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What Is The Best Rum

The Real Mccoy Three Year Aged

Best Rum for Rum & Coke

The Real McCoy brand goes back to the Prohibition era when founder Bill McCoy was once a rum runner and a good one at that. According to The Real McCoy, the rum is crafted at the Foursquare Distillery in the tropical climate of Barbados and has a similar vibe of an añejo sipping tequila .

Many of the best sipping rums are dark and rich, but not The Real McCoy three year aged. This rum may be light in color, but not at all in flavor as it combines two rums together: One from a Coffey Still and the other from a copper pot. It is then aged for three years in oak bourbon barrels which help create the flavors that are deep in floral and spice. The rum is filtered with charcoal, which is why it doesn’t have any color, but is well-balanced and still has some incredible flavor.

Rivers Royale Grenadian Rum

This is some of the cultiest rum around, made entirely without the use of electricity, from the water wheel powering the cane crusher to the foraged wood fires fueling the copper pot stills, this place is literally pre-industrial. It also hasn’t been available in America until now. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys supersonic dundery Jamaican rums and intensely tropical rhum agricole, you will not be disappointed.

How Is Rum Made Today

Most Caribbean rum is made from molasses, which is the dark and syrupy liquid waste product of the sugar-making process. After being fermented with water and yeast, it is distilled into a spirit and then matured.

In a few cases, fermentation can be natural, allowing yeasts in the environment to take effect on the sugar. More likely, producers choose specifically cultivated strains of yeast and thus give themselves greater control on the resulting flavours, often to painstaking degrees of detail. Fermentation produces a sweet, low-alcohol wash that must then be distilled.

Distillation happens in either pot stills or continuous stills , and often a combination of the two.

The resulting spirit is typically matured in wooden casks or barrels. Tropical ageing occurs in the country of origin, which tends to be of a warm climate heat and humidity affect how the spirit interacts with the wood and oxygen to create deeper flavours and higher alcohol levels. It is not a fully defined term, but separates rums from those that have gone through continental or European ageing, at lower temperatures.

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Market Row Botanical Rum

Not many rums can boast having Nigerian hibiscus, Kenyan black tea and rose petals from Pakistan but when you have Brixton’s Market Row on your doorstep, the pick of botanicals is always going to be impressive. This rum went down a little too well in our taste tests, so much that we have to order another bottle. There’s some brilliant vanilla notes and a heady hit of spice at the end. Lovely stuff.

Best Overall Rum: Plantation Barbados 5 Years

Best spiced rums

Distiller: Foursquare Distillery Country of Origin: Barbados

Dubbed the Pappy of rum, the celebrated distillery behind this limited edition expression is helmed by fourth-generation trader and distiller and renowned rum advocate Richard Seale. This formidable cask strength expression a pot and column still blend aged separately in ex-Bourbon barrels for 12 years before marrying in the bottle is as exceptional as it is accessible. Cream and apple pie bursts on the nose while tropical fruit plays across the palate, followed by a rush of toffee and peppery oak that lingers.

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Flor De Caa 5 Year Old Gold Nicaraguan Rum

  • Alcohol by Volume : 40%
  • Country: Nicaragua


If you are a true lover of fine rum, hearing the name, Flor de Caña should bring joy and delight to your ears.

As one of the most sought-after exports from the tropical Central-American nation of Nicaragua, Flor de Caña 5 Year Old Gold Nicaraguan Rum has definitely made its mark on the world.

This is a soft and mellow rum that has caramel and spices in equal measure making this is not too sweet, and not too spicy. Beautiful.

This rum is so bold and refined that it is great to pour over ice and enjoy in the same fashion as a fine single malt scotch. Of course, it never hurts to mix this unique rum with a splash of coke and lime if your focus is more geared towards making the most of any celebratory festivities.

  • Alcohol by Volume : 38%
  • Country: Dominican Republic


Hailing from the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic, Brugal Añejo Rum is definitely designed to be enjoyed at a party or while relaxing on a tropical beach. Smooth, easy to drink, and has lots of deep woody/spiced notes.

The bottle, which is tall and slender, is wrapped in a signature threading that is reminiscent of the fishing nets used in the waters surrounding the vibrant island.

Brugal is also perfect for shots, and its history dates back to the late 1800s. Mix Brugal with coke and lime to start any party off the right way.

Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum

Plantation Stiggins gets its name from Charles Dickens’ “Pickwick Papers.” In the story, the character Reverend Stiggins loved sipping on pineapple rum, and this rum is fruity and sweet in all the best ways. The method behind its creation is pretty unique as it uses the bark from pineapples that is combined with rum and then distilled together. But the actual pineapple is not forgotten here either as it is also combined with a dark rum. When the two rums are then mixed, you get one delicious Fancy Pineapple Rum.

So what does such a pineapple-infused rum taste like? Between its fruit base and tropical climate , this is a drink for the tropics . Its smoky and fruity notes and flavors are so heavenly that you can enjoy them no matter where you are.

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Rhum Barbancourt 15 Years Old Estate Reserve

According to Crillion Importers, LTD, Rhum Barbancourt has been around since 1862 when the distillery was first originally up and running in Haiti. The man behind the distillery was named Dupré Barbancourt, and he made rum with pure cane sugar juice. He also used French Limousin oak barrels to age it, a similar method that is used when producing cognac.

And there’s no complaint from us here. We are all for the Rhum Barbancourt 15 Years Old Estate Reserve. After all, it is one of the top best sipping rums on our list. This rum is made of sugar cane juice that is fermented in yeast and then placed in three types of oak barrels to age it for 15 years total. When you take that very first sip, expect only great things, such as warm caramelized brown sugar that turns into a spicy citrus finish.

Uruapan Charanda Blanco Single Blended Rum

Coziest Hot Buttered Butter Rum | Drink What You Want with John deBary

From Michoacan, Mexico, this intriguing rum comprises equal parts column-distilled molasses spirit and pot-still cane juice rum. Briny sweet corn aromas and scents of tart tropical fruit give way to a dazzling complex palate that signs off with a faint puff of smoke. Everything from its provenance to production make this an ideal and affordable gift for spirits geeks. Average price: $22.

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Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve

This rhum agricole is produced by one of Haitis oldest distilleries. After aging in Limousin and American oak casks, the 15-year-old cane-juice distillate exhibits only the faintest hint of green, grassy character. Instead, sweet honeycomb notes dominate, before a finish that seems to last for decades. Average price: $55.

Best Dark Rum: Real Mccoy Barbados Rum 12 Years

Another essential bottle for any home bar is Real McCoys 12-year-old rum. And not just because we have the same name! They are one of my favorite rum makers. The brand is named after William McCoy, one of the most infamous rum runners of the prohibition era, who only delivered the most premium product. Today, the term “the real McCoy” now means authenticity.

The rum is aged for 12 years in heavily charred bourbon barrels, giving it a rich flavor with notes of demerara sugar and oak. The flavor profile of wood, caramel, and spice is perfect neat or on the rocks, says McCoy. Its smooth, delicious, and drinks like whiskey.

Puerto Ricos Don Q ages its spiced rum in American white oak barrels for a minimum of three years before infusing it with a spice mixture of cinnamon, vanilla, clove, and nutmeg. Its bottled at a spicy 45% ABV for a bold, spicy vanilla-driven flavor. If spiced rum conjures images of pirates, this premium rum will change your perception of the category. It drinks with robust toasty coffee flavors and a warm hit of cinnamon and vanilla. Stir it into a rum and cola to give it backbone, or mix the spiced rum with tonic water and a slice of orange and lime.

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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

The Sailor Jerry rum was named after Norman Collins, popularly known as Sailor Jerry. In the midst of World War II, Norman Collins was a tattoo artist with a true flair that enticed soldiers. His tattoos were highly sought after and considered the true sign of a man. His iconic tattoos are respected to this day.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was designed to honor the maritime tradition of rum drinking and is made in the way it was enjoyed back then. This rich and smooth quality Caribbean rum has hints of cinnamon and vanilla flavor and follows in the footsteps of Sailor Jerry who was a precise, bold and flawless artist.

Price of Sailor Jerry Rum: Rs. 3600

Alcohol Content of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum: 46%

Appleton Estate 15 Black River Casks

The 10 Best Rums For Summer Cocktails and Beyond

A recently introduced blend of column- and pot-still Jamaica rums, this release would comfortably go the distance in a matchup against similarly aged bourbons, Scotches, and Cognacs. With an enticing range of fruity, woody, and spiced notes that exceed the sum of its parts, this is a truly special sipping rum. Average price: $65.

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Doorly’s 14 Year Old Rum

This is a fantastic rum that has been aged for a huge 14 years. It’s from the Foursquare distillery in Barbados and there is a tropical richness to the taste, with everything from sultanas to mangoes coming through. This is a sweet, intense rum with a taste that lingers longer than most.

Santa Teresa 1796 Solera Aged

This rum from Venezuela is a blend of casks containing rums of different ages. The oldest rum component is around 35 years old. Santa Teresa is known to add sugar to its rums in this case somewhere between 8 and 12g/L which doesnt please some rum connoisseurs but makes it an accessible, rounded style for the beginner. This is nutty, spicy, warming and smooth, with tobacco, chocolate and oak notes and dried citrus peel overtones. Alc 40%

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East London Liquor Company

You might know East London Liquor for its gin but this rum is definitely worth a go, partly because its so affordable despite the quality on offer.

It is made in Guyana by Demerara Distillers with the last remaining wooden Coffey still in the world, and aged for three years in ex-bourbon casks. The sugar really comes through here along with big fruity notes.

If you dont like the idea of using white rum in cocktails then look to OVD and this extremely dark and rich demerara rum.

It really is like drinking alcoholic brown sugar in liquid form and works great in any situation – neat, with any mixer, particularly ginger beer – and in all rum based cocktails to create dark versions. Oh and its really affordable, too.

The Best Rums You Can Buy In 2021 As Chosen By The Experts And Esquire Editors

How to make the best Cuban rum cocktail | Condé Nast Traveller

An unapologetically sweet spiced rum, with notes of creamy vanilla, treacle and confected mango. The rum itself is made at the famous Diamond Distillery in Guyana, and then blended with natural spices in Manchester, where its velvety texture develops. Its a good one to bring out your inner Brian Flanangan and make like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

50cl 40% ABV

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Best For Dark N Stormy: Goslings Black Seal

Region: Bermuda | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Spice, Vanilla, Butterscotch

Technically, the Dark ‘n Stormy should only be made with Goslings, given this Bermuda-based brand owns the trademark of the drinks name. Though you can make it with any rum you like, it tastes especially good with this dark rum.

With its big body and long-lasting taste of butterscotch, caramel and molasses, this rum is a must for making classic cocktails, says Paul Gonzalez of The Allegory Bar at Eaton DC. Goslings sources a secret blend of rum from various Caribbean countries, which it blends and ages in Bermuda. Every cocktail bar should have a bottle of Goslings behind it, he adds.

Region: Barbados | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Caramel, Oak, Orange

The Real McCoy sources its rum from the Foursquare distillery in Barbados, firmly believing in making rum without additives or coloring. This dark rum was aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels, giving it layers of brown sugar, vanilla, black cherry and even some mild smoky notes. These guys are making truly great unadulterated juice, says McCoy. Get your hands on any of their expressions, from the white three-year-old and up.

Mad City Botanical Rum

A great introduction to white rum for gin lovers, this unique rum is distilled in the UK with 25 botanicals, including coffee, papaya, allspice, coriander seeds and vanilla pods. In the mouth it has bold flavours of clove, cinnamon, dried citrus peel, vanilla and a hint of coffee. Try in a Daiquiri or with tonic water over ice. Alc 40%

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Gosling’s Black Seal Rum

If you were looking to make a Dark’n’Stormy then Gosling’s is the official rum to do this with – using the brand’s ginger ale at the same time. The rum is rich in taste, with a caramel palate. This rum is the winner of The Beverage Tasting Institute’s Platinum Medal and it’s easy to see why – it’s a great all-round dark rum.

What Is The Best Rum For A Rum And Coke

International Rum Expert Panel Announces 2013 Award Winners

A sweet yet spicy blend of molasses, caramel, nutmeg, vanilla and other exciting ingredients makes the best rum for a rum and coke. A strength of at least 35% ABV is recommended to ensure the tastes can shine through the cola mixer.

Originally called the Cuba Libre, or Free Cuba, this traditional cocktail paid homage to the Cuban victory in the Spanish-American war when the country gained its independence from Spain. Lets check out 10 of the best rums to get the party started.

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What Are The Types Of Rum

Rum breaks down into five main categories:

  • White rum
  • Dark rum
  • Navy rum
  • Spiced Rum

White rum is usually the simplest kind of rum with a light, crisp taste . Dark or aged rum has a bit more refined flavor profile, offering some stronger spice thats great for sipping with friends. Then theres navy rum, the wild one of the bunch, which maintains the 57% ABV of standard-issue naval rum from back in the day. Theres also spiced rum, which brands like Malibu and Captain Morgan fall into, although there are nicer bottles of spiced rum that are great for sipping too. Finally, we have golden rum, which is a less-aged dark rum.

Best Under $: Ron Zacapa 23

Courtesy of Reserve Bar

  • ABV: 40%
  • Tasting Notes: Coffee, Vanilla, Honey

Neat, rocks, or with a splash of Coke. Absolutely delicious, says Eric Vanderveen, bartender at The Empire Lounge & Restaurant in Louisville, CO. The 23 in this sipping rums name stands for the upper age limit of the rum in the blend, which ranges from six to 23 years old. The rum is aged at very high elevation, about 2,300 meters above sea level, allowing for a more gentle maturation than in the climate below.

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The 15 Best Rum Brands For Cocktails In 2021

Nothing gets the party started quite like a rum cocktail. Rum production is rising in the US and Caribbean Islands. Old favorites, matured expressions, and a fleet of flavored rum bottles from independent producers are all part of the thriving landscape.

Many rum cocktail enthusiasts seem to fall on one side of the dark rum or white rum line. Others still split the difference with sweeter gold rum. Youll find all types and more in the list below.

This collection of the 15 best rum brands for cocktails in 2021 showcases some of the best bottles in everyday rum crafting. Its a diverse group that varies in style and region of production, level of filtration, alcohol content, taste, and purpose.

Best Buy

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a Venezuelan aged rum distilled in copper pot stills and aged for 12 years. Diplomatico is produced from molasses and sugarcane honey from the syrup left behind from the canes first boiling. Its a subtly spicy, dark rum, with the banana flavors augmented by notes of vanilla and dried fruit.

Distinctively bottled in green, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is a great rum for sipping neat, in a premium ginger beer mixed drink, or for crafting top-quality tropical fruit cocktail choices.

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