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Beer Vending Machine For Sale

Are Alcohol Vending Machines Smart Enough To Deal With Id

Dixie Narco Bevmax 2 soda vending machine used refurbished for sale

Biometric security designed to sell alcohol to those who have the rights to purchase alcohol using a vending machine. Biometric alcohol vending machines can be found in California, they have a biometric identifier to determine users by their veins and fingers so that it can verify who is eligible to purchase restricted goods. Buyers must place their finger onto the FV scanner lightly, this will then either decline you or allow you to undergo finger vein enrollment. Once the user has been given the OK, they must click on the register button where you will need to type in a username and password.

On-premise beer vending machines licensed establishments will ID customers who enter the bar or pub, which cuts the need for a high-tech vending machine. These customers will be given a wristband to display that they have been IDed and can access these restricted machines. This wristband will be scanned and paired to the customers debit or credit card. These bands can track alcohol intake too.

Alcohol vending machines friend or foe?

Convenience and novelty are two things that society enjoy and with the majority wanting to try the next big thing, its likely youll come across alcohol vending machines and feel the urge to join in on this unfamiliar experience. But will this alcohol dispensing and self-pouring technology axe countless bar staffing jobs?

Would Your Purchase A Drink From An Alcohol Vending Machine

Texas has a standing reputation for promoting and starting some of the biggest ideas in the nation. Texan ideals often have roots in business and encouraging the growth of society however, a recent proposal to introduce alcohol vending machines, as told by Eleanor Dearman, is causing a controversy in the Lone Star State. The idea of a drink vending machine is not uncommon, but an alcohol vending machine sounds difficult to control. To fully grasp how this would work and affect Texans, you must understand how the vending machines would function and how concerns over it would be addressed.

Which States Have Legalized Alcohol Vending Machines

At the time of writing, alcohol vending machines are legal in the following US states:

Note that beer is not expressly mentioned in the list above, with more of the states listed above having self-serve wine or other alcoholic drinks as an option given.

However, updates out of Florida show that beer vending machines have been given the green light after some initial legal challenges.

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How Do Beer Vending Machines Work

They work in the same way that a soda vending machine does, taking the same size cans, just with beer instead of soda. However, they need technology to verify the age of the customer before dispensing a beer and must open the beer by US law.

Beer vending machines can currently check age of customers either when they are in a secure location or have innovative age-verification technology installed.

A secure location for a beer vending machine can be inside a licensed bar, as in the case of the Existing Conditions bar in New York Citys Greenwich Village, where the owners sell cocktails and wine, and are responsible for the age of anyone entering.

Beer Vending Machine Age Verification: Possible With Crypto Currency

Glass Bottle Dark Beer Vending Machine With Ce And Iso9001 Certificates ...

It is currently possible to verify customers age at a vending machine by using a combination of cryptocurrency BitCoin and the Civic app, a BitCoin wallet which verifies users age in a reliable way when creating an account.

The Civic apps identity verification process is robust and customers only need to scan a QR code at the beer vending machine to purchase a drink.

You can see more on this process from Civics current CEO, Vinny Lingham, in the video below

This is one example of how it is currently possible to verify age when selling beer of alcohol through a vending machine, but no doubt more technological solutions for this will pop up in future.

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The Alcohol Vending Machine Functionality

Currently, clubs and bars check photo IDs at the door or when purchasing alcoholic beverages. In many cases, patrons are given a bracelet, which identifies minors from those above the alcohol-consuming age of 21-years-old. An alcohol vending machine would function on the premise of these bracelets. Those of legal drinking age would be given a bracelet by facility staff, which would allow them to obtain drinks from the vending machine. This ensures underage minors do not obtain alcohol from the machine. Furthermore, the machine would limit the number of drinks a person may obtain. For example, two drinks of liquor, 30-ounces of beer, or 10-ounces of wine. However, alcohol vending machines face much more criticism.

Beer Vending Machine ~ Alcohol Dispenser

Comfort can be Convenience.Spoil your guests with both convenience and choice.Finally… an unattended solution to responsibly sell a broad range of alcoholic drinks including bottles, cans, ready-mixed spirits and mixers, wine, Champagne and Prosecco.

We are the leading alcohol vending machine provider in Australia to high end hotels, motels, apartments, backpackers, hostels and resorts. Our Alcohol Vending Machines for sale are called a “Vend-Bar” which is leading the way in the replacement of mini bars with vending machines, as they are an economical and convenient substitute.

This is the ideal solution… a REAL Hotel Vending Machine

Our machines include approved RSEA options for alcohol vending, fresh food vending as well as the traditional snack and beverage vending.

The Beer vending machine or alcohol vending machine is a touch-screen imaged, age verified unattended solution to responsibly sell a broad range of alcoholic drinks including bottles, cans, ready-mixed spirits and mixers, wine, Champagne and Prosecco.

An alcohol drink vending machine sounds difficult to control.

We now have the total solution Australia!

Alcohol Vending MachineYour “Vend-Bar” alcohol vending machine can be also a touch-free, age verified unattended solution to responsibly sell a broad range of full size or miniature alcoholic drinks including bottles, cans, ready-mixed spirits and mixers, wine, Champagne and Prosecco.

Why use a Vend-Bar vending machine…instead of a mini bar?

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Are Beer Vending Machines Legal In The Us

Yes they are but not in many states. Where legal, they are also subject to very strict regulation, where the owner needs to ensure age of the customer is verified and that the beer is served open.

Beer vending machines in the US are problematic because laws require beer cans to be sold opened, as well as the need for age verification.

However, there is an innovative beer vending machine that is able to open beer cans when dispensing them to the customer. The machine is called BeerBox and is backed by various firms like Intelligent Product Solutions as well as ZX Ventures.

There are not many recent updates on the progress with the BeerBox vending machine, so it is hard to say whether it is progressing as hoped it had been sheened.

Mini Beer Vending Machine

Buying Beer out of Vending Machine in Japan!?
About products and suppliers:

Nowadays, you cant think mini beer vending machine without thinking of coffee. Coffee vending machines dispense hot Americanos and a variety of delicious coffee beverages. Healthy vending machines are a great product for health-conscious customers. These machines include healthy snacks, fruits, drinks and salads.

The wholesale mini beer vending machine selection includes a variety of machines. For instance, the gumball machine dispenses small gumballs and can hold up to 62 ounces of gumballes. It features a glass gumball globe and a cast metal gumball table base, lid, and coin mechanism. The mini beer Vending machine available accept a variety to payment methods, from coins to digital money. For special occasions, you can turn it into the free-spin mode to work without coins. The vintage gumball machines has a unique vintage design and gives your customers a nostalgic feeling, which is why it can be used as a décor piece.

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Drink And Snack Machines

Soda vending machines and snack machines make it easy to offer a variety of beverage and snack options. Some models hold chips, candy bars and gum, and make sure users have plenty of choices. Home vending machines that offer single-serve coffees and teas are popular beverage vending machine options. Consider large models with tornado-style dispensers for added interest and enjoyment. Consider adding a full-size vending machine for drinks and another for snacks in lunch rooms and other large areas.

Are There Beer Vending Machines

Yes, but they are still extremely rare in the US, mainly due to the limited number of states that have legalized alcohol sales from a vending machine. They are, however, quite common in Japan, where the laws are very different.

Now, with that said, lets move on to look at a few more common questions about beer vending machines in the US and also some different technologies and versions of beer vending machines that are currently available.

Lets crack it open!

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Potential Problems With An Alcohol Vending Machine

Although the facility staff will be responsible for issuing the bands allowing access to the alcohol vending machine, the problem of bracelet changing becomes an issue. What is to stop someone from obtaining a bracelet, which he or she then passes along to a minor? Immediately, this sounds like it will prevent alcohol vending machines from ever being installed. However, something similar occurs every day in alcohol-providing entities on the planet. Someone of legal drinking age could purchase a drink and provide it to a minor.

Additionally, bartenders and servers are expressing concern over the introduction of alcohol vending machines. These staff members make the majority of their living through tips, which the alcohol vending machine would essentially eliminate. Although the vending machine could not provide all of the drinks for an evening, it would cut down on the number of drinks poured by staff. Businesses face another challenge with the introduction of vending machines.

Some drinks may contain on a combination of five or more ingredients, and the alcohol vending machines do not currently have this capacity to produce such mixed drinks. Mixed drinks are extremely popular among college students, and the lack of mixed drinks could adversely affect a businesss profits for a single night of use.

Beer Vending Machines For Sale

Cold beverage vending machines

As an individual, it is currently only possible to find beer vending machines for sale on Ebay, although there are other options out there for wholesalers and larger businesses.

Two of the main beer vending machines currently for sale are listed below, with some product specifications to help you get a clearer picture of what is currently available.

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Future Of Beer Vending Machines

With the technology evolving all the time, and the possibilities of digital age verification becoming more and more available, expect to see many more beer vending machines springing up in the States that have legalized it.

Over time, as beer vending machines become a proven and more common concept, you may also expect to see more states legalizing the sale of beer from said machines.

Drink Vending Machine Financing

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Rise Of Alcohol Vending Machines

First established in 1880, vending machines have been advancing ever since. Dispensing holy water, stamps and underwear, the vending world has embraced the sheer variety, so its no surprise that alcohol machines are on the rise. With some legal hurdles cleared, more and more places in the world are investing in these self-serving alcohol dispensers.

Beer Vending Machine For Your House

Beverage & Snack Vending Machines Route, Jacksonville, FL

You can buy one of the several vintage brands of beer vending machines, but note that these are only for personal use, not for business use.

Some of the main vintage beer vending machines you can find are for the following brands:

Unfortunately, these are hard to find although it is always worth keeping an eye on beer vending machine searches in Ebay in case one appears.

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Can I Get Parts Supply From You

Firstly, when you buy machines in full container from us, some free spare parts will come together with the machines. Secondly,you can always get parts from us with very reasonable prices, and normally the shipment will be effected by courier service within 3 days after receiving your payment, but it will takes longer time if the spare parts you wanted are not in stock.

Liveness Checks & Anti

After confirming the legitimacy of the ID, the next step is to match the face of the customer to the ID photo. Our facial recognition technology uses the camera embedded into the vending machine to perform 3D mesh modeling and match more than 300 datapoints on the face.

Additionally, the software asks for a randomized liveness check such as turn your head, smile, or remove your glasses that ensures photo and video spoofing is not being used. Our software protects against the three most common types of spoofing and ensures that the customer is who they say they are.

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