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Where To Buy Sweet Tea Vodka

Bird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whiskey

Sweet Tea Vodka: Firefly vs. Sweet Carolina vs. Deep Eddy


Whiskey: Bird Dog Chocolate FlavoredBird Dog’s flavored whiskeys begin with Kentucky bourbon made from corn, malted barley, and rye. This one is infused with chocolates.Size: 750mLProof: 80 Origin: United StatesDistillery: Western SpiritsDetailed DescriptionBird Dog Chocolate Flavored Whiskey exudes a luscious, rich milk chocola…

Bob Dylan | Heaven’s Door Straight Rye Whiskey

What Happens If Seagram’s Vodka Sweet Tea Seagram’s Flavored Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

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California Residents: Tap Here For Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to
WARNING: Many food and beverage cans have linings containing bisphenol A , a chemical known to cause harm to the female reproductive system. Jar lids and bottle caps may also contain BPA. You can be exposed to BPA when you consume foods or beverages packaged in these containers. For more information, go to:

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Original Sweet Tea Vodka

Firefly Original Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka is the first sweet tea vodka. It started at the Firefly Distillery in South Carolina. It is made with all-natural ingredients with tea from a plantation just down the road & Louisiana sugarcane. Mix it with lemonade or water for a true southern sweet tea cocktail.

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Creating Your Own Liquor Favors

Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Mojitos

Making liquor bottle favors on your own is also another practical option. In this way, you can personalize them accordingly. To do this, youd need to buy small empty bottles*, a funnel for pouring the desired drink, and then affix your own labels*. It may be a bit messy so you will need help from at least 2 people especially if you are making bottles for 50+ guests. But if this is too cumbersome for you, you may want to consider a non-alcoholic option such as ready to give . *Amazon affiliate links.

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Firefly Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka Richard Bell Photography, via A Low Country WeddingMini Baileys Irish Cream bottles

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Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka

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Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This Vodka From Cupcake Is Absolutely A No

While we love the idea of combining dessert with drinks , trying to achieve dessert bliss in vodka form is just going to work. With that being said, you should probably just avoid Cupcake vodka. As noted by Time, the vodka in question is a “six-times distilled alcoholic treat created by vino specialists Cupcake Vineyards” and boasts a variety of flavors “Frosting,” “Chiffon,” “Devil’s Food,” and “Original” .

The tagline of the vodka is “Live Deliciously,” but we can’t help but feel that this vodka sounds like the worst quality of cotton candy shoved into a vodka bottle. Or does it have a taste at all? According to one reviewer on Vodka Buzz, the spirit in question “tastes like water,” which doesn’t sound particularly pleasing, either. So as much as we all love the Cupcake brand labels and think that the idea of a cupcake-flavored drink is appealing, we’re going to recommend that you skip this one. Go buy yourself actual dessert instead you’ll be better off for it.

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Ranking The Big Vodka Brands From Worst To Best

We’ve all been cooped up inside forever, but as coronavirus restrictions ease, the idea of getting together with friends for a night of cocktails and conversation is finally feasible. A lot of us spent our days in quarantine just eyeing the clock for 5 p.m. when we could make a margarita or have a glass of wine after a long day of sitting on the couch, working, or just watching everything on Netflix. Now that the possibility of actually getting together with other people is turning into a reality, don’t you want to impress your friends with your innate knowledge of good versus bad alcohol?

When it comes to spirits, there are so many options that it can be difficult to even know where to start. A lot of people may go for the visual method whatever bottle has the coolest label gets chosen but is that really the best way to find the good liquor? After all, some of the best brands when it comes to quality may not have the best marketing. Maybe the bottle that is at your eye level in the liquor store is distracting you from a really good find.

When it comes to vodka, the possibilities are endless, so we’ve put together a list ranking the best and worst big vodka brands. You’re welcome.

If You’re Going For Cheap New Amsterdam Vodka Will Serve You Well

Sweet Tea Vodka Recipes (4 Easy & Fresh Cocktails with Firefly Vodka)

There are some people out there who drink because they enjoy the flavor, while others are just looking for a good time. If you’re someone who wants to get a bit of a buzz without spending a ton of money , then New Amsterdam vodka might be a good choice for you. At just $11.99 for a 750ml bottle, the price does a lot of the talking about the smoothness of this spirit. New Amsterdam has also gotten a variety of colorful reviews, so let’s take a look at some of them, courtesy of Total Wine.

One reviewer cut right to it, saying, “Nail polish remover probably tastes better.” Six simple words that give so much sensory detail. The review continued, “When I first opened bottle I almost dropped it because it smelled that bad. I thought it would be decent vodka at budget price. I guess you get what you pay for!!” Another wrote, “Not the best in my opinion. But anything will work for mixed drinks if they are made right.” So if $11.99 sounds good to you, just proceed with caution.

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How To Use Sweet Tea Vodka

There are two main ways I like to use sweet tea vodka:

  • Spiked Arnold Palmer: An Arnold Palmer, named after the legendary golfer, is a drink made from half lemonade half iced tea. A spiked Arnold Palmer is Sweet Tea Vodka paired with lemonade. Its as good as it sounds, and so refreshing on a hot day. I prefer a ratio of 2:1, lemonade to Sweet Tea Vodka, poured over ice and served with a fresh lemon wedge.
  • Twisted Tea: Combine water and Sweet Tea Vodka, again in a 2:1 ratio, in a glass with plenty of fresh lemon wedges and ice. Simple, classic, and instantly transports me to a rocking chair in front of a mature oak tree in the south a la Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.
  • Review: Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka

    Firefly, youre on notice: Theres another sweet tea vodka in town, and its just as good as you are.

    Jeremiah Weed may not as be as froufrou-friendly its label design is all western-like and it, well, has weed in the name but damn if it isnt just as good.

    Honestly, I have long since run out of Firefly , but if memory serves and I will accept, it probably doesnt serve very well at this point, with half a bottle of JW drained tonight Jeremiah Weed is just as good and nearly identical in flavor. Big fresh-brewed iced tea flavor, a strong slug of sugar , and no kick at all. Both are 70 proof, too.

    As with Firefly, Jeremiah Weed goes down ridiculously easy when mixed 1:1 with water. And thats the trouble. Its just like drinking good iced tea, and you keep wanting more and more. I also tried it half and half with lemonade, as several readers have suggested, but frankly I preferred the version with water. Just straight-up sweet tea flavor, good to the last drop. To be honest, I dont even like iced tea that much, but God I love this stuff.

    Which one of these vodkas is best? I cant say, but I will note the prices are about the same. My advice: Buy the one thats on sale, preferably by the case.

    70 proof.

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    Middle Of The Pack Is Smirnoff

    When you think of big brand vodkas, chances are you think of Smirnoff. It’s been handed to people at parties and gatherings more times than anyone can count, as it’s pretty affordable. As noted by Drizly, Smirnoff is an 80-proof vodka that is filtered ten times, so it’s pretty decent to have on its own or to use in a mix. Smirnoff markets itself as the vodka for “connoisseurs and newcomers alike,” as it prides itself on consistency and on meeting expectations.

    For a middle-of-the-road vodka, Smirnoff seems to check off most of the boxes, according to reviews. One reviewer on Drizly said it best when they wrote, “Does the job.” That review continued, “Nothing really that special. Will continue to buy as it’s fairly inexpensive and works. … Easily accessible, well-known and that’s another reason why I’ll continue to buy.” Another reviewer said that Smirnoff “causes a slight cringe” after shooting it down, but “it’s decent for a middle shelf vodka.” So if you’re down to get a bottle that’s not super cheap but isn’t going to wreck your bank account either, Smirnoff is a decent option that won’t let you down.

    Ron Llave White Rum 1l

    Firefly Lowcountry Sweet Tea Vodka 1.75L â Habersham Beverage


    Rum: Ron Llave White 1LAged in stainless steel casks, Ron Llave White Rum from the West Indies is a versatile mixer for your favorite rum cocktails.Size: 1LProof: 80 Origin: Puerto RicoDetailed DescriptionRon Llave Supremo White Puerto Rican Rum is a traditional Puerto Rican rum. Ron Llave has the mellow character and mixability …

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    A Note About Buying Online

    When purchasing any kind of liquor on the web, do understand that many states have shipping restrictions. So its probably best to check your local stores, too. In this way, if anything should happen you can still opt for a returning and/or exchanging your purchase with the vendor. Purchasing in bulk also complicates the matter, which is why it may be best to opt for a local source.

    Pau Maui Vodka Isn’t For Everyone

    Pineapple is a controversial fruit. Some people love a piña colada more than life itself. Others can’t stand pineapple on top of pizza, and some find even the scent of the tropical fruit off-putting altogether. So this next vodka might be a winner for some and an absolute loser for others. The Pau Maui Vodka, intermixed with the flavor of pineapple, goes for $19.98 a bottle and is the creation of Mark Nigbur. According to Flaviar, Nigbur and the LeVecke family created a micro-distillery in Maui and went to town, creating the Hali’imale Distilling Company and the Pau Maui spirit in the process.

    So how do the reviews for this particular vodka run? A lot of them go in completely different directions, with some being harsher than others. For instance, one customer said that the vodka had a “pretty harsh flavor” and that they preferred using it as a mixing spirit rather than something to drink straight. Another reviewer said that the vodka was “on the low end of average,” and yet another said that it had a “very strong nose curling aftertaste.” So we’ll leave the decision to try this one up to you.

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    Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka



    Vodka is defined as a neutral-flavored, clear spirit. At its core, it is supposed to be virtually tasteless, odorless, and clear in color. But vodka does have very subtle flavors that are distinguishable between brands. Some are peppery, some are creamy, and others have hints of citrus or grain .

    Vodkas subtle flavor makes it an extremely versatile spirit to use in cocktailsits ability to showcase other ingredients flavors and aromas is unrivaled because it doesnt have any of its own.

    Vodka is generally made from grains or potatoes, but it technically can be made from anything. As long as the spirit is flavorless, odorless, clear, and bottled at 40% ABV, it can be called vodka.

    Please check with the store you selected to verify they have the item in stock. Spirit Finder information is based on store purchases not current store inventory.

    Sweet Tea Vodka Cocktails

    Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka – Charleston, SC

    My favourite sweet tea vodka cocktail is super simple. Fill your favourite glass with lots of ice, add one ounce of sweet tea vodka and then fill with lemon San Pellegrino to the top. Garnish with a slice of lemon. Now you have a Spiked Arnold Palmer, a summery cocktail that is perfect for the patio!

    Pair your hard tea and lemonade with some Black Bean, Corn and Lime Vegetarian Nachos and Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip for the perfect patio party or take a batch along with one of my famous Summer Potluck Recipes to your next get together.

    Looking for more great cocktail ideas? Well, check out my Summer Cocktails post. Your guests will thank you!

    Saturday 31st of August 2019

    Its called a John Daly


    Saturday 17th of August 2019

    How long will this last once made? I wouldnt be using all 16 oz. at the same time.

    Merry Kuchle

    Saturday 17th of August 2019

    Without the sugar it will last a long time. Even with it, it should last quite a while.

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    Belvedere Is One Of Our Top Three Picks

    If you’re a “I’m going to buy this vodka because I like the label” kind of person, then we’ll be surprised if you’ve never picked up a bottle of Belvedere before. The name itself just sounds fancy, and, as noted by Drizly, the vodka itself is excellent. Belvedere markets itself as the “true expression of luxury vodka,” and is the result of a 600-year vodka-making tradition originally from Poland. It is made with Polish Dankowski Rye and is distilled four times in order to “create the perfect balance of character and purity.” It also doesn’t have any added glycerin, sugar, or additives, so you know you’re getting the good stuff.

    Belvedere is a fantastic choice as well, because it is not only great for sipping, but it makes the perfect martini . The only slight downside to Belvedere, as you may have guessed, is the cost. For a 1L bottle, you’re looking at dropping about $40, which isn’t exactly the most budget-friendly idea. But if you have a bit to spare, Belvedere is absolutely the right choice.

    Grey Goose Comes In At No 5 For Good Reason

    You might be surprised to see Grey Goose in the No. 5 slot. Grey Goose has great vodka there’s no doubt about it and it’s made with “only the finest French ingredients,” as noted by Reserve Bar. Grey Goose is primarily made with a soft winter wheat and “pure spring water from Gensac in the Cognac region,” which just saying out loud sounds fancy. There’s a very specific process that Grey Goose vodka goes through in its “field-to-bottle” experience, and what you pick up in the grocery store is a gorgeous bottle with a spirit that is sure to be excellent.

    Even the reviews on Influenster are on the positive side, with one customer writing that “you won’t be disappointed” if you pick up a bottle of Grey Goose. Another user wrote that it is one of the best vodkas on the market.

    So, why isn’t it closer to the top spot on this list? It mostly has to do with price. For just 750ml of vodka , it’ll set you back $34. Not exactly the most economical choice, but you get what you pay for.

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    Dangerously Easy To Drink And Great In A Variety Of Cocktails Youd Be Surprised How Easy It Is To Make Your Own Tea

    Sweet tea is as ubiquitous in the South as kudzu vines or college football. Refreshing and with a good hit of fat-cutting tart tannins, its arguably the official accompanying drink of barbecue. So, what if you were to kick this nectar up a notch and spike it with some vodka? *cue angels chorus*

    There are several incarnations of sweet tea vodka on the market, though many are made with artificial flavoring instead of being actually brewed with tea. They come pre-sweetened too, which means you lose your chance to customise the level of sweetness to your liking. But, its so easy to make your own concentrated sweet tea vodka at home, and once you have you can turn it into the perfect summer cocktail, The John Daly. A non-alcoholic tea and lemonade mix is known as an Arnold Palmer , so naturally the liquored up version is fondly known as a John Daly .

    To turn your new voddy creation into a John Daly, just pour over ice, add a bunch of lemon juice, sweeten to taste with simple syrup or agave nectar, and top with water or soda. Stir well before imbibing.

    This one comes with a bit of a warning these are very very easy to drink, and you can hardly taste the alcohol. Proceed with caution, but enjoy. Cheers yall!

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