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Is There Antifreeze In Fireball Whiskey

What Is In Fireball Whiskey

Propylene Glycol / Antifreeze / Recall / Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Review – Lets Taste This –

Fireball Whiskey is a mixture composed of Canadian whiskey, cinnamon, and sweeteners. This formula has resulted in a drink that can be consumed on its own or be used as an ingredient for mixes.

Fireball Whiskey will not disclose the specifics of how their drink is made, but what we do know is that the main ingredients are Canadian whiskey and real cinnamon.

Things You Never Knew About Fireball Whisky

From hipsters to suburban housewives, there arent many spirits brands that inspire as much devotion as Fireball.

Thanks to its winning combo of sweetness, fiery cinnamon spice, bartender loyalty and a savvy social media presence, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky has been at the top of the spirits world for the last few years, with over $130 million in sales in 2014 and 2015.

Here are 10 things you might not know about Fireball.

1) Taking the chill off

Liquor legend claims the recipe for Fireball was concocted by a Canadian bartender as a way to warm up during one of the countrys coldest winters more than 30 years ago. But Amy Preske, a company spokeswoman told FoxNews.com, No one knows the true origin of the recipe, but those Canadian winters are cold enough to warrant a red hot shot of Fireball.”

2) Whats really in it?

The ingredients are– you guessed it– a secret, but we do know a couple of things. Fireball is made with Canadian Whisky . And theres actually real, natural cinnamon in it.

3) About that antifreeze thing…

4) Where’s the “e”?

The spelling of whisky on the Fireball label has some fans asking what happened to the e. Canadian and Scotch whiskies generally leave out that pesky vowel, while Ireland and the U.S. make whiskey. Experts say Canadian whisky tends to be lighter and smoother than some others which lends itself to Fireball’s sweet appeal.

5) Starting small.

6) Rise of the red dragon.

7) All about the merch.

8) Fireball in a box?

Fireball Whiskey Vs Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

While there are many flavored whiskey variants from the Jack Daniel brand, the Tennessee Fire is considered as the best comparison for Fireball Whiskey because of its cinnamon-based flavor. You can fully taste the cinnamon here, but it is not as distinct as it is with Fireball.

The average price of Jack Daniel Tennessee Fire is in the range of $18-22 per 750 ml bottle, which makes it slightly more expensive than Fireball Whiskey of the same size.

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Does Fireball Really Contain Antifreeze

Any college student from the 2010s may remember that Fireball, the cinnamon-flavored whiskey favored for its cheapness, was the subject of rumors that said it was made from antifreeze. The rumors began in 2014 when Finland, Norway, and Sweden recalled a shipment of Fireball due to its being made from the American recipe, not the European one. This was not too unusual as in many foods the American recipe takes full advantage of the relatively lax attitude the FDA takes toward ingredients.

However, according to HuffPost, the reason why the American Fireball was recalled was because it contained higher than allowed propylene glycol, an additive that appears both in foods and in antifreeze. “Unfortunately, Fireball shipped its North American formula to Europe and found that one ingredient is out of compliance with European regulations,” the company said in a press statement.

In the churning on the internet, the connection to antifreeze became antifreeze proper. However, that step caused Snopes to issue a fact check that allowed for the truth of the recall but came down against the charges of antifreeze. Propylene glycol is a flavoring agent with a widespread presence and a half-century history. While one might be wary of including yet more flavoring agents into one’s body, the worry of ingesting anything more poisonous than alcohol, in general, is overblown.

Why Did My Fireball Cinnamon Freeze When I Put It In The Freezer

Fireball Whisky Recall

The exact freezing point of alcoholic beverages is dependent on its proof, or alcohol by volume. The lower the proof, the warmer the freezing point. Fireball Cinnamon products are lower in alcohol than Fireball Whisky, so they will likely freeze when placed in a standard home freezer typically set to 0°F. Freezers also have an uneven distribution of temperature which means that parts of the freezer are much colder than other parts. We see examples of higher proof spirits freezing as well.

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Why Did My Fireball Freeze

Why did my Fireball Cinnamon freeze when I put it in the freezer? The exact freezing point of alcoholic beverages is dependent on its proof, or alcohol by volume. Fireball Cinnamon contains less alcohol than Fireball Whisky, so it will likely freeze when placed in a standard home freezer set to 0°F.

Critique : Fireball Isnt As Strong As Regular Whiskey

This ones true too. Most whiskies are 40 to 60% ABV . Meanwhile, Fireball is 66 proof, or 33% ABV.

And, right now, Id like to apologize to Fireballs critics on behalf of Fireball. Im sorry, Fireball haters. Im sorry that one shot of Fireball isnt enough to knock you through the wall. Its my fault. I forgot how macho you are, sipping your real-man beverages in front of a roaring fire, your feet resting on the mangled bodies of your vanquished enemies as you lazily bend steel bars with your bare hands.

Heres the thing, though. Some of us want to make it to the end of the night. Heck, maybe even remember it. Shots are fun, and shots are social, but shots are also very, very dangerous. The chances youll overdo it with shots is exponentially greater than it is with wine, beer or long drinks. Fireball gives social drinkers a chance to participate in the fun of a celebratory shot with their friends, and they can still hold their heads high at last call instead of holding them over the toilet bowl.

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Why Have You Made Fireball Cinnamon

Over the years, we have received feedback from consumers wanting to purchase Fireball in a wider variety of convenient shopping locations, including stores that can only sell beer, malt beverages and wine products. In order to meet this demand, we developed a great tasting malt beverage and an excellent wine-based product under the Fireball Cinnamon brand name. Both are made using our proprietary recipe, capturing the essence of the Fireball taste experience consumers love. We can now offer Fireball in approximately 170,000 stores in the U.S. that can only sell beer, malt beverages and wine products, but not whisky.

What Is Fireball’s Questionable Ingredient

Does Fireball Really Have Antifreeze in it?

According to Delish, Fireball’s propylene glycol is meant to enhance its flavor by absorbing water content. As per Gizmodo, propylene glycol is found in many products people ingest every day, including ice cream. The problem is, the chemical ingredient is also found in some kinds of antifreeze, particularly because it lowers water’s freezing point. Of course, people take serious offense at the thought of consuming a chemical found in antifreeze, so it’s no wonder Fireball continues to be scrutinized.

It’s important to note that propylene glycol is the safer cousin to ethylene glycol, and is only found in environmentally friendly antifreeze formulas. This means propylene glycol is less toxic than you would expect. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration maintains that the ingredient is “generally recognized as safe” in food, just as long as levels do not “exceed current good manufacturing practice” .

After much-discussion about Fireball’s unexpected formula, the manufacturer Sazerac was quick to point out that Europe has “different rules for product formulation” . Citing it as the reason why they use a fraction of the amount of propylene glycol in its European formula, Sazerac said that the United States’ Fireball is still “perfectly safe to drink.” Do with this information what you will.

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Things You Should Know About Fireball Whisky

Its likely that just the cinnamony aroma of Fireball elicits memories of your younger years and reckless adventures. Fireballs telltale smell is instantly recognizable just one whiff can remind imbibers of that burning feeling. No one says it better than Fireball itself: Takes like Heaven, burns like Hell.

But given the meteoric rise of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, which grew like a wildfire from $1.9 million in sales in 2011 to $863.5 million in 2014, Fireball warrants a little more respect than just the passing nostalgic nod to your past. Even now, the Canadian whisky remains on fire, with 5.65 million 9-liter cases sold in 2019. Here are 11 things you should know about Fireball.

Fireball Whiskey Vs Sinfire Cinnamon Whiskey

Sinfire Cinnamon Whiskey is a perfect matchup to Fireball both for its cinnamon-based flavors and because it also traces its roots in Canada. Best known for its temperature-receptive icicle, it is best served chilled when it is consumed on its own.

The average price of Sinfire Cinnamon Whiskey is virtually similar to that of Fireball Whiskey, which makes them direct competitors of each other in the market.

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When You Drink Fireball Every Day This Is What Happens To Your Body

Fireball is a cinnamon whiskey known for its sweet and spicy kick, and the company gives you a glimpse of what you’re getting yourself into with its product by saying, “…imagine what it feels like to stand face-to-face with a fire-breathing dragon who just ate a whiskey barrel full of spicy cinnamon.” Considered by some a little easier on the palate, this spicy alcohol still has its own definite kick. At 33 percent alcohol, this fun beverage seems to pack just the right amount of punch to lighten the mood but isn’t so strong you’ll be headed for home early. But as always, if you consume, you should understand how this recreational beverage can affect your health.

Fireball Whisky Review + The Best Fireball Cocktails For Every Season

Fireball Whiskey Recalled Because Antifreeze Ingredient

Fireball: the cinnamon whisky that reportedly Tastes like heaven. Burns like hell. In fact, it does neither of those things. When and why you should buy Fireball is debatable. But if you do happen to find yourself saddled with a bottle, at least you can mix it in a cocktail!

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How Do You Drink Fireball Whiskey

Since Fireball has a sweeter taste, its easy to sip on after a meal as a dessert drink. Pour a shot or 2 of Fireball into a tumbler glass and take small sips. Swish the Fireball around your mouth before you swallow to coat your mouth with the flavor. Try Fireball neat, or plain, before adding any ice cubes.

You Can Thank Canada For Fireball

Insofar as Fireball mythology exists, at least one origin story points to a Canadian bartender trying to warm up on one of those typical frigid Canadian nights. Apparently, booze alone wouldnt suffice, so this mystery bartender added cinnamon and sugar. Regardless of whether or not this story is true, we still owe those Canadians some kudos, since Fireball is made with Canadian whisky.

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Is Fireball Cinnamon A Fake Or Knock Off

Fireball Cinnamon products are genuine malt-based or wine-based alcoholic beverages produced by the makers of Fireball Whisky. They have been developed using a proprietary recipe, capturing the essence of the Fireball taste experience consumers love. We also have a number of other exciting new Fireball products coming to market this year so be on the lookout for these too!

The More Mundane Truth

Lauren Drinks Fireball Whiskey

To most, propylene glycol probably does not sound that much better than straight antifreeze. However, as Healthline discusses, it is an additive used both in the United States and the European Union, which only objected to the level of propylene glycol in the Fireball, not its presence entirely. It is a synthetic additive that is similar to alcohol and can be used in antifreeze due to its low melting point.

At this point, Healthline introduces a very salient point. Propylene glycol differs from ethylene glycol in that while both can be used for antifreeze, propylene glycol is not toxic to humans. Ethylene glycol, however, is. Perhaps the similarity there is what led to the initial rumors of Fireball containing a toxic antifreeze agent on its ingredient list. In fact, the only case of propylene glycol poisoning in a human was tied with drinking it from an ice pack with other chemical ingredients. Still, you don’t want to drink from it heavily. It’s not like it is especially good for you either. After all, they do use it in alcohol.

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Is Fireball Actually Whiskey

Fireball was recalled due to concerns it contained an ingredient used in anti-freeze. Otherwise known as propylene glycol, otherwise known as part of the mixture used to de-ice airplanes. In 2014 Fireball was recalled in European countries because propylene glycol levels were deemed too high for those markets.

Did You Make This Recipe

Please take a minute to leave a review on the blog or share a photo on Instagram


As you can see, how to make cinnamon whiskey is extremely easy. The flavor for this DIY cinnamon whiskey is fuller than the market products due to the amount of hard candies or cinnamon and dried chilies added to the whiskey. Enjoy this recipe or feel free to gift it!

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Its Not Technically Whiskey

Whiskey is defined as a spirit thats at least 40 percent alcohol by volume. Clocking in at a lower 33 percent ABV, Fireball is more of a flavored whiskey, or, to get technical, a specialty distilled spirit. This is also why Fireball shots are just so easy to knock back. Some mornings, we might even say too easy.


Fireball Is Too Low Proof To Technically Be Whisky

Fireball Whisky Contains An Antifreeze Ingredient

To really identify Fireball, we need to understand one of the key rules about whisky production. Most whiskeys are bottled at around 40-50% ABV and up to 80% ABV. America and Canada both have a minimum bottling requirement of 80 proof or 40% ABV.

Fireball is bottled at 66 proof or 33% ABV. This means that in both America and Canada, Fireball is not legally a whisky. Instead its more along the lines of a flavored distilled liquor.

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Why Did You Choose 33 Proof / 42 Proof And Not 66 Proof

Unlike Fireball Whisky, Fireball Cinnamon products can be sold in beer, malt beverage and wine stores for our fans who want a wider variety of convenient shopping locations. However, many states have laws that prohibit malt beverage and wine-based products being sold above a certain alcohol content. We chose an alcohol content that would allow us to provide our fans with great tasting products and with as many additional shopping locations as possible.

How Is Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Made

The Fireball Cinnamon Whisky produced by Sazerac is a mixture of Canadian whisky, cinnamon flavor, and sweeteners. Genuine and natural cinnamon is used to create the flavor. Like any other whiskey, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is distilled from fermented grain mash thats left to age in wooden barrels. Its developed using a secret proprietary recipe that captures the essence of the Fireball taste experience that consumers love.

As of 2018, all versions of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky do not use propylene glycol . Only natural ingredients are used for shelf sustainability. This makes Fireball Cinnamon Whisky a perfectly safe drink.

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What Is Fireball Cinnamon

Fireball Cinnamon products include malt-based and wine-based alcoholic beverages that are made using our proprietary recipe, capturing the essence of the Fireball taste experience consumers love. Unlike Fireball Whisky, Fireball Cinnamon products can be sold in beer, malt beverage and wine stores for our fans who want a wider variety of convenient shopping locations.

Is There 100 Proof Fireball


proofFireballa100 proof

. Similarly, why is Fireball Whiskey bad for you?

It contains “excessive levels of propylene glycol,” an ingredient in anti-freeze. In Fireball, the ingredient is used to massage in that cinnamon flavor, to cut the strong sensation of whiskey as it plunges down your throat and makes you a good dancer.

Furthermore, can you get drunk off of fireball? Fireball, at 66 proof, has LESS alcohol than a normal bottle of whiskeyabout twenty percent less. It’s also a sugary, flavored liqueur, designed specifically to taste like cinnamon. But you‘re only barely going to taste the stuff if you drink it as a shot. And the thing is, sugar causes hangovers.

Beside this, why is fireball banned?

The word on the street is that Fireball Whiskey has been pulled from the shelves in Finland, Norway and Sweden because of excessive levels of propylene glycol. Surprisingly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has deemed propylene glycol generally safe for consumption.

How much alcohol is in a shot of Fireball?

Its foundation is Canadian whisky, and the taste otherwise resembles the candy with a similar name, Ferrara Candy Company’s “Atomic Fireball” candy. It is bottled at 33% alcohol by volume .

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What Else Can You Mix With Fireball

Here are a few more mixers to make 2-ingredient Fireball cocktails.

  • Pepsi or Coke
  • Ginger Beer

More super easy cocktail recipes

  • A Corpse Reviver No. 2 is a gin-based cocktail that is super refreshing and one that you may have never heard of before.
  • A Strawberry Mint Moscow Mule is fruity and easy to make even when you have strawberries that dont look their best.
  • This Spiced Winter Daiquiri is one you need to try! With a hint of vanilla and some fresh lime, this delicious spiced rum cocktail needs to be tried!

Or see my collections of: Easy Cocktails, Moscow Mule Variations, Vodka Cocktails, and Wine Cocktails.

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