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Who Makes Louis The 13th Cognac

Crafting The Magic Of Louis Xiii Cognac

Tasting Louis XIII Cognac Like Royalty [Lap of Luxury]

Louis XIII Cognac generally incorporates eaux-de-vie ranging from 40 to 100 years of age. In fact, it is said to include over 1,200 individual components. More important than those figures is what they represent. The most precious and the oldest eaux-de-vie that we have from Grande Champagne, Loiseau says.

Sampling cognac from the barrel /Photo Credit: Rémy Martin

Notably, Rémy Martin uses grapes from both the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne regions for its other marques. Conversely, from the inception of Louis XIII, this blend has been 100 percent Grande Champagne. Its the terroir where you have the best potential for aging, Loiseau explains. Its difficult to express all of the aromas, which is why you must wait all this time. It is only after 35, 40 years of aging in Grande Champagne that you have the beginning of something thats really flowery, with roses, jasmine, honeysuckle, lilac. You need time.

Grande Champagne is known for its chalky, limestone-rich soils, and its because of this that Grande Champagne, which is at the center of the region, is the 1st cru of the region, Loiseau says. With Louis XIII Cognac, hes able to offer a direct look at what that specific region provides. Its a deep inspection of terroir, which is really meaningful for us.

The Selection Of The Blend

The eaux-de-vie Loiseau and his tasting committee are selecting today is perhaps a half century or longer away from being incorporated into a blend. Therefore, hes not thinking about the eventual age of that spirit, but rather its potential. Before speaking about the age, you have to focus on the potential for aging, he says. We make selections based on the quality of the un-aged eau-de-vie, selecting maybe between 1 and 3 percent that will have the potential to be aged longer that I put aside in the cellars, knowing that I will not be the one to use this eau-de-vie in the future.

Rémy Martin eaux-de-vie samples /Photo Credit: Rémy Martin

What he searches for is an eau-de-vie which hits across a range of sometimes contrasting qualities. It must indicate both where its from and how its made. You want something rich but also light and elegant, coming from Grande Champagne fruity, not something too heavy. Its balance, he says. All of the volatile components are coming from the wine, its not something that will be created in distillation. But these eaux-de-vie are powerful, we say they are full of richness, density, because of the distillation on the lees, which gives lots of smoothness, richness, buttery notes combined with the fruity notes and elegance.

Is Louis Xiii The Best Cognac

Since its birth in 1874, LOUIS XIII cognac has consistently been named the best cognac by fine wine lovers and collectors. Since its origin, there is no competition to LOUIS XIII. Throughout our long history LOUIS XIII cognac has been enjoyed by countless politicians, celebrities and entrepreneurs, and has been present at royal coronations and the inaugurations of many presidents. LOUIS XIII cognac is today considered to be a quintessential symbol of luxury the world over.

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The Louis Xiii Tasting Experience

LOUIS XIII cognac represents the culmination of patience and unique savoir-faire and expertise, resulting in its unrivalled flavour profile. Such a product demands the same level of time, care and attention when tasting, in order to best appreciate its complex and individual aromas. With this in mind, we worked with world-renowned designer Christophe Pillet to create our bespoke “Facets of LOUIS XIII” glasses, with every detail painstakingly formulated to allow the multifaceted characteristics of LOUIS XIII cognac to shine through.

How Can I Register My Decanter With The Louis Xiii Society

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac Circa 1960s

To join the LOUIS XIII Society you will need to register your decanter on our website. Visit to create an account by entering the serial number of your LOUIS XIII decanter. Once registered with the LOUIS XIII Society you will be part of a privileged club, with access to exclusive content and services reserved only for LOUIS XIII Society clientele.

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Louis Xiii Cognac 70cl

The finest and most precious eaux-de-vie, made using grapes grown in Grande Champagne the premier cru of the Cognac region are carefully aged for decades to create the cognac inside every LOUIS XIII Classic decanter. Provenance and time are the very essence of LOUIS XIII. Each drop represents a finely tuned craft passed down from one generation of Cellar Master to the next.The eaux-de-vie are slowly aged in old Limousin tierçons. Every sip is a taste of time.

Louis Xiii Cognac: An Inside Look With Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau

Louis XIII Cognac from the house of Rémy Martin has long been upheld as one of the true premier pours. Its no exaggeration to say that every sip is a work of art a century in the making. Included in the blend is eaux-de-vie aged up to 100 years in each final, masterful bottling. Looking beyond its prestige, and looking within its instantly recognizable decanter, offers an explanation for what makes it so special.

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What Is The Difference Between Limited

A limited-edition LOUIS XIII cognac is sometimes produced to mark an important anniversary or as a very small run of a particularly special blend. Although limited-edition products and classic decanters will essentially share the same overall flavour profile, limited-edition products will often be presented in different, bespoke coffret, as befits the rarest LOUIS XIII cognac.

For details of other limited-edition products released by LOUIS XIII in previous years, please visit this section.

The History Of Louis Xiii


We must travel back to the late 1800s to discover the origins of Louis XIII. While the blend came to the attention of the world at the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris, it was actually created many years prior to this. The man responsible, Paul-Emile Rémy Martin, had embraced innovation by bottling Cognacs rather than selling them by the barrel. Come 1874, in celebration of Remys 150th anniversary he brought to life a blend of pure Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie presented in an ornate decanterand the Cognac world fell in love. This soon-to-become-iconic blend was exported to the US and Asia, and so the classic Cognac known as Louis XIII was born.

Why the name Louis XIII?

The name was chosen to honor King Louis XIII of France. The reigning monarch when the family Rémy Martin made their home in the Cognac region in the 1620s, it was considered a fitting tribute for the man who first recognized Cognac as a spirit in its own right.

The historical importance of Louis XIII grows year after year. Discover some of the ways the Cognac has been utilized to create royal-inspired cocktails in our article Louis XIII: The King of Cognacs Mixed Especially for a Queen and more about this and other royal offerings in 6 Royal Cognacs Fit for a King.

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Can I Refill My Louis Xiii Decanter

LOUIS XIII decanters are designed to be a unique experience and as such we do not offer a refilling service. Every time we create a LOUIS XIII decanter, we follow a strict production process and are committed to the highest standards when it comes to quality and traceability. Each LOUIS XIII decanter is individually engraved with a unique serial number that corresponds to the production of the LOUIS XIII cognac inside, and the decanter therefore cannot be refilled.

The Most Expensive Louis Xiii Cognac Bottles Of All

bySebastian Hensiek

Rémy Martin is a legendary French cognac producer who makes some of the best and most expensive cognac in the entire world. Their most expensive and most famous cognac is the Louis XIII cognac line. Cognac originates from where Rémy Martin is based out of: Cognac, France. Cognac is a type of brandy and is made from distilling wine typically in wooden casks. Most high end cognacs, including Louis XIII are made from blends of brandy that have been aging in casks for years. Due to the nature of this fact, cognac can get extremely expensive. We are going to take a look at some of the most expensive Louis XIII cognac bottles of all-time.

5. Louis XIII de Rémy Martin $3,500

The first Louis XIII cognac on our list is just the classic Louis XIII cognac that made Rémy Martin so famous. Rémy Martin makes a variety of cognacs however as we said the Louis XIII versions are their most expensive ones. The original cognac that started it all is made from a blend of 1,200 eaux-de-vie that comes from Cognac, France and have been aged anywhere between 40 to 100 years. Average price for a 750ml bottle is around $3,500.

4. Louis XIII de Rémy Martin 1.75L $8,000

Next up is the same cognac that comes in the previous bottle that was mentioned on our list, however the only difference this time is that the Louis XIII de Rémy Martin comes in a larger, 1.75 liter bottle instead of the traditional 750 milliliters.

3. Louis XIII Rare Cask 43.8 $15,000

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Are You Going To Open New Boutiques

Yes, we would like to open new LOUIS XIII boutiques in the future. We currently have four boutiques in Cognac , Xian and Beijing and London , with the latter three situated within luxury shopping malls or department stores. Combining refined design with the latest digital technology, the interior design of each boutique pays homage to the origins of LOUIS XIII cognac, bringing together a range of materials such as limestone, copper and oak.Visiting one of our boutiques takes you on a journey through the perpetual cycle of time you will experience a range of sensations and emotions as you discover the many facets of LOUIS XIII and the riches of the Cognac region. We plan to open new boutiques soon so that we can offer the unique LOUIS XIII experience to more of our customers.

Size Is Everything: Large Expressions Of Louis Xiii

Checking The Worth Of My Louis 13th Time Is Running Out.

Being as the Cognac is associated with a great deal of razzmatazz, it makes sense that theres some OTT large expressions out there.

The Jeroboam Magnum

On June 15, 2011, the Louis XIII Le Jeroboam was launched at Pariss Trocadero. Four times bigger than a regular decanter, this crystal giant was created by the Cristallerie de Sèvres and encased in a luxurious oak presentation box. This size bottle holds an impressive 4/5 of a gallon of liquid .

Le Salmanazar

Fast forward to 2018 and the world was presented with Le Salmanazar, a gigantic expression created as a one-off format that holds a jaw-dropping 9 liters of Cognac . It took 20 master sculptors to create it at the Baccarat Crystal factory andwithout a single drop of Cognac in itweighs over 15 kilos .

This meticulous work was overseen by the master sculptor whos been bestowed with the highest honor in the industry, the Chevalier de lOrdre des Arts et des Lettres.

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How Long Can I Keep The Decanter Once Opened

Once opened, our Cellar Master recommends that you can enjoy drinking the LOUIS XIII cognac for a year or more without its taste or aroma deteriorating. You should keep your decanter away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry cabinet. The ideal temperature is 10 to 27 degrees Celsius. The opened decanter must be stored in an upright position, sealed with its natural cork stopper.Each LOUIS XIII decanter is a unique handmade piece, engraved with its own serial number. The exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance embodied by every LOUIS XIII decanter means the empty vessels can be admired and cherished long after the cognac inside has been consumed.

The Tasting Experience Of Louis Xiii Cognac

When a drop of Louis XIII cognac reaches the palate, it brings an end to a journey that is centuries in the making.

ByAlex Martin

When a drop of Louis XIII cognac reaches the palate of a lucky consumer, it brings an end to a journey that is centuries in the making.

This exclusive cognac is made up of 1,200 different types of eau de vie, a clear liquid abstracted from grapes in the south-west region of France through distillation. The purity of eau de vie makes it perfect for long-term aging, which is where Louis XIII takes it to extremes.

From the moment it is placed in an ancient oak barrel, it can be more than a century before it emerges again. It is only through the combined efforts of multiple generations that a single bottle of Louis XIII is produced.

Each cellar master commits their life to create a product they know they are never likely to enjoy himself. Only with such a large amount of time can the special combination of air and oak transform the eau de vie into something extraordinary.

Baptiste Loiseau will tell you it is far more complex than that. As current cellar master at Louis XIII, it is his job to ensure each release of the cognac tastes exactly the same as the last one. He not only feels obliged to do justice to those who came before him, but those who will eventually take his mantle.

Discover Authentic Croatia at Villa Ibiscus

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Louis 13 In Music And Film

Of course, such an iconic brand of Cognac has been immortalized many times in the world of movies and music.

Cannes Film Festival Limited Edition

In 2012 Max visited the Cannes Film Festival and learned much about the collaboration between Louis XIII and the world of the red carpet. Here he brushed shoulders with movie stars such as Sean Penn and other beautiful people as he partied like a movie mogul and clubbed like there was no tomorrow

The Cognac brand also partners with Martin Scorsese in the not-for-profit film preservation organizationThe Film Foundation.

Pharrell, Louis XIII, and a time jump 100 years into the future

In 2017 Pharrell and the most famous Cognac in the world lent their might to the climate change efforts. Building on the legend that is the 100 years in the making eau-de-vie, the music superstar has recorded a song and its been locked away for the same amount of time.

Whether the song will ever be heard is another matter. The recording has been consigned to a clay disc and locked in a safe that will self-destruct if it becomes submerged in water. A powerful message indeed Read more in our article, Remy Martin Louis XIII & Pharrell Williams: 100 Years.

How Can I Retain The Quality Of My Louis Xiii Cognac

Stolen Louis XIII cognac returned to restaurant

To retain the quality of your LOUIS XIII cognac, we recommend you store your LOUIS XIII decanter in an upright position, away from direct sunlight and at a constant temperature and humidity level. Once bottled, LOUIS XIII cognac can be kept for many years without its quality diminishing. After your decanter has been opened, we recommend that you finish it within one year, but if you choose to extend the storage time the distinctive qualities of LOUIS XIII cognac should not change or deteriorate significantly, provided you follow the storage advice given. To retain its many qualities, your LOUIS XIII decanter should be stored in a cool and dry cabinet, at a temperature of between 10 and 27 degrees Celsius, and at 40-80% humidity. Please note that the bespoke crystal stopper is for temporary use only for ceremonial and serving occasions, for example. At all other times you should use the natural cork stopper provided to seal your LOUIS XIII decanter.

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Louis Xiii Cognac Standard Bottles And Prices

Louis XIII is a high-end brand with all the expensive bottles. Here are the standard and iconic bottles by the brand, along with their prices:

Louis XIII: The Mathusalem $78,000

These were the standard bottles by the luxurious cognac brand. Here are the top standard bottles that are widely loved:

Louis XIII: The Miniature

Louis XIII: The Miniature, as the name suggests, is a miniature cognac that is considered one of the best bottles to introduce your taste buds to the cognac brand. The bottle is a 16th-century flask. The aromas are quite strong and can be felt from a decent distance as well. The aromas, taste, and texture are quite complex to understand. It is recommended to take it neat. It comes in a single size that is 50 ml and costs around $560-$650.

Louis XIII: The Classic Decanter

Louis XIII: The Classic Decanter is the finest Eaux-de-vie blend by the cognac brand Louis XIII. It contains up to 1,200 Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne area. It is considered one of the brands most loved standard cognac bottles. It comes in a 750 ml bottle which is priced at $4,000.

The Dynasty Of Cellar Masters

It is said that behind every great brand, there is a man. In the case of LOUIS XIII, it is not a man, but a dynasty. The reputation of LOUIS XIII is the fruit of a family dream that inspired André Renaud, Chairman of Rémy Martin from 1924 to 1965, and his son-in-law and successor, André Hériard Dubreuil. The Cellar Master has always been appointed by the Chairman to carry on, unchanged, the heritage of LOUIS XIII. Both artist and visionary at the same time, it is the Cellar Master who brings to life this subtle, sophisticated blend, and passes on his expertise from generation to generation.

André Renaud

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Why Does A Bottle Of Louis Xiii Cognac Cost Almost S$5000 The Answer Lies In Time Itself

CNA Luxury travels to Cognac, France, to see firsthand how Remy Martin is embarking on creating future history and prized a spirit we wont be around to savour.

Tiercons, much larger French oak casks very rarely seen in cognac making these days, are a unique aspect of making Louis XIII cognac.

If youve ever found yourself in a quieter setting with good company while enjoying a bottle of whisky or cognac poured neat or on the rocks, Louis XIII cognac might find its way into the conversation at least as a passing comment, humble brag or an extraordinary wager that you probably shouldnt shake on.

Somehow, it seems everyone has some sort of story about the famous cognac. It could be a businessman uncle who considers it the gift of choice after a big deal is signed off, or a globetrotting acquaintance who once waxed lyrical about their first experience getting a taste of this prized pour. While some might consider the luxury cognac to be decidedly old-school, tales of Louis XIII are almost like spirit folklore thats passed down from one inebriated generation to the next.

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