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Who Owns Drake’s Organic Vodka

Drakes Organic Spirits Goes Global

The REAL Reason 50 Cent Sold His Stake In EFFEN Vodka

MINNEAPOLIS Drakes Organic Spirits announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement with Southern Glazer Wine & Spirits, the worlds pre-eminent distributor of beverage alcohol, that will make Drakes award-winning premium organic vodka, white rum and other products available in multiple states throughout the country. Drakes is the first and only spirit line in the world with all five health certifications.

We are excited to partner with Southern Glazer to rapidly expand our organic spirits line. Distribution is key for new brands to effectively reach consumers. This agreement will introduce Drakes around the country and communicate our brands unique story, said Drakes CEO and Founder Mark Anderson. As the only certified organic, non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, vegan and kosher vodka and rum in the world, Drakes meets the growing consumer demand for health and wellness in every aspect of daily life.

Anderson added The beverage alcohol industry is experiencing the same sea change of consumer preferences we have seen play out in food and other consumables over the last decade. This national partnership positions Drakes and Southern Glazer to be the first to meet the overwhelming consumer demand for these certified products.

Drakes has also expanded internationally into Puerto Rico, Canada, Guam, China and the Philippines.

About Drakes Organic Spirits

About Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits

Drakes Organic Spirits Introduces Spiked Ice Adult Frozen Treats

Drakes Organic Spirits, distiller of award-winning, all-organic ultra-premium vodka, white rum, spiced rum and mixes, has introduced Drakes Organic Spiked Ice. The adult freeze-and-eat organic treats feature 15 percent alcohol and only 80 calories each. Drakes Spiked Ice will be available in four flavors: Mango Rum Punch, Vodka Lemonade, Watermelon Martini and Classic Mojito.

Drakes Organic Spirits is the first and only spirit line in the world to be certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, certified by the Non-GMO Project, gluten free, vegan and kosher. The five certifications ensure a cleaner drinking option that comes only from the highest quality organic ingredients. Drakes continues to be among the most environmentally conscious brands in the spirits industry and deeply committed to using ingredients and processes that lead to a more sustainable planet.

Drakes Organic Spiked Ice are handheld ice pops that feature all of the crisp, clean flavor of our ultra-premium vodka and rum blended with 100 percent organic ingredients into treats perfect for summer, said Drakes Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Anderson. Were improving the category of frozen adult treats by offering a product that freezes with twice the ABV as other brands and tastes delicious without the addition of artificial colors and flavors.

Drakes Organic White Rum And Organic Vodka Receive Critical Acclaim

October 23, 2017 by evebushman

Minneapolis Launched July 2017, Drakes Organic Spirits is already redefining quality standards in the organic spirits industry as the recipient of gold medals for its vodka and white rum, both of which are organic, grain free, gluten-free and silagra online no prescription

The 2017 Global Spirit Awards presented Drakes Organic White Rum with the only Double Gold medal awarded to a rum in the competition, along with the title of Best Rum . Its counterpart, Drakes Organic Vodka, won a Gold medal from the 2017 San Diego Spirits Festival International Spirits Competition.

Early awards like these stem from the Minnesota companys founders, Mark and Kristen Anderson, and their dedicated journey around the globe to source only the highest-quality organic, non-GMO ingredients to create a product that meets the highest possible consumer demands and expectations for quality in ingredients and taste.

Drakes Organic Rum and Organic Vodka are handcrafted in the United States using alcohol that originates from the organic cane sugar fed from the purest water flowing down from the Andes Mountain tops to the fertile Cuaca Valley in South America. A 12-step distillation process creates a smooth, clean taste impossible to find in GRAIN-fermented spirits.

Drakes Organic Spirits is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Leading Distiller Of Ultra

Minneapolis, MN Drakes Organic Spirits announced today the launch of its popular Spiked Ice freeze-and-eat adult treats at all 27 Costco locations in Japan, which owns the worlds third-largest economy and is populated by over 125 million people.

Drakes Organic Spiked Ice freeze and eat or chill and drink popsicles feature 15% ABV and only 80 calories each. Spiked Ice is available in four flavors – Mango Rum Punch, Vodka Lemonade, Watermelon Martini and Classic Mojito – and are made with Drakes award-winning all-organic ultra-premium vodka and white rum. They contain no artificial colors or flavors and freeze with twice the ABV as other brands.

Adhering to Japans strict organic standards and requirements is the biggest hurdle for overseas firms trying to get a foothold in the nation. All Drakes Organic Spirits are certified USDA organic, non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, vegan and kosher. The five certifications ensure a cleaner drinking option that comes only from the highest quality organic ingredients.

The launch of Drakes Organic Spirits products in Japan was scheduled for earlier 2020 but delayed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. A complete list of Costco locations in Japan can be found at .

For more information, please visit , facebook: , Instagram: @drakesorganic, or contact email sales: .

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Nobu Matsuhisa Nobu The Sake

This celebrity chef, author and restaurateur, hailing from Saitama, Japan, has added yet another element to his already overflowing catalogue of achievements, Nobu The Sake. This sake is produced by Hokusetsu Shuzo Sake Brewery in Niigata and is of the daiginjo variety. This means that it is of exceptionally high quality, as would be expected of something endorsed by a man as revered as Chef Matsuhisa. Its price, however, is relatively affordable, sitting at just under HK$200 at select local retailers all the more reason to get your hands on it!

Photo credit: Norio Nakayama

Arguably the most famous Asian footballer of his generation, Hidetoshis class on the pitch is equalled by his class off it. His love of sake, a result of his return to his Japanese roots after years of being away from his motherland, can be seen through his N sake brand. This sake is extremely exclusive , and the complex process used to make it is so time-consuming and labour-intensive that only 800 bottles are made each year.

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Drake’s Organic Spirits Expands To Florida

Drake’s Organic Spirits in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced that its award-winning organic spirits are now available in BJ’s Wholesale clubs in Florida. More details are below.

Minneapolis, MN Drakes Organic Spirits announced today that its popular Spiked Ice freeze-and-eat adult pops and all-organic Bloody Mary combo packs will soon be available at 33 BJs Wholesale Club locations throughout Florida.

Were beyond thrilled to be part of the BJ Wholesale Club family, said Drakes Founder and CEO Mark Anderson. BJs recognizes that the organic food and drink movement is booming. Consumers want cleaner options for their bodies and they want products that are friendlier to the planet. Drakes accomplishes both.

BJs Wholesale Club a leading operator of membership warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States.

The chain offers members discounted prices on fresh items, sundries, paper goods, apparel, seasonal items, TVs, electronics, gasoline and much more.

The chain offers members discounted prices on fresh items, sundries, paper goods, apparel, seasonal items, TVs, electronics, gasoline and much more.

Drakes Organic Spiked Iceä are handheld ice pops that feature 15% ABV and only 80 calories each. Spiked Ice comes in four flavors – Mango Rum Punch, Vodka Lemonade, Watermelon Martini and Classic Mojito – and are made with Drakes award-winning all-organic ultra-premium vodka and white rum.

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How Are You Doing Today And What Does The Future Look Like

Every year we just keep growing. Drakes capitalizes on health and wellness trends through its certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher status, and receives strong consumer reception for differentiated products. Our short-term goal is to increase our sales and expand the distribution. In the long term, we want to build a natural category in BevAlc space and produce products that are Better for you, Better for the planet ®. To reach our goals, we have put effort into expanding the company from both the marketing and production sides.

In terms of product innovation, we seized the chance to bring the boxed wine concept to cocktails in 2020, and this year, our core ready-to-drink BOXTAILS ® is gaining traction in the fastest-growing category in spirits. The innovative idea of putting pre-mixed craft cocktails in sustainable packaging paired with high growth trends in the RTD beverage alcohol category, and BOXTAILS ® are expected to bolster Drakes growth trajectory.

As for our supply chain, Drakes unique setup allows the company to efficiently source high-quality ingredients and maximize production through strategic agreements with suppliers, co-packers, and distributors. The growth of BOXTAILS ® exceeded our expectations, and we have a 12M case capacity lined up to meet future demand. We have strong core market penetration and national distribution, yet substantial whitespace ahead.

Take Us Through The Process Of Designing Prototyping And Manufacturing Your First Product

These black-owned liquor companies are top-shelf: Diddy, Drake and more | Page Six Celebrity News

In 2017, I founded Drakes Organic Spirits, the leading beverage alcohol brand in sustainability, the largest organic alcohol company in the United States, and the first to achieve all five certifications: USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Kosher. In terms of funding, seed capital and private placement are our strategies.

At the earliest stages of my new business, our founders used our money to support Drakes Organic Spirits until it generated cash of its own. As for the capital expansion, instead of choosing an initial public offering , we chose a private placement, a funding round of securities that are sold to a small number of chosen investors, through which we were able to raise $3M.

In 2018, Drake created the adult popsicle category with our SpikedIce ® Pops. Within a year, they became available in Costco. Our growth was rapid, so we needed more capital to support and expand our business. Hence, in 2019 we launched our second private placement, raising more than $8M this time. In 2020, Drake’s Organic Spirits became a C Corporation, which separates legal identity and assets from the founders.

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What’s Your Backstory And How Did You Come Up With The Idea

I grew up in North Dakota and have an agricultural background in both conventional and organic farming. My experience helped me understand how to create sustainable food and beverage supply chains.

My career started as a trader at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange, trading both derivatives and physical commodities. Eventually, I started my own company and became the largest importer of non-GMO verified, organic cane sugar from South America.

As consumer demand for healthier options has continuously grown, food and beverage manufacturers have in turn needed organic, non-GMO verified alcohol as an extracting agent to produce items such as, for example, organic, non-GMO vanilla flavor extracts. So, my company began making — and importing — organic cane sugar distillate, becoming the first USDA Organic alcohol manufacturer which also achieved the certifications Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free , Vegan certified, and ou Kosher.

Neft Vodka Usa Inc Strengthens Management Team With Appointment Of Two Industry Veterans Dan Kleeberg Named President Neft Vodka Usa Tony Church To Head Up Nefts National Sales Division


NEFT Vodka, the award-winning, ultra-premium, and non-GMO vodka handcrafted in the Austrian Alps, today announced that Dan Kleeberg and Tony Church have joined the company as President, and Director, U.S., Sales, respectively. The announcement comes on the heels of exponential growth for the brand in 2019.

Kleeberg brings with him more than 40 years experience in sales, distribution and management to lead NEFT through its next phase of expected growth and expansion. Prior to joining NEFT, Kleeberg spent over 30 years at Eber Bros. Wine and Liquor Corporation where his contributions were instrumental in some of the companys key successes, including becoming the 12th largest distributor in the U.S. During his tenure, Kleeberg held a series of sales and management positions, culminating in his role as Executive Vice President, a position he maintained until Eber Bros. was acquired by Southern Wine & Spirits of America in 2007.

NEFT Vodka is currently available in New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. It is also available online through various outlets including Reserve Bar, Bounty Hunter, Drizly, and Remedy Liquor. Please see more information.

Media Contacts: Company Contact

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Drakes Organic Spirits Nears Completion Of $10m Financing Round

Minnetonka-based Drakes Organic Spirits Inc. is currently working to close a $10 million round of financing.

This is our third and final private placement since we launched in 2017. Its almost closed. Were about 70 percent complete, Mark Anderson, founder and CEO of Drakes Organic Spirits, told Twin Cities Business on Friday.

Anderson said that he expects to close the financing round by mid-July.

Its all to meet production demand. Our demand has exploded, said Anderson. All of the funds that are being raised are being immediately deployed to meet demand.

Drakes has been growing at a strong clip from the start.

Ever since 2017 our revenue has doubled or tripled every year including 2020 when the world ended, Anderson said.

The pandemic did not slow down the companys growth at all. Anderson said that sales were close to $10 million in 2020. That included expanded global distribution into Japan.

Drakes makes rum and vodka and has expanded its offerings with Boxtails boxed cocktails that are 12 percent alcoholand Drakes Organic Spiked Ice adult popsicles.

Were currently in 40 states and 5 countries, said Anderson of its wide distribution.

The company started with the unlikely goal of making healthier booze.

So far Anderson said that the company has raised less than $20 million in financing.

Our mission when we first set out, Anderson said, was to build a new category.

Celebs Are Mixing Business With Pleasure And Creating Their Own Booze Brands From Wine To Whisky To Tequila Can You Guess Who Owns What

Drakes Organic Spirits Enters Japan

Be it owning distilleries or endorsing brands, many celebrities are getting involved in the alcohol industry and for good reason. Alcohol has always been an expression of oneself, be it what you drink, how you drink it or how much the bottle costs. These celebs are using their fame to push alcohol brands, and with so many examples springing up, I thought Id put together a list to let you know some of my favourites.

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Drakes Organic Spirits Accepted As Associate Member Of Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Of America

Drakes Organic Spirits announced today that it is a new Diamond Associate Member of the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America , a respected national trade association dedicated to advancing the interests and independence of wholesalers, distributors and brokers of wine and spirits. The membership in WSWA is available to select suppliers, vendors and other entities that supply goods and services directly to licensed wine and spirits wholesalers.

Drakes Organic Spirits, which produces premium organic vodka, white rum, spiced rum, Spiked Ice pops and organic mixes, will participate in the WSWAs Annual Convention & Exposition at Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida, on March 31 April 3, 2019. The event will provide Drakes with the opportunity to introduce its award-winning spirits to key industry members from around the country. Visitors can find Drakes booth location at the convention here and online showroom here.

Drakes will participate in the Brand Battle, a competition at the WSWA Convention & Exposition that provides brands and suppliers the opportunity to pitch their products and compelling stories before a live panel of industry insiders.

Drakes Organic Spirits offers exceptional products that taste great and are produced with the best sustainable ingredients on the planet, said Drakes Founder Mark Anderson. Our Diamond Associate Membership in the WSWA will allow us to showcase our spirits, share our story and expand brand awareness of Drakes.

Drake’s Organic Spirits Wins ‘rising Star Growth Brands’ Award From Beverage Dynamics

MINNEAPOLIS, March 28, 2022 –Every year for more than 20 years the Beverage Information & Insights Group – which comprises trade magazines Beverage Dynamics, Cheers, and StateWays – has identified the fastest growing wine and spirit brands in the U.S. This year, Drake’s Organic Spirits won its first-ever Growth Brands Award within the “Rising Star” category, which ranks brands having reached annual sales of 20,000 9L cases in less than five years.

Launched in 2017, Drake’s Organic Spirits is the first and only spirit producer to be certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, OU Kosher, vegan per and gluten free per the Gluten-Free Organization. In just five years, the company reached domestic U.S. sales of 70,000 9L cases in 2021 through distribution in 44 states the volume from the five additional countries in which Drake’s Organic Spirits are sold was not counted in this award.

Hi-res images, interviews, and media samples are available upon request.

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