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Where Can I Buy Half Whiskey Barrels

Shipping Containers Of Various Sizes

How to Plant a Garden in Whiskey Barrels : Garden Space

Great for storage use we sell used shipping containers of the following sizes: 20′, 40′,45′,48′,53′ and now offer FREE DELIVERY any where in the city! call us to see if the size you want is in stock.

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Pauls Containers

How To Prepare A Half Wine Barrel Planter

I love half wine barrel planters. At our house, we have challenging clay soil and a whole lot of slippery hillside to work with. The barrels are great because I can set them on our big, sunny deck and place them along hillside walkways. They make it easier to maintain the soil and they put my plants within easy reach.

The first time I planted a half wine barrel, I forgot to drill drainage holes in the bottom. Duh. But now that they are taking over our property at last count, we had sixteen I have developed a solid system for preparing them. Of course, there are many ways to handle the particulars, but Ill describe the steps that work for me.

Perfect For Containing Enthusiastic Plants

The large size of a whiskey barrel planter makes it an ideal contained space to plant overly-enthusiastic plants.

Would you like to grow enough peppermint to make tea all winter without it totally taking over your garden? Whiskey barrel planter. What about growing some very pretty running bamboo? Whiskey barrel planter.

Keep these guys isolated by NOT planting them directly in the ground.

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Water Harvesting Rainbarrel With Single Or Double Tap

This selection allows for a watering can to be filled from the center tap while a garden hose remains attached to the bottom tap. If you wish, you can pressurise the water coming from the rainbarrel with use of an inline pump to water your lawn or even wash your car – all with water you collected courtesy of Mother Nature.

Toasted To Perfectionoak Infusion Spirals Save Time Without Sacrificing Flavor

Half Whiskey Barrel

In an age where Oak barrels are scarce, The Oak Infusion Spiral is widely known as an outstanding additive and alternative for fast Oak extraction and refined, integrated results. Our spirals are precision cut from premium oak, maximizing end grain exposure for full extraction in weeks, not months. Tank and barrel applications are getting rave reviews with distillers and their whiskies are being lauded as some of the industrys finest.

Learn more at

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Whiskey Barrel Container Water Garden Or Patio Pond

Of course, you can grow much more than just water lilies and lotus plants in half whiskey barrel planters. There are a wide variety of aquatic pond plants that fit perfectly into whiskey barrels.

A favorite container recipe of gardeners is to use a tall plant for dramatic effect, a trailing plant to cascade over the sides, and another plant to fill in the rest of the voids. This combination is often called the thriller , spiller , and filler, and works as well in container ponds as it does for regular container plantings.

Find the perfect aquatic plants for your container pond by visiting our aquatic plant gallery.

Great For Diy Gardeners

Whiskey barrel planters are ideal for DIY gardens. Due to their large size, it can be hard to find ready-made barrel gardens in most nurseries. And even if they can be made to order, some planters can be so big and heavy that transport can be difficult. Planters like these also tend to become more expensive especially when custom-made. It is far more ideal to start with an empty planter that you can customize yourself!

Many homeowners prefer to craft custom container gardens anyways according to their own choices of plants and flowers. Whiskey barrels are great for creating truly unique container gardens that reflect your style and preferences of plants, herbs, and vegetables. Dont forget to take note of various whiskey barrel planter ideas that you come across during the gardening season!

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Theme Ideas For A Whiskey Barrel Planter

Whether you are planning on making a vegetable, herb, or flower garden, whiskey planter barrels are a great choice because these are ideal for different types of gardens. Here are some examples of gardens that can be planted in whiskey barrels:

  • Flower Garden
  • Salsa Garden
  • Salad Garden

The more whiskey barrel planter ideas I come across, the more planters I need to find

Places That Sell Used Whiskey Barrels Online

DIY – WINE BARREL PLANTER – Unique garden bed, Easily cut a wine or whiskey barrel in half.
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Barrels are more than just containers for aging your favorite wine and liquor. Sure, theyre most commonly used as such, but there are other ways to make use of these wooden containers.

One of the most common uses of barrels other than for aging alcoholic drinks is for furniture. Head over to your local rustic-themed restaurant and youll more often than not find a barrel or two in the store put up as decoration. They make for great tables, chairs, or even just pure decoration.

Even if you arent using barrels for the sake of furniture, though, there are still some ways to make use of them particularly if theyre aged. If youre running a professional brewery or distillery, used barrels are great for aging, as they add more flavor and body to the drink.

Even coffee beans have been known to be aged in used whiskey barrels. So not only are used barrels great for home decoration, theyre also useful in businesses that need that extra flavor when aging.

So if youre looking for a place that sells aged barrels, but you dont know where to look, youve come to the right place. Weve listed 8 online stores that ship their used whiskey barrels to locations all over the U.S. of A. But before you pick one from the list and order immediately, here are a couple of pointers.

These online stores are different in their own way some stores are more budget-focused, meaning that you can get a good deal out of them, especially if you live close to their physical locations.

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Toast Levelscharred To Perfection

Based on the needs of your distillery, we can achieve subtly varying flavors and aromas such as sweet caramel, smoke, spice, coffee, chocolate and vanilla.

#3 Char

Our standard, a #3 Alligator char provides the most vanillins. Caramel and toffee flavors are also present that work well for Bourbons and provide a beautiful dark amber color.

#4 Char

Our second most popular, a #4 char adds smoke, coffee and chocolate flavors and a darker color working wonderfully for Rye Whiskeys.

Custom Char

Upon request, we will work with you to determine which char level – #2 or #5 – will help you achieve your desired flavor profile.

Use Whiskey Barrels As Rain Chain Water Basins

Some prefer using rain chains over traditional aluminum downspouts. Instead of having the usual rocks or small rain chain basins, use a half whiskey barrel planter instead!

They look best near a patio or front door. Aquatic plants can handle a deluge of rain but you may lose small fish in a rainstorm. For this reason I would not advise using a container pond at the base of a rain chain to keep fish in.

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Whiskey Barrel Wholesale Pricing For Our Once Used Whiskey Barrels And Our Outside Rustic Barrels Is Now Available For Delivery To Most East Coast Usa States For $60 Per Barrel Delivered In Full 53′ Truckload Quantities Full 53′ Truckload Quantities For The Standard Full

We offer the lowest pricing for the best quality barrels in the used whiskey barrel industry. Barrel pricing as low as $40 per barrel for 288 barrels. contact us today!

We offer the lowest pricing for used barrel heads in the barrel industry. Barrel Head pricing as low as $2 per barrel head for a minimum of 2000 barrel heads. contact us today!

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Large Genuine Half Whisky Barrel Pot Planter Pond

Whiskey Barrel

The barrel will be beautifully consisting of an oak whiskey barrels for sale, a choice of full or half for you,great for loads of projects, water butts, planters and loads more, get creative.. signs of age and the barrels are burnt inside. Large Genuine Half Whisky Description : Excellent. Payments : I accept Paypal. All items are always properly packed We will ship worldwide from WILLENHALL ….

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Whiskey Barrel Planter Ideas

Gardening is back in a big way, especially since more and more people realize the advantages of growing their own food, flowers, and herbs in their backyard. Its also never been better to have your own outdoor sanctuary! Even if you dont have a lot of space, you can still grow a thriving garden with container pots. Whiskey/wine barrel container planter pots are a great option for a larger container garden.

Barrel planters can serve as the centerpiece for your garden. They can be filled to the brim with bright decorative flowers to give a boring patio a facelift. Whiskey barrels can be used to grow all of your culinary kitchen herbs. Wine barrels can be planted with graceful ornamental grasses for an elegant winery aesthetic.

Whiskey barrels, wine barrels, or other similar wooden distilling barrels can be a great addition to your container garden or exterior decor. Read on to get all the whiskey barrel planter ideas you need to plan out your own whiskey barrel planter garden!

Fun Ways To Create A Water Feature From Half Whiskey Barrels

Are you looking for inspired ways to transform your half-whiskey barrel planters into something new? Try decorating your garden with one of these 7 water feature ideas using half-whiskey barrels.

Whiskey barrels have gotten a reputation for being stuck in the rustic garden niche but these days they come in an array of different finishes and shapes. So whether you prefer rustic/traditional or modern-contemporary, there is likely one on the market to suit your tastes.

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Versatile In Sun Or Shade

Whiskey barrel planters are made of wood and can weather all sorts of outdoor conditions on top of the regular exposure to moisture. Place these planters in sun or shade and you wont have to worry about it breaking down quickly or warping, unlike cheaper containers made of plastic and other synthetic materials. Just make sure to choose sun-loving plants for planters in the sun and choose shade-loving plants for planters in the shade .

Hint: Here are 20+ herbs that grow in shade

How To Buy Your Own Private Barrel Of Whiskey

Restoration of 100 year Old ? Whiskey Barrel than convert to a Planter

December 1, 2016 | Fred Minnick

How would you like to own a barrel of bourbon? Or batch two barrels together for your own unique small batch? Once the exclusive domain of bourbon clubs and choice bars, now any whiskey lover with the desire and some determination can buy a barrel of bourbon.

The U.S. three-tier liquor laws require that a wholesaler purchase from the supplier and then sell to the retailer, who sells to you. In other words, you cant just walk into the warehouse, grab a barrel, and check it in your airport luggage. Fortunately, because youll be spending between $5,000 and $12,000 in their store, most retailers will gladly help make your dream come true by cooperating with your chosen distillery.

The goal is to achieve something uniquely suited for your groups palate. No two barrels taste the same, so this is a true tasting study.

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Limited Number Of Smaller Barrels May Be Available In 15 And 30 Gallons

We are so happy with our oak whiskey barrels. They are going on our deck for this summer, then we think we will move them indoors for plants and books for the winter months. It adds a rustic, farmstyle quality to our decor, and Dave got right back to us and delivered our order the next day. We know we will enjoy them for years to come.

We also sell Oak Barrel Furniture and special orders are always welcome!

Rocky Mountain Barrel Company

Based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Rocky Mountain Barrel Company sells used whiskey barrels of different types. The way that ordering from this website works is that youll need to get a quote for the barrels you want to buy, and theyll send them to you as soon as they can.

When it comes to their collection, Rocky Mountain Barrel Company has a few options to choose from. They have a used Colorado whiskey barrel, a JD whiskey barrel, and even an Early Times whiskey barrel. Again, youll need to get a quote from their website to find out the price of these barrels, should you plan on buying from them.

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What You Need To Prepare A Half Wine Barrel Planter

Heres a list of what I use to prep a half barrel, minus any kind of liner.

  • half wine barrel
  • power drill with a bit large enough to make drainage holes the size of quarters
  • apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle
  • wire mesh to cover the drainage holes
  • wire cutters to size the mesh
  • staple gun to affix the mesh
  • four casters or feet
  • good soil

Where To Get Half Wine Barrels

Whiskey barrel Half 1/2 split flat back Whiskey barrel ...

Your options depend on where you live. If youre in or near wine country, you can turn to the wineries themselves. I sometimes get my barrels from a winemaking shop in Berkeley. You can also find them at many nurseries and many big-box home stores. And I once found some genuine barrels outside a mainstream supermarket for an amazing price, so keep your eyes open.

If you can obtain a barrel at or near its source, it will be less expensive. When I get barrels from the winemaking folks, I pay half the price my local nursery charges. For me, the only advantage of getting them at the nursery or local lumber yard is that those places are closer and theyre willing to drill the drain holes for me very expensive holes.

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Use Tall Plants As A Centerpiece In The Barrel Garden

The large size of whiskey barrel planters provides the perfect scale to taller ornamental plants. Use the tallest plants in your collection in the centre of the barrel to give the whiskey barrel garden some height. For an ornamental garden in the sun, this could be canna lilies or a lovely tall ornamental grass . A veggie barrel planter could even have a tomato plant right in the middle! Yum!!

Whiskey Barrel Planter Tip: If you cant find the right tall plant for the middle, you can plant a shorter plant in a small planter pot and then place it on top of the soil in the barrel. Plant some trailing vining plants such as sweet potato vine or nasturtium to tie the stacked planters together.

Adding A Liner To Your Barrel

Whether or not to line your barrel with plastic is entirely up to you. Many people feel that a liner significantly extends a barrels life though how much is questionable. My lined barrels are decaying at about the same rate as those that arent lined. One way or another, if your barrel is solid oak, it should last for a good long time.

I like to line my barrels for a different reason, which is that it helps the soil to retain moisture. Even large containers can dry out quickly during a stretch of hot summer days. With a liner, I dont have to water as often.

At first, I had some worries about chemicals leaching from plastic liners into the soil but I poked around on the Internet and talked to a lot of gardener folk and pretty much put my fears to rest. After all, I occasionally plant in heavy-duty plastic pots or even 5-gallon plastic buckets. But if you have any worries about plastic, skip it.

If you want a liner, you have to decide what kind. You can buy pre-made plastic liners for half-wine barrels. Ready made liners are expensive, but if youre not going to have a huge crop of barrels, they may be worth the investment. Myself, I have invented a goofy way of fashioning a liner out of a heavy-duty, 42-gallon trash bag. All you need is the bag, a pair of scissors, your trusty staple gun, some patience, and maybe a sense of humor.

Happy planting!

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Whiskey Barrel Goldfish Ponds

Half whiskey barrel planters are too small for Koi fish, but thats okay because there are a few types of goldfish that look just like Koi but smaller.

There are also many other types of fish that work well in outdoor container ponds, feeding on algae and mosquito larvae. For more on keeping fish in outdoor container ponds, .

Five Steps For Preparing A Half Wine Barrel Planter

The Best Way to Plant A Whiskey Barrel Planter

1. Drill drainage holes in the bottom. Even when I lived alone, I thought it was important to own a power drill. Ive done this plenty of times myself, but a girl can get lazy about certain things when she has a guy around. Now I usually ask Stewart to drill the holes.

2. Spray the bottom and inside of the barrel with apple cider vinegar. If your wine barrel is the real thing solid oak that was used to ferment grapes it may play host to a fungus that will grow on the wood. If you put the barrel on a wooden deck, the fungus may begin to grow there, too. To inhibit the growth of stuff you dont want, get some apple cider vinegar and a plastic spray bottle and go to work. Turn the barrel over and thoroughly spray the bottom, concentrating on the area around the holes. Then turn it over and thoroughly spray the inside of the barrel, too. Let the barrel dry and proceed to step 3.

3. Cut pieces of wire mesh to fit over the drainage holes. You can use any kind of strong mesh for this step, as long as the openings are small enough to prevent the soil from dropping through the drainage holes. If you have mesh made of strong fabric, you may be able to cut out a big circle with scissors and staple the whole thing to the bottom of the barrel. I use the heavy wire shown in the photos only because we have a bunch left over from an old drainage project.

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