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Beer Of The Month Club Michigan

More Of The Month Clubs To Choose From

Mikkeller Beer Club [October 2018] MBCT18 Edition

Why stop at just beer? There are plenty of other craft food and beverage monthly clubs to choose from, like these awesome options:

  • If vino is more your thing than malt, then a wine of the month club might be perfect for you.
  • What’s better with wine and beer than a fine cheese? Sign up for a cheese of the month club to start making some amazing pairings.
  • Smoked pork belly is the way to many a man’s heart . Try out a bacon of the month club and you’ll never miss out.
  • Best Microbrews: The Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club

    Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

    • Great variety of club options

    • If customer loves a particular beer, option to re-order a 12-bottle package

    • Shipping costs $15

    Once every four weeks, The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club delivers a curated craft-brewed regional beer selection. With this service, you’ll choose from one of five unique beer clubs.

    The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club delivers 12 bottles with four brew varieties from two different lightly distributed U.S. craft breweries for about $33, plus shipping.

    The U.S. and International Variety Beer Club feature 12 bottles with four or more lightly distributed U.S. and international craft breweries for around $38, plus shipping. For the same price, The Hop-Heads Beer Club delivers 12 bottles of three hoppy beers. You’ll get beverages, such as IPAs, double IPAs, imperial IPLs, hoppy pale ales, and red ales, from two or more U.S. or international craft breweries.

    Choose The International Beer Club and receive 12 bottles of two different brews for approximately $42, plus shipping. Or go with The Rare Beer Club and receive hand-crafted, limited-release, artisanal beers from two of the world’s best brewers. You’ll choose either one, two, or three 750 mL bottles for $40, plus shipping. All clubs include brewery profiles and tasting notes.

    Bonus The Following Options Don’t Send Beer But They’re Still Great Subscriptions For Beer

    Image from our review.

    The Cost: Starts at $24.00 per month + free shipping.

    The Product: Pub Shirt Club sends members a new T-shirt from a real Irish pub each month. Choose from three shirt types: Men’s Classic, Men’s Vintage, and Women’s Vintage. Build your T-shirt collection and celebrate your love of beers at the same time!

    Who It’s For: People who want to show off their love of beer to the world.

    Check out our Pub Shirt Club reviews and details to learn more. Ships to the U.S. only.

    The Cost: Starts at $24.99 per month + $9.00 shipping for the Brewmaster Brew Box, $49.95 per month + $8.75 shipping for the Enthusiast Brew Box, and $59.95 per month +$8.75 shipping for the Connoisseur Brew Box.

    ACTIVE DEAL: Get a bonus gift in your first box! CODE:FSBB2016

    The Products: Each First Sip Brew Box contains a new assortment of beer gear, such as branded glasses, stickers, and other merch from a featured brewery. You’ll also get treats or lifestyle items made with malts and hops. While there’s no actual beer in this one, it is an awesome pick for a beer enthusiast. Plus, First Sip Brew Club has three subscription levels to choose from, so pick the plan that fits your budget or give it as a gift!

    Who It’s For: People who love collecting beer merch and trying snacks that pair well with their favorite beverage.

    Check out our First Sip Brew Box details to learn more. Ships worldwide.

    The Cost: $24.00 per month + free shipping.

    ACTIVE DEAL: Save $5 off your first shirt!CODE:BEER5

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    Tasting Notes From Some Of Our Past Beer Club Shipments

    Atlanta Brewing Company – Red Brick Blonde

    Can you enjoy your hops while keeping it light and easy? You can if you’re drinking Red Brick Blonde. This is an easy-going light ale that you can sip through a dinner party or chug during a celebration, but the flavor profile comes with an unexpected kick of peppery hops. It comes from the combination of Cascade and Bravo hops, but the Wheat and Two-Row Pale malts do their job to keep things mellow. Expect a grainy aroma with floral highlights and a hint of lemon. Then brace yourself for the toasted flavor that delivers that zing of spice.

    Atlanta Brewing Company – Laughing Skull

    The name may make you think more of a wild party than a proper dinner party, but Laughing Skull is a rich beer that you could serve to just about anyone. It started out as a Bohemian Pilsner exclusive to one restaurant but has now resurfaced as an Amber Ale packed with quality malts. More than 10 malts go into this recipe, and the Spalt, Bravo and Cascade hops do a great job spicing things up in the background. It starts with a spicy aroma that lets those hops speak loud and proud, but it’s the toasty character of the flavor profile and the bursts of spice and citrus that keep this skull laughing.

    Cottrell Brewing Company – Old Yankee AleCottrell Brewing Company – Mystic Bridge IPABison Brewing Company – Gingerbread AleBison Brewing Company – India Pale AleAtwater Block Brewery – Michigan LagerAtwater Block Brewery – Vanilla Java Porter

    Beer Of The Month Club

    The Not So Professional Beer Blog: Review: End of the World Midnight ...

    “I love this gift. Great selection I couldn’t have picked better beers myself.”

    IncludedBeer of the Month Club

    For more than 24 years we have been delivering great tasting, high-quality microbrewed craft beer to our Beer of the Month Club members from breweries across America. Our Beer of the Month Club has delivered millions of packages to happy customers over the many years we have been in business. You also dont have to worry if the quality isnt what you expected all of our packages are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We only ship the best of the best beer here!

    Each month we feature fresh and unique craft beer from two or three breweries that are focused on the highest quality of beer. Our Beer of the Month Club members receive monthly beer shipments delivered straight to their door. Each month, the recipient will receive 12 rare craft beers with 4 different varieties in each shipment. Each month we send out a variety of craft beer styles including Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, Bocks, and more! Our Beer of the Month Club also doesnt skimp on size so were sending you 12 full-sized 12-ounce beers that will treat you or someone special to great tasting beer all month long.

    Dont forget to check out our Beer Club Blog for updated content related to the best beer club in America!

    Must be 21 years of age or older to order and receive this product.

    To prevent breakage we package the beer in special packaging to ensure safe, fresh deliveries.

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    What Is The Best Root Beer Of The Month Club

    When it boils down to pricing, you can’t go wrong with Tavour. As the brews readily available are frequently rare or uncommon, some can be rather pricey, however Tavour keeps them at a budget-friendly, affordable rate. As for the real delivery, you can anticipate to get your delivery within around 2 weeks from your selected shipping date.

    In order to take full advantage of freshness, Tavour does not keep a big stock of beer in their storage facility. Normally, right after the notice for a beer goes out to members, it is quickly offered out. This protects you from getting old, stagnant brews. When it comes to the brews themselves, we think you’ll really like the variety Tavour offers you .

    Their goal is to offer you the very best variety possible, and this is where they prosper. In the end, the Tavour Beer of the Month Club is the ideal location to obtain newer beers that aren’t available in your local facilities. Hops Head IPA Beer Club Hops Head IPA Beer Club has been created particularly for those who are in love with the abundant, tasty taste of IPA beers.

    If you consider yourself a hop head, then Hops Head IPA Beer of the Month Club is for you. This is among the newest beer clubs to be included at Regular monthly Clubs, so if you occur to be acquainted with any of their other beer clubs, such as their Global Beer Club,, then you understand the high quality beers you’ll get along with outstanding delivery and customer care.

    How Much Is Beer Of The Month Club Cost

    If you’re out at the office from 9-5, this can be a nuisance to have someone wait around at house to sign for the package . With the understated product packaging, you can get your delivery sent to your office without dealing with the ogling eyes of coworkers.

    Craft beer delivered to my door on a monthly basis? Sign me up. Beer of the Month Club actually does search the world for the coolest breweries. The beers in my first box spanned Vail, Colorado, New Jersey, and 2 beers from two various areas of Belgium. There was just as much variety in the designs as well, varying from an easy-drinking pilsner-like pale ale by Brouwerij Palm brewery in Steenhuffel, Belgium, to a more out-of-the-box coffee stout from Crazy Mountain Brewing Co

    . While I quickly stated the sour Flemish red ale from Belgium’s Rouwerij Rodenbach one of my favorite beers ever, even the beers that I wasn’t so keen on– like Snowcat’s coffee stout– didn’t feel like a loss – portland beer of the month club. While I would not buy some of my beers again, each beer was so entirely unique it made for a truly enjoyable tasting experience.

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    Brewski Craft Beer Shirt Club

    If youre looking to discover new breweries that span the globe in the form of t-shirts , this could be the subscription box for you. BREWSKI Craft Beer Shirt Club sends out limited-edition tees from featured breweries each month. Each box contains exclusive collectors items provided by the brewery and can vary depending on the products they work with. Previously featured breweries include Hobart Brewing Co from Tasmania, Wilson Brewing Co from Australia, St. Thomas from Canada, South Haven from Michigan, US, and many more.

    They have no commitment monthly plans as well as plans where you can prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months. Click here to subscribe.

    Why Can’t You Just Ship Beer Anywhere

    Michigan’s Best Day goes on a winter adventure in Gaylord

    When prohibition ended in 1933, the federal government gave States the power to decide their own alcohol laws.

    Some State lawmakers decided to open all the taps while others were much more strict…

    …so in 1933, since nobody expected the creation of the International Highway System and the Internet, shipping beer from out of State didn’t seem plausible.

    As time went on however and infrastructure improved, many States recognized that out-of-state shipments of beer gave them a ton of extra tax money.

    …But the states that still clung to the ways of the early 30’s by enforcing outdated alcohol laws didn’t get the memo and are to this day, are struggling to catch up with the majority .

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    Create Your Own Microbrew Beer Gift Basket

    Create Your Own 6-Pack Bucket

    Select up to 6 beers for the bucket and add a free “drinking accessories” package to customize it even more. Choose from “Cheers to You,” “21st Birthday,” “Get Well,” and “Birthday Beer.” A full list of the available beers can be viewed at the store, but we love Give Them Beer because they have such an impressive line-up of beers for you to choose from. Most of the beers are included in the gift price, but some premium and import beers will add an additional cost.

    $79.00 from Give Them Beer

    Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

    The Chillsner by Corkcicle promises cold beer for a very long time, which is completely magical. We all know that when beer gets too warm, its difficult to drink and nobody really wants it at all. Well, gone are the days of wasted warm beer! Just freeze the Chillsner about 45 minutes beforehand, insert into your beer bottle, and never suffer through another warm brew again. Babysit all you wantthe pressure to chug a perfectly crafted brew is no more.

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    Large Beer Gift Basket In A Tub

    Double Beer Double Snacks

    When you want to make a bigger statement, this is a great beer gift to choose. It comes with 5 16-oz cans of Firestone-Walker’s very popular 805 ale and 6 12-oz bottles of the also popular Stone IPA. If these aren’t the right beers, you can pick two different beers to give, or you can leave a note at checkout to tell The Bro Basket what style of beer your favorite beer lover enjoys most. Please note: Your beer selections might change the price of the gift.

    A significant amount of snacks are also included in this over-sized beer gift basket, and again, you can customize the selection if you want. Like with the customized beers, custom snacks and other nifty gift add-ins might change the price of this gift. Also included are two logo pint glasses.

    Buying for a woman? Please note: All gifts from The Bro Basket are designed and marketed for dudes. We prefer a gender-agnostic experience on our beer website but The Bro Basket has great beer gifts and offers great craft beers in them. This particular gift is not especially gender-driven, but all of the branding says “The Bro Basket” on it, so, you know.

    $94.97 from The Bro Basket

    Make Your Own Beer Gift Basket

    Beer Gifts that Ship to Florida

    Customize Your Own

    Really want to show how much you care? Take the time to pick out each and every beer, snack, and gift accessory — including the basket itself — and tell the story of why you picked each item as they unbox it.


    • Choose the gift package: Wood crates , tin buckets and tubs, simple black box, or NFL tailgate bucket for their favorite team.
    • Choose the beer: See the list below or to the left for craft beers, variety packs, imports, and domestics.
    • Choose more booze: Include red wine or liquor in the basket, mixed drink packages, and cocktail mix-ins.
    • Choose logo glassware: Pint, shot, 6 oz taster, rocks, and stemless wine glasses.
    • Choose a theme package: These are our favorite add-ins! “Executive” with cigars and a flask, golfers, poker night, tasting kit package, or BBQ theme.
    • Choose snacks: Candy, chocolate, chips, healthy snacks, cookies, beef jerky, sauces, and dips.
    • Too many to list, there are more things you can add!

    Buying for a woman? Please note: All gifts from The Bro Basket are designed and marketed for dudes. We prefer a gender-agnostic experience on our beer website but The Bro Basket has great beer gifts and offers great craft beers in them. This particular gift is not especially gender-driven, but all of the branding says “The Bro Basket” on it, so, you know.

    $100.00 from The Bro Basket

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    First Sip Brew Box Review

    The club ships a box that includes:

    • A different brewery every month
    • A beer gear, branded glasses, stickers and more to have your own collection
    • A delicious treat to pair with your beer or a lifestyle item thats crafted with malts and hops

    The subscription is between $24.99 59.99 per month, depending on the level of subscription you choose.

    This subscription is best for the craft beer lovers who enjoy something different every month and also like to build a brew swag collection. This subscription is also a good way to learn about new breweries. While you do not receive any alcohol in the box, it is full of surprises for craft beer enthusiasts.

    To join the first sip brew box club, visit First Sip Brew Box.

    Stella Artois Beer Gift Basket With Snacks

    Stella Artois Gift Basket

    Stella Artois, a popular Belgian pilsner with a great holiday gift theme the “stella” refers to the “Christmas Star” or the Star of Bethlehem. It’s such a great beer that we happily drink it all year round, and for some beer lovers, it’s their favorite go-to beer to order in restaurants and at games. This gift of six bottles of Stella Artois can be customized to include a free drinking accessories package with one of these messages: “Get Well,” “Cheers to You,” “Birthday Beer,” or “21st Birthday.”

    Snacks included in this gift:

    • Dipping Pretzels

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    Us & International Craft Beer Club

    The US & International Variety Microbrew Club

    The best US and International beers come together in this adventurous beer club. It gives your favorite beer lover a little bit of everything with half of the shipment focused on American craft brews and the other half exploring an eclectic mix of world beers. Fit for the beer explorer, this club won?t disappoint.

    To give you a better sense of the truly global scope of this beer club here is a list of the countries that have been featured since 2010: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and United States. Half of the beer selections are from the United States and the other half are imported with an emphasis on German beer and Belgian brews because of the rich beer-making traditions in those countries.

    $99.90 from Beer of the Month Club

    Why You Should Trust Us

    Mikkeller Beer Club [November 2018] ENGLAND Edition

    via: Unsplash / Elevate

    In addition to our work as reviewers, your authors have spent over a decade working, drinking, and dining in craft beer cities across the United States. From the juicy, fresh IPAs of Portland, Oregon to dark and rich Chicago style stouts, we have a love for craft beer that we’ll go to any length to satisfy.

    But as any craft beer lover knows, you’ll have to search far and wide to find the best brews, both domestic and international. In our quest to drink the coolest and most unique brews around, beer of the month clubs have exposed us to breweries and styles from around the world that we might never have otherwise discovered.

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