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What Is Flaviar Whiskey Club

Flaviar Alternatives Product Overview

What is Peated Whisky?

Before we begin, you might say were biased because we do love our Tasters Club options and members, but this post is mainly to help you ask the right questions about what youre looking for and to help you find the best option if youre looking for Flaviar alternatives.

Both Tasters Club and Flaviar focus on curating a collection of unique bottles of liquor for members. Both offer premium selections, and both give members a convenient way to get consistent access to a variety of interesting bottles.

The differences are mainly in how each business is structured and what each membership includes. This is why its good to know what youre looking for before you make a choice. You can even try both Tasters Club and Flaviar for a short 3 months, and decide which one you prefer. Even though the experiences may be different, youll receive excellent value from both, and we think life should be full of choices and experiences .

How Does It Compare Flaviar Alternatives

Although highly esteemed among spirit lovers, Flaviar still has its competitors. Here are some of them compared.

Flaviar vs Caskers

Flaviar vs Tasters Club

Flaviar vs Saloon Box

If you drink whiskey every month, then Caskers could be a good option for you. However, you will have to skimp a little on the quality since it does not compare to the premium brands offered in Flaviars inventory. Tasters Club offers . However, there have been many complaints about the liquor costing less than what has been charged for the subscription box. This is not the case with Flaviar, which is known to deliver exceptional products and great quality. This Flaviar alternative is a bit different as the box revolves around cocktails. With Saloon Box you receive a box with a cocktail recipe and small bottles of the spirits needed to make it. Flaviar, on the other side, offers full-size bottles and many other perks to its members.
Caskers is best for its wide selection and customer service Tasters Club is best known for its whiskey boxes Saloon Box is best for cocktail lovers
Flaviar is best for the high-quality, all bottle-size spirit variety packed with awesome member perks such as exclusive events, rare and private bottlings, and much more.

Will I Keep My Membership

Yes, I’ll probably keep my membership for at least a year . I’m not a huge spirits guy, but I do like to try things from time to time, and this is the perfect pace for me. I get at least one sampler per quarter, plus I can get free shipping on another one each month. I’m not too concerned about paying a more per ounce, because this is not my main source of alcohol. I already make my own beer on the cheap, so I can indulge a bit here.

I’m not so much interested in brandy, rum, or other spirits right now. That being said, just looking at their website, there’s a lot of whiskey to keep me busy. There’s categories like Japanese Whiskeys, Peat Whiskeys, American Grains, Island Scotch, and Beer Whiskeys! Wow. Actually, if I order just one a month, there’s probably enough variety for a few years just sticking wish whiskeys.

==> Join Flaviar Here!

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Are Whiskey Clubs Worth It

A happy medium between monthly subscriptions and quarterly ones, the Craft Whiskey Club is one of the only worth your cash that will send you a box every two months. And while the whiskey and snacks are probably reason enough to join up, theres another secondary benefit for the long run.

What do you get with a Flaviar membership? Flaviar membership gives you access to the biggest community of spirits enthusiasts, home to tens of thousands of bottle reviews, innovative Flavor Spirals for every Spirit imaginable, unique members-only events, and community features such as the Digital Home Bar, Tasting Log and Flavor Match recommendations.

What Kind Of Drinks Do You Sell

Review: Flaviar Delivers Premium Whiskey, Gin &  Tequila to ...

We curate from over 20,000 different spirits: from Whisky, Bourbon, Rum, Gin, Brandy, Absinthe and other types of Spirits, from stylish American craft Rye Whiskey to the rarest Highland Scotch or small batch Gin from Germany. We believe all good spirits deserve to be available and tasted, so were generally selling the good stuff only.

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How Expensive Are The Full Size Bottles Available At Flaviarcom

We try to keep our selection as diverse as possible so Flaviar members can try more new things more often, but also have their favorite bottles available all the time. We guarantee every product we sell is authentic. Prices can vary from $30 – $500 and more. Our prices are similar, in many cases actually lower than you would find in a specialty store. Plus theres free shipping on qualifying orders for Flaviar members which can save you approximately $15 per purchase.

Ordering & Tasting Spirits From Flaviar

I’m a person that loves to learn about food and drink, hence owning a food related website. I make my own beer, kombucha, and am a huge fan of grilling as well as sous vide. So when I drink whiskey, I like to learn about it. I want to know who made it, what makes it special, and what I should be tasting.

To be honest, the tasting part is still tough for me. It’s hard to taste wheat, caramel, and lavender in a fiery dram of 80 proof. Nonetheless, it’s interesting, and I want to learn.

The tasting notes was one reason I really enjoyed the whole Flaviar experience.

When my welcome box arrived I was greeted by tasting notes for each bourbon.

In an email, I then received further information about each distiller. It was interesting to read about the history of the maker, the space, and specific bourbon they sent. I eat this type of stuff up.

Personally, this is what I envision a great whiskey club to be. I wanted to try a bunch of different whiskeys from different places in the world and learn about them. I’m not that consistent of a drinker of spirits that I can finish a bottle in a month, so I just want to be able to taste a few things, then buy a bottle once in a while.

==> Join Flaviar Here!

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Is There A Whiskey Of The Month Club

Fee & Discounts: The cost varies depending on the box you pick the Scotch of the month club sells for $89, Bourbon and Whiskey of the month clubs come at $79 per box, Tequila of the month club costs $59, and Gin is $49. You can opt to prepay for 3, 6 or 12 months or have an on-going subscription.

How do you mail whiskey? USPS. USPS does not allow for the mailing or shipment of alcohol, domestically or internationally. On top of this, if you are using packaging that was once used to carry alcohol, any and all labeling or branding that shows it could carry alcohol should be covered or else your package can be denied shipment.

Best For Craft: Craft Whisky Club

Flaviar Whiskey Club | LuZo Review

Craft Whisky Club

Why We Chose It: The Craft Whisky Clubs selection of small batch, artisan whiskeys from around the world does as much for the budding connoisseur as it does for the craft distilleries with which it partners.

What We LikeAbility to choose between one or two full-sized bottles every two monthsUnique food pairings accompany each bottleFocus on lesser-known distilleries

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What Do You Get A Whiskey Lover

29 boozy gifts for the whiskey lover in your life The Glencairn Whiskey Glass. Whiskey ice balls. A set of whiskey stones to cool down their drink without adding water. You can even get them personalized. Or a set of steel balls. Or some wax dipped Tumblr glasses. A personalized whiskey barrel. Or a personalized decanter.

How do you cancel Tasters Club?

You can cancel by email anytime. Cancel by the end of the month to ensure you dont receive the next months shipment. To renew, log in to your Member Profile and under the Renew section you can choose to extend your membership by 3, 6 or 12 months or put your plan on auto-pilot until you choose to cancel.

Is it worth joining a wine club?

A lot of clubs have other benefits besides the regular discounted wine shipments, including things like free wine tastings and discount event tickets. These may not be a good reason to join an out-of-state club, but they can be a great reason to join a local wine club.

Can I ship a bottle of whiskey?

Shipping whiskey is no different than shipping wine or liquor. You will need a license, a special contract with UPS or FedEx, and you will only be able to ship it to people in states where it is legal to ship it to.

How long does bourbon last?

7. Bourbon. Boubon is so high in alcohol that its even more stable than whiskey or scotch . Even opened, bourbon can taste pretty much the same after 10 years if you keep it out of the sunlight.

The 5 Best Whiskey Subscriptions Of 2021

Flaviar is perhaps the most widely known and regarded name in spirits subscriptions, and for good reason. This is the whiskey-focused club that has it all, from your choice of a top-shelf bottle each quarter to personalized tasters, plus a breadth of information and insight around your selection.

Members will receive a premium bottle and a tasting box with three, 1.5-ounce sample vials along with the accompanying materials. Between shipments, you can enjoy member perks like virtual events, access to exclusive and rare bottlings, educational experiences, and more. Both members and non-members can order full bottles from the online shop, though the former enjoy free shipping.

You can try Flaviar out for one quarter, which comes out to $95, or you can go for the whole year for $300. When joining, youll be prompted to choose your favorite spirit categories and brands, after which youll select your “desert island drink,” and thats about it for the legwork.

Then, youll then be taken to the checkout page, where youll pay upfront for your membership . Flaviar is one of the few spirits delivery services that caters to both U.S. and international members, so thats a big plus if youre hoping to order from outside the country or send a gift overseas. Members can also cancel at any time sans penalty.

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Best Monthly: Mash& grapes Mashbox Club

Mash& Grape

Online spirits shop Mash& Grape makes it fun and easy to discover spirits from around the world on a monthly basis. On the whiskey front, it has three different subscription options covering Bourbon, Scotch, and a broader mix of world whiskeys .

The Scotch membership costs roughly $79 each month, while the other two are about $69 monthly you can choose from finite formats ranging from three months to a year, which can either be prepaid or charged monthly. Or, you can opt for the “ongoing” option, which has no end date until you decide to cancel . From there, the Mash& Grape team will select a fun, full-sized bottle from its roster of craft distillers and send it out to you along with detailed tasting notes and the story behind the spirit.

Mash& Grapes subscription boxes are shipped around the 15th of any given month, and if youre interested in gifting any one of these memberships, you can do so by selecting the gift option during the club selection process . And, should you wish to pad your curated monthly deliveries with some choices of your own, you can always browse the shop tab to explore all spirits and wines, pick up some barware, and more.

Flaviar Review: Main Takeaway

Flaviar Whiskey Club

The main thing I discovered from joining Flaviar is that this is not a discount whiskey club as I had imagined. It’s a membership designed for people that enjoy all types of booze, and want to try things beyond what’s available at their local bottle shop. Coupled with the educational content like tasting pairings, history lessons, and flavor profile cards, someone who wants to learn about what their drinking would get a lot out of this club.

There are also exclusive events and bottles available for true enthusiasts like tickets to the Craft Spirits celebration in New York, or the limited-release Bunnahabhain Hogshead 733 single malt Scotch Whisky. ==> Try Flaviar

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Best For Rare: Shots Box

Shots Box

While sampling a variety of whiskeys is fun, its also expensive if youre unsure of your preferences or distilling methods. If you buy a new whiskey and dont like it, youre out of the money you invested. Thats where a Shots Box membership comes in.

Shot Box has curated some of the greatest craft spirits from across the country. These include distillations you won’t be able to get at the local liquor store. The company’s goal is to connect you with new brands, have you experience eclectic varieties, and provide a way for you to read and share opinions on the different products.

Every other month for $85, you get 10 tasting size bottles of unique whiskeys. Taste them all, decide which you actually enjoy, and then buy a full-sized bottle. This subscription will not only open you to a new world of whiskies, but also do so in a fun and risk-free way.

Shots Box also has subscription boxes for three full-sized bottles of dark and clear spirits.

What Kind Of Brands Do You Normally Include In The Tasting Boxes

We’re always eager to encourage Flaviar members to try more new things more often, from small-batch craft to super premium. Were a picky bunch and dont suggest you taste anything thats not objectively high quality spirit. Theres also a story of each drink and its producer featured on Flaviar so you always know what youre drinking.

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What Is The Selection Of Complimentary Full

Flaviar members have tough decisions to make when they join – which tasting box and which full-size bottle to choose. The selection of full-size bottles available is constantly updated, so you can pick a different exciting product over time.The bottle selection includes both well-known and most popular drinks among Flaviar members as well as the rising stars you might want to try. Each main spirit category is represented, so dont worry if Scotch or Bourbon are not your top picks – theres also Rum, Gin, Irish Whiskey, Japanese Whisky, Mezcal, Brandy and many more available.

Flaviar One Quarter Membership Review

Flaviar’s 12 Days of Whiskey Unboxing + Flaviar Whiskey Club Membership Intro

If youre a fan of hosting tasting parties or wish to become the entertaining hostess of your friend group, consider signing up for Flaviars One Quarter Membership plan.

You can receive a collection of expertly chosen spirits without the hassle of making a trip to the liquor store or stressing about which spirits will be crowd-pleasers.

Members with the quarterly Flaviar membership are entitled to 1 tasting box and1 full-sized bottle per quarter. They are alsoeligible for free shipping on qualified orders, Flaviar Originals, and receive 50% off for all other orders.

Members are also given access to free live tasting events,member pricingfor the online shop, access to the refer-a-friend program, and can cancel the membership at any time.

You have the freedom to choose the type of Flaviar tasting box added to your quarterly membership. For example, the Whiskey Gangs of New York: The NY Whiskey Turfs Box could be a viable option for you. This tasting box includes 50ml samples of:

  • Iron Smoke Straight Bourbon
  • Widow Jane 10-Year-Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Coppersea Excelsior Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Its combined flavors include butterscotch, caramel, oak, vanilla, orange, peach, and black pepper.

The Secret Flavors of Japan: The other side of Japanese Whiskey is another a solid option for the quarterly membership. This tasting box includes 50ml samples of:

  • Ohishi 8 Year Old Sherry Cask
  • Fukano Vault Reserve Whiskey #1
  • Kurayoshi 8 Year Old Pure Malt Whiskey

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Are Flaviar Prices A Good Deal

To find out whether youre getting a good deal with Flaviar, we compared the pricing for a variety of liquors to what you would pay at other notable retailers.

$32.99 $44.99

ReserveBar tends to offer the highest prices. This company brands itself as a premium gift-giving site and lets you pay for custom engraving on many bottles so that you can leave a personal message.

However, ReserveBar tends to have the smallest selection of liquors available of these four companies, and the choice is slated more towards high-end offerings. Theres no option to sign up for a subscription or receive smaller samples.

The other two companies, Liquorama and CW Spirits, are more standard e-commerce stores. In some instances, their pricing beats out Flaviar. We found that both companies offer a wide variety of liquor options and offer the same selections as Flaviar in most cases.

This makes either supplier a viable alternative for anyone not interested in signing up for a subscription and who knows that they want to purchase full-sized bottles immediately.

If trying lots of new liquors appeals to you, then Flaviar offers a unique service not matched by other sellers. For many people, that will be worth potentially paying more per serving.

Are The Drinks Authentic

Yes. Every product we stock is authentic and we take quality very seriously. Our drinks are sourced from only the best beverage producers in the world. Each Tasting Box is curated by a group of aficionados, connoisseurs, industry professionals, food and beverage experts. We maintain the quality and control in production and packaging of the boxes so the drinks included in the box are definitely the same quality than the full-size bottles.

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