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What Goes With Tanqueray Gin

It Was A Choice Between Gin And Horse Feet

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin! Review!

According to former Tanqueray master distiller Tom Nichol, Charles Tanqueray was a genius. More accurately, I think he was a genius who told everyone he was a genius, Nichol says. We dont know if Tanqueray was both annoying and super smart, but we do know he dressed like Santa Claus on a Tinder date and carried around a notebook filled with ideas. Among the more prominent: recipes for animal medicines and a supposedly improved horseshoe polish, since theres nothing worse than bad horseshoe polish. Were glad he went with gin.


Does Gin Go Bad After Opening

The oxidation process begins once your gin bottle is opened. In a nutshell, the flavor of your gin will alter gradually over time if opened. Its ideal to drink up an open bottle of gin within a year. Although it wont go off after years, opened gin wont taste great.

If youre not able to finish the bottle within that time frame, be sure to seal it tightly and store it in a dark place.

Does Gin Get You Drunk

It does. There is no such thing as a person that can drink gin and not have the alcohol get into their bloodstream. If you drink enough of it, past a certain BAC measurement, then you are considered legally drunk. If you drink any alcoholic beverage, the alcohol will get into your bloodstream, period.

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Can You Drink Tanqueray Straight

Of course, you can always drink your gin straight. A good quality gin like Tanqueray has a sweet, floral flavour which is delicious just as it is. Or theres Gin Mare which is herby and smooth with notes of olive oil, which makes for the perfect sipping experience. We hope this helps you to go out and enjoy your gin!

Tanqueray London Dry Gin

5 Things You Didn

Tanqueray is a gin distillery that dates all the way back to 1830. During this time, Charles Tanqueray was not afraid to be bold and unique. With his bold and unique attitude, he developed a wonderful gin thats still loved to this day.

Nowadays, Tanqueray London Dry Gin is one of the awarded gins in the world. It is also known for being a fantastic premium gin. This should speak enough of its quality, but Ill elaborate further.

Tanqueray London Dry Gin is not only praised for its fantastic taste and timeless quality but its also just a perfect all-rounder. Perhaps thats why its praised as much as it is.

This gin will be perfect in pretty much any drink, as well as on its own. This, of course, includes drinking it with ginger ale. The well-rounded taste of gin goes great with a high-quality ginger ale.

Even though Tanqueray London Dry Gin doesnt have any quirks or special qualities such as others on this list, it may very well be your safest choice. In all honesty, this is probably a bottle of gin that everyone should have in their arsenal.

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Do You Add Sugar To Sloe Gin

We recommend not to add any sugar during the maceration process. This is because the sugar will prevent the gin from extracting the natural fruit sugars and flavours from the sloe berries. That way you can continue to taste and test and dont have to wait for the sugar crystals to dissolve. Enjoy.

How To Properly Store Gin

  • Store it in a cool, dark place. This could be in your fridge or a cupboard that doesnt get much light.
  • Never store gin with the pourer attached, this makes the gin start to evaporate and become diluted.
  • Dont store in the original bottle is you have less than half left. Oxygen can all cause gin to go bad, so the less exposed it is, the better.
  • Freezer storage is also an option as gin freezes at a temperature of -17 degrees F.
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    Things You Should Know About Tanqueray Gin

    Not only is Tanqueray almost 200 years into the gin game, the company actually helped drive the evolution of the category itself. It was part of the mission to transform gin from Christmas tree fire water to something actually respectable. From its role as early innovator in gin production to being one of the only things that could and God forgive them make Idris Elba look mildly unattractive, here are 11 things you need to know about Tanqueray.

    How Can You Tell If Gin Has Gone Bad

    Tanqueray Gin Review!

    Gin is an alcoholic beverage that can go bad over time. The flavor and aroma of the gin can change, becoming more sour or musty with time. It can also become stronger if its allowed to age. There are some telltale signs of a spoilt gin:

    • Gin will lose its flavor and aroma if its gone bad.
    • The color can change from a clear to a cloudy liquid.
    • If exposed to light and heat, it may develop a brownish hue.
    • The liquid might start to smell sour or musty.

    Some gins, such as Bombay Sapphire and Tanqueray, contain natural oils from juniper berries. This oil may separate from the rest of the liquid over time and form a layer on the surface. You can tell if your gin has gone bad if you see this oil floating on the top.

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    Which Gin Is Best With Cucumber

    5/5Hendricks GinHendricks GinHendricks

    Subsequently, one may also ask, why is Hendricks gin served with cucumber?

    The reason Hendricks is served with cucumber is that Hendricks botanical list includes both cucumber and Bulgarian rose petals, so to use a cucumber as a garnish simply highlights the flavour profile.

    Secondly, how do you cut cucumbers for Gin? Cut off the ends of the cucumber and cut three thick, round slices, about ½ inch thick, you can peel it first if youd like. Muddle the cucumber in the bottom of your glass with a cocktail masher or the end of a wooden spoon .

    Hereof, what does cucumber tonic go with?

    The result is a tonic with a refreshing taste and aroma, which pairs perfectly with fresh and floral gins and when served with a cucumber ribbon and sprig of fresh mint, gives a fresh cucumber twist on the quintessentially British G& T as well as great accompaniment to premium vodka.

    Which Garnish with which gin?

    London Dry Gins generally work well with fresh or dehydrated lime, lemons, grapefruit, orange. Lemon/Lime Since all gin is made with citrus and juniper, you are always safe with a citrus which not only looks fresh and colourful but also works well with most gins.

    What Is Tanqueray Gin

    A favorite gin all over the world, Tanqueray Gin consistently tops lists and wins awards. Created by Charles Tanqueray in 1830, Tanqueray was one of the first London Dry Gins on the market.

    Charless goal was to create create the worlds best gin. Supposedly he tried over 300 recipes before settling on the one that made him famous.

    Since then, Tanqueray has continued to be driven by Charles spirit of exploration and innovation and the Blackcurrant Royale is an example of this!

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    Strawberry Black Pepper Gin & Tonic

    A simple way to elevate the classic Gin and Tonic is to simply add a few strawberries, black pepper, premium soda water, and Tanqueray gin. This Strawberry Black Pepper Gin & Tonic is a fruity twist on the classic drink and features a sweet, peppery combo that adds an extra dimension of flavor to the pretty pink drink. Paired with a crisp, dry gin youll be able to taste floral notes and enjoy a spicy, citrus finish.


  • Muddle strawberries with black pepper.
  • Strain and pour in a glass with ice.
  • Stir in the gin and top with tonic.
  • Garnish with a strawberry and serve.
  • What Types Of Gin Mix Well With Ginger Ale

    Tanqueray and Tonic Cocktail Recipe

    Ginger ale is, to say the least, a drink for the acquired taste. Nowadays, there are many sorts of ginger ale on the market. Some are sweeter and more sugary, while others will be crisp and sharp.

    Then, theres also the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer. The difference is actually quite simple. Ginger beer is way sharper, whereas ginger ale is a little smoother and sweeter. Ginger ale is more approachable, where ginger beer is a purer, denser version of it.

    In either case, ginger ale will always be dominant in a drink, simply because of the sharpness that the ginger gives it. This is also the reason why I initially called it a drink for the acquired taste.

    This sharpness, however, is also what makes ginger ale such a fantastic drink. With its sharp, fresh, and sweet taste, ginger ale makes for a fantastic drink, either on its own or as a mixer.

    Ginger ale is quite a strong drink, so not every type of gin will be as great with it. With that being said, what types of gin actually mix well with ginger ale?

    Ginger ale can be quite strong and sharp, so if you want to mix it with gin, make sure you use a gin that also has a sharp taste. The gin needs to be able to hold its own against the ginger ale, otherwise, you would not be able to taste it.

    Another type of gin that goes well with ginger ale would of course be a ginger-infused gin. The ginger-infused gin will perfectly complement the taste of the ginger ale, making for a great combination.

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    The Bottle Is Not A Tiny Fire Hydrant

    Sure, we see a reasonable visual resemblance, but the Tanqueray bottle wasnt based on a fire hydrant. The bottle was actually, and carefully, modeled after a cocktail shaker, a marketing attempt at aligning the strangely assertive flavors of English gin with the more approachable, mutable flavors of the American cocktail scene. When Tanqueray 10 launched in 2000, the company used a similar shape but added a not uncool retro citrus reamer vibe to play up the aforementioned citrus.

    What Do You Do With Fruit After Making Gin

    If youve got some leftover alcohol soaked fruit from a recipe or party, consider using that fruit to infuse vodka or another liquor. Put the fruit into a jar, completely cover it in alcohol of your choice, place the lid on, and store it in a cool dark place. Itll help to shake the jar every few days.

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    Can I Make Tonic Water At Home

    Many types of soda are fun to make at home. However, tonic water is one that should always be purchased from a reputable manufacturer. Due to the serious side effects of cinchonism, it can be harmful to make your own tonic syrup from cinchona bark because it is impossible to control the amount of quinine. It is generally safe to purchase a premade tonic syrup if you follow the companys recommended dilution to make tonic water. As an alternative, you can make quinine-free tonic syrup at home.

    Can You Get Sick From Drinking Old Gin

    How to Make the Tanqueray & Tonic Mixed Drink

    No, you cannot get sick from drinking old gin. The alcohol and botanical ingredients in gin are stabilized by a distilling process that kills any potential bacteria or viruses. However, the flavor of old gin may not be as enjoyable as fresh gin.

    So, if you have any old gin lying around, theres no need to worry you can still drink it! But if youre looking to buy some new gin, try to drink it as soon as possible after opening. That way, youll be sure to enjoy the best flavor possible!

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    Tanqueray 10 Has Eight Botanicals

    Tanqueray and Tanqueray 10 are the two Tanqueray products youre most likely to see or have seen, drink or have drunk . They both ring in at a solid 47.3 percent ABV, but Tanqueray has that aforementioned juniper assertiveness, whereas Tanqueray 10 was produced as a kind of concession to and/or celebration of the emerging craft gin market a market reaching out to more consumers, including those less in love with gins signature juniper note. The result is a mix of eight botanicals that is less juniper-forward and overlaid with not just earthy spice but brighter, fragrant citrus notes.

    Tanquerays Tinkering Led To Modern Craft Gin

    When gin, and not equine toiletries, won out in Tanquerays heart, he dedicated himself wholly to improving what passed for gin at the time, taking on industry leaders Felix Booth and Alexander Gordon . While developing what would become his flagship recipe, Tanqueray stumbled upon his preferred method for distilling botanicals into a small quantity of neutral grain spirit before distilling the larger batch for the final time. It was one of the first innovations in botanical infusion, central to the whole how-is-this-delicious-gin-not-vodka? question.

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    Changing Up The Recipe To Make More Delicious Drinks

    A really lovely little tip I have for this drink if you want to make it sweeter is add some raspberry liqueur or fresh raspberry juice to the bottom of the glass with the blueberries. It really brings out an extra flavour and compliments the blueberries really well.

    The lime helps to make both flavours blend but also stand on their own. Other options for flavours that work include strawberries with a dash of Aperol. Fresh pomegranate seeds with a little pomegranate juice is fresh and fruity.

    A great summer alternative is also to add fresh watermelon chunks and juice. It works really well for a summer G& T.

    Even before topping up with tonic the drink looks gorgeous. The bright white ice cubes mixed in with the squashed blueberries and mint glisten in the sunshine. Almost like its reaching out for the tonic to make it hole.

    If you want to make these for a party you can make up a big batch of squashed up blueberries and mint add it to each glass. When youre ready to serve add ice cubes and then top up with tonic.

    Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin

    Tanqueray London Dry Gin

    Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is a gin inspired by the ancient Spice Routes. This gin is infused with carefully selected spices from exotic places. These spices are then distilled using the same method the Opihr distillery used all the way back in 1761.

    Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin is made with many different spices, many of which are not only tasty but fragrant as well. Hints of cardamom, pepper, cumin and many citruses give the fragrance a warm and robust scent.

    This scent is also found back in the taste. Youll get a wonderfully warm flavor full of spices and citruses.

    The botanicals used in Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin are as following: Indian Black Pepper, Italian Juniper Berries, Malaysian Cubeb Berries, Moroccan Coriander, Spanish Orange Peel,Indian Ginger, Indian Cardamom, German Angelica Root, Turkish Grapefruit Peel, and Turkish Cumin.

    Due to all the different spices used in this gin, youll get quite a complex taste. This complexity goes very well with the warm and sweet taste of ginger ale. Ginger ale in and of itself is also on the more complex side.

    Added to that is once again that beautiful contrast between the fresh and spicy taste of ginger ale and the crisp and spicy taste of the gin.

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    Whitley Neill Lemongrass & Ginger Gin

    Whitley Neill Lemongrass & Ginger Gin is another incredible flavored gin from the Whitley Neill distillery. This time, it utilizes the beauty of ginger and lemongrass. Both ginger and lemongrass are fresh and crisp, making them pair together perfectly.

    Lemongrass & Ginger Gin was created by Frederick Neill who was inspired by a trip through Asia, where he discovered the fresh and fragrant lemongrass.

    There are a few more botanicals used to create this wonderful gin, though. Here is a short list of the botanicals used in Whitely Neill Lemongrass & Ginger Gin:

    As you can imagine, Whitley Neill Lemongrass & Ginger Gin has a fresh and zesty taste of citruses. This is paired with a warming touch of ginger, making for a rich taste. You might notice that this gin does not have a fruity taste, making it a great option for people who are looking for a gin that isnt too sweet.

    Whitley Neill Lemongrass & Ginger Gin can be perfectly drunk on its own, but it will also work lovely with ginger ale. The freshness of the lemongrass, paired with the ginger will work perfectly with a drink thats also ginger-focussed.

    Introduction To Tanqueray Gin

    It is a high-end branded drink with availability at the international level. Diageo incorporation manufactures this liqueur and markets it at a very wide level. While exploring different countries, you will find out a shocking fact.

    It is that there are no bars and stores without this wonderful green bottled liquor at the counter. What is so good about this spirit? Lets find out.

    It is also called the London dry gin. It is quite clear that its manufacturing includes a distillation process. This is why it has given the name London dry. This distillation takes place in Bloomsbury, London. Behind the introduction of this firewater, the credit goes to Charles Tanqueray.

    Yes! In the year 1830, Charles has distilled the drink with double distilling grains and botanicals. It was originally introduced in England. Later in 1838, Charles gave the drink an official presence in the alcohol industry. To the readers surprise, this hard stuff liquor used to be light in the past. Today, it has a wildfire going on within the mind and cravings of alcohol consumers.

    What is Tanqueray Gin Alcohol Content?

    It is a heavy liqueur. Hence, being a heavy liqueur, it is not significant that it harms the consumer. Its alcohol content percentage amounts between 40% to 47%. It mostly depends on the flavor of the drink you are preferring.

    Are there calories in Tanqueray gin?

    Is Tanqueray Gin Gluten-free?

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