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Mint To Be Mojito Speakeasy

New Champagne Speakeasy Bar In Savannah Offers Range Of Bubbly For Downtown Crowd

How to Make a Mojito – Speakeasy Cocktails

Located through a secret door disguised as a bookshelf, lies a new tucked-away escape for the downtown crowd.

Whether youre a weekend tourist or a longtime local looking for a respite from the street traffic, or a bachelorette party in search of some effervescence, Mint To Be Bubbly Bar is sure to quench a range of thirsts.

The cozy sipping lounge is tucked behind Mint To Be Mojito Bar and Bites, located on State Street just off Bull Street. Business partners Alton Brecker and Mary Githens, from Latin Chick, opened the signature Mojito tasting room to acclaim just weeks before the COVID outbreak in March.

The pair managed to weather the storm and keep serving up delicious craft Mojitos – a rum and crushed-mint infused concoction through 2020. As business began to pick back up, the bar expanded the space to allow for more patrons.

Now they’ve taken a back room and added a special twist – a “Speakeasy” style space serving up dozens of specialty champagnes, Proseccos, and Cava, among other sparkling libations.

The chic room can only be reached for those in the know through a secret passageway disguised as a bookshelf. But if you look just right, you will sidestep into a world off of the popular Mojito bar and into something with a different pizazz.

That was the hope of bar owner Alton Brecker, who has been a Savannah entrepreneur and business owner for more than two decades.

The vibe up front is lively and colorful with salsa and bachata music playing, Brecker shared.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mint To Be Mojito Bar And Bites

Does Mint to Be Mojito Bar and Bites have outdoor seating?

Yes, Mint to Be Mojito Bar and Bites has outdoor seating.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Mint to Be Mojito Bar and Bites accepts credit cards.

How is Mint to Be Mojito Bar and Bites rated?

Mint to Be Mojito Bar and Bites has 4.5 stars.

What days are Mint to Be Mojito Bar and Bites open?

Mint to Be Mojito Bar and Bites is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Mint To Be Bubbly Savannahs Champagne Bar

You can count Alton Brecker among those people who thought he had a great idea to start a new business early in 2020. A lot of people were in that boat, without really having a solid grasp on what would happen across America come Mid-March.

We were open for 19 days before we shut down. he says.

Since then, theres been evolution, creativity, hard work and lots of hope.

The space he and business partner Mary Githens chose to open was a tiny 6-8 seat Mojito Bar downtown Savannah on State Street. That was the store front. The space to the back was sub-leased to another business that would potentially draw foot traffic.

Once they were allowed to re-open in May, Mint to Be Mojitos grew slowly and developed a following with Bachelorette parties and other groups rolling through. Now they needed space. Their rooms to the back of the house were underutilized.

We almost immediately after the shutdown broke out this wall and created the space here. Brecker says of a room that expanded MTB Mojitos capacity by about 60%.

Still there was room for more.

All the while Brecker tried to figure out what he could do that would compliment Marys Mojitos and Latin munchies efforts up front. The answer?


Mint to be Bubbly Bar is that champagne bar set to open Mid-November.

I didnt want to do anything that would conflict with the mojitos up front. More so we wanted to compliment each other. Brecker says.

Options are good. Options with bubbles?

# # #

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Open Now: Mint To Be Bubbly Bar

There is something bubbling behind the bookcase at Mint to be Mojito, a new champagne bar, Mint to be Bubbly. You must make your way through the energetic space at Mint to be Mojito to the back bookcase, input the code and access an exclusive secret bar devoted to bubbles.

Opening mid-November, Mint to be Bubbly will serve everything bubblychampagne, sparking wine and champagne cocktails. They plan to have flights, bottle service and crafted cocktails made with the freshest ingredients. In fact, they purchased a top of the line orange juicer to rival any mimosas in town. For food, they will offer small plates like shrimp cocktail, charcuterie and of course decadent desserts.

The space is divided into smaller sections which makes it easy to have a small celebratory get together. If you have a larger celebration, you can reserve the space for your very own. If you need a little rhythm thrown into your night, be on the look out for salsa lessons with Mint to be Mojito twice a month. And when its sadly time to move on from Mint to Be Bubbly, they provide classic champagne flutes to take your bubbly to go.

Hours will be the same as Minto to be Mojito, Thursday 11:30am 10:00pm, Friday 11:30am 11:00pm and Saturday 11:30am 12:00am.

Disappear On Wright Square Into The Newest Speakeasy In Savannah The Apparition


It is almost impossible to think that Savannah was once the first city to institute prohibition and ban the sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Although the ban ended in 1933 nationwide, speakeasies are still popular places today.

Do Savannah spoke with Mary Noelia Githens, who owner of the bar Mint to Be Mojito as well as Latin Chicks. The young entrepreneur, who has enough energy to power a small city and is filled with great and innovative ideas, decided to create a speakeasy.

The new speakeasy, called The Apparition, sits within the walls of the already popular Mint to be Mojito.

“The best thing about the bar is that not many know it exists. They enter the Mint to be Mojito they see groups of people who enter the bathroom, but then disappear. Until a few brave and curious people ask the bartender: ‘Hey, where do they all disappear to?’ And so “The Apparition” was born,” Githens said.

Mint to be Mojito is located on E. State St., next to the popular Wright Square. Historians tells us that underneath all the beauty of the oak trees is the blood of many that have been shed there since Savannah’s founding in 1733.

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One thing that both establishments are going to share is an amazing menu starting in February.

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Top 3 Reasons To Eat Here

Great choice of cocktails, sangria and snacks. The mojito was excellent and the air con most appreciated as it was a hit and humid day. Shame the private bathroom was closed.

During our visit to Savannah, one afternoon, we had a scheduled two hour ride using the ‘Savannah Slow Ride-Pub Crawl’, which was sooo much fun! You should try it. Anyhow, one of our stops happened to be at ‘Mint to be mojitos bar and bites’….Since, I am Cuban, I couldn’t miss the opportunity in trying out their mojitos. I did and it was very good. Trust me, mojitos is a drink, not too many can make it right. The service was great and in that short time, we were informed that later that evening, they were going to have Salsa dance classes and music to dance afterwards. Another opportunity, I was not planning on missing. We finished our ride, freshened up and returned to this same venue. What fun! The DJ that night was the same who taught the classes and he was awesome. First time in my life, there were enough men to be matched with each woman, that is, if you weren’t already partnered up. What a great find!More

A Sangria and Margarita in a 12 oz plastic cup $19+!!! They didn’t have salt for the margarita rim either, should of got a discount. Keep walking, it’s cheaper and bigger elsewhere.More

Discover Creative Champagne Concoctions Behind The Secret Entrance

It is not hard to imagine that Savannahs open-container policy is an incidental effect of our prohibition past. In case you didnt know, Savannah is the location of Americas very first ban on alcohol dating back to 1735. Downtown Savannahs Prohibition Museum in City Market has a plaque commemorating the original decree banning booze here, issued by King George II.

Later the temperance movement brought gangsters, bootleggers, and speakeasies, and even after the nationwide Prohibition ended in 1933, many relics of the dry period stuck around. Modern times may have washed away the real feeling of a speakeasy, since there is a lack of illegality, but in homage to our history you can still find recreations of blind pigs all across the world.

One of my favorite cities that imitates the secret-bar experience flawlessly is Miami. In a semi-recent trip down south, I spent many nights staggering through the towns most noteworthy hidden drinking holes.

At Little Havanas Los Altos, you walk through a candy shop and ask the clerk for a drink. The next thing you know, a back room opens up, and Spanish dancers appear to welcome you into a tequila-focused nightclub. While at Bodega Taqueria on South Beach, you can order tacos at the front or walk through the bathroom to find a bar tucked away in the back.

Even the drinks are relaxed. Although it is a champagne bar, anything available will suit any palate that walks through the Instagram-famous bookshelf.

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Mint To Be Hosted A Grand Opening Of The Newest Addition To Their State Street Location: Mint To Be Bubbly Bar

How to Muddle Mint Leaves – Speakeasy Cocktails

Mint To Be introduced a champagne speakeasy bar in the back, located behind a book shelf which had become a big hit among locals and tourists. Mint To Be Bubbly Bar is a great compliment to Mojitosthe mimosas are made with the same philosophy of using only fresh ingredients and the oranges are freshly squeezed! Visitors now get to experience two different ambiances under one roof.

Mint To Be Mojito Bar grand re-opening and ribbon cutting for new champagne speakeasy: Mint To Be Bubbly Bar on February 25, 2021./ Photo courtesy of the Savannah Chamber of Commerce.

Check out all things Mint To Be at and on and .

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