drink more rum. See? Trouble. Even as a rum aficionado I nearly made enemies with the spirit. Take caution.

    Rum is like your BFF who encourages you to wile out just a little more than you should, and thats part of the charm. But before you can control that relationship, you need to gain some appreciation. Its worth it.

    Drink It The St Lucia Way

    Chairmans Reserve Spiced Rum from the island of St Lucia is usually spiced with local spices and fruit including the usual suspects like cinnamon, clove, and vanilla, but also nutmeg, coconut, allspice, lemon, orange, and a touch of bark from a tree that’s known aphrodisiac.Its one of the bartenders favorites, meaning theres no shortage of cocktail recipes for this Rum. The makers suggest you enjoy Chairmans Reserve Spiced Rum with cranberry juice or ginger beer on ice with a grating of fresh nutmeg. Spicy!

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    Know How To Spot A Quality Rum

    Being able to clock a quality rum from a mile away is key. For this, all you need to do is to rely on your senses. First, pour a small amount of rum into a glass and give it a swirl. If the rum is cloudy, then it is no good.

    Quality dark rum should have a clear amber tint, while white rum should be completely clear like vodka. Give the rum a swoosh in your mouth. If there is an immediate sharp burn, then you are dealing with a bad rum.

    White And Dark Rum Are Very Similar

    10 Best Rum Cocktails in 2018

    Some self-professed rum lovers will swear that white rum cocktails or dark rum cocktails are innately superior and worlds apart from each other. However, this is a misconception.

    White and dark rum are virtually identical in most aspects. However, dark rum is filtered with charcoal, which gives it a smokier flavor. This is the key difference to keep in mind when choosing between the two.

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    For Sipping Neat Or Mixing Into Your Favorite Cocktails

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    Liquor / Chloe Jeong

    Rum is finally gaining the attention it deserves, and with it, a variety of great bottles to choose from. There are different styles produced in many countries, each with its own unique flavor profile.

    This can be confusing at times, as each nation has its own regulations about how its rum must be distilled and aged, but fortunately, a little research can help reveal exactly what is inside the bottle. Here are the best rums to drink for any occasion, from white rums for refreshing cocktails to aged rums for contemplative sipping.

    Best White Rum: Ten To One White Rum

    Courtesy of

    Region: Dominican Republic, Jamaica | ABV: 45% | Tasting Notes: Banana, Grass, Citrus

    This is a blend of Dominican column still rum with Jamaican pot still rum, with no sugar, color, or flavor added. Ten To One takes great pride in these last points, with the MO of the brand being all about bringing high-quality rum at an affordable price that doesnt try to augment or mask the true character of the spirit.

    Try this in any classic rum cocktail, or go ahead and sip it on its own, as this is a white rum that is complex enough to be enjoyed on its own.

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    Does Beer Need To Be Refrigerated

    Refrigerated storage is best for all beers at all times. Required for draft beer and many craft beers. Non-refrigerated storage accelerates aging and development of off flavors. In a study conducted by one of the large breweries on flavor loss in bottled and canned products resulted in the 3-30-300 Rule.

    What Are Rum Punch Variations

    What is Rum? Science, History, Alchemy, and Tasting 13 Bottles | How to Drink

    There are many variations on rum punch and a Barbados rum punch is one of them! This rum punch recipe uses Barbados rum and a dash of Angostura bitters.

    • Coconut Rum Punch made with coconut rum instead of your traditional rum.
    • Trinidad Rum punch adds raw sugar and nutmeg to the mix and omits the grenadine
    • Hawaiian Punch can be used in place of grenadine and fruit juices.

    Any flavored rum could be used in place of the traditional white and spiced rum.

    You could also add in vodka, triple sec, Prosecco or champagne, ginger beer, lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, club soda. Rum punch is like a chameleon, it can change to suit your tastes!

    If you are going to make this in advance and for a crowd, freeze pineapple juice in ice cube trays and add this to your pitcher or your punch bowl to add flavor to your punch. You could even freeze small slices of oranges, lemons, or limes in your pineapple juice cubes! You can always turn it into sorbet as I have done with this Mango Rum Punch Sorbet!

    Prep Time: Total Time:

    Summers and fruity cocktails go hand in hand that is why you need this rum punch recipe!

    • 1 cup of orange juice
    • 1 cup of pineapple juice
    • 1/4 cup lime juice
    • 1/2 cup of grenadine

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    Dark And Stormy Cocktail

    Just 3 ingredients make up this classic cocktail: the Dark and Stormy! This refreshing highball drink has quite the reputationbecause its just that good. Each ingredient has lots of personality: the rich, earthy dark rum, with vanilla and brown sugar notes. Add to that spicy ginger beer, fruity and filled with effervescent bubbles. Top it off with a squeeze of tangy lime, and theres not much better for sipping…any time and any season.

    Ingredients: Dark rum, ginger beer, lime wedge

    Drink It Like Whiskeywith A Splash Of Water Or Ice

    Most spirits are distilled to 40 percent alcohol by volume, or 80 proof, but many rums are bottled at higher proofs. For those stiffer rums, adding ice or a splash of water will mellow it out so the alcohol vapors don’t overpower the subtle flavors, says Vida. His rule of thumb: I’d say 45 percent or lower you should drink it neat, but anything above that you may enjoy more with dilution.

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    How To Drink Rum Like An Old Pro: 5 Tips Everyone Should Know

    Rum has been filling glasses and wetting whistles for well over 500 years, with the very first reference to the sweet spirit being recorded by none other than Marco Polo himself.

    With its smoky and sweet flavor tones and a huge degree of versatility, rum has been a staple among spirit connoisseurs and partygoers alike. If you want to know how to drink rum, it is worth bearing in mind that it is a more confusing spirit than most.

    Unlike drinks such as vodka and gin, rum comes in a mind-boggling variety. There is spiced rum, white rum, aged rum, and black rum, to name just a few.

    In order to get the most out of your rum cocktail recipes, it helps to know the essential rum drinking rules to guide you through. With these five rules for drinking rum, you will always be able to craft perfect rum cocktails, whatever the occasion.

    Can You Drink Rum On The Rocks

    Blackberry Pineapple Rum Cocktail

    A sipping rum is basically the Scotch of the rum world and is carefully matured and created by master blenders to be consumed by discerning palates either straight up or on the rocks without any additions. Personally, as a whisky drinker these are my favorite rums and I typically savor them neat in a brandy snifter.

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