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Where Is Uncle Nearest Whiskey Sold

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Tennessee Whiskey Review: Uncle Nearest Premium
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Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is a brand of Tennessee whiskey produced by Uncle Nearest, Inc., headquartered in Shelbyville, Tennessee. The whiskey is named after the formerly enslaved man, Nathan “Nearest” Green, who taught a young Jack Daniel the craft of distilling. The brand’s producer is Uncle Nearest, Inc., headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

As of 2020, five brand variants have been produced: Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey, Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Silver Whiskey, Uncle Nearest 1820 Premium Aged Whiskey , Nathan Green 1870 Single Barrel , and Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Tennessee Whiskey.According to the IWSR, Uncle Nearest is the fastest-growing whiskey brand in the United States.In June 2021, Uncle Nearest was named one of the 100 Reasons to Love America by People magazine.

The Story Ofnearest Green

Narrated by Emmy-Award winning actor Jeffrey Wright, this beautifully shot short film, telling the story of the first known African-American master distiller, is about much more than whiskey. It is a story of honor, respect, and an unlikely friendship that could be the greatest American story you never heard.

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey Acquires Additional 5312 Acres Along Highway 231 To Expand Its Distillery

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, the fastest-growing American whiskey brand in U.S. history, announced that it closed a $2.1 million deal to purchase an additional 53.12 acres of land on Highway 231 North that abuts its Nearest Green Distillery.;The additional land will bring the distillerys total acreage to 323.12 and extend its frontage to over half of a mile along the highway.

With this expansion, Uncle Nearest will dedicate 100 acres of its property to plant and grow its own non-GMO, organic corn. Aptly called the Field of Dreams, the corn will be used solely to create the brands portfolio of premium, award-winning whiskeys. In addition to its massive growth, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is the most-awarded whiskey or bourbon of 2019, 2020 and 2021.

When we broke ground, we made history as the first distillery in America to be named after a Black person. Every day, our brand continues to make history and we are finding more and more people wanting to celebrate this history with us at record numbers, said Fawn Weaver, CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest. Expanding our distillery allows us to increase our production capabilities, as well as to continue to enhance the guest experience, so every person who visits has a reason to return again and again.

Tours at Nearest Green Distillery are currently available on Saturdays and Sundays, and can be booked at;;;;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

About Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

For More Information:

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Tasting Notes: Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey

Vital stats: Mash bill of 90% corn and rye with at least some of the remainder being malted corn, all from Tennessee farms, according to Uncle Nearest. Filtered with Maple charcoal via the Lincoln County Process and aged in charred, new American Oak barrels for an undisclosed time. Bottled at 50% ABV and sold for about $58 per bottle.

Appearance: Sold in a plain and tall but still elegant bottle. Both in that bottle and poured in a glass, it has a bronze quality with a hint of red to it that makes it a hair darker than average.

Nose: A sniff initially brings in a rich, molasses-like sweetness through the nasal passages. That quickly gives way to an earthier bouquet of grass, charcoal, and nutmeg, and a touch of maple adding a bit of sweetness.

The Takeaway

While Uncle Nearest wouldnt be at the tip-top of my list of favorite whiskeys to sip on, it certainly has plenty of character and lots of flavor for a wide variety of palates. With a smooth caramelly flavor to satisfy drinkers with a sweet tooth, it also packs a decent punch for those looking for something a bit stronger and spicier. Although it gets a bit spicier than Id like, I still admire how Uncle Nearest manages to retain a variety of flavor elements in both its sweetest and harshest moments. Its a bit pricey, but Uncle Nearest is still worth a try if come across it.

Victoria Eady Butler Is Rewriting Whiskey History At Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey


On June 1, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey founder and CEO Fawn Weaver announced a $50 million venture capital fund to support rapidly growing, minority-owned spirits brands. The decision was announced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the destruction of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Okla. While the fund is a monumental move, it follows a monumental pattern set by Weaver and the Uncle Nearest team. This includes Victoria Eady Butler, master blender and great-great-granddaughter of the companys namesake.

Now recognized as the fastest-growing independent whiskey brand in history, Uncle Nearest was created as part of a larger effort to document Nathan Nearest Greens once-forgotten legacy. Born in 1820 and enslaved in Tennessee, Green was the first person to teach Jack Daniel how to distill his namesake Tennessee whiskey. Green became the first master distiller at the storied brand, yet his tale was forgotten for nearly a century. That is, until this buried history sparked Weavers decision to open a distillery in his honor.

After retiring from a 31-year career with the Department of Justice, Butler joined the blending team with no prior experience to help create the companys 1884 small-batch release. The bottles successful reception soon led to her appointment as the companys official master blender. Every whiskey since has won honors in 2019 and 2020, Uncle Nearest was the most awarded whiskey in America.


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Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Aged Tennessee Whiskey

750 mL;bottle;;|;;LCBO#:;19412

An award-winning Tennessee whiskey. Expect inviting notes of vanilla, Graham cracker, butter, brown sugar, and charred marshmallow. It’s medium-bodied and fruity with a long, viscous finish. Pair with whiskey-brushed ribs alongside mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables or enjoy neat before a meal.

Uncle Nearest Distillery Reopens Its Doors As Expansion Continues

The Nearest Green Distillery, homebase for the Uncle Nearest American whiskey brand, reopened its doors the public over the weekend in Shelbyville, Tennessee following a more than yearlong closure during the COVID-19 pandemic. This comes as the company has also revealed the next phase of a multi-phase, $50 million dollar expansion project.

The reopening occured on Juneteenth and celebrates the accomplishments of all African American people in U.S. history, including the distillerys namesake Nearest Green, a formerly enslaved man now known as the first African American master distiller on record.

Fawn Weaver, CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest, and Victoria Eady Butler, fifth-generation Nearest Green descendant and Master Blender, hosted more than 100 descendants of Green from around the country for a private preview party two days prior to the public opening.

A portion of the Nearest Green Distillery

At Uncle Nearest, everything we do has significance beyond the product we sell its why our main hashtag on social media is #MoreThanWhiskey, said Weaver in a prepared statement. We could not be more honored to have the opportunity to share the history of Tennessee, and to couple that with honoring the history of one of the greatest figures in the spirits industry, Nearest Green.

Travelers visiting the distillery will now experience the newest elements of the property, including:

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The Whiskey Company That Almost Wasn’t

At first, Weaver found only the broad strokes of Green’s story:;While he was;a slave on Rev.;Dan Call’s farm about five miles outside of Lynchburg, Green mentored Daniel. After the Civil War, Daniel bought the distillery. Daniel hired Green, now a free man, to be the Jack Daniel Distillery’s;first head distiller.

Weaver and her husband weren’t having much luck finding information at;Moore County Library when an older white woman walked in. She wore a suit and scarf a striking departure from the rest of the town’s preferred garb for duck hunting season.

She introduced herself as;Judy Boyd Terjen, now the oldest living relative of Jack Daniel himself. After explaining her interest in Green,;Weaver assured Boyd Terjen she was not out to tarnish the Daniel;family’s legacy. She wanted to bring the full story to light.;

Boyd Terjen took out her cell phone and started listing the names and numbers of Green’s descendants, many of whom still lived and worked in Lynchburg. Before she left, Boyd Terjen mentioned Call’s farm, the original Distillery No. 7, was up for sale. She grabbed a sticky note from the library desk and drew Weaver a map.

Soon after, Weaver received a phone call from Boyd Terjen’s cousin Sherrie Moore, another Jack Daniel descendant and a 33-year veteran of the Tennessee whiskey industry. Moore, a realtor,;took Weaver and her husband to the historic 313-acre farm.;

As soon as Weaver;stepped foot on the property, she;said she felt an overwhelming sense of peace.

Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey

Uncle Nearest Whiskey CEO, Fawn Weaver, is Taking the Spirits Industry By Storm

In stock


Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey is a 93 Proof Whiskey aged a minimum of 7 years. Each batch is hand-selected by our founders, and curated by our 5th Generation Master Blender, Victoria Butler.

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is the fastest growing independent American whiskey brand in U.S. history. In 2019, Uncle Nearest 1884 joined the award-winning Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey line-up including Uncle Nearest 1820 and Uncle Nearest 1856. Together, these three ultra-premium whiskeys have garnered more than 85 awards since launching in July 2017, including two Worlds Best by World Whiskies Awards, Top 5 Whiskies in the World, by Cigar & Spirits Magazine, Chairmans Trophy, Platinum and Double Gold by SIP Awards and Best American Whiskey.

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Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey

The company built its brand on its knack for sourcing the best of Tennessee whiskies and bourbons, and using its own non-temperature-controlled aging process and unique post-aging double filtration method that significantly changes the characteristics and profile of the original whiskies. Uncle Nearest is the most awarded new American premium whiskey brand in United States history, garnering 75 awards since its July 2017 debut, including being one of two brands named Worlds Best at Whisky Magazines 2019 World Whiskies Awards, and earning 15 Best in Class. Cigar & Spirits Magazine also named Uncle Nearest one of the Top 5 Whiskies in the World.

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Uncle Nearest Whiskey Created To Honor Former Slave Closes $21 Million Deal To Expand Distillery

Abu Mubarik

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey has closed a $2.1 million deal to acquire an additional 53.12 acres of land for the expansion of its distillery. The land, which is near the companys Nearest Green Distillery, is located on Highway 231 North.

The acquisition of the additional land will bring the distillerys total acreage to 323.12 and extend its frontage to over half of a mile along the highway, the company said in a statement.;Also, the company will dedicate at least 100 acres of its property to plant and grow its own non-GMO, organic corn which will be used to solely create the brands portfolio of premium, award-winning whiskeys.

When we broke ground, we made history as the first distillery in America to be named after a Black person. Every day, our brand continues to make history and we are finding more and more people wanting to celebrate this history with us at record numbers, said Fawn Weaver, who is the CEO of the company.

A Black Whiskey Entrepreneur Will Help Bankroll Others Like Her

Fawn Weaver, the founder of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, has amassed a $50 million venture capital fund to seed minority-owned spirits businesses.

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In 2017 Fawn Weaver began bottling Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey as a passion project to honor Nearest Green, the formerly enslaved distiller who taught Jack Daniel how to make whiskey. Four years later, her bourbon has sold nearly 1.5 million bottles, according to a recent report in The Spirits Business.

Uncle Nearest is now the nations fastest-growing whiskey brand, according to the drinks-market analysis firm IWSR. Its a testament not just to the quality, but also to the power of an inclusive brand with a compelling story.

On Tuesday, Ms. Weaver, the companys founder and chief executive, went a step further toward diversifying an industry long dominated by white men, as the company announced the creation of a $50 million investment fund aimed at helping minority-owned spirits businesses grow. The announcement was timed to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, in which a prosperous Black neighborhood in Tulsa, Okla., was destroyed and hundreds of residents were killed by a white mob.

I am looking for the brands that have the ability to be the next Uncle Nearest, she said during a recent video conference call with her staff. What that means to me is, they are not building to flip, theyre not building to sell. Theyre building to create generational wealth.

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Whiskey Review: Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey

For many years, the widely accepted version of how Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey got its start was that a preacher and farm owner in Lynchburg took a teenager named Jack Daniel under his wing in 1864 and taught him how to run the farms still. That experience allowed Daniel to found the now internationally recognized brand in 1866.

Yet, as the 150th anniversary approached in 2016, the distillery dove into its own history came out publicly with a new narrative that one of the preachers slaves, Nathan Nearest Green, was Daniels actual distilling mentor.

The revelation inspired a wave of articles delving into the role that slaves and blacks played in making whiskey in the United States most especially by The New York Times and more recently, a new bottling in honor of Greens contribution to whiskey: Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey.

A key driver of the new brands creation is Fawn Weaver. She was so inspired by Greens story, according to The Tennessean, ;that she launched the Nearest Green Foundation to promote his legacy, pulled together a coalition to launch the brand, and even bought the 313-acre Lynchburg farm where Green taught Daniel and worked together side by side for years afterward.

The founders later picked a historic, 270-acre horse farm in nearby Shelbyville to build their distillery, tasting room, and music venue, with the company wishing to respect Daniels legacy as well as honor Greens.

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