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How Many Times Is Skyy Vodka Distilled

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Vodka Reviews: Skyy Vodka

SKYY + Soda

  • vodka

Whats blue on the outside, clear on the inside and goes with everything? A refreshing and smooth SKYY and Soda. The vodka in the blue bottle that was made in San Francisco can freshen up any at-home happy hour session with this simpleyet very distinguished cocktail.

Thomas Collins

  • vodka

Just like SKYY Vodkas origins, this is a fresh take on a classic thats sure to please a crowd. Intended to be batched for a group serving in a punch bowl, this recipe can also be enjoyed as an individual serving.

Pineapple Fizz

  • vodka

Take your cocktail game to the next level with this pineapple infused SKYY recipe that will be sure to be a party pleaser!

Dirty Martini

  • gin

The Dirty Martini is a drink for olive lovers. This salty and briny martini made with gin or vodka is a classic cocktail lounge favorite. It can be served on the rocks or straight up in a chilled glass. The preferred olives are typically extra large Spanish olives stuffed with pimento.

What Are Skyys Current Flavors

Its likely that the list of Skyy Infusions is subject to change at any time. Whether any of the current offerings are the same or similar to an older counterpart of the same flavor is yet another question left unanswered.

As of 2017, Skyy Vodka includes the following flavors:

  • Bartlett Pear
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Wild Strawberry

Those flavors that we are missing and have been discontinued are the simplified versions. These include the Ginger and Melon already mentioned as well as Berry, Grape, Orange, and Vanilla. If you come across an older cocktail recipe calling for any of these, there is a suitable substitute available either from Skyy or another vodka brand.

For ginger, you will have to look for smaller brands like Myer Farm and Heritage Distilling. Most of the big brands dont tackle the flavor, which is a shame because it is fantastic. You might be better off infusing your own.

Melon vodkas are a different story and many brands of vodka offer this flavor. Smirnoff, Van Gogh, and Grey Goose are among them.

Skyy Vodka Review By Teduardo


Skyy is a hard one to rate, cause it is only good in very specific situations, but in the right situation it does the job pretty well. I would not drink Skyy for shots. I would not drink Skyy in a martini. However, chilled Skyy in a sweet mix drink is pretty decent. It disappears in orange juice, and it is cheap, so it was the vodka of choice for parties when I was younger and less discriminating. Nowadays there are better cheap vodkas, like Sobieski and Titos, so no real reason to buy Skyy anymore.


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Belvedere Made With Nature

Polska Rye. Purified water. Distilled by fire. Thats it. This super premium Vodka is created from 600 years of Polish vodka-making tradition. Its all natural, with no additives, no sugar, and is certified Kosher. And the taste! Velvety rich, balanced, with a subtle sweetness that rounds off in a clean, smooth and memorable finish. Na Zdrowie!

Spirit sales where allowed by law

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Skyy Vodka Is Ideal For Delicious Cocktails

Review: Skyy Infusions Georgia Peach Vodka

With its smooth and pure taste, Skyy is the perfect vodka for mixing in cocktails. It’s one bottle that every cocktail enthusiast should have in their bar! Whether you enjoy classic cocktails like a Vodka Martini or a Screwdriver , or something more contemporary like a Cosmopolitan or a Sea Breeze , Skyy is the ideal vodka to drink in a cocktail. Of course, if you prefer a simple mixer, Skyy also tastes great in a long drink with cola, lemonade, or other mixer of your choice.

Skyy has become a favourite among bartenders and mixologists, who love the way that it blends with other flavours and say that it’s the best vodka to use in cocktails. Skyy noted the trend towards consumers drinking more cocktails, and they wanted to produce a vodka which would be appealing to this new group of drinkers. So they produced a vodka which is smooth and mellow to drink, but also simple for a home mixologist to work with. Now you can enjoy the bartender’s choice in your home bar, and mix up cocktails of your own to share with friends for a special evening – or even just to treat yourself after a long day! Purchase a bottle from our shop and you can try your hand at mixing new cocktails or just enjoy the delicious vodka neat.

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What Is Absolut Vodka Made From

The main ingredients in Absolut Vodka are water and winter wheat. The water comes from a deep well in Åhus where its protected from impurities. Winter wheat differs from other crops: its sown in fall, and harvested the next one. Days in between it grows under the Swedish snow developing its hard grain.

Is Belvedere Better Than Titos

But for now, we think Titos and Belvedere are superior. For a high-end vodka, Belvedere is a great choice, especially for a martini or a dessert-style cocktail. But, we both agree that Titos Handmade Vodka is the best value for the money. It is smooth, easy to drink, and mixes well in pretty much anything.

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What Grain Is Skyy Vodka Made From

Skyy Vodka is made from American grain but Skyy does not specify what specific grain they use. All they confirm is that its 100% American grain sourced from the Midwest.

Nonetheless, Skyy is sometimes referred to as a wheat product but whether it truly is made from wheat is still up for confirmation.

Where Is It Made

Does The Number of Times A Vodka Is Distilled Matter

Vodka can be made anywhere. The most notable countries include Russia, the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Eastern European countries such as Poland and the Ukraine. Generally speaking, these countries usually make old world or traditional vodkas, which are more robust and flavorful. The base ingredient is more noticeable here.

Ketel One Vodka / Photo Credit: scott feldstein

Scandinavian countries like Finland and Sweden produce more neutral, modern style vodkas. Larger brands, such as Smirnoff and Skyy in the United States, also fall under this umbrella. While American craft distilling has taken off with whiskey production, many brands have tried their hands at vodka. Producing an unaged spirit is a great way for these producers to make some money while they wait for their whiskey to age. All this is to say that you shouldnt assume that all American vodkas are in the modern family.

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Skyy Vodka Review By James

No Rating

Skyy is very neutral in flavor. The development of this vodka is well documented in books, and the chemist behind it used deionized water and very finely filtered industrial ethanol to make this brew, unlike other vodkas that use natural water sources with dissolved minerals. This is more of a vodka for mixing than for cosmos or martinis. We drank a ton of this stuff in college, and although I feel like it is a high quality product, I prefer Russian-style vodka like Stoli for strong mixed drinks.


Things You Should Know About Skyy Vodka

Every third drink ordered in the U.S. is a vodka drink, Melanie Batchelor, VP marketing, Campari America, wrote VinePair in an email. Skyy is often whats in the glass: It ranked eight out of 10 in the worlds best-selling vodka brands in 2018.

Launched in San Francisco in 1992, Skyy sold to Gruppo Campari in 2006. Its now a household name among vodka drinkers, and its history spans attention-grabbing ads and LGBTQ initiatives around the globe.

Read on for nine more things you should know about Skyy vodka.


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Skyy Vodka Review By Austin

No Rating

I would never drink this straight, however when I have guests over and they require some sweet mixed concoction I pull out the Skyy. Its a great mixing vodka, in orange juice or some other type of juice its virtually tasteless. On occasion I will mix myself something differing from my usual martini. For the price its almost unbeatable, I would put it around the Three Olives if I owned a liquor store


How Do You Infuse Vodka

Skyy Vodka 750 ml

Infusions are actually extremely simple to do, says Park. All it takes is picking out your ingredient to create the flavor profile you wish and sealing them in an airtight vessel with the vodka to infuse together. It can be done in as early as 24 hours, but some do take quite a bit longer. Generally, the higher the water and sugar content, the quicker it will infuse.

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Top 10 Most Popular Vodka Brands For 2021

When it comes to drinking liquor, quality matters a lot. Some of you may be among those who are crazy about vodka, but if you have not tried these most popular vodka brands, then you have surely missed out on a great drink.

Vodka is mostly used for making cocktails, but the fact is that people in the US did not even know the term “vodka” until the trend of mixology came up in the 90s.

This sudden craze for mixology made vodka the favorite drink of US citizens and since then, vodka has been the best-selling spirit in the USA.

Chopin Family Reserve Extra Rare Young Potato

This family-owned Polish pioneer in single-ingredient vodkas was introduced to the US in 1997 by Tad Dorda, who founded Belvedere before selling it off to LVMH. Chopin makes wheat, potato and rye vodkas, as well as a limited-edition line of single vintage, terroir-focused potato, wheat and rye spirits. All are earthy, creamy and full-bodied. However, we especially love Chopins limited-edition annual release of Family Reserve, made from an heirloom variety of young potato that was planted during the 2016 growing season in the rich, dark soil of the fields surrounding the Polish distillery. The spuds were harvested while still young, producing sweet and delicate earthy flavors. And while most vodkas are notable for not being aged, Family Reserve, after quadruple distillation, is rested for two years in Polish barrels, adding notes of gentle spice, licorice and musk. This is that rare vodka that can be sipped neat.

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Skyy Produce A Vodka Which Is Loved By Bartenders And Celebrities Alike

When Skyy hosted a party to kick off the Governors Ball Music Festival in 2013, the guest list was a who’s-who of big names in the New York party and bar scene. Guests included actress Anna Kendrick and comedian Aziz Ansari, and music was provided by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem fame, and Ladies Night and Tennessee Thomas who performed exclusive DJ sets. Skyy were the official sponsors of the festival, and the stars sipped Skyy cocktails as they enjoyed the music and the party atmosphere. Skyy even presented their own stage on which they showcased the best new talent in progressive and electronic dance music, and hosted the exclusive Skyy Vodka VIP Lounge.

Skyy Vodka Is Worth Its Cost

Vodka Review: Skyy Vodka

You can easily access Skyy vodka in the range of $12 to $20. For its price, the vodka has an incredibly smooth texture and is quite enjoyable that gives out a classic aroma.

One of the notable highlights about the Skyy brand is that it is entirely distilled in the USA and it uses the US spruced grains and water in the vodka process.

Launched in the year 1992, Skyy vodka is known for its polar fresh drink with smooth texture.

Behind The taste of Skyy vodka, there is a team of chemists, professional partners, and a water sommelier.

Their goal is to keep the liquid clean and fresh on the nose with the infused fruit with some toasted grain.

The companys idea of creating vodka is a bit too different from other organizations.

The company focuses on what goes into the vodka than caring too much about the filtration process.

The San Francisco bay area also inspires the bottles appearance. The bottle here will appear lighter with a natural blue tone with ripples and ridges that can summarize the pacific ocean waves The newer model will have a restyled white logo that will go well with the overall tone of the color.

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Q: Why Are There Flakes In My Skyy Vodka

A: What may look like white flakes or sediment in your bottle of SKYY are actually calcium minerals that have crystalized due to a naturally occurring phenomenon. While the appearance of these crystals might seem unusual, they have no significant impact on taste and pose no health or safety risk. SKYY Vodka is made using water with Pacific Minerals, including dissolved calcium, resulting in a subtle salinity and minerality. When the liquid has been exposed to a wide array of temperature changes, some minerals may crystalize. For example, if bottles are put in cold or freezing temperatures and then warmed again, there is a possibility of this crystallization occurring. This could occur when bottles leave the facility and are in transit. This naturally occurring phenomenon may not be immediate and, in most bottles, it does not show up at all. We take great pride in the high quality of SKYY Vodka and its important to us that our customers always have a positive experience with our range of award-winning products. If you have one of these bottles with crystals and it impacts your satisfaction, please email us at and include a photo of the product, so we can help.

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Compared To Other Vodka Brands Prices

Deep Eddy

Texas-born Deep Eddy is made with locally sourced corn and spring water. This handcrafted vodka boasts of a ten-time distillation method and is subsequently charcoal-filtered four times to thoroughly remove all impurities.

Deep Eddy has pricing starting at roughly $14 in stores.


Pinnacle is distilled and filtered in France but flavored in the United States. You can tell that the brand has an American twist to it quirky yet fun flavors like Chocolate Whipped, Kiwi Strawberry, and Double Espresso are present in its line of flavored vodka.

Pinnacle is also impressively inexpensive a 750ml bottle is roughly at $9 in pricing at your favorite liquor store.


Stoli is Russias testament to how much they adore their vodkas. Stolichnaya is one of the leading Russian brands in the entire vodka industry with its classically clean taste. It is filtered with the help of quartz, charcoal, and even cloth.

Stoli roughly costs about $15 for a 750ml bottle in stores, which is just a bit more expensive than the other brands weve mentioned.

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Billionaire Vodka $725 Million

Owned by renowned designer Leon Verres, Billionaire Vodka is the most expensive vodka brand in the world. As well as being produced with an original Russian recipe, the spirit is filtered with diamonds. It comes decorated with almost two thousand diamonds set in gold and, despite the price tag, is sold out worldwide.

What Is Skyy Vodka Made From

Skyy Vodka

Skyy is a popular vodka brand worldwide and is one of the leading premium vodkas in America. Apart from being affordable, Skyy is known for having no bitter taste.

If you want to understand what makes it so great and why it isnt bitter like other vodkas, youll want to know what Skyy Vodka is made from. Heres what I discovered!

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Is Belvedere Vodka Better Than Grey Goose

Belvedere and GREY GOOSE are often compared since they are of similar quality, so really this boils down to taste preferences. Belvedere may be your preference if you prefer rye vodka with an exquisitely clean, silky, and creamy finish with hints of almond and vanilla. If you prefer a dominant grain vodka that is also sweet from the wheat and creamy with a bite of cracked pepper, you will want to try GREY GOOSE. Either way, because these are top shelf vodkas you will enjoy the premium finish without the burn.

The Rise And Rise Of Vodka

While the foundations are simple, vodka is a spirit that has continued to grow in popularity over many years. In the 21st century, the implementation of new brands the experimentation of batch brewers are pushing the industry in new and exciting ways, similar to how gin has taken off.

With such a massive boom in craft Gin over the past five or so years, Vodka has definitely found itself rising in popularity. The fun thing about Vodka is its ability to be malleable and adapt to different flavours, Malcolm Gandar, masterclass host and brand ambassador for Cocktail Porter & The Whiskey Mill tells Man of Many. Due to this, there has been some new innovations in barrel aging and infusing vodkas which has really seen some amazing products being produced.

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What Is The Highest Rated Vodka

With the help of our experts, below youll find a curated list of the best vodkas to get right now.Best Overall: Hangar 1. Best for Sipping: Absolut Elyx. Best Flavored: Ketel One Cucumber & Mint. Best for Bloody Marys: Hanson of Sonoma Habanero. Best Polish: Belvedere Smogory Forest. Best for Moscow Mules: Titos.More itemsApr 19, 2021

What Exactly Is Vodka

SKYY Vodka: Introducing our Collective of Experts – Shaylyn Gammon :30

Vodka, according to the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau or TTB, is a spirit which is, to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color. But this, my friends, is a gross oversimplification. There are many vodkas on the market that have distinctive character, aroma, taste, and yes, sometimes color.

Bottled Vodka / Photo Credit: Absolut Vodka

A better definition would be that vodka is a spirit made from any agricultural productmost commonly grains or potatoes. It typically is distilled to 95% ABV . Water is added to dilute the spirit down to bottling proof. Vodka is typically filtered prior to bottling, often with charcoal, and it is usually clear and unaged.

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