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What’s Good To Mix With Spiced Rum

Easy Drinks To Make With Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

The BEST Spiced Rum Recipes 2019 | What to mix with Spiced Rum Drinks

We all know a great party starts with perfect mixing, and no we are not talking about the DJ but combining various liquids with Captain Morgan to create a tantalizing drink which will definitely soothe your taste buds. Given below are 11 easy and tasty drinks made with Captain Morgan.

We all know a great party starts with perfect mixing, and no we are not talking about the DJ but combining various liquids with Captain Morgan to create a tantalizing drink which will definitely soothe your taste buds. Given below are 11 easy and tasty drinks made with Captain Morgan.

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So What Is Rum Punch Made Of

Rum punch is typically one or two kinds of rum, a variety of fruit juices, sometimes grenadine for sweetness and color, and sometimes something fizzy like soda or seltzer. Rum punches can be made a variety of ways, and often made seasonal, similar to a sangria. The flavor combinations really are endless.

I am a big fan of of a salted or sugared rim on cocktail glasses. It adds a little extra flavor and looks so festive for holiday drinks. I dip the rims of the glasses in simple syrup then in the cinnamon sugar mix that I spread out on a small plate. Set aside to dry.

What Goes Good With Spiced Rum

Here are the seven best things to mix with spiced rum. Coke. A simple Rum and Coke is one of the most recognized bar orders, and its been in the drinking lexicon in one way or another since the early 1900s. Cold Brew. Ginger Beer. Apple Cider. Pineapple Juice. Lemonade. Iced Tea.

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Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale

The third one I want to show you is a fever trees a Spiced Orange Ginger Ale. Its been out a very long time, but, apparently, I heard the other day they stopped making it for a while. I dont know whether thats true. There is another one in the range as well. Its the Smoky Ginger Ale, but the one I want to focus on, its the Spiced Orange, because the flavour profile of that goes amazing with a Rum and Spiced Rum. Very delicate. Its not as fiery in ginger, as Ginger beer or anything like that. Just the subtle twist of orange coming through. I know a few people to drink this with whiskey as well. But for me, its out and out rum. Again anything, even stuff for your Rums, like your Appletons, their Signature Blends, your Mount Gays those sort of style of Rums. Plantation right through to some of the Spiced Rums as well. Its just the catch all. Absolutely love it. Morrisons, apparently at the time of filming, Morrisons have now got the 500ml bottles. These bottles, youll be able to get from most wholesalers. They will all carry them now. So that is a Fever Trees spiced Orange ginger ale.

How Do You Drink Black Rum

Mix · Homemade Spiced Rum

Rum and Cola is a classic seafaring combination generations of salty seadogs have grown up on the stuff. But when you throw The Kraken Black Spiced Rum into the mix, the drink gains a flavourful, darker edge. Dark squid ink black in the glass, The Kraken has a nutty nose with vanilla, coffee, and gunpowder.

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Differences Among Dark Rum Botanical Rum & Spiced Rum

  • Apple Cider
  • Tonic water

Still, high-quality spiced and flavored rums are perfect as a sipping drink on the rocks, as long as they are infused with natural ingredients. This will give you the chance to taste all of the flavors that have been distilled into the spirit. On the contrary, artificially flavored rum may be better in a cocktail with plenty of other flavors.

What You Should Know About Spiced Rums

The spiced rums are the most flavored category among the sugar cane spirits. They are versatile distillates that work in many drinks, hot or cold. Today, you can see a great variety of them stored on liquor shelves around the world, as there are a considerable number of brands focused on this style of rum.

Due to its distinctive flavor and the increasing market demand for new exciting spirits, this rum is becoming popular day by day. We invite you to explore all about it.

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What To Mix With Spiced Rum

Back in the early days of rum, infusing it with spices was the easiest way to make the raw spirit palatable. Pretty much any edible plant could make its way into local mixes back then. Today, things are a little more consistent, and vanilla, cinnamon and clove are usually the main flavor components, along with things like nutmeg, orange peel, allspice and cloves. With all of those rich flavors already present in the rum, its easy to find a mixer that works. Here are the seven best things to mix with spiced rum.

Don Q Oak Barrel Spiced

Dark Matter Spiced Rum Review | What to mix with Spiced Rum Drinks

An extraordinary blend of rums aged from three to six-year-old in American white oak barrels. This Puerto Rican premium rum has a rich, smooth, and robust texture. Warm kitchen spices like vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel slowly give way to oaky notes and a touch of roasted coffee. It is bottled at 45% ABV .

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What Drinks Are Good Mixers For Rum

Rum is one of those drinks that never goes out of fashion. Its something you can drink all year round, but perhaps its at its best during a heat wave through the summer months. Mix it with light ingredients and youve got a wonderfully smooth, refreshing drink.

Rum is a very diverse beverage too – you can be as creative as you like using your own ingredients to mix with your favourite brand of rum for a rousing recipe that will never get old. So, lets discuss good mixers for rum

Don’t forget, we have some great rums including the Real English Carribean Spiced rum.

What Do You Drink Spiced Rum With

Here are the seven finest issues to combine with spiced rum., Coke. A easy Rum and Coke is likely one of the most acknowledged bar orders, and it has been within the consuming lexicon in a method or one other for the reason that early 1900s. Cold Brew. Ginger Beer. Apple Cider. Pineapple Juice. Lemonade. Iced Tea.

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Old Jamaica Pineapple Soda

The fifth one I want to showcase this again has been out for a very long time. It goes in fits and starts. Tesco, Sainsburys, in the UK, some of them do carry this. You get this online from Amazon in the case of 24. This is old Jamaica Pineapple Soda. Think Lilt without the Grapefruit. I absolutely love this with any kind of rums. With these golden aged rums, Plantation Barbados 5yo is my absolute favourite with that. Absolutely love it with spiced rums. Just amazing. Kind of big, obviously its just the sort of a pineapple fizzy, Ive had an equivalent pineapple Fanta. I dont think you could get it in the UK, but that is lovely. I think, you know if more wholesalers took this on, I think this would be a big deal in just simple serves. Rum and pineapple with a bit of lime maybe, or as a finishing to cocktails. So that is Old Jamaica Pineapple Soda.

Right, now I did mention I had a lot more than the five they are the five that are relatively unheard of and I think theyve got a big part to play going forward in 2020, in the whole sort of rum thing. But theres quite a few mixers on the market, again that you may not have heard of, or you may not have thought work well with Rum and Spiced Rum, so Im just going to quickly whizz through these. Some of them youll see are behind me there.

Does Butter Rum Have Alcohol

What to Mix With Spiced Rum

Hot buttered rum is a gently spiked drink. Its alcohol content will be determined by how much water you pour. If youre precise in measuring 5 ounces of hot water and pour an 80-proof rum, the drink weighs in around 10 percent ABV . No matter what, its always going to be in the same range as wines.

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Black Beard Spiced Rum

Another premium rum brand from Destilería Serrallés Inc. It was named after the legendary King of Pirates, BlackBeard. The tantalizing recipe for the 86 proof spirit combines the finest Caribbean spices like vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon with a secret blend of exotic tropical fruits to create a unique and balanced flavor.

How Many Calories In Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

It gets its name from Sir Henry Morgan, a Welsh privateer of the Caribbean Sea who lived in the 17 th century. Known for its exotic taste, the alcohol percentage of this carb-less, gluten-free liquor varies between 17.5 and 50, with a 1-oz serving containing about 64 calories. 1. Easy Captain Morgan Spiced Rum-Blended Alcoholic Drinks 2.

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Pineapple Ginger Mojitos With Spiced Rum

Pineapple Ginger Mojitos with fresh pineapple juice, lime and spiced rum make a refreshing summer cocktail. A sweet and spicy twist on the classic mojito!I love how beautiful this cocktail looks, and the taste is spot-on. All topped off with a wedge of caramelized pineapple.Summer days in the back garden, sunglasses on and a glass of this fruit cocktail in hand. Bliss.

Spiced rum is usually the drink of the summer for me. Wine and beer are good, but rum cocktails are so much better!

Ideal for summer barbecues, or simply to relax at the end of a hard week, this cocktail totally hits the spot.

I wanted to add a bit of a twist to the classic mojito, so going with spiced rum was a good start. The addition of some sweet pineapple and spicy fresh ginger is the perfect way to finish!

The cocktail still includes the classic mint/lime/soda combination. The only thing missing is the sugar. Since the recipe involves reducing pineapple juice down to make it more concentrated and therefore more sweet theres really no need to add any more sugar in there.

Which Captain Morgan Rum Should You Use

Spiced Rum Mixers – What to Mix with Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is what I use most often in mixed drinks. The captain is the man of the house for spiced rum. If youre looking for a drink that will take your taste buds on an adventure, this ones for you. Its got hints of molasses and mixed spices.

Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum has an alcohol content of 35%. This means that one serving size is 1.5 ounces and contains 66 calories per serving size.

We used Captain Morgan Private Stock in this recipe. Ever seen a bottle of Captain Morgan Private Stock? It looks like it can be some good stuff, but youre not sure whats in it. Well, let us tell you! They make it with select Caribbean rums that are aged up to five years and blended together for the ultimate pirate-worthy taste. And to pique your interest, well just assure you it is an award winner at various international spirits competitions. We know this sounds too good to be true, but there really is no other explanation why Captain Morgan Private Stock won so many times! Captain Morgan Private Stock is a spiced rum with hints of vanilla. Its perfect for sipping on the rocks or mixing into cocktails. It has an alcohol content of 40% ABV and it retails for $20-$25 per bottle.

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Get Beaten By The Kraken

Kraken is Caribbean Rum, enriched with 13 different spices and famous for its beautiful illustration of the fatal sea beast.In true Kraken spirit, why not go for a Squid Bite?Its a warm cocktail, made from one part Kraken Rum and three parts warm cider, garnished with a cinnamon stick and thin apple slices.

Tgi Fridays Captain Morgan Island Rum Punch

This beautiful, sunset-colored drink features both dark and spiced rum, amaretto, grenadine, and three kinds of fruit juices .

It has a vibrant, sweet, and fruity taste thatll instantly transport you to the most magical beach setting you can imagine.

It takes 5 minutes to whip up, and its almost an exact replica of TGI Fridays rum punch.

So if youre a fan of that or Hawaiian Punch, youll probably really enjoy this drink.

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What Kind Of Juices Are In Rum Punch

Spiced Coconut Rum &  Apple Cider Cocktail + a Giveaway!

You can use bottled or fresh. I use orange and pineapple juices here and a little lime juice. I am a big fan of making my own fresh juices for cocktails. I strained the juices to make them less frothy and to get rid of any excess pulp, but you can leave as is if you want.

Mix the juices and rum together and keep chilled until ready to use. You dont want to add the soda and ginger ale until serving because they will go flat and the fizz is a fun part of this punch. This recipe makes a large pitcher of punch for a party.

You can scale it down to make one or two drinks if you would like. I would go with ounces instead of cups for the measurements for scaling down to two drinks.

You could also make this punch for a summertime Luau or bbq. This is a versatile pineapple rum punch that really is perfect year round!

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Best Captain Morgan Drinks

Everyone who loves rum knows about Captain Morgan. And if youre not already a fan, you certainly will be after trying these 15 Captain Morgan drinks.

Many of the cocktails on this list are sweet and tropical.

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A few have a bit of tartness or tanginess to them, but for the most part, theyre ideal for Island vacations.

Thats because rum both light and dark has a sweet, mild flavor that blends well with most ingredients, particularly sweet, tropical ones.

So if youre the kind of person who loves sweet drinks and you dont always like to taste your alcohol while youre drinking it, these Captain Morgan drinks might just be the way to go.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Cocktails

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is crafted in Jamaica using blackstrap molasses, spices and natural flavourings. The rum is subsequently finished in double charred blackened oak which imparts a distinctive dark colour.

On the nose, it hints at vanilla and cinnamon which explode on the palate along with caramel, cloves and a dry finish. The spiced rum goes well with cola and the flavour profile is that of it is a mixing style which lends itself to cocktails rather than sipping neat.

We took Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum to our home bar with these two cocktails, part of the Get Creative with Dan Murphys challenge which involves creating a new cocktail over the Easter long weekend using one of the many spirits available at their stores.

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L-R: The Captains Bloody Side Kick, Son of Rob

Son of RobThe Son of Rob by @mrgourmantic is a tongue-in-cheek take on the Robson cocktail, a drink that accentuates the spice character of the rum.


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What Is Spiced Apple Cider Made Of

In a large pot over medium heat, add the apple cider. Stir in the brown sugar, allspice and nutmeg until the sugar is dissolved and bring to a low boil. Stick the pointy ends of the cloves into the orange so that just the buds of the cloves are visible. The entire orange should be covered with the cloves.

Pumpkin Spiced Rum Cocktail

Best 3 Spiced Rums to Drink Neat 2019 | What to mix with Spiced Rum Drinks

Fall is in full swing, here in Indiana. I love all the smells that come with this seasonand spices play such a big part in eliciting warm emotions. What about you, do smells do that to you? I love how the mix of cinnamon and clove spices, instantly makes me feel cozy!

Pumpkin seems to take center stage around Thanksgiving, so I decided to mix my love for spices and pumpkin in a cocktail. Yall this drink is SO good and is sure to be a hit at any party! Ingredients:

  • Pumpkin Spiced Sparkling Cider
  • Optional: Substitute the pumpkin cider for apple. It tastes very similar!


  • Add 1 cup of pumpkin cider, 1-2 ounces of Spiced Rum, and 2 dashes of Bitters to a shaker, then fill with ice.
  • Shake to combine all the flavors.
  • Strain over a glass of ice.
  • Garnish with a cinnamon stick.
  • If you want to make multiple drinks at once, just multiply the recipe. Also, heres a recipe card you can print:

    Optional: Substitute the Pumpkin Cider for Apple. It tastes very similar!

    I have tried this recipe with both pumpkin and apple cider. They have a similar flavor and both are great in this cocktail! If you cant find pumpkin, just get apple ciderI promise it will still be delicious.

    If you are hosting a holiday get-together this is the perfect addition. Its a simple 3 ingredient cocktail that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

    For more holiday tips, check out these posts:

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