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Which Tequila Is Best For Margaritas

As Selected By An Esteemed Panel Of Agave

Best Margarita Recipes At Home | Fruit Margaritas | Patrón Tequila

It doesnt take much to make a good margarita. And it doesnt take much to ruin one, either. Fresh lime juice and your preference of orange-flavored liqueur isnt going to mask a lousy tequila.

So lets get your base correct. Below, we asked several bar professionals about their preference in tequilas, but strictly as it relates to margaritas. Were sure they left off a few of your favorites, but if you know what you like, stick with it! And if youre not sure, let this be your guide.

Its an absolute banger for a margarita, says Beau du Bois, the Bar & Spirits Creative Director at Puesto Mexican Artisan Kitchen and Bar in San Diego, noting the rich agave notes and balanced prickly pear aromatics.

It adds a lot of flavor to a margarita without overwhelming the other flavors in your cocktail, says Carley Gaskin, the Chicago-based co-founder of Hospitality 201 and Mix Lab. She also selects Patron for the same reason.

Jose Cuervo Clasico Blanco Tequila

Its no wonder that Jose Cuervo is one of the most widely known tequila brands on the market. Its a classic, and for good reason. Produced, of course, with blue agave, the blanco tequila is unaged and makes the perfect addition to any cocktail and the dream base of any margarita. Both sweet and strong, with a note of spice, its a crisp tequila that youll always come back to. £29.69. At

Okay Tequila Blanco It Is End Of Story Right Well Not So Fast

Tequila blanco, like other spirits, has different levels of quality and distillation that makes a big difference. Youll want to look specifically for 100% blue agave tequila that originates from one of the five regions of Mexico: Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas. If the bottle doesnt say 100% agave then the tequila might also include additives such as sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors. According to Wikipedia, this is also known as a Mixtos tequila in other words 100% a hangover you dont want to wake up to. Mixtos are definitely not the type of tequila you should be using in a margarita because it will introduce some unpleasant flavors and a nasty hangover. Whats worse, paired with the wrong low-quality margarita mix and this is a recipe for disaster.

Which leads us to another point, equally important to picking out the right tequila type for your margarita is picking the right margarita mix for your tequila. We made LAVA to enhance your cocktail experience and highlight your craft tequila not muddy it with sub-par ingredients. After all, 75% of your cocktail is the mix so why not use the best, right?

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8 of the Best Tequilas for Margaritas

classic flavors of honeyed wood sambuca sweet luscious and fiery fresh green chiles a refreshing twist the refreshing margarita can seem to do wonders to you mind, for a margarita glass has become something much more than your everyday beverage they have brought out some other things of excitement on the subject. So when there, who knows how great things could do in just a margarita to. Of the, margarita glasses have been one such item a lot for us and these days almost ever when your guests see their favorite of one or two you just cannot get rid of. There’ a not as bad if it may only you could try them without getting to all right with some thing they didn a little more out of a good taste you’d say the best and if their still drinking that same glass so this great is a little something else to add a spark so in any,

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What Is The Best Tequila For A Margarita

There are a ton of tequilas out there but thankfully we sacrificed for the good of humanity and have done countless drink studies to help you choose what is the best tequila for a margarita. So the next time a friend asks you what are the best types of tequila for margaritas, youll be an expert.

The short answer is tequila blanco, also known as silver tequila or white tequila. This type of tequila is young and unaged and has a stronger natural agave flavor that pairs best with margaritas. Thats because they dont have a woody or aged flavor like its more expensive oak barrel aged peers, the tequila reposado or tequila anejo. Dont get us wrong, these other tequila types are delicious in their own right but we like them more as a sipper tequila as opposed to mixing in margaritas.

Special Mention: Convite Esencial Espadin Mezcal

Convite Esencial Espadin Mezcal is technically not tequila, but its a close cousin. Dark and smoky, this mezcal has a touch of citrus zest and will add a much-appreciated character to your margarita.

Made from 100% Espadin agave, the Esencial Espadin Mezcal is something special. Mezcal is made in three distinct regions in Mexico, and each has its own flavor profile. But the Esencial Espadin embodies what every good mezcal should possess: perfect balance, a touch of smokiness, and a hint of citrus. It’s rich, smoky, and tastes great in a margarita.

Convite Espadin Esencial Mezcal 750ml

So, which tequila is best for you, and why? That is a question for which there is no right or wrong response. Honestly, as long as the tequila has been distilled from 100% blue agave like the ones on this list and has no chemicals or additives, you can’t go wrong. This selection of premium tequilas is perfect for creating killer margaritas at home. When it comes to flavor, it may be worthwhile to spend a little more money for a higher quality margarita, but even our $30 bottles are superb.

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What Triple Sec Is Best For Margarita

Best Triple Sec for margaritas: a quick guide!

  • Top choice: Cointreau. Cointreau is great for margaritas because its very smooth: it brings in notes of warm spices and a citrus perfume.
  • Second choice: any mid-priced Triple Sec, like Drillaud. Price does indicate quality.
  • Splurge choice: Grand Marnier.

Olmeca Altos Tequila Plata

How To MAKE THE BEST MARGARITA EVER! Simple Lime Juice, Triple Sec, Tequila Recipe

Olmeca Altos Plata is produced entirely of blue agave grown in Mexico’s Los Altos highlands. It’s mildly acidic and sweet with a fruity scent, with herbal overtones of cooked agave.

This is Altos’ most classic style of tequila. According to a Drinks International poll of prominent bartenders worldwide, it is known for its inherent smoothness when drunk and for being a top choice tequila for margaritas among bartenders.

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Best Cheap: Sauza Silver Tequila

Budget tequilas are tricky, and it is very easy to get burned when you buy the wrong one. Sauza Silver is one that wont let you down or leave your mouth on fire. It may not be as smooth as top-shelf tequilas, but it is one of the best affordable options, and its in nearly every liquor store.

Sauza is distilled in the town of Tequila and right across the street from Jose Cuervo. While both brands are famous for their cheap gold tequilas, Sauzas 100 percent blue Weber agave silver tequila is a smoother option for tequila shots when you want to save money. It makes a nice margarita as well, particularly when blended with fruits like strawberry and pineapple.

Bottle Size: 750 milliliters | Tasting Notes: Fresh agave, fiber, pepper | ABV: 40% | Region: Los Valles, Jalisco

Silver tequilas are unaged and the most affordable of any brands lineup. Tequila Herradura offers a brilliant example that should be almost anywhere you look. It is premium, but not priced out of reach for the average drinker, and it always produces a great tequila cocktail.

Bottle Size: 750 milliliters | Tasting Notes: Cooked agave, citrus, black pepper | ABV: 40% | Region: Tequila Valley, Jalisco

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Colleen Graham is a beverage writer with over a decade of experience writing about cocktails and bartending. She has visited tequila distilleries in Mexico, tasted countless tequilas over the years, and wrote a book on the spirit.

Kate Dingwall, a sommelier and spirits writer, updated this roundup. She has been writing about wine and spirits for five years and has visited the Jalisco region over a dozen times. She has even harvested her own agave.

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For Your Sipping And Mixing Pleasure

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Whether you’re looking to take some tequila shots with friends or mix up some delicious margaritas or cocktails, finding the perfect tequila can be a tedious search. With so many on the market, it can seem impossible to find one that’s right for you. But the important thing is to select a tequila that you can savor, no matter how you’re enjoying it. Learn how tequila types are categorized and which kind is best for mixing into cocktails or sipping straight.

Here are the best tequilas to satisfy your needs on any drinking night.

Technically, a margarita is just a soura cocktail family comprised of a base spirit, a sweetener, and some citrus. Sours stand the test of time and trend because theyre refreshing and easy to execute. But a cocktail with so few ingredients requires each ingredient to hold its own. You dont need to spend a lot of money, but you do want quality.

If youre more of a sometimes take shots of tequila on the weekends person, a $300 bottle of tequila may sound nuts. But, for those who like their Japanese whisky neat and dream about that one time they want to Islay, this is the tequila that will convince the terroir-loving spirits drinker of tequilas elegance and craftsmanship.

The Best Tequila For A Margarita

10 Best Tequilas for Shots, Margaritas, and Cocktails
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What makes a great margarita? At its best, this classic cocktail is a happy marriage of ingredients, with each element playing off the others, enhancing the drink. A well-made tequila tastes grassy and mildly peppery, with hints of citrus and floral flavors. A good margarita should bring all of those agave flavors, especially the grassy and peppery notes, into the drink, while the tart lime and triple sec should combine into a citrus flavor that enhances and brings out the floral, aromatic side of tequila.

A poorly made margarita usually tastes overly sweet and sticky, with tequila flavors that are either non-existent or actively vile.

I’m on a quest to find the best tequila for a margarita. Do you need to spend big bucks to make a great version of the drink? Are there affordable brands that make good margs? I convened a tasting of margaritas made from ten different tequilas. My tastersall frequent and enthusiastic margarita-drinkerssampled them blind, took notes to describe their impressions, and voted on the best.

Our tasting focused entirely on drinks made with blanco or silver tequilasmost recipes for margaritas call for these. Sure, some bartenders prefer to mix with reposado tequila, and that’s a delicious option. But since silver tequilas are more commonly used and our crew couldn’t make a cocktail with every single bottle in the liquor store, I limited our tasting to those.

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Best Tequilas To Make The Perfect Margarita

If you’ve ever had one, you know why the margarita is one of the most popular cocktails. Sure, it’s not the most elegant drink on the market, but that doesn’t make it any less excellent. Although a margarita isn’t difficult to prepare, nothing beats having one made for you by a well-trained bartender who understands what they’re doing. Continue reading if you want to prepare this fantastic drink yourself and wow your guests with this Mexican cocktail!

We feel passionate about the tequila we carry at The Bottle Haus. We know that many of you already have a favorite or two, but it’s also possible that you aren’t familiar with some of The Bottle Hauss faves. In this blog post, well introduce you to the best tequilas for margaritas, based on both expert and user reviews.

A basic recipe for a margarita would go something like this: 1 oz orange liqueur , 1 oz of lime juice, and 3-4 oz of 100% agave tequila. Before we get to this list, let’s be honest, there is no question about which type of tequila goes with Margaritas. Tequila should always be 100% agave.

Currently, there are over 200 brands of tequila in the world to choose from, so it can be quite overwhelming. Weve narrowed it down to ten of the best, with a bottle to suit every budget.

Oh, and if you see something here you like, just click the link to buy it from our store!

What Kind Of Tequila Is Best For Margaritas

My recommendation will always be for a blanco or reposado tequila for margaritas. Ive learned that I am not the biggest fan of gold tequila in my margaritas.

However, tequila gold is a popular choice for fruity restaurant margs because its inexpensive and the flavor is easily manipulated in mixed drinks!

If you want a lighter, more refreshing agave taste in your margarita, go for a blanco . Looking for a slightly richer experience? Try a reposado!

Lets look at some common questions about tequila!

Can you use Reposado tequila for margaritas?

Absolutely. Its one of my go-to options for homemade margaritas. It just depends on what kind of margarita Im making and which flavor profile were in the mood for!

What is a good inexpensive tequila for margaritas?

As mentioned above, the least expensive categories of tequila are going to be the silver and gold options. Go for a blanco because its always 100% agave and wont compete with the flavors of your margarita mix. You can also grab an inexpensive bottle of gold tequila, but its harder to find one that is 100% agave.

What is the best type of tequila?

If youre looking for a true sipping tequila , the answer to this question is going to be añejo. The price tag will often reflect the quality because it simply takes so much longer to produce.

What is the best top shelf tequila?Whats the smoothest tequila?

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Del Maguey Vida Mezcal

With a rapidly rising profile and a spectacularly popular smoky taste, the agave spirit known as mezcal often replaces tequila as the primary liquor in margaritas. Taproom manager Lamarr Hawkins of Brooklyn Cider House in NYC favors the rendition made by Del Maguel Vida, stating that when making margaritas, I find myself reaching for a mezcal in place of tequila. The smoky flavor of mezcal is a great contrast to the citrus of lime and triple sec. My bottle of choice for a mezcal margarita tends to be Del Maguey Vida. The notes of this particular mezcal lean towards tropical fruit and honey, which add a unique pop to the classic margarita.

How To Make A Margarita :

Which is the BEST Blanco Tequila & Margarita

Detailed instructions are included in the recipe below, but here is a brief overview of how to make a single-serving homemade margarita:

  • Prep your glasses: If you would like to salt the rim of your glass, simply run a juicy lime wedge around the rim and then dip the rim in coarse Kosher salt. Set the glass aside until ready to use.
  • Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker: Combine the tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, and a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker.
  • Shake shake shake: Give the mixture a good shake for about 10 seconds or until chilled.
  • Taste and add sweetener, if desired: Give the margarita mix a taste and if you think it needs extra sweetener, add in a teaspoon or two of agave at a time until the mix reaches your desired level of sweetness.
  • Strain and serve on the rocks. Place a few ice cubes in the serving glass, then strain the margarita mix over the ice and garnish with a slice of lime.
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    Tequila Partida Aejo $4999

    Tequila Partida offers the perfect step into the world of añejo tequilas. It’s dark enough for dark tequila lovers, but it’s also very light with the same sharpness. Overall it’s definitely one of the best tequilas for margaritas. You can taste the tequila’s spice that works great with the margarita mix in making an overall sweet drink with a subtle end burn.

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