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Who Makes Fat Tire Beer

A Case Study In Concrete Action

Fat Tire | New Belgium | Beer Review

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, New Belgium Brewing wanted consumers to experience the flavor of climate change so their flagship brand, Fat Tire, released Torched Earth, a limited-release ale incorporating smoke-tainted, drought-parched ingredients. It tasted terrible. Being able to communicate the reality of what climate change would do to beer is really important, says New Belgiums Wallace. Because if we dont take action, its going to get worse.

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Fat Tire also made waves throughout the beer world in 2020, when they announced that their popular amber ale was certified carbon neutral the first beer in the United States to achieve that status. But these initiatives are just the tips of the iceberg. The brewery is doing deep work at all levels to become as sustainable as possible, undertaking a broad portfolio of actions that consumers can see and measure.

The effort started with a comprehensive carbon accounting process a critical analysis of how much is emitted by the business, and where. From there, Fat Tire began buying high-quality carbon offsets for the emissions outside of their direct control, like transportation. Fat Tires efforts will pave the way for similar programs across all New Belgium beers, putting the business on the path to complete carbon neutrality by 2030.

Does Anheuser Busch Own New Belgium

United Breweries has been acquired by Lion Little World Beverages. A craft brewery owned by New Belgium Brewing Co. There was a 0 at Anheuser-Busch InBev SA BUD last week. After making a deal with 74%, Craft Brew Alliance Inc. will buy out 68% of its outstanding shares. Kona Brewing Co., the company behind Kona Brewing, is a leader in the craft beer industry. Brewing Co., of Omission in Missouri. Its Redhook Brewery and, and Redhook Brewery.

Fat Tire Other New Belgium Brewing Co Beers To Enter Michigan On Aug 27


One of the biggest craft breweries in the country and its most popular beer will be rolling into Michigan next week.

in the country and ninth overall brewery based on sales volume, according to the latest numbers by the Colorado-based Brewers Association.

Vadella said he expects it to be a busy Monday for retailers across the state.

I dont think youll ever see this kind of excitement for an out-of-state brewery again,” said Vadella, who vowed to order more New Belgium beer than anyone in the state. “People are going to wait in line to get these beers.”

New Belgium will sell 22-ounce bottles, or bombers, of Fat Tire, Ranger IPA, Tripple, Shift and Red Hopper, Lips of Faith and Biere de Mars. Sixteen-ounce cans of Shift are also expected to be available initially.

The brewery is making commemorative Fat Tire bottles to mark the occasion. They’ll read “2012 Michigan Commemorative Pedaling Straight to the Great Lakes State.”

In October, the beers will be available on draft. In mid-November, New Belgium brands are expected to arrive in six and 12 pack bottles, according to Mike Heilmann, who covers the Kalamazoo area for the Grand Rapids-based West Side Beer, one of 22 distributors around the state to work with New Belgium.

New Belgium now distributes to 29 states and the District of Columbia.

As part of the Aug. 27 debut, in addition to release events around the state,

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Can 1 Beer Get You Drunk

The number of beers needed to get drunk depends on its characteristics and your weight and body type. Some drinks are much stronger than others, and one or two craft beers can lead to intoxication. The consequences of excessive alcohol use are potentially severe and may lead to injury and death.

What alcohol get you the most drunk?

Spirits often have the biggest bang for your buck: Just a shot of whiskey, gin or rum is likely to give you a buzz faster than downing beer or wine. They also are the lightest and lowest carbohydrate drinks of the group: A standard shot of whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, or rum has about 97 calories.

What Cheap Beer Has The Highest Alcohol Content

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale, Bottle

1. Miller High Life: 5.5% This beer is the exception to the rule. Its dirt cheap with a sky-high alcohol content.

Why does Bosch drink Fat Tire?

Another trait of Bosch that carried over from the books to the screen was his preference for drinking Fat Tire beer in the TV show, he is typically shown drinking one per episode. So to celebrate the final episode of Season 6, and to honor Harry, we all decided to share a Fat Tire with him.

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Is New Belgium Brewery Still Employee Owned

With around 700 people working at each brewery in Fort Collins and Asheville, North Carolina, New Belgium has eight breweries across the globe. After the sale of this company, it will no longer be owned by employees. This will be the first venture in the US by New Belgium. According to Kirin, Brooklyn Brewery in New York holds 25 percent of the craft beer market.

Fat Tire As A Carbon Neutral Beer

While the beer is popular and unique in different ways, the Fat Tire Belgium ale stands out for its title as the First Carbon Certified Neutral Beer. No one can talk about Fat Tire without looking at New Belgiums work to achieve sustainability. It is a certified B-corporation, which isnt popular among breweries.

Thus, this makes Fat Tire a certified carbon-neutral beer for eco-friendliness. Anyone who makes beer or knows anything about brewing it would understand that it is a carbon-based process. The entire process of making beer, from growing the wheat, getting the water, and even fermentation or conditioning, involves carbon dioxide.

However, New Belgium figured out a way to reduce its use of carbon dioxide. They did this by installing energy-efficient equipment in its breweries, enhancing their refrigeration management, using more hybrid vehicles, and partnering with green suppliers.

So with every sip you take of this American-Belgium beer, you know that the company is focused on helping the earth and slowing down climate change.

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Innovative Leaders In The Beer Industry Are Serving Up True Sustainability Along With Your Brew

Fat Tire


Farming in the age of climate change is an uncertain proposition, as the hop growers in Washingtons Yakima Valley can attest. As weather patterns alter, the farmers who grow 40% of the worlds hop supply are battling one crisis after another. Violent windstorms toppled their hop trellises just before the 2020 harvest. An unprecedented heat dome scorched their crop during the summer of 2021. And wildfires during the autumn of 2020 ruined still more hops.

Over the past two years, these issues have played out across the beer industry supply chain. The Colorado wildfires made the water unusable for our brewery, says Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewings director of social and environmental impact. We also had the worst barley crop in farmers lifetimes due to extreme heat, and limited hop supplies because of the smoke taint. There were major supply chain disruptions during extreme weather events, like the deep freeze in February, that shut down deliveries of supplies critical to brewing and stalled production. New Belgiums R& D specialist Dave Glor echoes Wallace: From fruit juices to barley, everything was impacted.

But even as climate change batters their business, New Belgium and others in the beer industry are leading the way in adapting, offering a case study on environmental action that has real, measurable impact.

It Began With A Bike Ride

Beer company makes ‘torched ale’ to point out climate change effects

In 1988, New Belgium co-founder Jeff Lebesch took a bicycle ride through Belgium that changed the course of his life. On his trip, he tasted a variety of Belgian ales and was enamored with their aromas and flavors. An avid homebrewer, Lebesch took detailed notes about the beers he tasted. Three years later, New Belgium was born. That journal and other memorabilia from his journey are still on display in the Fort Collins brewery today.

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Ingredients In Fat Tire

The Fat Tire beer ingredients give a lot of information to those curious about whats in the beer and those who want to clone the recipe. It uses an in-house ale yeast, which contributes to its unique flavor and the distinct kick when you finish it.

The base grains used in this beer include Munich, C-80, Pale and Victory, all classic American choices. The amber ale also contains hops, despite the lack of hoppiness in its character. The hop varieties include Willamette, Nugget and Goldings.

You can come up with your own recipe to make Fat Tire in your home brewery.

New Belgium Has Made Beer With Ben & Jerrys

In 2015 and 2016, New Belgium teamed up with fellow B Corp business Ben & Jerrys to make ice cream-inspired beers. The two flavors were Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale and Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale. The beers were sweet, but the collaboration was sweeter: A portion of proceeds was donated to Protect Our Winters, an organization that combats climate change.

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It Reduced Gluten Without Decreasing Quality

New Belgiums gluten-sensitivity-friendly Glütiny Pale Pale is brewed with grains, then uses an enzyme that breaks down the proteins that are difficult for gluten-sensitive drinkers to consume. Although the beer cant be labeled gluten-free, it meets FDA guidelines of achieving under 20 parts per million gluten.

New Belgium Through The Years

New Belgium Beer Fat Tire, 12 oz Bottles, 6 pk

The Fat Tire amber ale was the first beer made by the company, and most of their operations took place in their basement. By 1992, they moved the company to Fort Collins, and after a decade, they opened another brewing facility in the same place.

In 2016, they opened another brewery in North Carolina.

New Belgium distributes beer nationwide, and Fat Tire is well-known as their flagship product. It is considered a vital part of the U.S. craft beer industry, and you can see the famous mountain bike in the beer logo. So whenever you pick up a bottle of Fat Tire, you can recall the rich history behind this American-Belgian beer.

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It Takes Sustainability Seriously

The roofs of New Belgiums packaging hall in Fort Collins and taproom in Asheville are covered in solar photovoltaic panels. The latters PV array earned the building LEED Platinum Certification.

New Belgiums North Carolina brewery also captures rainwater for brewing, and diverts 99.9 percent of its waste from landfills, which earned it Platinum Certified Zero Waste Business status.

Fat Tire Amber Ale Becomes Americas First Certified Carbon Neutral Beer

Fat Tire raises climate change awareness with $100 six-packs in select markets on International Beer Day

New Belgium CEO urges Congress to take up climate action in economic stimulus

New Belgium Brewing announced today that their flagship Fat Tire Amber Ale is the first nationally distributed beer to earn carbon neutral certification in the United States. In addition, New Belgium Brewing is committing to make its entire business carbon neutral by 2030. Fat Tires carbon neutral certification is the next major step in New Belgiums decades-long efforts to make climate action core to their business model, raising the bar for the entire brewing industry.

To drive action and raise awareness, a few like-minded retailers in several markets will voluntarily hike the price of Fat Tire six-packs to $100 today . Fat Tires ten-fold price increase is designed to spark customer attention around the growing agricultural disruptions caused by climate change, which will drive the prices of staple products like barley, wheat and rice to unaffordable levels. The price change reflects the potential true cost of beer in the coming decades if climate change isnt addressed immediately. The entire brewing industry, along with countless other industries, will suffer broken supply chains and rising costs as climate impacts escalate.

About Fat Tire

About New Belgium Brewing

Contact Info

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Food Pairing With Fat Tire

Theres always a type of food that goes well with beer, and in the case of Fat Tire, you can expect an extensive list of food pairing options. The amber ale will fit perfectly whenever youre having a barbeque and is an excellent choice to drink with others. It can be served in a stemless glass or consumed from the bottle.

You can pair the beer with different roasted food like roast potatoes and roast chicken, pork, herb-rubbed beef or lamb. It also goes well with food that we are used to such as pizza, burgers and pasta, especially when theres a lot of meat. If youre interested in cheese, you can try snacking on cheddar with this beer.

Working There Is Certifiably Awesome

Louisiana Beer Reviews: Fat Tire

New Belgium has been named one of the Best Places to Work by Outside Magazine for 10 years running. Perks include the employee profit sharing plan, an on-site medical clinic, and a Fat Tire Cruiser bike on employees first anniversaries. On fifth anniversaries, employees are granted a week-long trip to Belgium. It all comes full circle.

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What Kind Of Beer Is Fat Tire Amber Pale

Fat Tire ABV reviews as the American-style independently crafted average alcohol by volume beer. It contains an astonishing taste with an attractive aroma that has low-key alcohol content. Fat Tire rates as the first-ever healthy alcohol drink which makes it a winning one. Fat Tire Amber Pale was established by New Belgium Brewing Company.

Recipe For Fat Tire Clone

If you want to make your own Fat Tire ale, you should know that it wont taste exactly like the one you can buy at your neighborhood store.

The recipe we explain below will taste similar as long as you do it right and increase the caramel notes, which is one thing you dont get with the original Belgium Fat Tire beer.

The recipe also features 5.4 percent ABV and 30.4 IBU, measurements that are higher than the original beer. Thus, the bitterness that is barely there in the original Fat Tire is more pronounced with this recipe. Learn how to make 5.5 gallons of beer below.

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Fat Tire Makes A Lousy Beer On Purpose As Climate Change Warning

byRudy Sanchezon 04/23/2021 | 2 Minute Read

The direst consequences of continued climate change are pretty well-known by now. Entire ecosystems will get disrupted to the point of destruction, and millions of humans will be displaced as shorelines erode and regions become inhospitable. A warmer planet will make growing, raising, and growing food more difficult, inevitably creating conflict among nations for scarer resources. Despite the possibility of mass death and the wholesale destruction of our homeworld, some remain unmotivated to act or even acknowledge the impending doom.

But how non-plussed would doubters be if a climate change ravaged world also meant no more tasty beer?

A dystopian world unable to produce palatable brews is the premise behind Fat Tires newest beer, Torched Earth, as part of an awareness campaign this Earth Day. Rather than create something tasty inspired by pristine wilderness, the brewers at New Belgiums flagship brand envisioned the sort of beer theyd be able to produce in a climate-ravaged world.

For the label, Fat Tire commissioned artist Kelly Malka, who drew on her personal experience of seeing her home country of Morroco already suffer from wildfires and other effects of climate change for her neo-futuristic depiction of a fire-swept landscape featuring a worse-for-wear version of the brands iconic bicycle.

What Company Owns Fat Tire Beer

New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

Breweries are owned and operated by international conglomerates, and New Belgium Brewing Company operates across the country. Fat Tire produces Amber Ale, Voodoo Ranger IPA, Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza, and La Folie Sour Brown Ale among a variety of regular and seasonal beer flavors, among them, Fat Tire Amber Ale, Voodoo Ranger IPA, Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza, and La Folie Sour

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Does Kirin Own New Belgium

Kirin Holdings Co., a unit of Japans Kirin Group, has agreed to acquire New Belgium Brewing, one of the worlds largest independent breweries. This is the latest craft beer maker to be bought in a market filled with fierce competition. Each of its 700 employees owns part of the brewery, which is distributed in all 50 states. states.

The Idea: Drink Sustainably

A new tagline/signoff, Drink Sustainably, and website,, will be a hub for Fat Tire to share best practices and become an open-source platform for carbon neutrality in the beer industry. Fat Tire hopes to inspire consumers to vote with their dollars and lower their carbon footprint to create a more sustainable future.A print, social, and retail concept rolled out on International Beer Day called The Real Cost of Beer, hiking prices of Fat Tire at like-minded retailers to a terrifying $100 for a six-pack , engaging consumers with the repercussions of doing nothing about global warming now. This was supported by full-page ads featuring the headline $100 for a Six-Pack? Get Used to It. in The New York Times and buys on NPR, The Guardian, Facebook, and Twitter.

The website does a thorough job explaining climate issues and connects the dots for consumers. Fat Tires CEO puts an editorial stake in the ground, and the company launches projects in renewable energy and agriculture. Consumers engage with multiple pathways to lowering their own carbon footprints.

Site implemented by Consume & Create

Full-page New York Times ad

The work received great coverage in AdAge, Creativity, Adweek, Muse, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, and many others.

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