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How Old Is Jack Daniels Whiskey

Compared To Bourbon Prices

Jack Daniels Old No.7 Whisky Review

A bottle of Old No.7 Tennessee costs about $20 each bottle somewhere in the neighborhood. Bourbons are somehow a more expensive label with roughly $30 per Bourbon bottle with the same proof and quantity. However, there is some cheap yet best-selling bourbon that you can score for about $13 per 750ml bottle. But, whats the most expensive Jack Daniels?

After 100 Years Jack Daniels Shows Its Age

Ending a century-long lapse, the worlds top-selling American whiskey is marketing a bottle with an age statement: Jack Daniels 10 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey.

While master distiller Chris Fletcher has said that it honors the whiskey Jack Daniel was bottling at the end of the 1800s, the new spirit is also the result of recent experimentation to achieve that aim. Because temperatures in multistoried warehouses vary from floor to floor, the whiskies inside age at different rates. Barrels in the superheated upper regions might be relocated to slow down maturation. As is done in a handful of other distilleries, select barrels were moved around the warehouses to allow them to mature for the full 10 years and create this Jack Daniels 10 Year Old.

The companys familiar standard-bearer, the black-labeled Old No. 7, is matured for four to five years, although it has no age statement. The same is true for Jack Daniels Single Barrel, which is between 18 months and two years older than Old No. 7.

Jack Daniels 10 Year Old is otherwise made the same way as the other variants, using the same spring water and mash bill of corn, rye and barley. And like the others, its a Tennessee whiskey, which is distinguished from Bourbon by the Lincoln County process by which the liquid is filtered through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal.

Jack Daniels 10 Years Old Tennessee Whiskey

Is Jack Daniels Whiskey Worth It

As I have mentioned before, It’s nearly impossible that a whisky lover would not have tasted Jack Daniels in his life. Good on your palate and wallet, Jack Daniels Tennessee is suitable for any beginner who is looking for a mellowing brown spirit.

The combination of Jack and Coke brings the best flavor for many and has made the recipe much-touted in every party where whiskey connoisseurs are. Jack Daniels is not only great whiskey to sip, but it also works well when used in cooking. In grilled foods, whiskey is becoming the main cooking ingredient to enhance the flavor of every barbecue recipe. Many southern-style recipes also use a hint of Tennessee for promoting good flavors. Jack Daniels Tennessee is worth your money as it brings an exotic taste to every whiskey-based recipe.

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Jack Daniels Whiskey Prices

The distillers at the Jack Daniels Distillery have stated that taste is more important to them than ageing. It should thus come of no surprise that this US-made whiskey tends to be more affordable than other types of whiskeys, especially Scottish and Irish variants that have strict ageing requirements.

Here is the price list for the different products currently offered by the distillery:


What Makes Jack Daniels Whiskey Special

Jack Daniel

Come for the taste, stay for the history. Thats something Jack Daniels has over the competition. Few brands, let alone spirit brands, can boast over a century of history and dedication to their craft, nor the kind of cultural impact that Jack Daniels whiskey has on everything from music to television to movies.

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How Much Does Jack Daniels Whiskey Cost

With their wealth of history in American Whiskey, countless varieties and ever expanding selection there is a big variation of prices within the Jack Daniels range. Here at Hard to Find Whisky, we stock everything from Jack Daniels 1 Litre and Jack Daniels Gift Sets to the Jack Daniels 1905 Gold Medal Whiskey and offer them to our customers at the very best prices.

The Name Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Alcohol Content And Similarities To Bourbon

Unsplash picture

Tennessee whiskey is identical to American-made bourbon whiskey. Nonetheless, bourbon whiskey can be produced anywhere in America, whereas Tennessee whiskey is not made outside the state. Additionally, Tennessee whiskey undergoes a charcoal filtering process before aging to give the whiskey its mellow character. In terms of taste, it provides a hint of charcoal combining with the toasted oak caramel and vanilla. People prefer to drink it straight, while some use it in cocktail recipes. The alcohol content is 40%, volume 80 proof.

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Jack Daniels 10 Year Old Tennessee Whiskey Review

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Theres an Instagram account that I love to follow called Coming Whiskey that scours the TTBs website daily for newly submitted labels by distillers both large and small.

Scrolling through them is like opening presents on Christmas morning with some being more exciting than others. I personally get excited when I see new barrel finishing treatments and also when I see craft distilleries rolling out with older products. Its a great time to be an enthusiast.

But one brand that always remains kind of the same to me is Jack Daniels. Its not because they never put out anything new but a lot of it has to do with how their products all taste basically the same.

How Is Jack Daniels Whiskey Made

Whiskey Review Jack Daniels Old No 7 Tennessee whiskey

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Jack Daniels whiskey is a grain-based spirit that uses grains such as wheat, barley, or rye to convert the starch in the grains into sugar. After that, yeast is added to the sugary mixture to let fermentation do its work. At this level, the alcohol content is below 10%. Here, the combination goes through a distillation process to increase the concentration of alcohol content.

A pot still, which is where a part of the distiller’s beer is put in a big copper pot with a long, narrow neck, is the conventional technique. This method is time-consuming and takes many runs through the still to get a high enough alcohol concentration, but it usually results in a more flavored spirit.

The column still, continuous still, and Coffey still are the main processes used for distillation.

At this level, the alcohol is tasteless and is as white as Christmas snow. This type of whiskey is called white dog or white lightning.

At the next level, to give Jack Daniels whiskey its color and taste, it is stored in barrels for an extended period of time. Working under the forces of temperature and humidity, the color and flavor start changing until you get a sour brown whiskey.

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Early Life Of Jasper Daniel

The Jack Daniel’s brand’s official website suggests that its founder, Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel, was born in 1850 , but says his exact birth date is unknown. The company website says it is customary to celebrate his birthday in September. The Tennessee state library website said in 2013 that records list his birth date as September 5, 1846, and that the 1850 birth date seems impossible since his mother died in 1847. In the 2004 biography Blood & Whiskey: The Life and Times of Jack Daniel, author Peter Krass said his investigation showed that Daniel was born in January 1849 .

Jack was the youngest of 10 children born to his mother, Lucinda Daniel, and father Calaway Daniel. After Lucinda’s death, his father remarried and had three more children. Calaway Daniel’s father, Joseph “Job” Daniel, had emigrated from Wales to the United States with his Scottish wife, the former Elizabeth Calaway. Jack Daniel’s ancestry included English, and Scots-Irish as well.

Jack did not get along with his stepmother. After Daniel’s father died in the Civil War, the boy ran away from home and was essentially orphaned at a young age.

How Much Does A Full Barrel Of Jack Daniels Whiskey Cost

Do you know how much it costs rrel of Jack Daniels? There is the possibility of buying a whole barrel of Jack Daniels from the distillery in Lynchburg, as well as having it shipped to you. Tax is included in the price of the barrel, which is $10,000. The barrel you choose can either be chosen for you or by yourself.

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Does Jack Daniels Go Bad

How long Jack Daniels lasts depends a lot on how its kept. A bottle that has never been opened has a shelf life of 10 years or more, but once a bottle is opened, its shelf life drops to 6 24 months. The faster the bottle is emptied, the faster it oxidizes and changes its flavor or goes bad.

In this article, I will answer the question about the expiration of Jack Daniels .

Have you ever discovered a bottle of whiskey hidden in the back of the liquor cabinet and pondered whether it would improve with age or if it should be thrown away? Is whiskey like a superb wine that becomes better with age, or does it have the potential to go bad?

Jack Daniels is a Tennessee whiskey brand that is the best-selling American whiskey in the world. This is according to the World Whiskey Report. Now that so many people love this whiskey, one thing that a consumer might want to know is, does it expire?

And what happens if you drink old Jack Daniels?

Gentleman Jack Vs Jack Daniels Whiskey

Jack Daniel

Last Updated on June 23, 2022 by Lydia Martin

Jack Daniels has established a great legacy in creating fine and smooth whiskey. Jack Daniels Old No. 7 is known for its charcoal mellowed smoothness, while Gentleman Jack features double mellowed smoothness.

Lets compare Gentleman Jack vs Jack Daniels and see which is the better Tennessee whiskey.

  • So, Which Tennessee Whiskey is Better?
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    Notes To Jack Daniels 10 Years Old

    âThis product has been hand-crafted by our distillery team in Lynchburg over the last 10 summers, all while keeping up with the growing demand for Jack Danielâs Tennessee Whiskey around the world,â adds Fletcher. âThis 10-year-old whiskey celebrates our modern-day whiskey-making, while also paying tribute to our founder and history. This is a special time for us all.â

    This new release is the same mash bill as Jack Danielâs iconic Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. About five-to-six years ago, the distillery identified several batches of single barrels located on the top floors of its rickhouses. After the color and oak of these whiskeys impressed, Fletcher and his team relocated those barrels to the bottom floor of the rickhouses to extend the aging process to ten years.

    The result is a more complex whiskey with rich aromas and flavors of white fruit, raison, molasses, sweet tobacco, butterscotch and dry oak.

    The 10-Year-Old bottle design also draws from the brandâs history. It features a hand-drawn iteration of the original cartouche that appeared on Jack Danielâs aged-stated bottles a century ago.

    Why Whiskey Doesnt Really Expire

    Whiskey and other strong liquors can last for years without expiring if kept in a cool, dark place. Liquors with a high alcohol concentration that have been lowered through distillation are generally protected from mold and bacteria that would otherwise ruin the product once the bottle has been closed.

    Unfortunately, whiskey does not improve with age once it has been bottled, and the flavor will alter with time, particularly once it has been opened.

    So, unlike non-alcoholic beverages such as Kool-Aid, which have specified expiration dates, Whiskey does not go bad.

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    How To Drink It

    The traditional method of drinking Jack Daniels whiskey is by consuming it neat. Drinking it neat will allow you to taste the richness and smoothness of the whiskey. However, the most famous method to drink Jack Daniels is mixing it with Coca-cola . You can also try cocktails like mixing the JD with lemon juice, angostura bitters, or other stuff.

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire Cocktails & Shots

    Whiskey Review/Tasting: Jack Daniel’s Old No 7

    This is also not technically a whiskey but a blend of Old No. 7 and this time Jack Daniels own cinnamon liqueur, making it sweet, smooth with lots of cinnamon spicy heat.

    Again, if you like lots of spice and cinnamon, you may like this neat but otherwise the best way to drink Jack DanielsTennessee Fire is in shots, mixed drinks and cocktails.

    One cocktail Jack Daniels have created especially for this whiskey is:

    Cinnamon Smashed Apple

    • Fill a high ball glass with ice
    • Pour in the Tennessee Fire
    • Add in the sour mix or lemon-lime simple syrup
    • Fill the rest of the glass with apple cider
    • Mix
    • Garnish with fresh apple slices dusted with cinnamon spice

    Jack Daniels also suggest something they call the Fire Extinguisher, where you follow up a shot of Tennessee Fire with a pint of hard apple cider to create an amazing balance of cinnamon and apple flavors and give the fiery cinnamon a smooth finish.

    And of course, you can mix the Tennessee Fire with the Tennessee Honey for a blend of sweet and spicy.

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    Can Old Whiskey Make You Sick

    No, old whiskey or Jack Daniels will not necessarily make you sick if it has not been poisoned. However, opened whiskey that has been oxidized is unsafe to consume. Despite the fact that it may taste and smell a little different than usual, drinking whiskey that has passed its prime poses no hazard.

    Drinking expired Jack Daniels would be increasing your risk for unknown effects.

    Jack Daniels: Tennessee Whiskey Or Bourbon

    Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and not a bourbon. The process of charcoal filtration on Jack Daniels bestows the drink with a smoky flavor before the aging begins, so it is not a bourbon. Jack Daniel slowly drips through a teen ft. of firmly packed charcoal made from sugar maple.

    After going through the extra step of charcoal mellowing, it will be placed in a new handcrafted wood barrel for maturing.

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    It’s Illegal To Buy Jack Daniel’s In The County Where It’s Made

    One of the enduring results of Prohibition was the establishment of so-called “dry counties” in some states, in which the purchase of alcohol is illegal. While most of America re-legalized booze after Prohibition was repealed in the 21st Amendment, some areas of the country stayed dry, and remain so today.

    Therefore it’s beyond ironic that Jack Daniel’s, one of the world’s largest distillers, is located in Lynchburg, Tennessee, situated in a dry county. According to the local Moore County News, in order for a Tennessee county to be allowed to sell “intoxicating liquor,” a referendum vote must be held. Lynchburg, however, never did put that to a vote, and is still dry.

    The only exception to that law is the White Rabbit Bottle Shop located within the Jack Daniel’s distillery’s visitor’s center, where those touring the facility can purchase a “commemorative” bottle as a keepsake of their visit. According to the Moore County News, tax collected on the purchase of those bottles of whiskey benefits Metropolitan Moore County, making the situation a win-win for both the county and the distillery.

    What You Should Know About Its Distillery

    Jack Daniel

    The distillery of Jack Daniels is the worlds oldest registered whiskey distillery located in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The distillery is situated around Jack Daniels Hollow, where a spring flows at the base of the limestone cliff. The limestone from the cave removes the iron from the liquid, which makes it ideal for distilling.

    Out of few countries in North America, Lynchburg is one of the towns that endures hangovers, so spirits on sale are prohibited, unlike beer and wines. With the help of Jack Daniels nephew, Lem Motlow, the distillation and manufacturing of liquors will be allowed, but selling is prohibited.

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    Introduction To Jack Daniels Whiskey

    Jack Daniels whiskey bills itself as a Tennessee whiskey, but it meets all of the requirements of being a bourbon. As far as its creation process goes, it is the same as a bourbon, with the addition of an extra step of mellowing the spirit, using sugar maple charcoal filtering, before distilling it.

    This charcoal filtering is said to be what gives the whiskey its unique taste, but another important factor is barrels. Jack Daniels is aged in oak barrels for between four and seven years. These barrels give the spirit its color and are also essential for the taste. The barrels are never reused by the company, but many go on to flavor other types of liquor, such as rum.

    Hailing from Lynchburg, Tennessee, Jack Daniels is created in a county where the sale of alcohol is prohibited, but its distillation is allowed. It is one of the most popular whiskies from the United States, and its second-largest market is said to be Europe. Sales in this region have been hurt by the 2018 international tariffs between the US and EU.

    While in the past US whiskies prided themselves in their high proof, the tendency has been for most hard liquors to follow the lead of vodka and settle on 80 proof. This is mainly due to popularity and tax benefits of lower proofs. Jack Daniels last reduction was from 86 to 80 in 2003, although it had been stronger in the past.

    Who Is Jasper Newton Daniel

    Jasper Newton Daniel is the founder of Jack Daniels Whiskey. Before his mothers death and his fathers estrangement, he was schooled by a slave to produce and distill whiskey.

    While his peers were busy loitering in town, Jack refined his own distilling process to make the best whiskey and wines. His perseverance and hard work character has been rewarded, making the whiskey on the top shelves of any famous liquor store until now.

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