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How To Make Flavoured Vodka

How To Make Peppermint Vodka

How To Make Honey Flavored Vodka

First and foremost, unwrap the candy canes and break them in half. Breaking them in half will make it easier to fit them all into your jar.

Place the candy canes in a 16 oz. mason jar, and pour the vodka on top of them.

Allow the vodka and candy canes a few hours to steep. This timeline will be different for everyone because it will depend on the candy canes themselves, as well as the temperature of your house. If its warmer in your home, the candy canes should dissolve faster into the vodka.

Once they are completely dissolved, itll be good to drink after you shake it up!

Store in a cool, dry place in the mason jar for as long as it takes to drink this up.

How To Use Infused Liquors

There are really no rules when it comes to using your DIY infusions. Add them to any cocktail for more flavor. You may even find you can use less sugar than usual, especially if it’s a fruit-infused liquor.

Here are a few quick ideas using our infusions:

The possibilities are endless – we’d love to hear how you’re using your infusions in the comments below!

How To Make Lemon Flavoured Dishwasher Vodka

A few months ago I was having drinks at Romance HQ and Mrs Romance handed me a glass of sweet, lemony vodka. She told me they had made it themselves in their dishwasher. Science + food is my favourite thing ever so today Ive got Jim here on Smaggle to teach you how to make flavoured dishwasher vodka with boiled sweets. How rad is that?

When I first heard of dishwasher limoncello my first thought was well, it wasnt very positive. Having cleaned the filter of my own dishwasher, I know what goes on in there. I choose to ignore it over the thought of washing my dishes by hand. Once that door closes, all I want to think about is splendid cutlery, spotless crockery and sparkling glassware when I next open it.

However, dishwasher limoncello isnt what it sounds like. In fact, its the best thing ever! What youre doing is harnessing the power of your dishwasher to create a delicious tipple that contains no dishwater water whatsoever. I promise.

Its very simple so simple even I tried it, and Im incredibly lazy.

  • 1 bottle of reasonable quality vodka with a screw cap
  • 1 packet of lemon sherbet lollies
  • Open the vodka and pour out about 100ml into a container and set to one side. Or drink it if you want.
  • Smash the lemon sherbets into small pieces with a mortar and pestle or a rolling pin and put the pieces in the vodka bottle.
  • Crew the cap on tightly and cover the cap with the Glad Wrap.
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    How To Make Coffee Liqueur

    This coffee-flavored vodka recipe can easily be modified to make coffee liqueur instead. Simply follow the previous instructions with this small modification:

  • Fill your bottle about 1/3 full of coffee grounds as you would normally, and then fill it only an additional 1/3 full of vodka. Your bottle should only be a total of about 2/3 full when you’ve finished this step.
  • Fill the final 1/3 of the bottle with simple syrup, then continue following the previous instructions exactly as written.
  • Before You Get Started:

    How to Make Flavored Vodka

    1 Sterilise your bottles and jars

    This is important, especially if you are planning on storing the flavoured vodka for longer, you are using sugar or adding ingredients inside the bottle. You dont want to trap bacteria into the bottle. If stored correctly, it will last up to a year. There are three ways to do this.

    1 Boiling

    Place the jars or small bottles into a large saucepan, standing up. Fill the pot with cold water, covering each jar. Place on the hob and leave it to boil. Let it simmer for 10 minutes, before carefully removing each jar and bottle. This will require some patience. Use oven mitts and avoid touching the glass with your bare hands until cooled down.

    2 Oven

    Heat oven to 130C, any higher and the glass may break. Add baking paper onto a baking tray. Wash each jar and bottle with soapy liquid, rinse and place them on top of a baking tray. Make sure the jars wont touch each other. Lids without any rubber can also be put into the oven. Let them dry in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Carefully remove the tray from the oven and leave to cool.

    3 Dishwasher

    A dishwasher is the easiest, but it only works if you have a high enough temperature setting or steam option. Let the dishwasher to run the whole cycle and leave the bottles and jars to cool inside the dishwasher. Keep the door shut during this time. The dishwasher is the most convenient way to sterilise larger bottles, which wouldnt fit in the oven or into a pot.

    2 Choose smaller jars and bottles

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    What Do I Need To Make Peppermint Vodka

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    In addition to this one tool, youre going to need two ingredients:

    • 2-3 hours after

    How To Make Coffee

    Christy Kirwan

    I have a degree in ancient history and a passion for reading, cooking, DIY projects, tea, science fiction, and a myriad of other subjects.

    Do you like coffee and vodka? Why not combine the two for an incredible drink that’s perfect for a brunch get-together?

    Coffee-flavored vodka is a delicious and versatile treat, and making your own is easy and inexpensive.

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    How Do I Use Fruit

    Think of these vodkas as adding another layer of flavor to your favorite cocktails. They can be shaken with ice for a very simple martini or combined with other liquors and bitters for more complex cocktails. Or, of course, use them to make grown-up jello shots!

    Little bottles of fruit-flavored vodkas are also one of my favorite hostess gifts so much more fun and special than a bottle of wine, especially when it means giving a taste of summer in the middle of winter. You can use any bottle or jar with a tight-sealing lid , so get creative with your gift-giving!

    Put Skittles In Bottles

    How to make flavoured vodkas

    Now put your separated Skittles into 5 bottles, one flavor per bottle. You can use old water bottles, mason jars, thoroughly cleaned condiment jars, old vodka bottles any container with a secure lid plastic or glass.

    Mason jars work very well because theyre easy to wash out. And whatever bottle you use is going to get a lot of sticky gunk in the bottom that will need to be cleaned.

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    What Alcohol To Use

    You can use either 80-proof or 100-proof vodka to make fruit-flavored vodkas. 80-proof is easier to find in stores, and I prefer it in cocktails. 100-proof vodka will extract better fruit flavor, but I find that it can tend to taste a little hot or raw in cocktails. I like using 100-proof if Im planning to add simple syrup to make the vodka into a liqueur . You can also cut the 100-proof with a little water to taste.

    You dont need to get fancy with the vodka either. The fruit becomes the dominant flavor, so I recommend skipping the fancy artisan vodkas and picking up something basic. I used Seagrams Extra-Smooth 80-Proof Vodka for this tutorial.

    Vodka isnt the only liquor you can use, either! I love the idea of infusing other spirits with fruit what about a fig-infused bourbon? Or a grapefruit gin? Or a strawberry tequila for making daiquiris? This is a DIY rabbit hole: Embrace it.

    Our 11 Favorite Candy

    Its been a little while since a holiday came around that gave us an excuse to have a party. Summer was great, but by the time October 4th comes around, Labor Day will have been over a month ago. National Vodka Day to the rescue.

    Its a perfect excuse to have a themed get together where your friends can have fun and try something new. Candy-infused vodka is growing in popularity, and its an indulgence that we partake in every once in a while.

    If youve never infused vodka, youre really missing out. Its relatively easy, and super delicious with candy.

    Here we go.

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    How To Make Flavoured Vodka In The Dishwasher

    It might sound like a strange technique, but its actually possible to make flavoured vodka in the dishwasher.

    1.Choose your preferred brand of vodka, then pour a splash out to leave a little room at the top of the bottle.

    2. Choose your sweets: boiled sweets, Skittles, jelly sweets or even candy canes all work well here. Then, add a handful to the vodka making sure you only include one colour and flavour per bottle.

    3. Place the vodka bottle in the dishwasher and run it through a hot wash. Voila! Colourful, flavoured vodka.

    Tip: if some of the sweets havent dissolved or its looking a little cloudy, simply run it through the wash again or strain through a muslin cloth to remove any bits of sweets.

    How To Make Vanilla Vodka With Real Gold Flakes

    How to Make Ginger

    By Karon Grieve

    This gorgeous golden vanilla vodka sounds like something from a James Bond movie. Rich and warming with vanilla spice this homemade vodka infusion is the business!

    Flavoured gins and vodkas are all the rage and this golden vanilla vodka is just a wee bit special.

    Not only does this vodka have that sweet and warming taste of vanilla but it has flakes of real edible gold that sparkle in the light.

    Like a snowglobe for grown-ups, shake the bottle and see the gold dance! Actually this golden vanilla vodka looks amazing in a glass when you add a dash of tonic and the tiny flecks of gold rash around in the glass glittering in the light.

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    How To Make Infused Liquors

    DIY Infused Liquors make for a fantastic holiday gift for a host/hostess, friend, family member or really any other adult in your life. In this post, we’ll teach you how to make a few different infused liquors. We’re also sharing some of our favorite flavor infusions for vodka, tequila, rum & more.

    Over the last few years, we’ve gotten really into mixology and craft cocktails. We love experimenting with different liquors, simple syrups, fruits, bitters, etc.

    If you know our family IRL, we pretty much always have company. My parents have hosted countless full-blown, 60+ person parties, smaller dinner parties, holidays, and hundreds of weekend get-togethers. After hosting so many events, we’ve gotten pretty good at throwing together cocktails with whatever we have on hand.

    In more recent years, we’ve gotten extra ~fancy~ and started experimenting with infusing various liquors and simple syrups. For my wedding last year, we made huge batches of homemade infused vodka and tequila for my signature cocktails. They were a huge hit – some of my friends were even taking straight-up shots of the jalapeño infused tequila!

    In addition to majorly improving just about any cocktail, homemade infused liquors also make for a great DIY holiday gift. Any host/hostess, family member, friend or coworker will surely appreciate the originality and effort!

    How To Use Your Infused Liquor

    Fresh ingredients make the best drinks and the best infusions too. Dont forget that you can use this in hot or cold drinks depending on the season.

    An easy cocktail is this mint vodka mixed with soda water, seltzer water, or club soda and lemon juice. Pour over ice cubes and garnish with lemon slices, a mint leaf, or a cucumber ribbon if you want to be fancy. Its a simple and refreshing summer cocktail.On a warm summer day, a vodka mojito could go a long way. Just add 2 ounces vodka to a cocktail shaker, lime juice, agave nectar or simple syrup, and a few sprigs of fresh mint youll include. Garnish with extra mint.

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    What Is Mint Vodka

    Mint vodka is a liquor that gets its flavor from freshly picked mint leaves. You infuse the fresh leaves into some alcohol, vodka in this case. Mint pairs well with other popular flavors like lemon and chocolate for homemade cocktails or can be enjoyed by itself. You could make a ton of variations on this recipe.

    Try making lemon vodka by using lemon verbena or lemon balm in place of the mint. The next one Im trying out is lemon thyme vodka using lemon herbs and mint!

    Strain And Store Your Infused Liquor

    How to Make a Dreamsicle Drink With Flavored Vodka

    To strain your infusion, pour the liquor through a fine mesh sieve into a wide-mouth jar, measuring cup or glass bowl. If the infusion contains fruit with seeds/pulp , line the sieve with a cheesecloth to remove as much sediment as possible.

    Discard the fruit/infusion ingredients. Clean the glass jar you used for the infusion and return the infused liquor to the jar. Seal and store in a dark, cool place. It will last indefinitely, but we’re willing to bet you’ll get through it pretty quickly!

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    How To Infuse Vodka

    To make your own vanilla infused vodka simple take one quality vanilla pod and split lengthways with a sharp knife on a cutting board. Place the split pods in a freshly opened bottle of vodka and leave to infuse for 3 to 6 days, shaking occasionally. . Shaking helps increase the rate of extraction, as will leaving in a warm place.

    The vodka’s high alcohol content will leach out flavours from the vanilla which will over the days to integrate with the vodka which will then preserve those flavours

    After a week your previously clear vodka will have have turned a shade of amber and have developed a pungent scent of vanilla. Pour the contents of the bottle into a clean container. Clean the bottle and then filter your now vanilla-flavoured vodka back into the bottle. Be sure to mark the bottle “vanilla-infused” to save confusion.

    How To Make Flavored Vodkas

    Making flavored vodkas at home gives you the creative freedom to infuse your vodka with herbs, spices, fruits and even vegetables. All you need is a good bottle of plain vodka, a strainer, a large clear jar, and your flavorful ingredient of choice. Its a simple and fun culinary feat and it will save you some cash in the process.

    Use good vodka

    Picking the vodka to start with is by far the most important part of the process. You want to use a good quality vodka, because no matter how much you flavor it, if the base isnt good, the result wont be good.

    Use fresh ingredients

    For best results, make sure the flavor components you use are as fresh as possible. Frozen fruit isnt a great option because it will break down and just get soggy in the vodka. Fresh herbs and spices and whole fruit and vegetables are best.

    Be original

    Get creative with the flavors, pretty much any fruit, vegetable, herb or spice can be used or if you want to be really original, try mixing a few flavors together. Peppers and horseradish are also a great choice for infused vodkas, but start sparingly so you dont end up with too much spicy fire in your vodka.

    Prep your ingredients

    Combine flavors




    One of the best parts of infusing your own vodka, is that it lends itself to using plenty of delicious garnishes. Fruit and vegetables can be garnished on the side of a cocktail glass. Herbs and spices can be used as stirrers in cocktails. Drink up and enjoy!

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    Why Is The Vodka Gold In Colour

    The vanilla vodka takes on this gorgeous golden colour from the vanilla pods themselves. As they infuse the vodka with thier gorgeous warming sweet flavour the vanilla also colours the vodka with that pretty golden shade.

    Quite honestly you dont need the flakes of gold thats just to make this vodka infusion just that wee bit more special.

    How To Make Vanilla Vodka

    How to make flavoured vodkas in the dishwasher video ...

    Infusing flavors into vodka has gained in popularity over the past few years I have seen flavors that range from simple to exotic. I tend to lean towards the fruity and sweet so I chose to infuse my vodka with lime peels and Beanilla Tahitian Vanilla beans. I started my infusion by splitting the Tahitian vanilla bean down the center with a sharp chefs knife, leaving the ends intact, then added fresh lime peels to the bottle. To ensure maximum flavor from the bean and lime peels, the vodka needs to sit for 1-2 weeks.

    Tahitian vanilla beans are gorgeous! They are exceptionally large compared to other varieties and are brimming full of vanilla “caviar”. They smell sweet and fruity with a touch of chocolate and caramel. Pure vanilla beans from Tahiti are prized for their aroma, size and abundance of vanilla seeds in each pod. Lucky for you, Beanilla is one of the few retail sites that sell true Tahitian vanilla beans from Tahiti!

    Upon receiving the Tahitian vanilla bean, I held onto it for about a week before I decided what I wanted create with it. The bean is so special and has such a beautiful aroma and flavor profile that I really did not want to overpower it. Vodka is the perfect vehicle for the flavor of this bean. A good quality vodka has very little flavor and should be smooth and not astringent. This will allow the Tahitian vanilla bean to shine.

    Once the vodka has infused, I will photograph the finished product and create a drink especially for you! Stay tuned!!!

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