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What Is The Best American Whiskey

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon


Quintessential bourbon blended from four different recipes, and aged for at least six years, from a reliably excellent producer. All the sweet caramel and oak spice that youd expect from a mature bourbon, alongside velvety red berry fruit and coconut cream. Packs a punch, but flavours of nutty fudge smooth off any rough edges. Beautifully balanced. Alc 45%

Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky

The Johnnie Walker Red Label has been around since the early 1900s, though it existed as Walker’s Special Old Highland Red Label before. This high-quality blended whisky was created by two brothers – George and Alexander Walker who first made this drink in their fathers’ distillery in 1909.

Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky is the perfect balance of sweet, fruity notes with just enough spice to keep you coming back for more. The nose hints at apples and pears before revealing itself as a true representation of what’s inside.

There are elegant Speysides malts that leave behind their signature smoky finish while delivering alluring flavors such as pear, delicately peeking through cinnamon onto your tongue. Theres no doubt this whiskey will make it hard to stop drinking once you start!

Four Roses Small Batch Select Review

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Earlier this year, Four Roses decided to add the fourth rose to its lineup by announcing their new Small Batch Select. Using basically the same bottle as their small batch and changing up the label some, they bottle this blend of 6 different recipes at 104 proof and forgo the chill filtering that regular Small Batch must utilize. This had many Four Roses fans biting at the bit to try it. But then the bad news came out that at least for the first year, availability was going to be limited to only certain states. As for pricing, this would fit neatly between their Single Barrel, 100 proof bottles and their Barrel Proof Single Barrels that now run upwards of $70.

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Stranahans Mountain Angel 10

Theres a lot of magic happening in Colorado these days, and not just in the mushrooms they legalized. The state is making some of the best whiskey in the world these days, none better than Stranahans. This summer they released Mountain Angel, their oldest and rarest bottle ever and the first and only 10-year-old American single malt. A bunch of craft beer-influenced elements go into the Stranahans cauldron, including pristine Colorado mountain spring water, 100% local Rocky Mountain barley, brewers yeast and American new charred barrels. Because of the Denvers distillerys mile-high altitude and dry climate, the 10-year-old Mountain Angel saw an angels share loss on par with a Scotch aged twice as long. The Good: a liquid with candied apple, tobacco and dark chocolate flavor boasting a sensuous, oily mouthfeel undoubtedly the best Stranahans to date. The Bad: not much liquid survived the decade of aging, so fewer than 500 bottles were made. Because of that dearth if you cannot find Mountain Angel substitute with Blue Peak, Stranahans first new core product since 2017, aged four years in 53-gallon new American oak and finished via the Solera process. They just put together a kit for the holidays with everything needed to make their signature Highland cocktail at home . $130 SRP/ 47.3% ABV Stranahans Blue Peak Cocktail Pack: $125 SRP/ ABV 43%

Best Barrel Finish: Pike Creek 10 Year Old Rum Barrel Finished

The 8 Best High Proof Bourbon Whiskeys

From Corby Distilleries, Pike Creek’s rye whisky undergoes some interesting barrel finishes after initial maturation. One of the best expressions is this 10-year-old blended whisky finished in rum barrels. This secondary maturation brings notes of banana and brown sugar to the mix of caramel, spice and dried fruit flavors.

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Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey

If super sweet-and-spicy rye is your thing, then Maryland’s original brand Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey should be in your shopping cart. Like so many other Maryland rye distilleries, Pikesville was shuttered by Prohibition. When it reemerged, it became the last standing Maryland rye. They may have moved their distillery to Kentucky with the other Heaven Hills brands, but their spirit remains fully intact.

This $42.50 rye is full of spicy rye and cloves, but it’s nicely balanced with a chocolatey aroma and a hint of vanilla on the finish. And don’t worry about the high 110 proof – it carries the flavors while helping this bottle last for a long time!

New York Distilling Company 2 Year Old Batch 1

Price: £37.95

In the Rye Aged up to 7 Years flight, Master-winning New York Distilling Company 2 Year Old Batch 1 , was praised for its classy maturity.

A lovely rounded rye with all the character youd expect from a middleaged rye, one judge noted.

The 53% abv expression is made from rye selected and grown exclusively by Pedersen Family Farm in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York.

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Best Bourbon: Woodford Reserve Bourbon

“Throughout the years, Woodford Reserve has been delivering the same greatness in their products,” says David Libespere, general manager of 67 Orange Street in Harlem, N.Y. “Knowing that it is handcrafted in small batches, and still being able to keep the price that low, is amazing. Woodford is great neat, on the rocks or in cocktails.” He adds, “At 67 Orange, we have it in our signature cocktail named the Manhattan After Dark .”

What Is The Best Bourbon For Old Fashioneds

5 Top American Whiskeys Explained

Bourbon and Old Fashioned enthusiasts may regularly debate and argue over the best one to use. However, we believe that the short answer simply is that there isnt one.

We ourselves may have curated the above list of suggested whiskeys, and indeed theyre all great. Nevertheless, there is no single bourbon that is objectively the best in an Old Fashioned.

What we would instead argue is that every bourbon will likely offer a subtly different experience. Due to the nature of their individual characters, they will each react differently with the other ingredients.

Overall, weve generally opted for mid-range bourbon as ideal Old Fashioned ingredients. These tend to offer the best value for money when taking into account their quality and the experience that they offer in the cocktail.

That said, we disagree with both the mantra that you want the highest-quality ingredients in a cocktail as well as the philosophy that you ideally want the cheapest.

The former argues that a premium whiskey will only heighten the experience. Meanwhile, the latter suggests that when mixed together, they lose all their character and it would be a waste of money.

Both are correct in their own way, but it depends on both your budget and personal preferences. A higher-quality bourbon will indeed improve a cocktails experience and offer additional nuance. Still, the benefits might be in relatively subtle, understated, and even limited ways.

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Best Blend: Crown Royal Deluxe

“There are definitely some good new Canadian whiskies on the market,” says Nestor Marchand, the director of food and beverage at Plunge Beach Resort in Florida. But when I think of Canadian whisky, I think of Crown Royal. Its a nice upgrade that won’t break the bank.

Blended with 50 different whiskies aged in oak barrels, this spirit is extremely popular for a reasonits smooth, sweet, and can be used in many different cocktails.

Best Canadian: Canadian Mist Whisky

ABV: 40% | Age: 3 years | Volume: 750 milliliters, 1 liter, 1.75 liters

When you want something that will mix perfectly into any cocktail, Canadian Mist is an excellent choice. This Canadian whisky is distilled from barley malt, rye, and corn, and then aged in white oak barrels. That base is then blended with flavoring whiskies to create an easy drink that will even appeal to people who enjoy white spirits, like rum and vodka.

Canadian Mist has a subtle and smooth profile. It pairs wonderfully with a variety of flavors, from sweets to fruits and can even handle spiced drinks. A simple whiskey highball with soda is equally pleasing. Possibly the best part of this infinitely mixable whisky is that it comes at a bottom-shelf price, but without the burn found in many of its competitors.

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Best American Single Malt Westland Distillery Garryana Edition 5

Average Price:$183

The Whiskey:

Westlands Garryana Edition is becoming a player in peated American single malt conversations. Their version partially spends its time mellowing in hyperlocal Garryana oak, or Garry oak, imbuing the whiskey the Pacific Northwests terroir down to its core.

Tasting Notes:

Theres a real sense of an orchard full of trees with a green leaf earthiness at play next to a slight buttermilk biscuit body and hints of cinnamon and dark chocolate. The taste holds onto the chocolate and spice and then veers into a smoky territory but more like a smoked porter with a real sense of an old brisket smoker with years of fat, pepper, salt, and smoke baked into the walls. The end lingers fairly long, with notes of burning sweet wood wafting the aforementioned smoker smoke over a fatty piece of salted meat.

Bottom Line:

This is smoky in a way that feels more like Texas than Scotland. In fact, this is a great bottle to take over to your next smoke out.

Best American Whiskeys: Eight To Try

The 10 Best American Whiskeys

If you think American whiskey is just bourbon and Jack Daniels, think again. While Jack remains the categorys best seller by a Tennessee country mile, the US is now one of the most dynamic and forward-looking whisky-making countries on the planet.

It wasnt always this way. Whiskey fell out of favour in the US during the 1980s and 1990s, as Americans continued their long-term love affair with vodka. Bourbon was dads drink, and as interest dwindled, so did the spirit of innovation among distillers.

Then people began to rediscover bourbon, and also fell in love again with rye a distinctive, characterful, peppery style of spirit that has a claim to be the original American whiskey. At the same time, a new generation of craft distillers started questioning the status quo and experimenting with different grains, and distillation and maturation techniques.

As a result, American whiskey has never been as varied and fascinating as it is today, whether it comes from bourbons Kentucky heartland, or from one of the burgeoning ranks of craft distillers that dot the map from Seattle to Virginia.

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Ardbeg Uigeadail 959 Pts

Named for the loch that Ardbeg sources its pure water from, Uigeadail is a strong, peat driven whiskey with notes of smoke, leather, dried fruits and walnut oil. Courtesy of maturation in both old bourbon and sherry casks, the Ardbeg Uigeadail has a flavour of Christmas pudding, glazed smoked ham with a burst of clove-driven spice on the finish.

Country: Scotland

Bourbon Terms To Know

Bourbon Whiskey: Whiskey produced in the U.S. at not exceeding 80 percent alcohol by volume from a fermented mash of not less than 51 percent of corn and stored at not more than 62.5 percent alcohol by volume in charred new oak containers.

Straight Bourbon Whiskey:Bourbon whiskey stored in charred new oak containers for two years or more. Straight bourbon whiskey may include mixtures of two or more straight bourbon whiskeys provided all the whiskeys are produced in the same state.

Bottled in Bond:The spirit must be the product of one distillation season by one distiller at one distillery. It must have been stored in a federally bonded warehouse for at least four years and be bottled at 100 proof. The bottled products label must identify the distillery where it was distilled and bottled.

Sour Mash: A fermentation technique used by almost all bourbon distillers that employs pre-fermented mash from a previous distilling in a new mash. The sour mash prevents wild yeast from entering the mash and causing infections.

Proof: The percentage of alcohol, displayed as double that of the alcohol percentage.

High Rye: A bourbon with a higher than normal percentage of mash bill made up of rye . This tends to produce spicier flavors in the bourbon.

Wheated: A bourbon with a higher than normal percentage of mash bill made up of wheat . This tends to produce a softer, less spicy whiskey.

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Best Whiskies For 2021

Held in Estes Park, Colorado outside of its regular Chicago homeland, the International Whisky Competition judged a number of big-name releases from the spirits community. After a bling tasting and judging process, the panel of experts named the top-ranking drams for this year. Here is a list of the top 15 whiskies for 2021, according to the International Whisky Competition.

Types Of American Whiskey

What’s The Best Rye Whiskey American or Canadian

Bourbon whiskey is probably the most prominent of all American whiskey followed by Tennessee. However, the entire country has benefited from distilleries popping up everywhere from North Dakota to Utah, Texas to Washington. In fact, the craft whiskey industry has blossomed so much over recent years that its made the United States one of the most popular exporting regions in the world.

When it comes to American whiskey, they all have something in common, and thats the type of grains used to produce them.

Craft American Whiskeys

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Balcones Distilling Balcones 1 Texas Single Malt

Balcones arguably coined the term Texas Single Malt. Launched in 2008, the Waco distillery quickly gained acclaim for its flawless attention to detail and flair for experimentation. Although cofounder Chip Tate is gone, Balcones continues to pour great detail into their productcombining traditional elements with Texan flair . Their complex Texas Single Malt boasts beautiful color, cocoa notes and creamy mouthfeel, and has helped earn Balcones more than 350 awards since their first bottle in 2009. $74.99

How Do You Drink American Whiskey

You can enjoy your whiskey any way you like. Some people prefer it neat with a little water or with one large ice cube or ice sphere, while others like to mix American blended whiskey with a soft drink. The goal is to appreciate the taste, layered aromas, and flavors in the whiskey without diluting it too much.

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Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon Whiskey

  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Age: Straight NAS
  • Casking: Virgin White Oak

Four Roses standard bourbon is often referred to as the yellow label in order to distinguish it from the brands more premium offerings. Despite its low cost, this light and floral bourbon ticks all the boxes and offers a very pleasant experience both neat and in an Old Fashioned.

Furthermore, Four Roses is quite transparent to the use of its mash bills and theyre blended. Therefore, if youre fond of learning about what quantities of grain were used as well as the yeast strains for fermentation, all of this information is freely available to find online.

The Best Bourbon Under $50

The 8 Best American Whiskeys of 2021

Precisely how this mish-mash of corn and malt with rye became Bourbon is unknown. But what matters is that its delicious. So long as you get the right brand at the right price.

But look no further, here we present the best bourbon under $50:

Swimming in rye, basic Bulleit might be easy to find, but that doesnt discount how well it leverages mass production to bring high quality to the masses. It has lots of Dreamsicle orange sweetness, but also has spite and tobacco leaf bite built right in to finish the job with frontier sass.

Part of the allure of small batch mixtures is they will change over the years, evolving as the blended mix evolves to alter the taste landscape. With Four Roses bourbon, dark fruits and cinnamon come on quick, bringing a maudlin sense that is rapidly expunged by citrus peel backers and lots of rye. Then it slides into sweet caramel and toffee.

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Whistlepig Single Barrel 10 Year Old Rye Whiskey

Another merchant exclusive: a cask selection of WhistlePigs 10 Year Old Rye. This superlative whiskey showcases the softer, lighter side of rye distinctly savoury, herbal with notes of cranberry and russet apple softened by light toffee and ginger. Matured in Vermont under the watchful gaze of one of the great American distillers, the late Dave Pickerell, this is a worthy tribute to his skills. Alc 55.8%

William Larue Weller Review

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William Larue Weller needs no introduction. As a member of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, the only bottle to be a wheated bourbon in that series and the fact it uses the same mashbill as Pappy Van Winkle bourbons, theres a huge following for it. I was lucky enough to have the chance to taste this fine whiskey from the 2015 BTAC series and experience how much it lives up to the hype. So without further ado, lets get down to business. I sampled this neat and in a glencairn.

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Midleton Very Rare Blended Whiskey $135

Midleton Very Rare lives up to its name just 50 casks of this precious blended whiskey are created each year at the same Cork distillery where affordable global brand Jameson is also produced. A new collectible vintage has been released annually since 1984 and only the best whiskeys matured in seasoned oak casks are chosen by master distiller Barry Crockett, who signs each individually numbered bottle to denote its quality.

Due to the hand-crafted nature of Midleton Very Rare, there are subtle variances in its taste from year to year, which creates part of its allure.

All of the distillates used in what has been described as Irelands most exclusive whiskey are triple distilled and are aged for between 12 and 25 years in hand-selected bourbon or sherry casks, meaning whichever year you are sampling, it is bound to be worth the effort.

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