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Jordan’s Skinny Margarita Mix

Can You Make A Skinny Margarita Mix

Skinny Margarita vs. Low Carb Margarita Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Margarita Review

Yes, you can make homemade skinny margarita mix! To do so, simply blend together the lime juice, orange extract, and sweetener from this keto margarita recipe.

To use the mix, you can blend the mix with tequila and ice right before serving, to make 4 servings. Or for an individual serving, youll need 1.5 tablespoons of mix, 1.5 ounces tequila, and 1 1/4 cups of ice.

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Can I Make A Sugar

Yes! The classic margarita has a few superstar ingredients that give this cocktail mix that distinctive margarita taste:

  • Orange liqueur

The beauty of a keto margarita is its ideal margarita flavor profilejust pick up a bottle of low-carb keto skinny margarita mix and shake it with tequila.

Use as much ice as you wish, garnish with a lime wedge, and voilàyour margarita is ready to drink!

Also, to make your margarita recipe keto, we’d recommend picking a tequila recipe made from 100% agave mixit’s purer and tastes better!

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How To Make A Skinny Margarita On The Rocks

I like my sugar free margaritas frozen, so that is how this recipe is written. If you like it on the rocks, you can definitely do that, too.

TIP: A skinny margarita on the rocks is a good option if you blender is not powerful enough to crush ice.

After salting the rim of the margarita glass, place the ice cubes directly inside. Blend the rest of the ingredients . It will be pretty concentrated this way, so youll need to add a few tablespoons of cold water, to taste.

  • Salt the rim of the margarita glass.
  • Place ice cubes directly into the glass, or into a large pitcher if you want to make a larger batch.
  • Blend the rest of the ingredients, without ice. It will be pretty concentrated this way, so youll need to add a few tablespoons of cold water, to taste.
  • Pour the skinny margarita over the ice.
  • Garnish with lime.

TIP: If you have a cocktail shaker, thats even better! Divide the recipe by 4 to make a single serving, then just shake all the ingredients in the shaker with ice.

How Many Carbs In A Skinny Margarita : Cosmopolitan

Carbs in a skinny margarita can vary widely depending on the sweetener that is used, and how much. Often times, restaurant versions will substitute agave in place of simple syrup, which is natural but still loaded with sugar, so skinny margaritas can have upwards of 30-40 grams of sugar per serving.

In contrast, my low carb margarita recipe has less than 1 gram of carbs and 0.3 grams of sugar per serving!

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Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Launches Naturally Sweetened Line Of Margarita Mixes

The iconic brand for low-calorie flavored cocktail mixes will add four new flavors

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The leading brand for low calorie and low sugar syrups and mixes, Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, has continued its product innovation and is proud to release a full line of naturally sweetened margarita mixes today, June 15. Skinny Mixes was inspired to create the mixers after receiving numerous fan requests for all-natural products that are sweetened with natural sweeteners.

“Similar to how Skinny Mixes began from seeing what was missing in the market, we heard our loyal consumers asking for more all natural products,” said Skinny Mixes founder and president, Jordan Engelhardt. “Our four new margarita mixers are so delicious and will absolutely be the must have at every event this summer.”

For over a decade, Skinny Mixes has sat atop the low-calorie and low-sugared syrup and mixer market, and known for listening to customer flavor suggestions and being first to market with innovative new flavors. The four margarita mixer flavors are Classic, Peach, Spicy and Strawberry Key Lime and do not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.

Skinny Mixes naturally sweetened margarita mixes will be available at and found at local retailers across the US, Canada and Europe. Suggested margarita recipes can be found on the website here and the new naturally sweetened margarita mixes will be available to order online today.


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Best Sugar Free Margarita Mix

Keto Tacos and Margaritas ft . Jordan’s Skinny Mixes

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds… a delicious margarita that is 5 calories and 0 sugar! The perfect blend of tart, fresh limes with a hint of salt and sweetness with our margarita mix. Just shake our Skinny Margarita Mix in a cocktail mixer with your favorite tequila and ice. Pour the drink mix into a salted margarita glass and garnish with a wedge of lime. Sip and enjoy your sugar free and low carb margarita!

  • 5 Calories. 2g Carbs. 0g Sugar.
  • 32 fl oz Plastic Bottle.
  • Gluten Free & Kosher.
  • 5 Calories

Nutritional Facts

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What Goes Into A Keto Sugar Free Margarita

We like to keep our low carb margarita mix simple. Our low carb margarita drink recipe doesn’t include sugar, juice, artificial sweeteners, or flavoringsjust natural, light ingredients that create a perfect margarita.

You’ll see all the ingredients in our keto margarita syrup in the product description and information above.

How To Make A Skinny Margarita

This section shows how to make a low carb margarita without sugar, including step-by-step photos and details about the technique. For full instructions, see the recipe card below.

The steps for how to make a skinny margarita are so easy! I can hardly call this a recipe, there really isnt much to it.

  • Blend. Combine tequila, lime juice, orange extract, Besti, and ice cubes in a powerful blender.

TIP: Select the ice crush setting on your blender. Or, you can use any setting that is powerful enough to get through the ice. Blend until a slushy texture forms.

  • Add more ice if needed, to make about 32 fl oz total. This will be equivalent to four 1-cup margaritas. The exact amount of ice will vary because it depends on the size of your ice cubes and how they fit into a measuring cup. Just use your judgement to get the right amount.
  • Salt the rim. Run a slice of lime around the rim of each . Dip the rim into a plate or shallow bowl covered in sea salt.
  • Serve. Pour frozen margaritas into the glasses. Dont forget to garnish with slices of lime!

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About This Skinny Margarita

Ive witnessed my mom order a skinny margarita at numerous restaurants on numerous occasions, and unless its a drink the restaurant already has on its menu, the server usually doesnt know what she means .

For her benefit, our servers benefit, and the benefit of margarita drinkers the world over, I did a bit of digging to determine what exactly makes a margarita recipe a skinny margarita recipe.

The results of my salt-rimmed research: a skinny margarita is comprised of fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice , tequila, and agave nectar. The exact ratio of these four ingredients is at your discretion, though most suggested more lime juice than orange juice, equal parts tequila and lime juice, and 2 teaspoons of agave.

I like my margarita to bite me back a bit, so I lean heavier on the lime juice and lighter on the agave, which this skinny margarita recipe reflects. Please feel free to adjust the recipe to suit your own margarita needs and preferences.

Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Margarita Mix

Skinny Margarita Mix by Jordan
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How Much Sugar Is In A Margarita

Do you know how much sugar is in a margarita? You might be surprised. Virtually all sweet mixed drinks are incredibly high in sugar, and margaritas are no exception. The amount of sugar in a regular margarita varies depending on how its made:

  • Best case scenario: If its a margarita from scratch, using only tequila, triple sec and lime juice, the sugar will just come from the triple sec. This is the best case scenario, with about 11 grams of sugar in the margarita, and thats with NO simple syrup added, which is unlikely.
  • Small margarita using a mix: Most bars and restaurants make margaritas using a mix. These can vary, but on average, the sugar content per serving is 24 grams! To put that into perspective, a teaspoon of sugar is 4 grams. So, just one serving of margarita mix is equivalent to 6 teaspoons of sugar.
  • Large margarita : A large margarita at a restaurant is may be 2, 3, or even 4 times the above amounts, if not more. Ive even seen large 32-oz margaritas. That would be a whopping 192 grams of sugar in the whole drink! Another way to put it would be 32 teaspoons of sugar. Can you imagine?!

Clearly, we need some better options. Fortunately, its easy to make your own healthy skinny margarita without sugar!

How Do I Make A Keto Skinny Margarita

Are you a bit tired of drinking water all day and want a flavorsome margarita during happy hourbut youre also following a low carb diet and steering clear of sugar?

There are tons of ways to mix up your margaritas and make something to wow your dinner guestswithout missing out! One of our low carb fan favorites is a gorgeous Skinny Spicy Margarita mix, perfect with a big sharing platter of nachos, and just as effortless to prepare!

Here’s the recipe:

  • Two-to-three parts low-carb Skinny Margarita Mix
  • One part tequila

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Are Margaritas Keto Friendly

VANILLA BUTTER TOFFEE | Jordans Skinny Mixes | Jordan’s Skinny Syrup | Skinny Syrups Review

As tasty as it might be, a traditional margarita isn’t a typical go-to beverage for those starting keto and wanting to make margarita nights diet-friendly.

Your Friday evening margarita has about 10.7 grams of carbs and a whopping 167 calories on averagesadly, the lime juice doesn’t count towards your five-a-day!

Skinny Margarita Mix is a great solution, with a low-carb margarita mix that’s fresh, zingy, and all things alfresco summer!

Each chilled glass made with our skinny margarita recipe brings in just two grams of carbs, > five calories, and no sugar as a perfect sour-yet-refreshing margarita cocktail drink.

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Is There Sugar In A Skinny Margarita Recipe

No! Our margarita drink has zero sugar in sight. Our margarita mixes make your cocktails low carb and sugar-free, but with all the zest and kick you love.

How do we craft a low-carb keto margarita recipe that tastes incredible but contains no sugar, with just five calories a glass? It’s all down to the low-carb natural ingredients, mixing Stevia and erythritol to achieve a silky-smooth margarita drink with just the right mix of sweetness and acidity.

How To Order A Skinny Margarita At A Restaurant

Ordering a truly sugar free skinny margarita at a restaurant or bar is tricky, because many places use a pre-made mix that is loaded with sugar. Its worth asking if they dont use a mix, because if not, you can ask for it without simple syrup. But, this only works if they dont use a mix.

If they tell you they have it pre-made from a mix, a good alternative is to get a mojito without simple syrup, as this is usually not pre-mixed and can be ordered sugar-free very easily.

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